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-- Chapter Nine --

--- Sweets? ---

He notices that the sky seems more blue than usual.

Although, the year's in its winter period, the sky remains its bright blue colour. It hasn't snowed yet, but it's getting colder and colder outside... even inside is starting to get chilly.

He sighs soundlessly.

It's not the weather he's troubled with. But rather...

He squeezes the orange fabric a bit. Hikaru closes his eyes for a moment, his other hand tapping on the notebook with a pen.

The orange scarf he has borrowed... He knits his brows together, his expression turning into a worried look. 'What's up with me?' He wonders in confusion.

Hikaru's starting to get nervous about it, perhaps more than nervous.

He couldn't stop those twitches on his face. And most of all, he couldn't stop thinking about...

'Why...?' he thinks.

'Why do I want to see...?'

"Alright, class! The answer to the next question is...?"

The teacher looks up from her notes, pausing her writing. Her eyes behind her glasses glance around the classroom.

"Yes Kuragano-san, will you please answer?"

While Kuragano Momoka stands up and answers correctly to the question, some of the other students couldn't help but glances a bit towards the third window. It isn't particularly the window, which they're looking at. It's more about who sits on his seat beside the third window.

"Excellent... now I want you all to turn up to page 108. Read the text and answers the questions. It'll be your homework for next week." The teacher takes a look on her wrist, which her watch is around.

"You have now-..."


"" –and thus the class has ended.

The students pack their stuff down and heads out of the room.

"Have a nice weekend." The teacher says, before leaving the classroom. Soon, there's no students but one left inside.

A students, who is about to go outside, glances over his shoulder. He notices that there's still one, who's sitting on his place quietly.

'Didn't he hear the bell?' the boy grimaces a face.

"Ooi, Hikaru-kun? You know the day is over, right?"

The redhead keeps staring at the huge window beside him. His mind seems to not be in present, when his classmate tries to call him from his daydreaming state. Hikaru doesn't move from his position at all.

The student sighs. "Yare yare..." he scratches his head a bit, before he moves closer to the sitting red-haired. He prepares himself, shaking his shoulders and clearing his throat.

The boy takes a deep breath. He slams his fist on the redhead's desk.



That causes Hikaru to jump out of his absentness, and he jumps literary off from his seat and hits the floor, due to the shock.

"Ouch!" the redhead lands hardly on his bottom.

He blinks at the classmate with huge eyes, "What was that all about!?"

The boy chuckles in amusement. "Gomen, gomen! But I had to get you out of your daydreaming." He reaches out his hand in front of Hikaru. The redhead takes a moment, before he reaches his own hand towards his classmate's.

The boy lifts him up to his feet again.

He glances at the red-haired before he says:

"You know... You've been quite off lately."

Hikaru blinks with a wondering look. "Huh?"

The boy scratches his neck. "I mean... You seem to be distracted by something, and it isn't just now, but for a while..."

"Oh. Well..." Hikaru glances down to the side.

"And you haven't been very much at school lately."

The classmate knits his brows, while saying this.

"It's kinda different, when you aren't there to make every day fun."

Hikaru grimaces at him, before gives the classmate a little hit on his arm.

"Ow!" the boy jumps a bit, while easing the hit spot.

"What's that for?"

The redhead grins. "Every day can be fun."

The classmate blinks at him with a puzzled look. Hikaru grabs his school bag and the orange scarf, walking pass him with a slight smile on his face. He grabs the door handle and opens the door. The teen turns his head over his shoulder, smiling.

"You just have to make it funny."

The classmate scratches his neck. "Well... if you say so, I guess." He grins a bit, walking towards the door. Hikaru lets the boy pass first and walks outside of the room after him. He closes the door right after, still wearing his smile.

"So, do you have time to hang out?" The male asks, while the two teens walks towards the stairs. "I and the others are planning a weekend trip to London. What do you say?"

Hikaru knits his brows together, his palm scratching the side of his neck.

"Well... I'm not sure if I can. I have a lot of things to look after."

