1. At the movies

Someday, when they aren't busy getting blown up or chasing people-eating whackjobs, he'll take her to a movie (and he won't let her pay for anything). Something loud--with lots of special effects and explosions.

He'll buy one huge bucket of popcorn, one soda, and a box of Sour Patch Kids. Only one, so they have to share.

Every time she dips her fingers into the popcorn, he'll reach in too, and their hands will brush.

During the first explosion, he'll yawn and stretch. At the last second, he'll let his arm rest on the back of her seat.

Not touching her. Not yet.

When the movie gets quiet again, he'll let his fingers skim the ends of her hair. Then he'll hold his breath and wait for her to react. If she doesn't kill him, he'll ease his arm up and wrap it around her shoulders.

During the second explosion, he'll lean in and brush her hair away from her face.

"What are you doing?" she'll ask--and probably give him her best pinchy face.

"Trying to kiss you," he'll answer with a smile.

Her eyes will widen and her mouth will drop open as she decides how to respond.

That's when he'll do it. That's when he'll close the distance between them and discover if she tastes saltysweetsour because of the popcorn, soda, and candy they've shared.

And hopefully the noise from the explosions happening on-screen will keep her from noticing the small sigh that slipped out when their lips met.

To be continued...