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Summary: "Love is Lies," was Fuji's motto; "Love is fake," was Echizen's…so how did lies and fake become attraction? How did attraction become attachment? It all started in Club 7.

Pairing: EchizenXFuji

Chapter XIII: Fallen Angels


"You've always been the one!" Yukimura bit out immediately. He was not going to dance around the subject and close in, he was going right to the root of it.

"Then why is he not here?" Ryoma demanded turning his emotionless, dead, golden eyes to Yukimura.


"If it's over between you two, come to me!" Ryoga yelled after him and Fuji looked back. He didn't want to say anything or acknowledge that line. He wouldn't believe it was over… not now, not ever.

He rounded the corner of the block before he began sprinting for a taxi. All he could think about was Ryoma… he got his priorities straight so all he wanted now was Ryoma.


Osaka, Japan

Sakura Hotel

"He would be here with you in a heartbeat if he wasn't taking care of a minor detail." Yukimura assured Ryoma.

A silence befell both but Yukimura was content to let it remain so. He was sure after Ryoma's outburst that the brat was just in as deep as Syuusuke was and God help them when they fought this out. Both were stubborn and for each step they loved, that would be how much they fought.

"Leave me alone," Ryoma finally spoke after the stillness started to bug him and create a stifling atmosphere.

"As long as you know that you cannot avoid him." Yukimura said smoothly. "Syuusuke WILL be as stubborn as you and if there's one thing I learned from being his friend this long, it's that the facade he put up all these years from the damage Izumi done was put together by you. That Syuusuke is what you're going to be facing if you fight against the current."

"What would you know? What would you know what we wanted for ourselves?" Ryoma scoffed out.

"Baka chibi…" Yukimura said with a slow smile. "Hide what you will from the normal people of this world, but this ex-host in front of you is not fooled by the petty jealousies and anger you toss outside to hide that you still. In fact, love him very much."

"Out," Ryoma said bluntly with a dark finality.

Yukimura merely inclined his head in acknowledgement of his abrupt dismissal and left the room to let Ryoma deliberate over what he said. No sane person could push that off and continue working.

A smile broke across Yukimura's face as he recalled his stern talk with Syuusuke the night before when Nanako dropped him off at Kirihara and his apartment. He couldn't believe how similar Echizen and Syuusuke could be.

Reaching for the button to the elevator, a door flying open to his right caught his attention and the smile on his face faded to one of curiosity. Curiosity of why Syuusuke was breathless from running up the stairs of a twenty-eight story building when there was not one, but two perfectly working elevators.

"Is he- here?" Fuji asked between heaving.

"He is, but why did you take the stairs?" Yukimura asked with a raised brow.

"The elevator was moving too slow three stories down with so many people going in and coming out so I ran." Fuji admitted between heaving.

"Then you should go face what you need to right?" Yukimura asked.

Fuji nodded and suddenly he felt nervous. He feared what Ryoma would say, he didn't want to make excuses and run but facing forward was hard as well. Walking down the familiar hall he was so used to walking, Fuji drew a breath and placed his hand on the doorknob. He knew who was on the other side, he had practiced over a million lines in one night and there was nothing left but to go in and face Ryoma.

He stared at the door and wondered which of those million lines should he say? Should he enter with a straight face? A happy face? A-


Fuji rubbed his head and looked at the floor to see what the hell had hit him. A pen lay at his feet in guilt and he looked up to see a frowning Yukimura standing there a good four feet away.

"Will you just go in?" Yukimura hissed over.

Fuji frowned but he grasped and turned the doorknob. He froze as his mind blanked on what he should say and before he could think that over, he felt a hand push the door open and shove him in. Next thing he knew, he was across the room from a frowning Ryoma and the door behind him was pulled shut with a definite thud.

"What do you want?" Ryoma asked crossly. "Isn't it enough you've turned my life upside down?"

"It's not," Fuji said answering him swiftly. "I want more than your life upside down."

"What the hell else is there that you want from me then?" Ryoma demanded getting up angrily from his desk as he rounded the table and closed the distance between them in angry, rapid steps. "My money? My hotel? My soul?"

"All of it," Fuji agreed biting his bottom lip. Ryoma was looking so heated that Fuji felt it wasn't right from him to chuckle and laugh it off.


"I want all of you Ryoma," Fuji said looking him straight in the eye. "All the good, bad, snarky, blunt sides of you… I love you."

"Fuck you," Ryoma said softly.

"Right now if possible," Fuji said pressing his lips against Ryoma face as he pulled Ryoma into his arms. "I promise I'll hold on tight and not let go."

Silence answered him but he knew Ryoma was losing out. He had come here expecting a fight like Ryoma but he realized somewhere after seeing Ryoma's face that he could be stubborn and get his way without having to fight Ryoma but accommodate him.

"You're not going to let me be mad aren't you?" Ryoma questioned with a suspicious glare and frown.

"You can be mad if you want to," Fuji teased with a small smile. "But I'm not going to be mad at the man I love because he's alive, I'm going to love him and never let him leave my side again."

Fuji saw those golden eyes search his face and suddenly he realized what Yukimura meant when he said he was going to be only with Kirihara.

'Your mind and body just can't process anything and all the things you've learned as a host to please your customer goes flying out the door. Love is not sensible, it's not predictable, it's just what it is, love.'


"Shut up!" Ryoma uttered a scant second before crushing his lips onto Fuji's in a harsh kiss.

Fuji didn't fight it, he invited it by opening his mouth under the force and wrapping his tongue around Ryoma's invading one. There was nothing more that he needed in that second then the arm that pulled him close and the hand that dug into his hair to pull him closer still. No thoughts processed as each took their own carnal passions only into account. Neither gave way to the other as each pushed the limit of how close two bodies could get without being one, not one of them wanted the moment to end but their bodies protested.

