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So, you know who, I hope you like it. I thought of this when I was on my way home from my little brother's basketball game. I had to tune out my step-father, so I brainstormed. He was...not exactly happy with the referees in the game...

A tall, slender girl of nineteen walked into the Heaven and Hell Wrestling Academy. She had no intention of leaving until she got what she had wanted. "Are you lost, miss?" a pompous man no older than twenty-five asked her. He was working behind the main counter.

The girl gave the man a dirty look before saying, "No."

"Are you waiting for your boyfriend?" he asked, pointing upstairs where the wrestling classes were taking place.

"No," she softly replied, a twinge of disgust in her voice. I wonder when he's finally going to let me fucking talk, she thought.

"Then why are you at a wrestling school?"

She was going to tell him exactly what she was doing there since he clearly wasn't getting it himself. "I want to be a wrestler, hence me coming here."

The man laughed at her statement. "Are you kidding me? Everyone wants to be a wrestler these days. Let me guess, you like Cena, right?"

She ran a hand through her dark hair that was streaked with a greenish teal color. Laughing a bit, she said, "No, I don't like John Cena, Brian." She eyed the man's name tag.

Brian's eyes flickered up to her hair. "Oh, you must like Jeff Hardy, then."

Getting annoyed, she refuted with, "No, actually, I hate Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy is way better."

Brian gave the mystery girl a quizzical look before handing her a clip board. "If you're serious, fill these out."

She took a seat over by a window and filled out the paperwork. When she finished, she handed the clipboard back to Brian. "Alright, Caria," he started, looking at the top sheet of paper, "can you start tomorrow?"

"Of course."

Caria turned around to leave, but Brian stopped her. "Wait, there has to be a wrestler that you like."

"I told you already. I like Matt Hardy."

"No, I mean there has to be a wrestler that you like. You know, one that you find attractive."

Caria rolled her eyes at Brian's question. "I want to wrestle. I'm not here because I like someone. I don't want you to think that about me."

"Just answer the question."

Caria opened her mouth to speak, but stopped herself. Slightly embarrassed, she decided to tell the truth. "Shannon Moore."

"Really?" Brian asked, raising his eyebrows.


"Thank you, Caria. I'll see you tomorrow."

The next day, Caria strutted into the wrestling school. She was wearing black shorts and a white tank top. She also had her brand new black wrestling boots that she had picked up after signing up for classes.

"So, how are you going to be a jerk today?" Caria joked to Brian once she arrived.

"Very funny," he replied, rolling his eyes. "Alright, since you are the only girl we have here, you are getting personally trained."

"By who?"

Caria could tell that Brian was trying not to tell her something. "Spill, secretary boy."

"Caria, are you aware of what town we're in right now?"

"Are you kidding me? Did you honestly think that I didn't know that we are in Cameron, North Carolina?"

"No, I was pretty sure you knew that. Anyways, you are being trained by someone who is in the WWE at this moment."

"Let me guess...Jeff Hardy?" Caria thought that it would be just like Brian to mess with her like that. He knew she hated Jeff Hardy.

"No, no. Definitely not Jeff Hardy. This Superstar is from here, and he's injured right now."

"Gregory Helms?" Caria anticipated excitedly. She was a huge fan of Helms in his Hurricane days.

"Caria," Brian said as he rolled his eyes, "you're thinking too much."

However, both of their attention was averted when the door opened. Caria didn't turn around to see who it was. Instead, she was mulling in her head about who her trainer could be.

"Hey, Shannon. It's good to see you again," Brian said to the person who had just come in.

I thought Brian said that I was the only girl here, Caria thought when she was met with a male's voice that she recognized.

"Are you Caria?" Caria turned around to come face to face with Shannon Moore.

"Yes, I am," Caria said as Brian chuckled.

"Coolness. I'll meet you upstairs in five minutes. I have to go and get the ring ready," Shannon said before walking up the stairs.

"What?" Caria asked, turning to Brian.


"Spill it."

"It's just that I thought for sure you would have gone all fan girl on me, Car. Aren't you the least bit, oh, I don't know...Starstruck?"

Caria laughed at Brian's insolence. "Clearly, you don't know me very well. I don't get starstruck."

A/N: I was going to make this a one shot, but I think that chapters will be easier.