Chapter 2: The Break In

Nightshroud: Well I'm glad everyone likes it so far! Yes, Star Wars Bounty Hunter is a game for PS2 (and Gamecube too I think...) about how Jango became template for the clone army and met Zam Wesell. If you want to know more about the characters I mentioned, look them up on Wookiepedia (or Wikipedia, though Wookiepedia is more extensive). I do want to say that while I love fanfiction, I'm not one for largely altering already established stuff, so I'm not going to alter Jango or Zam's actions in this story where they were directly shown in the game. I'm only going to use my writer's liberty to add flavor to unshown parts or things like their thoughts. So if you like the original storyline to the game, than have no fear, for I don't intend to scrap it. But if you want added fluff, then rejoice. 8) Anyway, on with chapter two!
"Ugh, I can't believe you're still flying that relic, Jango. Why don't you spend some of those hard-earned credits and get yourself a new ship, instead of that old relic."

"Not a chance. She belonged to Jaster Mereel."

"I know, I know, the Mandalorian who took you in under his wing. Do you ever think that maybe you hang onto that ship, those memories, because you're looking to take somebody under your wing?"

"You're sounding like a psych droid, Roz. I'm getting close. Wish me luck."

Jango stalked the transport ship headed for Oovo IV. By tapping into the other ship's comm link, he was able to hear it communicate with the prison.

"Supply craft 1729, you're clear to land. Opening shield now. Proceed."

The prison dropped its force field for the transport.

"Copy control, continuing approach."

Jango quickly maneuvered Slave I behind the ship, then flashed his lights in its back sensors.

"Captain, uh, my scopes just picked up a ghost image in our sensor wake."

"Probably another glitch like that false bio signature we saw in the cargo hold earlier. Still there?"

Slave I then dropped away into an abandoned crater in the asteroid not far from the prison.

"No, it's gone now. You're right, probably just a glitch."

"Reactivating shield now," came the prisons signal.

Once he landed the ship, he strapped on his blasters and loaded a missile into his jetpack.


"Sorry, Jango, I'm getting a lot of interference. Must be the asteroids. Either that, or I'm losing my hearing."

"Well you've still got your looks."

"Ooh you. So, what are you going to do?"

"I'll figure something out."

Jango strapped his jetpack on, then headed out through a narrow pass in the crater toward the prison.

Zam readied herself as the transport ship landed in the hangar. With her blaster ready, she crouched and waited for her chance to slip out. She had already thought over her best strategy, and that was to create a diversion. The question was how.

"I'll go see where they want the stuff," one of the workers said. Once he left the hangar, Zam creeped out of the transport until she saw the other worker. With her blaster in hand, she jumped and knocked the man to the ground. Before he could react, she smacked her blaster into his head, knocking him out. She quickly dragged him behind some crates and hurried down the hall. She hadn't gone too far when she heard two voices, one being the other worker. She quickly kicked open one of the doors and hid inside. She sat against the door, panting heavily, when an idea leaped into her mind. She had seen the control station while she was in the hangar. With some luck, she could find a way to shut down security. She inched the door open, and seeing no one around, stepped into the hallway...

...And right in front of a guard. Both seemed to stare for a moment, then the guard snatched his blaster up and shot at her. She had already gotten her blaster and dropped down in a split to avoid the shot before firing one at chest. He cried out, then fell to the ground.

"Now I've done it," she said with exasperation. Now she had even less time to act. She hurried back into the hangar, then hooked left. She spied a door, bu it was sealed shut with a password combination. She knew she wasn't going to get in this way. She thought for a moment, then aimed her blaster up at the window looking out from the control room. She fired, striking it driectly in the center. It didn't shatter, but then again she hadn't expected it to. Prisons like this had blaster proof glass. But what it did do was draw attention down to where she was. She hid to the side of the door, then waited. A guard suddenly emerged with a vibroblade, but she had not problem blasting him from the side. She turned in the doorway only to meet more guards coming down the walkway. Setting her blaster to rapid fire, she took aim and fired, blasting through the guards. With them out fo the way, she headed into the control room. Her eyes drifted around, and she caught sight of something very interesting...

"The prison cell power..." she murmured, walking over to it. If she shut this down, then the force fields holding the prisoners inside their cells would turn off, allowing them to escape. With all the guards attention devoted to them, she would have no trouble slipping through and finding Fust. She grabbed her blaster and shot the control pannel, sending off a shower of sparks and a small explosion.

"Not bad," she complemented herself. She ran through the door opposite where she came in. With any luck, this would lead her to the prison cell.

Jango burst in through the door, only to run into an elderly alien species operating the lift.

"Hello, stranger! Headed down?"

"Do you know where Bendix Fust is?"

"Lower level. I'll take you there."

"You don't mind? I am a bounty hunter."

"Eh, I have no love for this place either."

Zam reached the lower detention area and stepped in front of the large doors. They opened up for her, and she wasn't surprised to see the many prisoners fighting with the guards, stealing blasters and vibroblade form dead bodies. Zam ducked as a wayward blaster shot hit the wall behind her.

"Scum..." she muttered. She looked around and spied one cell that was still shut. She smiled as she recognized the person.

Jango crept up the ventilation shaft until Fust was in his sight. He was about to activate his gauntlet cutting laser when the cell door shattered inward, and a purple clothed figure stepped into view.

"Hey, you're coming with me," said the voice, which despite the harsh, demanding tone the person projected (even if he was blind enought not to notice the body) was definitely female.

"You're a bounty hunter! Sebolto sent you! No no no, I'm staying right here."

"Shut up and come with me or die. It's your choice."

Zam really couldn't afford to kill him since he was only wanted alive, so she hoped the bluff would work.

"That's nothing compared to what Sebolto will do to me. I'm staying here."

Zam heard a guard fall dead close to her, and saw a Gran run at her with a vibroblade. She quickly pulled out her blaster and shot him. This was taking too long. She had to act now. She took out a smoke grenade and threw it in the corner where Fust was hiding. Her veil protected her as the gas filled the room, knocking Fust out. Jango quickly activated his cutting laser, but by the time he had made it into the cell, the mysterious bounty hunter was gone. And so was his bounty too...

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