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"Thank you, Mr. Copeland. You're free to go," the secretary of the rehabilitation center smiled. "Good luck."

"Thanks," Adam nodded, turning around and walking out of the clinic. He breathed in the fresh Canadian fall air. It had been a while since he could enjoy such leisure. However, today he couldn't enjoy it for long. He had to make the drive to the arena in Toronto.

Tonight, he was returning to the WWE. He was back on RAW, and he couldn't be more excited.

He wasn't excited for seeing everyone else, though.

After he had won the World Heavyweight Championship on SmackDown and started that program with Vickie Guerrero, Adam's life had taken a turn for the worse. His mother passed away. She was hit by a drunk driver coming home one night from the late shift at work. Adam blamed only himself, thinking that this was punishment for him being out on the road so much to wrestle.

It got even more painful after that. Adam's best friend in the entire world, Jay Reso or more so known as Christian, had been calling to check up on him. Adam refused to answer, and Jay thought that Adam was avoiding him for other reasons. After a much heart filled attempt to get Adam to speak, Jay had given up all hope. Adam had finally reached his breaking point. He turned all of his anger on Jay, calling him a horrible friend for leaving him, especially since he didn't have anyone after Amy retired from wrestling and his mother passed away.

It was then that Adam started turning to alcohol. After building up his tolerance, he turned to drugs, specifically cocaine.

Everyone at work knew what he was doing. The Undertaker, the man who's respect Adam tried so very hard to earn, lost all faith in the champion on his show. Once thought of as one of the most hard working people in the industry today, Adam had fallen harshly from grace. Everyone knew that he was on drugs. It was no secret. In between shooting promos and wrestling, Adam would rush into the locker room and snort some coke. It didn't matter who was in the room with him. Adam didn't care if Vincent Kennedy McMahon himself was observing his illegal actions. The cocaine took his mind off of the fact that his mother was dead and he no longer had Jay as a best friend.

It took Vince McMahon almost three months to find out. Everyone on the roster either thought that this druggie thing was just a short phase for Adam, or they were too scared to say anything about it.

It was also no secret that Adam made SmackDown what it was. Undertaker didn't like working long schedules or travel dates, so Adam highlighted most of the shows. With great popularity comes great hatred, and Adam was the living proof of that adage. He was one of the least expendable people in the WWE, especially with Cena being out with a torn pectoral muscle.

Vince gave him the ultimatum. He had to either go to rehab or pursue other career options outside of the WWE. Adam lost his mother. Adam lost his best friend. There was no way in hell that he would lose his job.

He opted for the rehab option. In order to make sure that he was clean, Vince ordered that Adam stay there for six months. He wanted his star Edge back. Edge was one of the biggest draws in wrestling history.

Clearly, Adam had big shoes to fill. If he didn't come out of this right, even more of his life would crumble into pieces.

Being in the rehabilitation center for six months helped Adam get over the death of his mother. Well, he wasn't entirely over it, but he had come to terms on it. He learned that there were more important things in his life that he now had to concentrate on, the biggest being getting back into shape for work.

As he drove through downtown Toronto, he thought of his rehab mentor, Mr. Morgan. Mr. Morgan had warned him about going back into the world after rehab was over. "You will want to fall back into the comfort of drugs. You might end up back here. But no matter what, Adam, you will get over this one day."

Adam pulled into the parking lot of his favorite arena in all the world. Pulling his keys out of the turned off ignition, Adam's stomach filled with butterflies before his meeting with Vince.

"Ah, Edge, it's good to see you again," Vince said as he shook Adam's hand. "Please, take a seat." The two men sat down on opposite sides of the desk. Vince leaned forward with his elbows on the shiny mahogany surface. He laced his hands together, giving Adam a quizzical look. "Are you ready?"

It was a question that Adam missed dearly. Although in the ring he was supposed to hate D-Generation X, it was still a question relating to wrestling. "Yes, Mr. McMahon, I believe that I am ready."

Vince stared intently at the younger blonde in front of him. Taking a deep breath, Vince said, "No, you're not. You're not in shape yet."

"I can fix that," Adam quickly replied. "Please, Vince, I need to come back."

"Oh, you are coming back tonight. I didn't want you to misunderstand me. I'm sure you are wondering why I called you back on a Monday. Well, you see, you are returning as a RAW Superstar. With Cena out, we need all the top guns over on the A show. For the next three weeks, we'll just have you shoot promos and maybe pull a couple stints of 'The Cutting Edge.' The fans surely have missed you," Vince explained, removing his elbows from the hardwood surface and leaning back in his designer leather office chair.

"Thank you again, Mr. McMahon," Adam said, standing up.

"Oh, and one more thing, Edge. We have security confiscating all signs about your issue," Vince assured, now checking his email.

"I won't disappoint you, sir."

"I sure as hell hope not."

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