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Warning: This chapter contains a god-related theme. The scene is important for Sesshomaru and Rin's relationship to grow. If the theme bothers you in any way, please don't read.

How can one person change my heart?


Chapter One


The music pounded into his head even though the soft song was on low volume. His silver hair was spread about on top of the pillowcase, while his head rested on the cotton cushion.

Sesshomaru liked the privacy of his room to a certain extent that he spent most of his weekends inside of it. His large rectangular door had safety locks attached to it. Meanwhile, various posters of nature, music, and culinary art were posted and were the main decoration on the walls.

As the song finished, his hand moved to press pause on his iPod shuffle. He took off the headphones from his ears before placing the shuffle player on his bedside drawer. His eyelid lifted up to reveal the strong color of his eyes. Amber.

This town has finally drawn to its end. Boredom looms in every corner of this countryside… I still have a couple of months before I graduate from school and when I do, the first thing on my list is to leave and move to Tokyo.

Sesshomaru thought as he stared up at the ceiling. Surely, nothing will change the decision my mind is set on.

Students cleared the hallways of the school buildings as they made their way to the classrooms. Unlike all the hurried students, Sesshomaru stayed behind. He was planning on skipping his English class and go to enjoy the soft breeze outside, and take a nap while at it.

Sesshomaru's shoes made soft noises as he walked down the empty hallway. He turned the corner only to end up bumping into another student. The student had flinched instantly dropping the pile of papers she was carrying in her disposition.

His amber eyes made contact with her timid soft brown eye that had a honey tint color to them. Sesshomaru recognized her from one of his classes. It was the new transfer student that had entered school a couple of months back. He'd never really paid his attention on her. He liked girls that were more outgoing with themselves than the shy ones.

Rin's lips moved to say sorry, but fear struck her when she noticed that his eyes were on her. Instead, she backed away from the teenage boy and went about picking up the spreadsheets; she was planning on taking them to the teacher's counselor room.

Sesshomaru held back the urge to sigh in annoyance, before he moved to help the girl pick up the papers. By the time Rin was done picking up a few papers, she realized too late that the boy was planning on sticking by to help her.

"Next time, try to walk away from the edges when you're walking with papers in hand. If you're standing around the center, it will be less likely for someone to bump into you." Sesshomaru advised as he handed over the stack of papers he had managed to pick up.

Their hands brushed lightly against each other causing Rin to cringe. Her eyes widened at his proximity distance, as she inched away from him, her back facing the wall. Sesshomaru stared at her retreating figure as she faced to the side of the hallway not daring to look up at Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed feeling offended by the girl's rude attitude. "Fine, do as you please." He said, in a thin voice.

Rin shyly glanced up before averting her gaze from the silvered haired man, who was retreating."I'm...I'm...Sor..ry.." she managed to mumble out, hugging the papers to her chest.

He walked away from the trembling girl and made his way down the stairs from the second floor. I know I tend to scare people with my silent attitude, but this girl just went to the absurd level of 'fearing me'.

Sesshomaru ended up meeting with Miroku, his good friend, who was standing at the bottom step of the staircase.

"Sesshomaru, are you also planning to skip English class?" Miroku asked.

"Yeah," Sesshomaru said as they both walked outside of the building.

"Say Sesshomaru; are you interested in dating Kagura or Sango by any chance?" The young boy with violet eyes and short hair pulled up in a short ponytail to the back of his nape asked his friend.

"Neither." a short curt reply was Sesshomaru's answer.

"Are you serious? Aren't they the type of girls you like?" Miroku questioned walking on the side of the tall boy with silver hair running down his back.

"That's true, but I'm not interested in getting into any serious compromises when I'm close to graduating. You know how girls tend to get attached to their boyfriend and fuss when one does not agree with them." Sesshomaru said, calmly.

"Yeah, you got that personality right for some girls. Although, I don't think Sango is like that." Miroku said with a grin on his mouth.

"Miroku, what do you think about the new girl?" Sesshomaru asked, in curiosity.

"Huh? You mean Rin Hinata?" Miroku said in earnest.

"I think she's a cute girl. I'd probably go for her if she wasn't so closed off to men. She doesn't seem to get along very well with the student body." Miroku shook a finger in the air, as he said this.

"Why do you ask? Are you interested in her?" he asked, afterward.

"Of course not," Sesshomaru replied back, casually.

"If you say so," Miroku replied. "But..."

"You know, maybe that oddness inside of Rin will come to a good thing in the future." Miroku hinted as he settled down on their hang out spot.

"…" Sesshomaru opted in staying silent.


The teacher lectured up in front of the whiteboard holding a black marker in his hand. Rin took off her gaze from the board that had numbers written on the whiteboard.

She turned to stare out the window, absently. Her mind was in deep thought with the daily occurrences of her life.

She hated making eye contact with men. She detected the way they stared at her. She feared that they would approach her and touch her, wrongly. Sometimes all this feelings made her feel disgusted with herself, but she could not help it that she thought in this sort of manner when it came to men.

