Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

It wasn't fair. That's all I could think about for the two years after we lost Tidus. Not a day has gone by where I haven't cursed the fayth for their part in my sister's pain. After everything Yuna did for them, for Spira they take him away from her and for what? You'd think they would have shown some proper gratitude but instead they do that.

Spira changed after the defeat of Sin. People began to leave Yevon and its restraints behind and instead began to prosper and flourish without restriction, without hesitation. No such things as religious or racial discrimination to hold it back. The people began to enjoy the calm, hell Lulu and Wakka even got married, not a couple I would have put together that's for sure. Kimahri became the elder of the Ronso on Gagazet and Yuna and I returned to Besaid. Life was good for Spira.

But Yuna, she couldn't enjoy it. She took his leaving very hard. She tried so hard to smile, to be happy but I could tell she was not happy or even enjoying the peace she created. No one else saw it but I did. Yuna…she had changed.

She would go nights without sleep; sometimes she would not eat properly. The people did not notice but Lulu, Wakka and I did. She was different, almost hollow inside. My sister had changed; it was like she was a different person. Most nights we could hear her crying in her sleep, others we heard her begging him to stay.

But then one day Rikku showed up with a sphere…of him. And that's when the old Yuna came back, the real Yuna. Any hope of seeing Tidus again was suddenly renewed. She ran off literally without a word. Bloody girl, I had to chase her down, but not to bring her back, to help her out. If there was any chance of seeing her happy again, I will help her get him back. She even began dressing like Rikku, what happened to the sweet, innocent Yuna I knew? Heh

But instead of Tidus, it was a different guy, Shuyin who was obsessed with destroying Spira and slowly Yuna's hopes died once again. However we were able to stop Shuyin from carrying out his plans and reunited him with Lenne, the love he lost one thousand years ago. When we left the farplane after the battle I thought that Yuna saved Spira twice in two years but had gone through all of that for nothing.

But then…

Yuna led the Gullwings, Kai, Leblanc, Nooj, Baralai and Gippal back into the small garden of the farplane. The pryeflies danced around the grove, as the waterfall cascaded over the hills beneath them. Yuna stopped as the others walked on towards the portal back to the real world. She looked back around, hoping to see him.

While she didn't think she would, she still felt strongly disappointed when she did not see him. She hung her head as disappointment filled her heart. She thought that it had all been for nothing. She had saved Spira again, albeit against her will, and she still had not found what she was looking for: Tidus.

Letting out a defeated sigh, she slowly turned and made her way towards the portal. She would never let him go, never.

Then suddenly something pierced the air that made her head jerk up. It was a whistle, his whistle. She looked around frantically trying to find him, hoping she had not imagined it. Finding nothing, Yuna felt her heart sink but then the whistle echoed again, this time behind her. She whipped around and saw a huge collection of pryeflies in front of her.

They slowly formed together to form Bahamut, the small boy fayth that helped her two years ago. She could not hide her disappointment but smiled nonetheless.

"Thanks" he said, smiling underneath his hood. She bowed to him politely.

"You're very welcome," another whistle echoed around them and she looked around again. She heard him chuckle and turned back to him.

"You heard it didn't you?" she could hear the smile in his voice and simply nodded. "Do you want to see him?" Her heart stopped for a split second. Did he mean…?

"Him?" Daring herself to hope the fayth was serious.

"Yes. You want to walk together again?" he replied as if he could read her mind. Yuna thought about it for a long moment. Should she say yes? Would it be selfish? But then she remembered something Kai had told her. She decided to think for herself once again, like she had done two years ago.

She swallowed slowly and nodded calmly. Bahamut smiled and nodded.

"I can't promise anything, but we'll do what we can" with that Bahamut simply faded away as Yuna straightened up. She felt her heart sink a little and looked around for a little longer, hoping he meant something would happen right at that moment. But nothing did. Yuna sighed and slowly walked towards the portal and after looking back for a couple of seconds turned and went through it.

He told me they'd try. I couldn't help but feel disappointed but I guess it's all they could offer. I've come too far now to turn it down. I need him back.

