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Chapter 3- 12 Hours

"Atta girl,"Derek said as he helped Casey walk up the front steps of their home "We're almost in."

"Derek, I can walk up the stairs myself."Casey mumbled.

"You could barely lift yourself out of the car. I don't need you getting dizzy and cracking your head open on the bricks."Derek said as they reached the top step. Derek used his free hand to unlock and push open the front door.

"Do you want to go up to bed or on the couch?"Derek asked.

"Couch."Casey whispered.

"You know what, I'll do you one better, sit in my chair."Derek said easing Casey gently down into his beloved recliner.

"You're kidding."Casey said.

"Nope,"Derek shook his head "I can be nice when I want to."

Suddenly Casey's hand flew to her head "Ow."She cried.

"Casey,"Derek crouched down infront of her "Are you alright?"

"Headrush. Doctor said it might happen. I'm fine." Casey said leaning back in the huge chair.

"You're sure?"Derek asked.

"I'm sure. I just want to rest." Casey said trying to keep her eyes open.

Derek sighed, he hated having to do this "Casey, you have to stay awake. If you fall asleep you risk slipping into a coma."

"Ugg, I know that but sleep would be so wonderful right now." Casey said.

"I know, I know and I am so sorry."Derek said, he laid a hand on Casey's hand which she jerked back and hugged to her chest. "I'm sorry."Derek said. Casey looked up at him and burst into tears.

"Shit, Casey I am so sorry. I should have known you wouldn't want to be touched. I'm sorry, don't cry."Derek begged.

"I should...shouldn't be afraid...of you."Casey blubbered "I was never...never afraid of...you. He took that from me!."

Derek leaned on the chair,careful not to get to close "I know he did." was all he could say. Casey crying got worse and she began gasping for air.

"Casey, you're hyperventilating. Your rib... You need to calm down."Derek said trying to calm her down without touching her. Casey closed her eyes and breathed slowly. In...and out....in...and out.


Moments later Casey's breathing returned to normal. She stared into Derek's eyes, ignoring the stabbing pain from her rib.

"Better?"Derek asked, looking slightly frightened.

"Alright,"Casey said "I am ok...for now." Derek nodded as he collapsed onto the couch next to the recliner. His eyes kept fluttering shut then snapping open. Casey was suddenly overwhelmed with guilt. "Derek, got to bed. Please." she said.

"Not a chance. You need to stay awake." Derek said

"Yes, I need to stay awake. You don't need to stay awake."Casey said.

Derek returned to his crouching posision in front of Casey "Case, if I got up to bed and leave you here alone...If you fall asleep and slip into a coma I will never forgive myself." Then Derek jumped up and smiled "So, I am thinking we can watch some movies and eat junk food."

Casey faked a smile "I am not that hungry but some orange juice sounds good. And a movie sounds like fun."

"Orange juice!"Derek exclaimed happily "Coming right up."

Once Derek was safely out of ear shot Casey broke down. Will I ever feel happy again? She thought


Derek grabbed the orange juice from the fridge, the fake smile still painted on his face. As he poured the thick orange liquid into a glass he felt a sudden rush of anger. Anger and grief. He tightened his fist around the paper orange juice container and hauled it at the back door. It hit the wood with a splash, the container crushing on impact. Derek felt hot tears streaming down his face. His knees gave out and he collapsed to the ground. He loved her...God he loved her. The love he felt for her consumed his entire being. Now the love was being shadowed by hate. Hate for Greg, hate for himself. Greg broke her but he hadn't protected her. That was about to change. Derek wiped his tears and stood up. He took a deep breath and grabbed Casey's juice. Now he would protect her. No one would hurt her again.


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