Chapter 1: Slipping into Oovo IV

Nightshroud: Yay, prequel time! This story is mostly from Zam's perspective, while the sequel (which will be up when this is finished) while mostly be from Jango's perspective. Anyway, I hope most of you know the storyline to Star Wars Bounty Hunter, since I'm not going to put everything here. In case you don't here are some quick points. The Bando Gora is a Force-worshipping cult that is terrorizing the galaxy. Komari Vosa is the dark Jedi and leader of the Bando Gora. Montross is Jango Fett's rival and ex Mandalorian. Rozatta (Roz) is a Toydarian (a pinkish Watto esentially haha) and Jango's informant/friend and somewhat maternal figure. Dooku/Tyranus has placed a 5 million credit bounty on Vosa's head to get rid of her and find a template for the clone army. Montross and Jango were extended invitations to the hunt. I'm only focusing on the points where Jango and Zam were together or where Zam was alone (and her actions were left to our imagination 8) ). Anyway, enough blabbering, let's go!
Zam strolled into the Outlanders Club after just finishing her last job. She's made pretty good money, and hadn't even gotten a scratch. Most would argue that she was still just an amateur to the whole bounty hunting thing, but she was still pretty impressive...even if her methods were a little lackluster. She sat down in a booth and ordered a juri juice. While she was drinking, she saw a scruffy-looking human break away from a group of slutty Twi'leks and walk over to her.

"What is it, Diggs?" she asked, looking up. She wasn't in the mood for his futile efforts at winning her affection.

"I heard you just finished up a job. Went well?"

"I would say that," she said, brushing him off. She was trying work on her image. All the best bounty hunters, she'd heard, had noteworthy image.

"Well, if you're going to be like that, I'd don't have to tell you about the bounty I found out."

Well, she had to give him credit, he knew how to get her attention. She turned to him and tried to seem friendly.

"And what might that be, Diggs?" she said, doing her best to be charming.

"Well," he said, leaning in and looking as if he'd just won her, "I heard about a bounty on a guy called Bendix Fust. He's wanted alive by crime lord Sebolto for 50,000 credits."

Zam's eyes widened. Now this was worth having to be in such close proximity to this loser.

"And where is he?" she asked, leaning foward.

"In Oovo IV."

"Perfect," she said, getting up. Diggs looked taken back.

"But, I thought..."

"In your dreams, Diggs."

Zam watched the transport being loaded with supplies. She was annoyed with herself for feeling so nervous. Well, who wouldn't? This was a maximum security prison she was breaking into! She was suddenly shaken from her thoughts when she realized that they were putting on the last of the supplies. She had to act now. She pulled her veil on and made a run for the cargo hold. She just managed to slip behind some crates before the loaders came back and signaled for the ship to seal the hold. Zam held her breath as the door finnaly closed and she was wrapped in complete darkness. From what she had learned of Oovo IV, it was a fair distance away, so she figured she might as well get some rest.
"Good grief, Jango! A senator! Ooh, you'll have a price on your own head soon," Rozatta warned throught the transmitter. Jango glanced down at her.

"I doubt he'll be missed. He was as dirty as they come. What do you know about this Sebolto?"

"Sebolto is a dug king. Big figure in Malastare's underworld. If he's working with the Bando Gora, then he's keeping a low profile. Helps to have a senator in your pocket. So now what? Knock on his door and ask him to give up Vosa?"

"When he hears his partners are dead, he'll be wary of uninvited guests. I'll use a more subtle approach."

"Weeell, I shouldn't mention this, but if you want an invitation, I did come across a bounty Sebolto himself posted. Bendix Fust, wanted alive, currently serving time on Oovo IV, the asteroid prison. Reward is 50,000 on delivery!"

"Bring Sebolto a gift...Not a bad idea. What about competition?"

"It's a hefty sum. But Jango, we ARE talking about a maximum security prison. Nobody in his right mind would try to break someone out of there."

"It's just another job, Roz. I'll slip in and out before they notice he's missing. Any sign of Montross?"

"I did a little checking around. Heard he was in the Gazarri System."

"A lucky break. That's nowhere near Ooto IV. Jarvis must have lied to him."

"He was probably more afraid of the Bando Gora than Montross! Eh, Jango dear, you work too hard. Give up this crazy hunt. You have money. Why don't you meet a nice girl, have a kid? You won't live forever you know, not in this business!

"Not in this lifetime, Roz."

Nightshroud: Hehe, little does Jango know! 8D Anyway, there's the first chapter. Next chapter, Jango and Zam will be breaking into Oovo IV, with somewhat different approaches...Anway, leave a review and let me know how you like it!