"Look, Emmett, she just wasn't right for you," the boy told his best friend as they walked down the hall to class

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I Don't Bite, I Swear by .o.O.o.Emmett.Is.Mine.o.O.o.

Chapter Oneā€¦

I Don't Bite, I Swear

"Look, Emmett, she just wasn't right for you," the bronze-haired boy told his best friend as they walked down the hall to class. "You can find someone better, trust me." He was just trying to console the other boy, to help him take the loss a bit better. Sadly, it was having the opposite effect, making Emmett more irritable and depressed.

"Just shut up," Emmett snapped at Edward, walking into the classroom. "I'd get over it if everyone just left me alone. You guys are really starting to get annoying."

Edward looked a little hurt that his best friend had snapped at him like that, but realized he was going through a rough time. "Alright, well I'll talk to you later," he told the bigger teen with a slightly happier voice as he walked to his seat in the back.

For the next half-hour-or-so, neither boy paid attention to their advisory class, thinking it completely and utterly useless. Emmett was too broken up to pay attention to anything anyway, and just sat there, staring inattentively at the whiteboard. God damn, Rose, you sure picked the perfect time to break everything off, didn't you? he thought miserably. Yeah, he was depressed that his first and only girlfriend had dumped him, but she could have been a bit more caring about it, couldn't she? Oh, she could have, let's say, not dumped him the week before the dance. She could have not dumped him after being together for over fifty years. But she had always been like that, Emmett realized, only interested in something as long as it was the best.

Apparently he wasn't the best anymore.

His 'brother' and 'sister' had been trying to cheer him up for days. They really seemed to care, but that wasn't enough. He just wanted Rosalie back. Nobody else could make him happy like she could.

His eyes snapped open, staring blankly ahead of him.

That's not true, he told himself. He wanted someone to stay by him, not cheat and ditch him like Rose had. He wanted a girl that didn't care that he was a vampire, that didn't care whether or not he looked great. He wanted someone to see through those things, someone to stick by him.

Before he knew it, the bell had rung and he and Edward were off to their next classes. He had Biology, and Edward had Gym.

Yet again, he sat in the back, the furthest person from the teacher, and continued his previous train of thought.

"Class," the teacher began, catching Emmett's attention. "We have a new student. Kristina, would you like to introduce yourself?"

Suddenly, a girl sitting next to him stood up. He hadn't even noticed she was there, but now that he had, he couldn't understand why he didn't see her before. She was beautiful and had maroon-colored hair, her dark, naturally auburn roots peeking out at the top. Her eyes were a hazy green. Her face was very classical and curved, yet had sharp details within it. She stood a little over five feet, and her body was average size, though she still looked strong.

"Hey, I'm Kristina. I just moved here from Greensburg, Pennsylvania, a small city south east of Pittsburgh, where nothing eventful happens. Ever," she said in an incredibly bored voice, further proving her thoughts on her old home.

She finished the normal, new-student-speech, and sat down, only to be bombarded with questions from around the class. The teacher told them all to calm down, and talk to her after the class was over if they were still interested and she had some spare time.

Emmett's thoughts got away from him again as he thought about Rosalie, and he didn't notice the new girl watching him out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't quite place it, but he looked sad, depressed. But, it wasn't her business, so she let the poor boy sit there and mope.

A bit before class ended, she looked at her schedule to check for her next class. Trig. Oh joy. She then pulled out a map given to her by the annoying principal and looked for the room number. Where is it... where is it...? After staring blankly at the map for a few minutes, Kristina heard the bell ring, and started to worry. She had no idea where her next class was.

She looked over at the boy sitting next to her, debating whether or not to ask him for some help, and finally decided. "Excuse me?" she asked politely, reaching up high to tap him on the shoulder.

He turned to look at her, a light smile on his face that contradicted what she had previously thought of him. "Hi. Need some help?" he asked nicely, covering his inner-pain with a smile.

"Uhm, yeah. Sorry to bother you, but could you show me where the Trig room is?" she asked nervously. She was intimidated by the boy standing before her. He was taller than her, and so muscular she knew it would be nothing for him to beat the shit out of her.

"I'll do one better. That's my next class, I'll take you there," he said, beginning to walk slowly out the door. Kristina followed hesitantly.

She desperately wanted to ask if he was alright, to comfort the teen, but held her tongue for now, waiting. She hardly knew him, and it would be rude of her to just ask what was wrong. She hated it when other people repeatedly asked her what was wrong when she was sad, so she decided not to subject him to it.

"Here we are," he said, "room 517, Trig." He opened the door for her, then followed her in and brushed past her to sit in the back. She followed him back there, but put a few desks between the two, that way he didn't think she was weird by following him. He looked over at her and grinned. He had a wonderful smile, she noted.

"You can sit by me, you know. I don't bite, I swear," he told her, laughing lightly.

She blushed a bit and stayed where she was. The class was about to begin, and she thought it safer to stay away from the other teen. Sure, he was a nice guy, but she kind of needed to concentrate, and not think about the hottie sitting near her.

Yet again, she was forced to make the stupid speech, but this time she had to stand at the front of the class and answer a bunch of questions about where she came from, and what her old school was like. Oddly enough, Emmett didn't ask a single thing, but let everyone else take advantage of her time. She thought this curious, especially considering he didn't ask her anything in her last class either. Maybe he was being polite, trying to give her more space than everyone else.

After almost ten minutes, the teacher stepped in and started actually teaching like he was supposed to do. She was thankful the spotlight was removed from her, however temporary that was, and walked the long way around the classroom to get back to her seat. She began to sit down where she had set her stuff before class, but noticed it was not there. She automatically thought it was just some trick on the 'new kid,' that when she hadn't been looking, somebody had stolen her stuff. But when she looked around, she saw her stuff moved over two seats, so it was right next to Emmett. She rolled her eyes and sat next to him, putting her stuff beneath her new desk.

Just as she had predicted, she had problems paying attention to the boring-as-hell class. And, of course, it was all because of Emmett. She could already tell there were going to be a few problems between her and the boy. It wasn't that she didn't like him, or anything - actually, the exact opposite. The big teen reminded her of a giant teddy bear, big, but soft.

Just as she had managed to force herself to concentrate on the teacher again, she felt a nudge on her elbow. She looked over and then down at her desk, and nearly sighed. There was a note sitting there, and there was only one person it could have been from.