Hey, so this is my first Addison and Pete fanfic, I'm going through withdraw, I hope the writers settle everything, and get what they want.

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You and I collide

Their lips, wet from the rain, met in a passionate kiss that made Addison weak at the knees, she was clinging to him, to keep from falling. Pete let out a groan and pulled her close to his chest. His mouth found her forhead,her eyelids,her cheeks, and the sensitive part of her throat, his stubble rough against her fair skin. Time seemed to stop for hem, they stood still as the rain pelted down, and nothing else mattered, but the two of them.

Addison pulled Pete inside her house.

"We should get out of these wet clothes" smirked Pete.

Pete pulled off Addison's shirt and started sucking on her left breast, Addison moaned from the overwhelming pleasure of Pete's hot mouth against her skin.

"Pete...We...Should...Stop..." Addison said in breaths.


"Please we should before we make a mistake"

"Let's just see how it goes"

Addison paused for a moment, and stared into Pete's eyes, and then she knew her answer, his eyes said it all, they were full of love and lust.


With urgeny Pete's mouth was devoring the nape of her neck, biting gently on it, to leave his mark, to show the world she was his. Pete's hands moved down to Addison's pants and pulled them down and off, his hand moved up and rested on her thigh. Addison's breath caught in her throat. Pete slid his hand into her panties and began stroking her.

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