Things have been hard since Tidus left. I don't really know how to explain it, but ever since he left, I could not be happy or could even smile. Kai of course was able to pick up on it long before anyone else, being my brother. He often caught me at the beach on Besaid in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep, which was most nights. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw him leaving, I saw him being taken away from me once again and I just couldn't bear to see that again and again. I had only just realised I had fallen in love with him, when the fayth took him away.

Maybe I'm just kidding myself. Maybe they won't bring him back. Is my heart being true, or is it …just…false hope?

Yuna turned away from Baralai, Gippal and Nooj to board the airship, leading Rikku and Paine. Without waiting for the order, Brother tapped in the lift off codes and the Celsius lifted up and off the ground.

"So long kiddies!" Brother announced over the speakers, to the crowd gathered in the stadium of Luca. Yuna ran up onto the deck and stood as the wind blustered past her, causing her hair to swim backwards as Paine and Rikku joined her on the bridge. Kai followed shortly after and came up next to her.

Yuna could barely hear herself call to Brother telling him to go faster and higher. She closed her eyes, wishing to the air, he was with her. She wanted him here, to enjoy life with her. She allowed the winds to buffet her face as the Celsius soared towards her home of Besaid.

I lost track of time, while I was there. It was so peaceful, so perfect but so boring. Nothing like Zanarkand, or Spira, just a land filled with endless flowers, rainbows, waterfalls and meadows. I mean a little nature is good for the mind, but for two years? Sheesh.

But even with all the peace and lack of worry, part of me has not left Spira. I was still holding on to something, Yuna. I'd tried so hard to stop thinking about her, but in the end, she's all I could think about. I watched her when she was stuck in the meadow. I was barely strong enough to help her, thanks to that crybaby Shuyin. Heh listen to me, I'm starting to sound like my old man…

Anyway when she said she was alone, I had to show her she wasn't, that I was still there. So I whistled, I whistled again and again, until I could lead her out. Yuna's something I can never let go; she's the only thing that gave my life meaning; that gave me meaning.

Then Bahamut came to me one day, and said, "she wants to see you again" when I heard this, I looked at him in shock. She hadn't forgotten me; she still wanted to see me.

"You mean I can go back?" I asked him almost beyond belief. He nodded with a smile. I thought for a moment. Looking back at that moment I can't believe I hesitated.

I spent two years trying to shut the door on life, but I can't anymore.

I can't shut the door on Yuna.

A pryefly hovered through the ocean waters and illuminated something behind it. A face. His deep ocean blue eyes fluttered open to see three pryeflies floating around him, cheekily as if saying "time to wake up".
Tidus let go off his knees and stretched. His eyes bulged slightly and looked down at himself and realised something he could feel his body and the ocean around him.

No way… he thought, as he looked himself over. Then a thought struck him: air, he needed air! He looked up and began swimming as fast as his legs could carry him. No way, am I in… Spira? His mind screamed as he hurtled towards the surface.

He broke the surface with a loud gasp of breath and he looked around. All Tidus could see was the vast ocean behind him and then turned round to see the beaches of Besaid. He laughed only to have the salty go into his mouth and choked on the water.

I couldn't believe it. I was back the fayth hadn't been lying. I was actually back in Spira.

In that moment I did the only thing I knew would bring her running. The only thing that could possibly be heard by her if she wasn't on the beach.

I whistled.

Yuna could see the beaches of Besaid stretched out in front of her as she neared her childhood home. Kai was next to her enjoying the air as Paine and Rikku where behind them

She closed her eyes as her home grew closer and closer. Then through the air, ripped a shrill and high-pitched whistle. Yuna's eyes snapped open and looked around frantically.

That was real it had to be! Her mind shouted at her. She ran to the edge of the deck and looked over it squintiing down at the beach.

"Yuna? What's wrong?" Paine called to her as she looked down on the beach. Her eyes scanned it desperately and then she found him. Her heart skipped a few beats and sang with joy so powerful it threatened to burst. Yuna let out a laugh and bolted past Kai towards the elevator.