Rin's ears slowly picked up the whispers running across the classroom. Things they usually whispered about were always the gossip of the day. She once heard a rumor about the popular guy stating that he wasn't interested in shy girls. The comment was probably directed to her.

That thought put her at ease. She preferred if no one at this new school tried to get interested in her and her personal life. The few girl friends she had managed to acquire were sufficient enough company for her. Rin didn't need any men in her life.

Sango Huwaski jotted down notes as she paid attention to the teacher, who was teaching them today's lesson. Once in a while, her gaze would drift off to stare at Sesshomaru, who was resting his head at the palm of his hand.

She'd also take notice of Miroku Daisuke, the best friend of Sesshomaru and also the self centered Kagura kaze. They were seated nearby Sesshomaru, so it wasn't hard to miss what they were doing to keep themselves entertained and distracted from the lesson.

Miroku was off writing romantic and probably proactive notes to the girl sitting in front of him. And, Kagura was busing applying mascara to her eyelashes using the broad-shouldered guy sitting in front of her as a hiding shield from being caught.

Why can't' any one of them take classes seriously? I know we are soon going to graduate and take final exams .But that still doesn't give them the right to slack off. Maybe, I should form a study group and reunite us all to meet up.

Sango contemplated as she scribbled down on her paper notebook inattentively. Then again, I don't think inviting Kagura would be wise. She can be such a block-head, sometimes.

Sesshomaru removed his left hand replacing it with his right hand to hold the frame of his head upward. Today's lesson was a repeat of last week. The teacher wanted to be assured that his students knew the equations of the course material. He wanted everyone to ace the exam coming up.

"Hinata, I will ask you to try question four." the teacher asked his student. Rin turned her attention towards the teacher before rising and bowing lightly, "Yes."

Some students snickered in her direction as she made her way over to the board and took the marker in her hand as she stared at the problem before beginning to write down the equation.

The teacher was not surprised to find her make a mistake and decided to point it out, "No, this over here is..." he faltered as the student backed away in shock at his closeness.

She acts as if she's been offended by the teacher's hand...

But she acts like that with everyone. She is a strange girl. Sesshomaru thought silently as he stared at the teacher dismiss his uneasy student. The bell rang shortly, after that.

The chatter of the students talking among themselves filled the classroom as they waited for their history teacher to take over the next session.

Kagura busily stared at herself, in her mirror, as she applied lip gloss over her colored red lips. Sango stared at Kagura, in annoyance, as she primped up."Aren't you on helping duty, Kagura?"

"I Am?" asked the oblivious girl looking up, surprised.

"Of course you are. I'm in charge for today's group. Why don't you take a break from applying that excessive makeup and go drop of these flyers to the printing room?" Sango suggested brazenly.

"Oh, alright, just as long as you don't put me on trash bag duty." Kagura mumbled ignoring the commentary of excessive makeup. She knew that that was a lie. She looked young and refreshed with the new makeup products she had inserted her weekly allowance on.


My Father died a few years back after abandoning me and my mother for another family. My half- brother Inuyasha lives in Tokyo and it's very unlikely that he'll come here to just meet his stepbrother. I also have a sister who moved to Tokyo to continue studies aboard.

As I've said before, I live in a regular town that could never be compared to a metropolitan.

Sesshomaru walked inside the restaurant that his mother owned and controlled. Employees walked about the place preparing and accommodating the guests' needs.

Behind the restaurant was a back door that led to his cheap, but accommodating two story house. His mother had inserted every penny to make her restaurant look beautiful and a place to feel relaxed. Nothing too fancy and elegant that would make people flee with their money in their pocket.

Sesshomaru's mother spotted her son entering the doorway of the open restaurant doors. She walked over to her son's side making him stop in his footsteps.

"Sesshomaru, I'm glad your home from school. Why don't you drop off your book bag in the back, and help fill up the missing spot of my favorite chef." Sesshomaru's mother said with a self-satisfied smile.

"No thanks." Sesshomaru replied back. He knew that his mother was talking about his excellent cooking abilities. His mother insisted that he put his skills to good use, but he just wasn't cut out for this. He hated hanging around the restaurant that his mother praised constantly about.

"Actually, I just came to tell you that I'm going to attend a party Miroku's hosting so I'll be arriving late. Don't wait up." Sesshomaru said nonchalantly.

"Fine, you know something, you're just as arrogant as your father used to be," Sesshomaru's mother replied back before she walked off to continue making small talk with her favorite and regular customers.

Sesshomaru ignored the remark before he turned around and headed out the restaurant doors. Frankly he could care less about what his mother thought about him. Their relationship had never been a healthy one to begin with.

His shoes were scuffed with dirt from the walking path that was covered with dirt. Sesshomaru headed to the outskirts of town with no destination in mind. His book bag was strapped over his shoulder and bumped constantly with the side of his waist.

He had lied about the party. Miroku wouldn't be hosting the party until tomorrow after the exams were over. Those were the conditions put on Miroku from his father.

Sesshomaru could probably head to small clubbing area if he wanted to, but he didn't have the mood to hang around people his own age for tonight.

Night was still a couple of hours away.

