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Rated: M (Just to be safe)

Summary: "Love is Lies," was Fuji's motto; "Love is fake," was Echizen's…so how did lies and fake become attraction? How did attraction become attachment? It all started in Club 7.


Chapter I: Enjoy Life!

Osaka, Japan


"You know this doesn't solve anything…." Kirihara said pulling on a tight-fitting suit jacket over his white shirt that he left open without his tie.

"I know that!" Ryoma snapped as he slipped on a regular jacket.

"You know I have better clothes-"

"Don't want it," Ryoma said cutting him short. "I just want to be normal tonight."

"All right…." Kirihara said with a sigh as he watched his boss take off his expensive watch and anything that screamed money.

Kirihara turned back to stare at his reflection in the mirror and wondered how he got involved in this situation. One minute he had been getting off work with the thought of going to see his favorite man and now he was stuck with his boss because he didn't want to go home. Noticing that Ryoma was not in his room anymore, he ventured out into the living room to see a dark scowl on Ryoma's face as he listened to the person on the other side of the cell phone.

Listening carefully, Kirihara was able to pick up on the basis of Ryoma's mood.

"You come home right now! There are lots of proper girls and guys here!"

"YADDA!" Ryoma said angrily into the phone. " I'm not coming home till you empty my house of those people Nanako!"

With that as finality, Ryoma shut his cell phone and pushed a hand roughly through his hair as he cursed underneath his breath.

"Is that the reason you're sticking to me?" Kirihara asked with a smirk. " It seems Nanako still wants you settled some time soon huh?"

Ryoma nodded as he sat back on the sofa. It was a constant fight between the two cousins as soon as Ryoma passed 25…it'd been a year of nagging since then!

"Birthday wishes never come true!" Ryoma complained.

"So what did you wish for?" Kirihara asked remembering that Ryoma turned 26 last month.

"For Nanako to leave me the hell alone!" Ryoma muttered.

Kirihara smiled slightly at that. It wasn't that Ryoma was bad looking; he was actually a handsome devil at the age of 26 and height of 5'9. With dark green hair that fell in the right places and formidable golden eyes that either cuts people dead or challenges them, he was a great catch. The only problem Kirihara would have to complain on is his boss's stubborn, cocky attitude that turned girls and guys away. He was, as Nanako said, "Too Much," for the general crowd.

"Where are you going anyways?" Ryoma asked looking at his secretary now.

"I told you I'm going out," Kirihara said sticking his wallet into his pocket.

"Fine…I'll be here neglecting work and worrying over Karupin's health!" Ryoma announced settling himself in a comfortable position on Kirihara's sofa.

With a sigh, Kirihara walked towards the hall then stopped. Turning back, he planted himself in front of Ryoma until he looked at him.

"What?' Ryoma asked.

"You have no life!" Kirihara announced.

"Did you just notice? If I'm not working, I'm sleeping; if I'm not eating, I'm playing tennis." Ryoma mumbled out his daily life.

"Come on! I'm going to show you a part of Osaka!" Kirihara said pulling Ryoma up and off the couch.

"Yad-da," Ryoma said with a pout.


"It's Echizen-san to you right now!" Ryoma said irritated at Kirihara insistency.

"Whatever, you're still coming," Kirihara said pushing Ryoma's wallet into his own pocket and dragged Ryoma to the front door.

"Fine, but if I'm bored you and I will be spending the rest of the night here in your apartment!" Ryoma grumbled out slipping on Kirihara's normal shoes.

"Ryoma, put on your own shoes!" Kirihara said a bit irritated now that Ryoma and he wore almost the same size in everything.

"Yadda…" Ryoma muttered, " My shoes are expensive,"

"So?" Kirihara said, "Where we are going, people love you all the more for being rich!"

"Che!" Ryoma merely said as he walked out of Kirihara's apartment so Kirihara could lock it up. "Just hurry up!"


"So this is the root of Osaka…." Ryoma said, "Prostitution…"

"Ryoma!" Kirihara hissed a bit irritated. He knew most girls standing there were selling their bodies but it was a bit rude to announce it!

"It's the truth," Ryoma muttered as he allowed himself to be pulled passed the flashy buildings and people rushing in either direction. "Where are we going?"

"Club 7," Kirihara said softly dragging him along, "experiencing a host club is what you need!"

"Need?" Ryoma asked as Kirihara came to a halt in front of a black building. Dragged inside, Ryoma noted the girls giggling as they pointed at pictures of men aligned on both sides of the wall and salary men viewing pictures with the girls as well.

"What is this?" Ryoma asked looking at Kirihara who was studying his expression.

"Surprising that a world like this exists outside the office huh?" Kirihara asked Ryoma with a smile, "It's a place where men and women can come relax if they have enough money."

"So it's like a resort?" Ryoma asked being dragged to the elevator.

Kirihara busted out laughing, "You'll see,"

Ryoma sighed as he entered the elegant elevator and leaned against the side to allow the 2 girls riding with them room. So far nothing interesting had happened and he felt utterly led by the nose since Kirihara wasn't telling him much. As the elevator doors slid open, Ryoma noted that it looked like a lounge with so many seats and waiters walking around.

It looked like a normal lounge with soft music and few people scattered about talking happily with guys. The dimmed lights reminded him of a nightclub and the smoke from everyone's cigarette was a bit irritating because he wasn't a smoker…overall though, nothing was too special.

"May I help you? Ah! Kirihara-san!" A man said with a smile. He was in a slim black suit with his white shirt underneath nearly all unbuttoned to expose a nice tone chest covered in necklaces.

"Yes, this is my friend's first time and I want the usual of course." Kirihara said with a smile.

"Of course!" The man said as he turned to the people in the lounge lowering the music.

"Minna (everyone)" The man said.

Ryoma watched as if on cue, all the elegantly dressed men stood to assemble in front of the man. There looked to be 20 of them as they aligned and just as Ryoma wanted to observe more, the man started speaking again.

"A new customer!" He merely said with a hand towards Ryoma.

"IRASSHAIMASSE (welcome)" They all said bowing to Ryoma enthusiastically.

Irked by this, Ryoma turned to Kirihara with a raised brow. He was used to people greeting him, but not so enthusiastically. Kirihara merely smiled at him and leaned over to whisper, "Enjoy!"

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