"Yuna!" he shouted after her as the doors closed. She waited, bobbing on her feet impatiently as the lift descended to ramp of the ship.

He's back! They brought him back!

Tidus had reached the beach and walked along the familiar setting of Besaid. He closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth on his face and body. He inhaled the air as deeply as he could. It felt good to be back. Presently he heard something coming through the air and turned round to see a shape coming towards him from a far. He raised an eyebrow as it got closer and closer at incredible speed. He stepped back slightly as it swooped towards him.

Oh nuts! He shielded his eyes as the water sprayed upwards, as the airship lowered to the sea. He lowered his arm from his eyes and looked up to see the ramp lowering and a figure pushing herself off the ramp and jumping onto the beach. She was wearing very short shorts with boots and a white shirt. It couldn't be…

No way…is that …Yuna? Tidus's mind said confused as she landed on the beach from an incredible height and turned towards him. He saw her eyes, bi-coloured and so innocently beautiful. It was Yuna, he could tell. Only she could be so innocent and so beautiful in his eyes.

Yuna hit the beach and quickly pushed herself forwards towards Tidus. He only turned to her, a smile forming on his beautiful face, his ocean blue eyes sparkling as she neared him. For a split second time stopped, and she thought he would leave, that she would go through him like she had done two years ago. But no, this time it was not to be that way.

He caught her and pulled her into his embrace and her arms wrapping around his neck as his held her lightly by the waist. For a moment nothing moved, they only held each other, each of them barely contain their joy and being together again.

"Are you…real?" Yuna asked, desperate to know that this wasn't a dream.

"I think…so" he replied, scarcely believing it himself. She pulled back slightly, and looked him over gouging his appearance.

Still toned and athletic in build, that had not changed. He was still handsome, more handsome than any man she had ever seen in her life. His arms were still strong yet gentle as they held her the way only they could. Tidus's hair was still that magnificent golden blond in the sunlight and then there were his eyes, his deep blue ocean-like eyes. They still had that glow about them, that spell that entranced her whenever she looked into them.

With a smile she nodded and he breathed in relief. "I'm back…I'm home" he said pulling her into a hug. She smiled closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Welcome home…" she whispered. "Yes home" As the couple held each other they heard a yell from the beach.

"Hey get a room you two!" They looked up to see a large group of people watching them, at their head was Wakka, who was grinning from ear to ear. "Wassup?" Tidus smiled and shouted something about who asked him to watch as Kai watched on with a smile.

So he's back after all. Good, we all needed him back but none more so than Yuna. And what's weird is that she seems herself again. A few minutes ago, she was thinking she was alone, I could tell and now she's so happy she could literally sing. Sometimes I wander how she does it.

Maybe now, she'll actually smile properly. She found him again.

It seems I owe the Fayth one after all…

"So is that…?" Paine asked Kai who was grinning, while Yuna and Tidus jogged towards the beach.

"Tidus?" Paine nodded. "Yeah" Paine raised an eyebrow.

"I always thought he'd be taller…" She mused. Kai chuckled.

"Don't underestimate him…he's much more powerful than he seems" He replied Paine nodded.

"You'd know…"

"Yes I would…" Kai hopped off the ramp as Yuna and Tidus reached the beach, Paine and Rikku followed him as they saw Wakka grab Tidus in a hug.

Yuna could not take her eyes of Tidus for a second. She was afraid if she turned away, he would simply vanish once again.

I still can't believe he's back… I thought that after Sin, I'd lost him…forever. But now I see him here, standing in front of me, able to touch, feel and speak.

But what if this is just for today, they did say to walk together again so does that…?

No! Don't think like that Yuna!

Immediately when they returned to the village, Wakka ordered the fire started, meat to be cooked, wine to be brought out and the villagers ran about trying to get everything ready for the meal. Tidus looked rather embarrassed which amused Yuna and Kai tremendously. While he may have been extremely famous in Zanarkand, he was left alone for the most part until a game was being played and then he was swamped with people desperate for his attention.