"And what's that supposed to be?" the teen beside the redhead quirks his eyebrow.

He widens his eyes a bit.

"No way... Did you mother put you on some work again?"

The redhead shrugs his shoulder. "It seems so..."

"If that's how it is..." The male sighs heavily, his head downcast.

"Can't help it, I guess..." He straightens his back, taking a deep breath in.

"Well! Done is done! I'll see you next week then." The male smiles, waving his palm while walking. "Have a great weekend!" and then he runs.

"Ja ne!" the redhead manages to say, before the boy disappears by the corner of the hall. Hikaru opens his bag to place the scarf inside.

Once he closes the school bag again, a voice yells after him.

"The one I've searched for!"

The redhead blinks a bit, turning around to see the owner of the voice.

"I've waited for you to finish your class." A blond guy says with a bright grin, his eyes lively as a child. Hikaru raises his eyebrow. "Why the sudden visit?" he asks the familiar blond. Said blond widens his grin. "I came to pick you up. I wanna take you to somewhere." It's none other than Suoh Tamaki.

"And that certain place may be where?" the redhead states with suspiciousness.

The blond grabs after Hikaru's wrist.

"In the city of course! It's a nice little place, very old-fashioned and the owner lives there! I'm sure you would love it!"

"Huh?!" the redhead almost trips over his feet, when the taller guy tugs him on the wrist. "H-hey! Milord, wait a second!" But the blond head does not listen and continues to drag Hikaru in the hallway. "Let go of me, would you?!"

"The shop has a special sale in this week, so we better not miss it." Tamaki keeps smiling, his eyes looking forward and he does not let go of the red-haired teen. Hikaru narrows his amber eyes in annoyance. The tall blond looks over his shoulder.

"Hora, don't make such a piggy face. Trust me, you'll enjoy it." Tamaki smiles warmly with closed eyes, his face pure.

Hikaru let his eyelids fall half over his ambers. 'A shop, huh?'

He grimaces his face, but gives in. "Sure... why not?"

The tall blond brightens up. "Great! Then what are we waiting for?!" Tamaki starts to jump, while dragging on the redhead. Hikaru is starting to feel his wrist hurting.

He sighs deeply with closed eyes, sweatdropping.

"Stop leaping, Milord."

"Thanks for coming!"

The lady smiles kindly back at the redhead. She waves her hand, before passing through the front door. Kaoru taps on the cash register, putting the cash into the register. He smiles a bit to the next customer.

"Yes? Four packets? Right away, sir."

He turns towards the elder man behind him.

"Grandpa, I'll go to the stockroom for a moment."

His grandfather looks up. He nods with a grin on his face. "Got it, my boy."

Kaoru goes straight towards the backdoor and inside the storeroom. Yasuo gives a quick glance at his grandson, seeing the redhead disappear through the door. The elderly man places his palm on his chin. The red-haired teen gets back from the stockroom with four small boxes, wrapped in different kinds of pastel shaded gift paper.

"That'll be... 4500 yen, sir."

"Right... here you go, young man."

Yasuo smiles slightly. The man leaves with a thank you, walking out of the store. The elder man looks at his grandson.

"Hi, what can I help you with?"

Yasuo glances around. His candy store seems to be a bit crowded by female customers and a few of males. Today is different in some kind of way. They are getting more customers than usual, and the largest amount of them are girls.

The old man wonders...

'Doesn't Allen seem a bit... cheerful?' He glances back at the young redhead.

"Ah, you're welcome." Kaoru replies to the girl with a slight smile. He hands the ordered box of chocolate to her. "Thanks for coming!" the teen cheerfully says, while the girl waves back with a smile and walks out through the door to the street. The redhead continues.

"Who's next? Yes, how may I help you?"

Things seem to be running pretty smooth today...

"Greetings, Yuki-san!" Yasuo turns the look to his left. The elder man smiles in surprise. "Raymond! Good to see you!" he says with laughter.

"Are you taking a day off?"

Raymond smiles back.

"More a couple of days... I'm planning to see my family in England."