He soon found himself standing in front of an old local church. Sesshomaru tucked his hand into his pant pocket before pushing the creaky doors aside and walked inside the church.

The place still held its beauty despite it being old and being overused over the centuries it had stood in place. This place was a landmark, so it was still standing for that reason. It also served purpose for homeless people passing by to take shelter when they needed to. God would always be with them no matter where they went to seek him out.

Sesshomaru laid down in one of the middle rows of the church's aligned seat benches. He stared at the colorful reflections the window panes brought out into the church, before glancing at the statue -a woman holding a baby to her embrace- of Jesus' mother.

"God, I want to confess... I've sinned-" He silently prayed out loud to the symbolism the church held for him. He wasn't so religious, but he held high respects for the man up in heaven.

I know that it is my life. I know I have the right to choose my own choices, whether good or bad, in my path to lead me to a better future.

The sound of the door creaking open was heard alerting Sesshomaru that he wasn't alone, anymore. He stayed lying down on the bench and closed his eyes pretending to be asleep.

Sesshomaru's alerting senses could hear that the person who had walked inside had stayed in the back row seats. Perhaps, it's better if I show myself. I don't want to disrespect the other person's privacy.

He then heard a familiar voice talking out loud in a soft voice.

Is that Rin Hinata...?

Rin was dressed in a casual orange blouse and blue faded Levi jeans to match her cream colored jacket and school shoes. She stared up towards the statue of the woman and the baby.

She sat on the lonely bench of the empty church that looks partially abandoned. The thought didn't really bother her. She felt her soul trying to look for peace on this certain day of the year. Rin ducked her head to stare down at the floor.

Tears were springing from the corner of her eyes.

"I carry a great burden in my shoulders. Please, give me a sign of what I should do to relieve this sadness that is slowly overtaking me? I know that it wasn't your fault. But when I was in Junior High and ended up getting sexually abused by my step father, I think it traumatized me. You know that, I got pregnant, and then had a miscarriage." Rin said softly, her hands clasped in a praying position.

Her black bangs covered her expression as she ignored the tension filling inside her. The surroundings of the church seemed pure and well respected.

"Despite of all of that..." Rin continued as she kept her gaze down. "My mother didn't help me. Why did love have to blind her? Why did that man continue his violence on me? I asked these questions to you, but I think I now know the answers."

"As you already know, I got pregnant again..." her voice continued getting a bit stronger with each word.

Her thoughts were mixed up with her memories. The doctor's words were always scary to her, and the tears she cried at night, the feeling of being helpless were all starting to come back to her.

Tears stung at the back of her eyes.

"And one year ago... you know that I gave birth to a baby boy, and put him up for adoption." She said, her voice holding sincerity. Why do I feel regret? Did I not make the right choice?

Rin asked herself looking for the answer that brought her sadness. She allowed the tears to run down her face, before she wiped them off. She knew crying would be pointless. Crying would not lead her to the right answers she was seeking out, internally.

Rin stood up from her seat and walked up the aisle making her way to the altar of the church. Maybe, the answer would not come today or tomorrow, but surely God would hear her prayers. Her honey brown eyes caught someone lying down on one of the row benches.

Her first thought was that it was probably a poor homeless person looking for a place to sleep. But, she then took in the outfit and the appearance of the young man.

Rin stopped in her footsteps, her body quivered in fear, but then stopped when she realized that she was safe and no harm would come for her.

Why is he here? I... I don't know if I should be offended that he is sleeping inside a church. That is disrespect. Rin thought silently while cautiously staring over in his direction.

But… what if he heard me talking out loud? Did he hear my story of being abused? W-what should I do? Do I trust him?" Rin glanced back at the spot where she had been sitting and stared at the length in distance, trying to calculate how much one person could hear from the separate spaces.

She took a deep breath before she felt a nice and warm sensation of the sun rays being directed in her direction. It was like a sign of god telling her not to be afraid if someone overheard her conversation with him. Everything would be alright.

I will let you guide me. Rin watched as the sun rays also fell upon her fellow classmate. Sesshomaru brought a hand up to cover his yawn, as he sat up. He felt a pair of eyes staring at him. He turned to stare in Rin's direction.

"H-hello," Rin said awkwardly.

"Hi," Sesshomaru replied back to not be rude.

"Ah, umm thanks for helping me today at school. I- I will take your a-advise to consideration." Rin said struggling to keep her nervous stuttering to a minimum. She didn't like talking to men it made her nervous and tongue tied.

"Okay, thanks for telling me." Sesshomaru said taking his gaze off of her and turning to stare up at the statue.

"Don't tell people at school that you saw me napping inside the church." He said, in a calm relaxed tone. It didn't sound so cold and emotionless like before.

"Okay. S-same goes for you." Rin said with a nod staring at the floor. She never once kept eye-contact with him as he had stared at her. It was probably rude.

"Well later," Sesshomaru said as he stood up and picked up his book bag and jacket off from the bench row. He walked out from the opposite side of Rin's side making his way around to the back door.

Rin heard the footsteps before the sound of the creaky door opening was heard.

Please, don't let him have heard my confession. I don't want more tragedies to befall me and make me transfer from schools, again.