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Summary: After an accident, Simon was in a coma for two years. When he wakes up, a lot has changed.


Simon and Jeanette were walking home from the library. At the crosswalk, the two waited for the walk sign to light up. When it did, the only two there got off the sidewalk and crossed the street.

Suddenly, a black car came racing down the hill right for Jeanette.


The Chipette turned to see the car coming her way. Before she could comprehend what was happening, Simon pushed the Chipette out of the way.

The car never stopped.

"SIMON!" Jeanette screamed.

A small white convertible pulled over to the side and a thin woman, Dave's age, with long blond hair stepped out and ran to the two kids.


Chapter 1: A New Mother

When Simon woke up, everything was blurred. His glasses had been taken off. He did, however, hear the sounds of beeps as a monitor picked up his heart rate.

"You're up." A male voice said. "That's a good sign. Your family has been worried."

"Where am I?" Simon asked in a whisper. For some reason, his voice was hoarse. That wasn't a good thing since he was a singer.

"In the hospital. I'm Dr. Stevenson." The doctor introduced himself as he put Simon's glasses back on the young chipmunk's face. "Your brothers told me that you three have a band. Don't worry. Your voice will return in a few minutes to hours. You're legs however, may take a little longer to get their strength back."

"What happened?" the chipmunk asked. "And where's my family?"

"You were hit by a car." The doctor explained. "Luckily, a woman and a young, distressed, female chipmunk brought you in. It's a miracle you survived this long in a coma. Two years."

"Two years?!" Simon barely managed to exclaim.

"Calm down, Simon." Dr Stevenson told the boy. "As for your second question, your family is just fine. I told them to go on with their lives and when you finally wake up, you'll catch up. Dave said that you are a very intelligent chipmunk, so I don't doubt you'll take too long. Everyday you have a visitor whether it was your brothers, Dave, the girls…"

"Jeanette!" Simon exclaimed in horror. "Is she alright?"

"She's alive if that's what you mean." The doctor said. "Lately its been the woman who brought you in who's been visiting you the most. Because she got you here so quickly, we were able to save you."

As if on cue, the woman who had pulled over after the accident came walking in.

"Simon?" she asked.

Simon nodded.

"Thank goodness you're okay." She said as she went to his bed and sat down next to him. "You had us worried sick."

"Who are you?" Simon asked.

"I'm Claire." She explained. "You probably haven't heard of me. Your brothers didn't until Dave introduced me to them. I was Dave's girlfriend in high school and college until I moved to New York. Dave and I made a promise all those years ago that when we next meet, if we still had feelings for each other, then we'd pick up where we left off, which was pretty advance. Well, when I found him after finding you and your friend in the middle of the street, we waited a year and a half before…"

"Dave got married?" Simon asked.

"You ARE the smart one." She said with a smile. "But don't worry. It was an extremely small ceremony. We plan on having a larger one to renew our vows with when you were up and feeling strong enough. In the meantime, you get some rest. Your brothers are at camp and Dave's on a business trip out of town. With any luck, we may have you walking around when they get home. Wouldn't that be a surprise?"

"Okay." Simon said as he closed his eyes. Already so much had happened.

"Doctor." Claire whispered. "How soon can he go into rehab?"

"In about three days." The doctor said.

"And how soon can he come home?" she asked.

"In two weeks. I want to keep a close eye on him"


A/N: This is more cartoon than movie.