"Taking a break from the whistle and the sound of trains?"

The man nods his head.

"Is that so?" Yasuo grins brightly. "Well, could I help you with something? Would you like to buy some snacks for the way back?"

"Actually... I was wondering if I could get one your famous special boxes, if you may please?" the conductor asks with one hand beside his face, as if it is a secret he delivers to old Yasuo. "Well, if there are any left of course. You seem to be quite busy right at the moment."

The elderly man chuckles a bit.

"Of course my friend, I'll go and check in the stockings." He tells the foreign conductor and heads towards the stocking room.

It doesn't go too long before the elderly man gets back with a fine wrapped box.

"Here you go! The usual kind, right?" Yasuo smiles brightly, handing the box of chocolate to the conductor.

"Thanks." Raymond gives his thanks, taking the box.

"The money's inside this briefcase. Take care!" and then the foreigner takes his leave, waving to old Mr. Yuki with a large smile.

"Say hello to the family from us!" Yasuo shouts back with a chuckle.

The door closes with the doorbell ringing. Kaoru glances a bit outside, seeing Raymond walking down the streets.

Later on at midday, the two candy-workers could take their break.

"There was sure many today, don't you think?"

"I guess so..." Kaoru replies, before he takes a sip from his porcelain cup filled with hot tea. Yasuo blinks a bit. He wonders if his grandson has possibly realized... The reason to the increase of customers, is because of his good mood in the morning.

Or perhaps... there's more in it.

The old man smiles to the red-haired teen.

"Perhaps you should call it a day and take home for a rest, Allen. I know you have been busy with school, so you can relax in this weekend."

Kaoru blinks a bit, before he smiles slightly.

"Nope. I'm staying here." The teen says in a determined tone.

"Besides, you're having a special sale today, which brings more customers. You did see what happened in the morning."

The grandfather scratches his chin, knitting his brows.

"Well, you got a point there..."

"Grandpa... what was Raymond doing here?"

Yasuo looks up at the redhead. "Oh, you didn't hear?"

Kaoru shakes his head slightly.

The elderly man scratches his chin a bit. "Well... he came, because he wanted to buy some chocolate." He starts to say first, taking a piece of food from his o-bento box. He chews and swallows before continuing.

"He's taking a couple of days free from the station, so he could see how it was going for his wife and children."

The teen knits his brows.

"But why doesn't he live with his family? Or why don't they move to here instead?" Kaoru asks wondering, seeing no sense in it.

The grandfather chuckles slightly. He smiles to his grandson.

"Well, see it in this way... It doesn't matter how far away, or how long it'll take for him to see those he dears the most, as long as he knows he can see them at any time."

Kaoru couldn't help but raise his eyebrow.

Yasuo laughs a bit.

"Shortly said; distance and time doesn't matter that much. As long as the dearest are still alive, you can always see them whenever you want to."

"That doesn't explain why his family and he himself don't live together..." Kaoru points out blankly, due to what his grandfather has told.

"It doesn't?" Yasuo questions back, giving the redhead the same look.

The teen sighs slightly. He stands up and makes a turn.

"I'll get the giant lollipops in the storeroom..." he says with a sweatdrop, before heading towards the stockroom.

"Sure, my boy." The old man answers, while he scratches his chin.

The redhead walks into the storeroom, his palm grabbing the doorknob and closes the door after him.

For some reason, the elderly man couldn't help but smile in amusement.

The bell-door rings, as a tall male opens the door with a bright smile.

"Jijii-san, Konichiwa!" the male greets gladly, when he sees the elderly man.

Yasuo blinks in surprise by the greeting.

He fixes his glasses, his grey eyes narrowing.

"Well, if it isn't the small boy, who used to come by." The old man sends a bright grin. He straightens his back a bit.

"How's it going, lad?"

"Oh well, it's going great." Tamaki says with a smile, while he scratches his neck a bit.

Tamaki laughs a bit, until he blinks his violet eyes.

"Oh right, jijii-san. I have brought a friend with me."

