Author: Kunisaki

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- Gone -

The snow was falling down.

The cold winter wind had let the white snowflakes fall silently down on the snow-filled ground. No single blow in the air was there to interrupt the silence or to make any disruptions to the falling snow.

The sky was as white as the ground, and the coldness was freezing almost everything.

The white-covered building stood in the silence. The windows were covered by cold streams. The frost was placed on the sides of the huge glasses. Children were running around. They were playing at the courtyard while having fun in the peaceful snow.

They were laughing, running, playing. They were having fun together. All the kids played with each other, as they enjoyed the fun and laughed with joy.

The air was filled with their laughter. Their footprints was almost everywhere on the snow-ground. Some of the snow got thrown across the ground and towards children, who were playing a snowball fight with each other.

Their laughter repeated in a small boy's ears, as it crossed through his mind. A card was held in his small palms - a single playing card. He turned his eyes at the kids in front of him, while he was sitting on a bench all by himself. He watched them, as they ran with wide smiles on their faces. He could almost see that there was a joyful happiness upon them.

The boy gazed at them.

His face straight and his eyes empty.

He never smiled.

The other children played together, but never with the boy. Never once had they did it, and they also didn't want to. They ignored him completely like he was nothing, like he was nobody - like he didn't exist at all. He was not real to them.

The small boy watched down, while looking down at his feet on the white snow.

"There he is again." A small voice said in whisper.

"Let's move away, okay?" another voice said quickly, moving away with the other and paced across the boy in a big circle. They moved away with a big space between him. The boy didn't move a single finger. He knew they would do such a thing.

He was too familiar with it.

Another pair of children's voices spoke, as they whispered to one another. Their eyes were on the lonely kid. He sat there and gazed on the ground underneath him. He frowned with his familiar sad face, but he never cried. Tears were threatening to fall down from his cheeks, but they would never fall.

He was lonely, because there was only him.

He didn't fit in this world.

He never thought he would.

"What's with him?"

"He's always sad."

"Ignore him, he's just a weirdo."

He heard everything from them. Every single word from the kids. He lowered down his head - the card was still in his hands.

"That boy's no fun."

"Always that strange,"

"He talks weird, I don't understand him."

He closed his eyes, as he felt the snow landing on his hair - on his shoulders - on his small palms covered by the orange-coloured mittens. A green scarf that was too big for him was tied around his neck, hiding the small mouth of his.

He's empty inside. He was never as happy as the other kids in the orphanage.

"I bet his mother didn't like him."

"Why would she, if he's that weird?"

"You're right, he's not normal."

Maybe they were right. Maybe did his mother or father not like him. Maybe he was a disgrace for his blood and was never meant to be born. He knew he was left alone all from the start. He was left so early, and it seemed like he didn't really have a family from the beginning.

His existence was like of a nobody.

He was not real to anyone.

He never knew his family. He didn't have a surname that was his. The kids hated him, as they called him a freak - a weirdo - a stranger.

They laughed, but their tones changed. Their laughter wasn't as innocent like before. He heard them clearly. Their laughter that repeated on his mind and overlapped his ears.

"He's just a kid with no love."

"Nobody would love him."

"How can people love him?"


He was all alone in this world, because he didn't belong here. He was never meant to be liked.

They could hate him, insult him, despise him, but no one could love him.

He knew that.

"They can't love him, because he doesn't belong here!"

"He's nobody."

The wind took place, stealing the card away from his small palms. He didn't move or watch up to see it flying away. He just let it go, just like he let his existence turn into nothing.

He was an empty shell that could move by it's own.

The card flew with the wind, as the blow had stolen his existence.

Kaoru was nobody

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