Wakka had the food set out near the fire and the others gathered around. Kai and Paine sat together while Yuna sat next to Tidus. The young Zanarkadian was obviously hungry but held back his usual habit of wolfing down the food when he was starving. He was calm as he ate, but she could tell that he was still adjusting to being back. She kept her eyes on him, making sure he wouldn't disappear.

Food, drink, jokes, dance, song and games followed as Wakka insisted on Tidus being the center of attention. Yuna was careful not to stray from Tidus's side, she kept close to him, afraid he'd be gone if she left him too long. Presently she, Rikku and Paine were watching Tidus and Buddy play a form of darts. Tidus was losing not entirely badly but was losing nonetheless. He aimed with his left hand and threw, the dart landing on a 10. Kai took the dart from the board and smirked.

"Nice shot Tidus" He said, Tidus smiled and gave the darts to Buddy.

"Thanks Kai" he replied Buddy took aim and hit the five winning the game.

"Hey lay up you're embarrassing Tidus ya?" Wakka stated with a chuckle. Tidus took hold of the darts and looked up at the board as Buddy slapped hands with Brother.

"Hey do you guys wanna do bets?" Buddy asked as Brother grinned.

"I dunno…" Tidus stated calmly but with a hidden smile. Brother nudged slightly.

"Chicken" He taunted. Tidus looked at Kai who nodded.

"Alright we'll do bets." Buddy and Brother looked at each and nodded.

"200 gil?" they offered and their opponents nodded.

"First to hit the bullseye?" Kai replied and everyone nodded, as Tidus got ready to shoot again. As they watched quietly Kai frowned as he observed Tidus. Tidus could have easily won both games, so why? Oh that's it…

"Hey Tidus you gonna throw lefty all night?" Tidus looked at him as did Buddy and Brother incredulously, Kai held his hands up in defence. "Just curious cause he's right-handed" Tidus grinned.

"Kai…" He switched the dart over to his right hand. "What would I do without you Kai?" he looked at Buddy and threw hitting the bullseye dead on. The others all laughed. "200 gil gentlemen" he held out his hand and he and Kai grinned at each other as Brother and Buddy grudgingly handed over the money. Lulu sat seeding to Vidina, hers and Wakka's son as Rikku made faces at him while Brother and Buddy complained about Kai telling Tidus to shoot right handed.

Kai sat next to Yuna who was watching Tidus play with Wakka and some children with a smile on her face and he nudged her.

"Hey, he's not going anywhere." She looked down and her brother nodded knowingly. "You're worried that he'll go again" She nodded and gazed at Tidus.

"I don't know what I'd do if he left again…" Yuna whispered. "I lost him once, I can't lose him again" Kai placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Then spend time with him, just you and him" she looked at him. "Stop trying to please everyone else…think for yourself Yuna" Yuna thought for a moment and smiled nodding. She stood up and walked over to Tidus. He saw her coming and broke away from Wakka to go and see her. He noticed the look in her eye and frowned.

"Hey you ok?" he asked his hand finding hers. She nodded with a smile.

"Yeah…" she replied. "Can we go for a walk? Just us?" she seemed really nervous and he smiled, his gentle yet confident smile. She fought back a grin, only smiling in return. His lips were still highly appealing.

"Sure…I'd rather be with you anyway" She smiled and took his hand and they quickly and quietly left the village; Kai making sure Wakka was occupied so he didn't notice.

Tidus and Yuna walked down towards the beach hand in hand and quietly spoke about what had happened over the past two years as the sun was beginning to set over the horizon. Yuna telling him about all the would-be suitors who tried to propose to her and she turned each one of them down. She looked at him as she spoke and noted how carefully he listened with that soft tenderness only he could put on. As they reached the beach she could not resist asking him.

"What was it like?" He stopped and gazed at her.

"What? The farplane?" he asked softly in return, she nodded. He looked away from her and over the sea, which had become a beautiful exotic orange. "It was ok…peaceful…but it was missing one thing for me" She tilted her head.

"What?" he turned to her his eyes almost glowing in the setting sunlight.