The blond-haired steps towards the side.

"A friend?" the old man blinks. Yasuo widens his eyes.

"You..." he gapes by the sight.

"This is my childhood friend." Tamaki introduces with his refreshing smile.

"Hi...?" the redhead waves a bit, smiling with a sweat-drop.

Yasuo couldn't believe it.

The door to the storeroom opens, interrupting the awkward silence.

The store owner's grandson asks, "Grandpa, where do you want the loli-..."

Kaoru stops up with a shocked expression, his eyes widening.


"...Allen?" the other redhead blinks.

"...Eh?" Tamaki throws the look from side to side.

"Are...? Are? Eh?" The blond rubs his eyes.

He looks up again to see the two redheads.



Kaoru keeps his eyes half open, while sipping from his cup of green tea.

'This is not happening...' the redhead states in his mind.

His amber eyes glance between his grandfather and the two guests, who're sitting by the table with him. His grandfather's talking a lot with the blond guy. It seems that they really know each other very much.

"So that's why..." the old man chuckles, while Tamaki takes a sip from his cup.

"I really wanted to eat some taiyakis at your place, jijii-san."

The blond places down his cup on the saucer.

"Sorry that I haven't come by for a long time."

"What are you apologizing for?" Yasuo grins largely.

"It's no wonder why you haven't visited me, now that you have told you story."

"Still, I could have bought a few from you." Tamaki says while scratching his cheek.

"I see you've also gotten taller than me now, Tamaki."

Yasuo measures the difference between their heights with his palm.

And then his palm went downwards.

"When I last time saw you, you weren't much taller than this."

Tamaki laughs a bit. "I was only a kid, jijii-san."

"And we have known each other since then." The elderly says with a bright smile.

Kaoru blinks at his grandfather, placing his own cup down on the saucer, which belongs to the teacup.

"You have?" the redhead asks with a bit of curiousness.

The elderly man looks at his grandson.

He smiles warmly.

"You can bet I do. Tamaki used to visit me and buy taiyakis and all other deserts, which he meant was for common folk."


The red-haired teen knits his eyebrows.

"How come I haven't known about him then?"

Yasuo sends a genuine grin. His palm ruffles Kaoru's hair.

"You haven't started to work here, not in that age, my boy."

The old man chuckles, while Kaoru tries to set his hair back to how it has been before. The grandfather waves to the teen to get closer. Kaoru raises his eyebrow, but does as told. Yasuo starts to whisper with his hand close to his cheek.

"Either way, Allen... Who is that boy in front of you?"

Kaoru makes a short glance at the teen before him. His grandfather is talking about the other redhead, who has yet said anything to the conversation. Hikaru's staring with lidded eyes on the blue teacup, which he holds in his two palms.

"Oh, that's my partner from the job Mrs. Hitachiin gave me." Kaoru explains in a whisper. "He's her son."

"Aha..." the elderly man rubs his chin thoughtfully. "Interesting..."

"Why did you ask?" the redhead wants to know.

"Oh, it's just surprising how much you two look like each other."

That makes the teen quiver his eyebrow.

"So, young man," Yasuo exclaims to catch the other redhead's attention.

Hikaru throws the look at him, his expression shows a bit of shock and surprise.

"You haven't said anything yet. What's your given name, my boy?"

The redhead blinks.

"Well..." he places down his cup of tea. "I'm Hikaru... I believe you have talked with my mother on the phone the other day."

"Yes, that's quite right..." Yasuo smiles slightly back.

"It wondered me why she called for such information about my grandson." He chuckles a bit, taking a sip of tea. He states while looking at both redheads.

"But now I see the problem."

Both Hikaru and Kaoru glance at each other.

Both of them blink with weird looks.

"I was surprised too." Tamaki sighs into the air, while sweatdropping.

"You could have told me about your new partner, Hikaru."

"It wasn't your concern either way." Hikaru states indifferently with lidded ambers.

Tamaki could feel the twitch on his face.

Yasuo couldn't help but laugh a bit. "How's your mother doing then?"

