A/N: Bob arrived at the arena with Val Venis. I find that totally and completely hilarious. I wish that happened here. But nope, it was Bob, Beth, and Cody. Fuck that.

"You like watching me suffer?" Caria asked, a fire burning in her eyes. "You're a little bitch, Brian."

"You're a funny girl, Caria. Sorry that I just want some freaking entertainment. It gets boring working here sometimes. Eh, maybe if Shannon's girlfriend was actually hot, then you'd really have a problem."

"You don't think she's pretty?"

"Hell no! Are you kidding? She looks like she died in a tanning bed and was brought back to life to burn people's eyes out. What was her name again?" Brian asked.

"…Melissa," Caria hissed.

"You know what you have to do, right?" Brian asked.

"No, what?"

"Fight for your man!"

"Since when are you being so nice to me?" Caria asked.

"To be honest…"

"Spit it out, loser."

"It's because you are nicer to look at than Shannon's girlfriend."

"I think I'll take that as a compliment."

"You better, because I'll probably never say it again."

As Caria drove back to her apartment, she texted Becky.

Shannon has a gf.

R u serious? Is she pretty?

Hell no she's nasty.

What does she look like?

Like a burnt French fry.

What's her name?


Uh…I think that might be Cody's ex gf.

"Fuck," Caria muttered as she pulled in her driveway.

During Caria's next training session with Shannon, she made sure to bring her camera phone just in case the opportunity arised…

And sure enough, it did.

Melissa appeared at the gym, looking like she just walked out of an episode of Laguna Beach that was splattered with orange paint. During one of the breaks, she snapped a picture of her on her camera phone while she was pretending to be texting people. She quickly forwarded it to Becky who responded with a quick text.

Yep, that's her.