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Here we go!

May ran down the boardwalk of Pulchritide City, eager to step into the soft, white sand.

"We're finally at the beach! WOO!"

Dawn ran after her. "May, slow down! You might slip and fa-" The next thing she knew, she was face to face with the boardwalk.

May gasped and ran back. "Are you okay, Dawn?" She held her hand out to her friend.

Dawn blushed from embarrassment. "I'm fine…" She grabbed May's hand and was lifted onto her feet.

"Now where was I…" the brunette tried to remember her previous actions. "Oh yeah!" She started to run again, but Drew held her back.

"Slow down," he ordered. "We have the whole day ahead of us. Besides, we don't need you breaking anything." He let go of her arm. May stared at him for a while and started running again. This time he let her go.

Everyone bolted after her until she finally plopped down on the sand. "I love the beach…"

"Really?" Drew asked sarcastically. "I couldn't tell."

May coughed from the sand and rolled her eyes. "Hey, Drew! Let me bury you in the sand!"

He sat down next to her. "No chance."

"But why?" She hugged her knees.

Drew shrugged and flipped his hair.

"Then at least help me build a sand fortress! It's going to be HUGE!"

Drew sighed. "Fine. After we go swimming."

May pouted. "Oh-tay…"

He felt a little hurt seeing May so sad. "C'mon! Don't do this to me! We have to whole day ahead of us!" Just then, thunder sounded. "It had to be me."

"Aw!" May groaned as she looked up at the sky. She turned her attention to her friend. "It's okay, Drew," May encouraged, running over and giving him a big hug.

Drew smiled and hugged her back. "If the beach matters to you that much, I'll make it up to you somehow."

May smiled too and rubbed her face against his. "You're too sweet."

He blushed, but tried to shake it off. "Yeah… whatever."

"I think our work here is done," Dawn whispered to Soledad.

Soledad smiled and walked over to May and Drew. "I'm seriously sorry to break this up, but…" May and Drew immediately separated. "… Dawn and I are leaving today."

"What?!" May exclaimed. "Why?"

"Our purpose is fulfilled… I… mean… we have some other things to do."

"Other things as in helping Dawn with Paul?" Drew asked knowingly.

Soledad sweatdropped. "Of course not. Don't be silly, Drew."

May developed tears in her eyes. "Don't go, Soledad! I don't want to be left alone with Drew!"

Soledad hugged her friend while Drew was in the background rolling his eyes. "It's okay, May. You can always call me when you need help… or you want to talk about something… or someone… with green hair…"

"Okay, Soledad. I get it," May said, backing away to stand next to Drew.

The rain started pouring down. "Let's get out of the rain," Dawn suggested.

A boom of thunder shook the sky. "Eek!" May screamed as she jumped into Drew arms.

Drew smirked. "Are you afraid of thunderstorms?"


"Flygon!" Drew called as he released his dragon-pokémon.

"Hey, Drew."

"Hey, can you bring us back to the hotel?"


"Just stay close to the ground."

The foursome jumped on Flygon and tried to stand the rain.

As soon as they got into the hotel, something caught their eyes. On the front page of 'Luna Weekly', the most popular magazine in all of the Luna region, was a huge picture of May and Drew cuddling of the beach. 'TEENS CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF EACH OTHER' was the eye-catching title.

"Well you guys ARE supposed to be a couple," Dawn admitted.

Soledad picked up a copy and got ready to buy it. Everyone stared at her in awe.

"What? It's kind of cute…"

May blushed and crossed her arms. "Hmph!"

"Calm down, May. Let's go… somewhere."

May gasped for about six seconds. "It's Ash!"

(A/N: I just keep surprising you guys.)

Ash opened the door. "Hey, guys!"

"What're doing here?" Drew asked coldly.

"I'm taking a break. Pikachu and I are both tired. By the way, Drew, I heard that you and May were together now."

"What? Who told you that lie?"

Ash looked surprised as he stared at the latest Luna Weekly Magazine. "The magazines did… unless they-" He gasped. "-lied to me! What kind of world do we live in when magazines lie to people?!"

"How long is your break, Ash?" Dawn interrogated.

"Pretty long I guess," he answered.

"Cool. So you can stay with May and Drew!" Soledad suggested. "Now you won't just have Drew, May!"

"And that's such a bad thing?" Drew asked the brunette.

"Actually, yes. It is."

"Well, we have to get going," Soledad interrupted. "We'll see you guys later! Bye!"

"¡Hasta la Vista!" Dawn said as she and Soledad left.

Ash looked said. "I just came and they're already leaving?"

"Sorry, buddy," Drew comforted.

"Whoa. Drew can be nice??" May asked, wide-eyed.

Drew rolled his eyes. How will he be able to deal with two dense people? Will Ash become a nuisance or be the goofy guy we all know and love?

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