I Don't Bite, I Swear by

I Don't Bite, I Swear by .o.O.o.Emmett.Is.Mine.o.O.o.

Chapter 19… Answers

The entire car ride was made in silence. Complete and utter silence. Neither of them turned on the radio, or popped in a CD, for fear of having to speak to one another about what they should listen to. That seemed to be one thing they were avoiding at all cost, as if they would be forced to talk about… something. Neither Kristina nor Emmett really knew what that subject was. They just didn't want to bring it up, so therefore didn't talk.

After a few minutes, Emmett arrived at the girl's house. They both stayed there, Emmett waiting for her to get out that way he may be able to go hunting again. He may have just gone, but that was the only way he could think of to relieve this energy and frustration. But Kristina didn't get out, she just sat there, staring off into space with a pensive look on her face. "Emmett?" she asked eventually.

He blinked a couple times and looked over at her, looking a bit like a puppy that had been kicked for getting into the garbage. She almost whimpered in regret at snapping at him, but kept talking with as smooth a voice as she could. "I… I'm kinda stuck. You're giant Jeep's too tall, I still haven't mastered climbing in and out of it…"

For just a moment, Emmett nearly laughed. Then he became serious again, climbing out quickly and helping her down, lifting her lightly by the hips and setting her down. He almost seemed hesitant to let go. Emmett then shut the door behind her and walked the smaller girl up to her door.

She opened the door quickly and walked through, turning and nodding to him in goodbye. He took the cue and walked away.

"I'm home, mom!" Kristina called randomly to the house, not even knowing for sure if the lady was there.

"Hi, sweetie!" she responded, sticking her head out of the kitchen for a quick second, then returning with no further contact.

Kristina, used to this, locked herself in her room and turned up her radio. Hours and hours passed, and nothing much happening as Kristina surfed the internet. Then, she started feeling a bit funny. One of those, someone's-watching-me-but-I-can't-see-them kind of feelings. But as she looked around, she realized how ludicrous that feeling was. She was downstairs! Nobody could be watching her! But even if she was upstairs, what kind of person would want to watch her? (A/N: no offense, Kristina. You're definitely not a boring person!! I love my twin!)

But no matter how often she told herself this, no matter how often she looked around to find nobody there, she could not rid herself of this feeling.

After fussing with it for almost ten minutes, she decided to try distracting herself. She turned up some music, her newest Meg & Dia CD, and walked quietly to the kitchen for something to eat. She dug through a couple of drawers, shoved some things around in the cupboards, and finally decided on an apple from the fridge.

She bit into it as she walked out the kitchen door, staring around at her empty, lifeless-looking house as she leaned against the doorjamb. Her mom obsessively cleaned the place constantly when she was home waiting for something to bake, making it spotless.

Kristina walked through the place quietly, not wishing to wake her mother, but not wanting to stand still. She had been going slowly stir crazy lately, and could no longer bare to sit in her room.

Something scratched lightly on the living room window.

Kristina started, standing up perfectly straight and looking around frantically. She knew for a fact that that was not her imagination. Slowly, she looked around the room, taking slow, quiet steps along the floor to check behind the couch and around the TV. Finally, when she had discovered nothing, she got up the guts to look through the window.

Hesitantly, she pulled back the drapes, closing her eyes at first, then opening them to see what was there.

Emmett smiled back at her, his hair slightly ruffled and his eyes glowing bright copper. Why the hell is he here? At this time of night, no less! Kristina thought as she quickly walked to the front door to let him in. Just as she opened it, she put a finger to her lips, signaling him to be as quiet as possible. He nodded his head and stepped in.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" she whispered harshly, reaching up and slapping him upside the head. He hardly flinched.

"I needed to talk to you," he replied, looking down and away.

Kristina rolled her eyes dramatically. "And why the hell couldn't this wait 'til the morning?!" She paused, and Emmett opened his mouth to defend himself. She cut him off with, "You know what, I don't care at the moment. My mom could be down here at any time, so you need to get out. You can talk to me in the morning, at school."

"I won't be here in the morning," Emmett said quickly, dragging Kristina by the wrist down to her room. "Carlisle's taking all of us to Denali. And when I say all, I mean you, too, Kris."

She allowed herself to be pulled by the large teen, completely confused and lost in her own little world. He pulled her through her door, closing it behind the both of them and turning to face her.

"Emmett Cullen, tell me what the hell is happening here!" Kristina said, a bit louder than she had meant. She clapped a hand over her mouth in shock.

"Trouble is headed our way, and apparently Carlisle thinks you have something to do with it. Therefore, you are coming with us. Now pack your bags, we've gotta get out of here."

Her jaw had dropped after the first three words, and now she was just plain amazed. "Emmett? What the fuck are you talking about, 'trouble'? There's never trouble in Forks! That's why my mom moved here, for God's sakes!"

Emmett glared at her, growling low and running his hand through his hair. She jumped back from him. "Kristina," he said harshly. "You've gotta believe me here! Everyone in Forks is in danger unless we can head it off! Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Edward and Bella… they're all coming, and we need you to come with us, too."

She stared at him for a moment as though he were speaking a different language. Then, slowly, she began laughing. Hysterically, as though this was all too much for her to handle. She rubbed her hands over her eyes, she closed and opened them multiple times, as though she thought Emmett was an illusion she could blink away without a second thought.

He merely stood there. "Kristina," he started, then cut off when he realized he didn't know what to say. He looked around the room, opened and closed his mouth a couple times. Nothing happened. He no longer knew what to say to the girl to make her believe him.

Kristina scratched the side of her arm awkwardly. "Uh, Emm? I need--" She cut off as cold, strong arms wrapped tightly around her, squeezing the breath from her lungs, but in a very loving way. It certainly wasn't something she was used to...

"Kristina," Emmett whispered. "I need you to believe me. I need someone to believe me here!" He sounded as though he would have burst into tears, if he were able. But he kept everything together, just standing there, holding Kristina tight.

"What the hell, Kristina!?" someone screamed in shock from somewhere behind the two.