It wanted to breathe properly.

So the kiss ended with both trying to catch their breath with their hands and arms still entwined. Both cherished the harsh breath against the other's cheek and without meaning to, both looked at one another and slight smirks broke across their faces.

"What do you say we try again?" Fuji asked looking at Ryoma with a soft smile "This time not as the Hotel tycoon and Host but just ourselves?"

Ryoma smiled and nodded.



Osaka, Japan

Club 7

Two weeks later

Ryoma frowned as he once more complained about how Fuji was always here spending too much time looking at the remodeling and fussing over everything when Ryoma was using perfectly good money to hire the best team out there to get things done.

"What's the point of me spending all my money telling them to make it look exactly as you wrote it out and paying another hefty sum to make sure they can handle it on their own if I'm not going to get any ass because my partner is nose deep watching a team I paid more than enough to think for themselves?!" Ryoma started in on his long monologue again as he followed Fuji around while he surveyed the place.

"You didn't use all your money," Fuji laughed out with a grin.

"Most of it," Ryoma grumbled. He moved forward to stand beside Fuji and surveyed the ceiling with his lover. To him it looked perfectly fine with the art depiction…better yet he could picture a whole fuck scene in this private karaoke room while observing the art. Maybe they should try it out first?

"You didn't have to, I could've used mine but mister- I-will-take-care-of-everything wanted to." Fuji reminded him as he pressed a kiss onto Ryoma's neck. It seemed Ryoma's thoughts had strayed and he wasn't about to let Ryoma forget that he was beside him.

Ryoma wrapped an arm possessively around Fuji's waist and looked at him with a smile."That's because it would have worried you for the next two months if I didn't take over."

"You're pretty busy yourself!" Fuji reminded Ryoma with a chuckle.

"Yeah but I get things done and block it from mind when I'm with you," Ryoma said with a sigh. "You are hopeless on that case though."

"Well I don't have a truckload of money to spend on everything like my lover does." Fuji reminded him.

"Then maybe you should do your job of knowing how to extract it from him." Ryoma accused with a smirk as he leaned against Fuji's side. "We're still taking that vacation at the end of the month so you can't back out."

"Or else what?" Fuji challenged with a raised brow. If there was one thing his lover didn't learn from being with him this long was that he didn't take orders easily.

"I'll kidnap you," Ryoma said equally looking him dead in the eye. The slight sparkle of mischief in his golden eyes ruined the seriousness they were trying to stick to but in no way had Fuji ever felt this excited about being kidnap.

"You might have to," Fuji whispered brushing his lips across Ryoma's in slight temptation.

"I might like it," Ryoma shot back capturing his bottom lip with his teeth in further temptation.





Ryoma growled lowly but turned to the door and pulled it open anyways going straight back into his business façade.

Fuji knew Ryoma was good at what he did just as he knew he was wonderful at what he could do. Trailing a hand around Ryoma's back, he watched in slight sadism as Ryoma fought to keep his voice even while talking to the contractor about the back room who stood on the other side of the door.

Not letting his momentum go, Fuji purposely trailed lower to Ryoma's lower back and rested his hand there while nudging Ryoma insistently from behind with his erection still clothed underneath his pants. It was almost ecstasy to see Ryoma fidget and adjust his position while trying to push Fuji away with one hand.

It was amusing and yet at the same time his thoughts drifted to Daichi. This place held a very special meaning to Daichi, Seiichi and himself. When they had seen the place, they fell in love with it and pooled their hard-earned money to buy this location. Because Daichi was older and had been a host longer, they agreed to let him handle the club while they worked as the face to draw the women and men who wanted to escape from reality in.

Daichi and he had sat together on the day before their grand opening and talked long about each other's past but what surprised Fuji the most was what Daichi had told him about the hosts he chose to hire.

"We're all good no matter what bad we did. Its human nature to have both sides and this place is a place for all of us fallen angels who have nowhere to go or call home."

And that was what he did. As each host was added, we all kept our past between Daichi and ourselves but knowing each had a history was what bonded us as brothers and friends. Fuji wanted to keep the place like Daichi had it, with the intention of cleaning up the angels that had fallen and giving them a sense of place.

"Syuu, did you want to keep the name of this club?" Ryoma asked turning to Fuji abruptly breaking him from his thoughts.

"Yes I do," Fuji said only registering slightly that Ryoma had shut the door and was no longer talking to anyone but him. He didn't sense the danger until Ryoma's eyes narrowed on him and the room seemed to become smaller.

"Why is it even called Club7?" Ryoma asked pulling Fuji against his body. It seemed Ryoma was hardening as well from his earlier tease.

"That's how many hosts we had who put their all into the club in the beginning." Fuji answered and leaned towards Ryoma. He wanted to fell Ryoma as well so there was no use being a prune and not letting his sexy lover have his way either.

"More like the seven sins…" Ryoma muttered as he leaned to nip at the pulse at Fuji's neck slightly.

"Oh… and which would I be?" Fuji questioned pulling Ryoma onto the sofa that had not yet been tried out.

"Everything."Ryoma said pulling at his tie with a smirk. "Or maybe just lust."

"How about we make it 30-40 here right now?" Fuji said softly bringing a leg up to slide against Ryoma's straining pants. He had no interest anymore in the deadly vices, just his lover who was in front of him.

Ryoma merely smirked and slight amusement touched the depths of those golden eyes staring back at Fuji before he responded.

"Mada mada dane."

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