"She's doing fine." the redhead answers politely, sending a sinister look to the blond behind the bright smile. Said blond gets an arrow stuck on his back.

"However... she's on a business trip in this weekend."

"I see..." the elder man nods with interest. "Say, what about you?"

"Pardon?" Hikaru raises his eyebrow in question.

Yasuo chuckles a bit. "I was wondering if you were also doing some work. Your family seem to be busy, since your mother's a fashion designer, and you're the heir to her brand."

"Oh... no, not quite." The red-haired teen responds with his head a bit lowered. He glazes at the liquid in his cup.

"But I was planning to do a few things in this weekend."

"So your servants take care of you."

Hikaru smiles slightly, while seeing his mirror image in the cup.

"Usually, yes. But not this time..."

Kaoru glances at the redhead, before taking a sip of tea.

"What do you mean by 'not this time'?" Yasuo blinks puzzled at the teen.

The heir places down his cup, his smile remaining on his face. "They're all having a weekend off from work. Some of them are even visiting their family or friends, so it's just me in the mansion."

"So you're alone..." the elderly man mumbles with knitted brows.

"But it's okay." Hikaru smiles cheerfully. "I can take care of myself."

When Kaoru hears that, he too couldn't stop knitting his brows in worry. The way it's said by Hikaru, Yuzuha Hitachiin's son... it sounds like something he himself would say to not worry the others.

The blond gazes at his childhood friend... and then at Yasuo's grandson.

He places his hand on his chin.

"Come to think of it..."

Kaoru notices his glaze. He turns the look at the blond with a blank face.

"Excuse me?" he blinks a few times.

"I knew it!" Tamaki stands straight up from his seat, his index finger pointing at the teen. "You're that boy Haruhi was with on the other day!"

"..." the others stare strangely at the blond.

Kaoru narrows his eyes. "And?"

"...!" Tamaki leaves his mouth open, until he sits down again with his mouth shut. He mumbles with a slight blush.

"Nothing... I just wanted to confirm it."

"Have you already met?" the grandfather asks surprised.

"Well yeah, kinda..." the blond scratches his neck with a sweatdrop.

"Although, his respond was dry."

There's a short moment of silence, before Yasuo starts to laugh.

"Really?" he chuckles in amusement, while Kaoru raises his eyebrow at him.

"What's so funny?" the redhead asks his grandfather.

The elderly man grins.

"Tamaki, my boy!" he exclaims with a chuckle, his palm claps on the blond head's back. He stands up from his chair.

"Since it's been so long why don't you look around this place? I'm sure Fujioka-san would be glad to see you again."

The mention of the brown-haired girl makes Tamaki warm on his cheeks.

"Come on, let's go and see her! I'll show you the way." the elder man lifts the blond-haired guy up from his chair, starting to shove him towards the exit of the shop.

"W-wait! I'm not ready to see her yet!"

Tamaki stumbles over his own words, the nervousness rising inside.

"What is there to be afraid of? You've known each other since kindergarten!"

"But-! Jijii-san!" Tamaki complains, while the elderly man leads him towards where Haruhi would be.

Soon, the two redheads won't be able to see them on the streets any longer.

"..." Kaoru knits his eyebrows, his amber eyes narrowing.

'What in the world was that all about?'

"Your grandfather seems quite cheerful."

"What?" he turns the look back at Hikaru, who seems to be smiling with his chin resting on his palms.

"Oh. Yeah, he's always like that." Kaoru answers, taking a sip.

"That's great."

Kaoru looks up at the Hitachiin in front of him.

Hikaru smiles with his eyelids falling half-over his ambers.

"No wonder why many people like him."

Kaoru smiles slightly too, while moving his head a bit lower again. "Yeah..."

"..." Hikaru gazes at the teen in front of him, his smile wearing off. Without him noticing, his hand starts to slowly reach after the redhead's.

"Say, Allen..."

"Hmm?" Kaoru looks back at Hikaru with his eyes blinking, causing the heir to swallow. "What?"