"You…" he breathed and she felt herself blush. "I missed you Yuna," he continued. "I watched you that time when you were trapped in the grove, and I wanted to show you that I was still there, I was still with you." He looked away again. "So I whistled" she smiled and took his hand again.

"I heard you, you helped me get out" he turned to her with a smile and she ran her had down his cheek. He smiled slightly. "I missed you too, more than you can imagine" He smiled.

"Enlighten me…" he said, it was meant to be playful but he saw her eyes glaze over and she had a pained look on her face. "I'm sorry, you…"

"No it's ok" she replied but she didn't look back at him. "When you left…I tried to continue on as I would have done. But I couldn't, I just couldn't." she felt tears slip from her eyes without him noticing. "I couldn't sleep at nights and I barely ate properly. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw…" she faltered slightly as he listened. "I saw you…disappearing again and I would wake up, screaming your name" she sniffed slightly and Tidus turned her round to look in her face.

Her cheeks were red and wet from tears and her eyes were slightly puffy from the crying. She looked slightly miserable but that changed when her eyes met his. He leaned down and kissed her on her right cheek holding his lips there for a long moment, and then did the same on the other cheek as though he were kissing her tears away. He pulled back and looked her in the eyes.

"I'm not going anywhere Yuna, I almost lost the will to come back after two years of being without you" she looked at him. "But I can't close the door on you Yuna, I love you too much…" she smiled and touched his cheek. Tidus suddenly looked up. "It's gonna rain…" he breathed Yuna frowned and then smirked.

"No it's not…you're making that up" she replied in a mock manner. Tidus shook his head.

"It is, I can smell it and the temperature just dropped a couple of degrees" she smiled and he looked back at her. "I've never just stood in the rain before, I've never just enjoyed it." Yuna smiled at him.

"Then do you want to stand here and wait" she was curious to see if he was right and that it was going to rain. He nodded and looked back up to the sky.

"Ok here it comes" he grinned and closed his eyes. As Yuna looked up, the rain began to fall almost spontaneously. Yuna laughed as the rain quickly soaked them but neither cared as they enjoyed the warm tropical downpur.

Tidus slowly brought his head back down and then just as slowly opened his eyes. His breath was taken away as Yuna also looked at him with her bi-coloured eyes. Her hair was clinging to her head as anyone's would do if it was raining but this did nothing but enhance her beauty in his eyes. The rain glistened on her pale skin, like diamonds in a cave of ice in Macalania and her eyes sparkled as the rain continued to fall. He gazed at her with a sense of love-struck awe as Yuna gazed back at him.

"By the fayth…" he breathed, she simply looked at him." You're so beautiful" Yuna blushed sheepishly. Tidus slowly leaned in, taking his time just so he could enjoy every moment of being back with Yuna. He moved until the tips of their noses were touching before slowly moving past her nose, cocking his head to the side before he brushed his lips against hers.

Yuna's arms came up to wrap around the back of his neck as she deepened the kiss, keeping the pace slow and chaste just like their kiss at Macalania. Tidus carefully pulled her to him to add more intimacy to the moment. They both smiled into the kiss, as the rain continued to pour, dropping into the water, adding a soft yet romantic beat to the moment. Tidus temporarily moved back and looked her in the eyes but they remained in the position they had taken during the kiss. "I love you Yuna…now…and always" Yuna felt a radiant smile form on her face.

"I love you too Tidus…always you" she leaned in slowly, doing just he did, so she could saver every wonderful second of this. Her nose touched the tip of his before she moved past his nose to brush her lips over and led the kiss this time, pulling him to her. She had almost forgotten just how good a kisser Tidus was and she whimpered slightly as his lips inflicted sweet tortures on her own. The kiss remained soft and sweet as the couple lost themselves in each other forgetting the world around them.

For the world nothing changed, but for Tidus and Yuna everything changed. They were together again, they had been granted a second chance. Their story will continue now, as it should have done after Sin was defeated. And it will grow into a thing of beauty, a long winding tale that will be told for generations to come. This is one story that will never end.

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