"I... I was just..." Hikaru says with a slight nervous, before he gets attacked from behind.

"I CAN'T DO IT!!" he could hear the cries of a certain blond-haired guy, and he could hear it loud and clearly.


'You're already irritating me, and that's fine...?' Hikaru mentally tells.

"What should I do-?!"

"Tamaki..." The red-haired teen smiles to the blond.

Tamaki blinks with teardrops.

"Get off from me." Hikaru murderously says with his innocent smile dancing on his lips.

"IIIHHH!!" the blond guy quickly backs off, his face getting entirely pale.

"Well, I did try." The old man sighs deeply. He too has come back from the little walk. Kaoru couldn't help but grimace at his grandfather with lidded eyes.

Yasuo's tired look changes quickly into a cheerful one. He grins to his grandson at first. But then...

"Hikaru-kun?" The old man asks.

Hikaru turns his attention to him, leaving Suoh Tamaki in his own despair at the corner of woe.


"Would you..." the old candy-store owner clear his throat.

"Would you like to stay at Allen's place this weekend?"


"Hah?" The redhead blinks with widen eyes.

Yasuo is just smiling back at them.

"Y-you don't mean that-...?"

Hikaru's not the only one who's shocked and confusion.

A certain other redhead wears the same expression as him.

"Come on!" the boy called with laughter, his legs bringing him closer to the green field.

"Wait a minute-!" another kid shouted, as his tried to reach the fast runner.

The taller boy crawled up on the hill. He turned back to the other boy, reaching his hand out for him. The other child's hair was reddish. The tall kid grabbed the redhead's hand and pulled him up. The red-haired boy got up on the hill with help from the blond kid. The blond chuckled, as he ran on the grass. "Catch me if you can!"

"Hora, Tamaki!" the redhead shouted in annoyance, his breath becoming heavy. He tried to speed up, but he wasn't as fast as Tamaki. He couldn't be faster.

That boy's energy was abnormal!

How could a kid like him have so much energy, even after running all this way?

The redhead was breathing heavily after the air. He could feel how his legs were slowing down, due to the tiredness.

'This is nuts...!' the boy thought. He tried to hold himself up with his small palms on his knees. When he looked up, he couldn't see the blond boy anywhere.

"Where did he...?" Hikaru blinked with knitted brows.

And then suddenly...

"Got cha'!" he was lifted up from the ground by two arms.

"H-hey! Let go!" the redhead complained with widen eyes. Tamaki had caught him from behind. He carried the red-haired boy the last way towards the field.

"I said let go, moron!" Hikaru fought back by wriggling his arms and legs, but Tamaki still held him. The redhead made a grumpy face, which didn't fit for a boy like him.

His amber eyes narrowed in annoyance.

"As you wish..." Tamaki sighed deeply, and dropped the redhead on the grass. Hikaru winced, when he hit the ground.

"You did it on purpose." The small redhead muttered, while he rubbed the hurt place.

Tamaki sat down in front of Hikaru with his legs under him.

"You could have just asked nicely." His smile was of pure amusement. Hikaru grimaced in almost disgust.

'Too bright for a simple smile...' he thought. The boy stated with lidded eyes.

"If people got caught like that, it's obvious they would shout."

The blond boy laughed.

"Always having a counter-back to remarks..."

Tamaki placed his palm on the ground, feeling the grass between his fingers.

Hikaru let himself lay on the grass. The boy sighed in tiresome.

"I'm worn up...! How can you run like that and still have energy left?"

Tamaki made a wondering face, once he turned the look towards the blue sky.

"...Ohtori-kun asked the same question." The blond boy said with his palm on his chin, chuckling a bit to himself.

"Ha?" Hikaru raised his eyebrow.

The blond seemed always cheerful, he was always enjoying himself. Hikaru wondered the reason of why.

"Say, Tamaki... Don't you ever get bored?"

"Me?" the blond pointed at himself. He was still smiling. "Nope."

Hikaru quivered his brow. "Why?"

Tamaki grinned then.

"Because I make my every days fun."

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