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How can one person change my heart?


Chapter Eight


Fresh tears spilled out of her eyes. Her lips moved, but no noise came out. Her struggles were futile. She was no match for four boys.

'Why is this happening to me, again?!'

"Please..." She whispered in fear.

Rin was lying strewn on the concrete floor behind the gym. Three boys were holding her down, while the fourth boy was caressing her thigh with one hand. The other hand was pulling at the hem of her uniform skirt.

"Ah-ha look she's begging you to do her," A boy chuckled in amusement.

"Man, just the sound of her pleading voice is turning me on."

Rin closed her eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks. 'I'm scared. Please don't touch me! I hate men like you!'


When I am very scared, I can never manage to say a word about it.

Kagome was sitting down on the living room working on her homework. She glanced at her best friend's study notes. Rin's study notes were always helpful.

Kagome and Rin have been friends since kindergarten. They shared almost about everything, together. Today, they were both studying at Rin's place. It had only been about one hour since they had taken a break to eat dinner together.

Rin who was busy concentrating hard on her own homework became altered when she heard the front door opening from down the hall.

"Let's stop here. It looks like your parents are home." Kagome said, stretching her arms above her head.

"Yeah, I guess so. We can continue tomorrow," Rin agreed.

"Yeah, I mean this assignment isn't due until the day after tomorrow. There's no rush," Kagome affirmed. She turned to face the hallway and saw Rin's stepfather. He was holding the household keys in one hand and in the other a bag of groceries.

"Good evening," Kagome greeted politely.

Rin could feel Naraku's sharp stare pierce through her. "Hello,"

"Good evening," Naraku nodded towards Kagome.

"I didn't know Rin would be having company, tonight." Naraku said afterwards.

"Yes, well we were working on our homework. Rin is really smart with mathematics," Kagome answered praising her friend. From what she heard from Rin was that her stepfather was really hard to get along with.

They had both lost their dad's when they were very young. So, they both didn't know much on how a father should spoil or reprimand their children. Rin's mother after years of solitude finally remarried. Rin had told Kagome that she didn't like her stepfather, because he made her feel very uncomfortable.

"That's really good. Students with good grades get to attend good, prestige schools. Rin will make this family proud," Naraku complimented. He smiled lightly.

"Yes, I agree too." Kagome embraced her friend. She noticed her friend's stiffness.

"I'll walk you to the bus stop." Rin said, turning to face Kagome.

"Okay," Kagome agreed.

"Don't stay out too late. It's getting dark outside." Naraku said, before he turned around getting ready to enter the kitchen. "I presume you girls already had dinner."

"Yes," Rin answered briefly.

Naraku gave a slight nod before walked inside the kitchen.

Rin and Kagome gathered their school assignment and books. Kagome helped Rin pack her book bag for tomorrow, before they both walked outside.

"…You're right. Your stepfather is strange. He's so reserved." Kagome agreed, staring at Rin.

"Yes, he is. I don't like it. I wish my mother would believe me. She says it's normal though, that I will get used to having a stepfather." Rin stated.

"I guess…" Kagome wasn't sure what to say to that. She didn't like seeing her friend be afraid of her stepfather, but she also didn't expect for Rin to become admiring of that man.

"Well, here we are." Rin said motioning to the public bus area. The next route would be arriving in thirty minutes.

"I really wish you could stay with me, but I don't want your stepfather to get mad." Kagome said, giving her a lopsided smile.

"It's okay, I can stay." Rin said, not wanting to be alone with that man. Her mother should be arriving home soon, but she really didn't want to be alone with Naraku. She didn't like how he stared at her.

"No, Rin. Go home, I'll be fine." Kagome said pushing her friend lightly. Rin sighed, but nodded knowing she wouldn't be able to change Kagome's mind.

"Okay, bye-bye." Rin said hugging her best friend, before she started heading back home.

"Bye-bye," Kagome called out, before she sat down on the bench waiting for the bus to arrive.

Rin walked home watching as dusk turned into night. She stepped inside her house and walked down the hallway, after taking off her socks and shoes in the entryway.

'I think I'm going to take a bath, before listening to some music in my room.' Rin thought cheerfully.

She went upstairs and noticed Naraku talking on the house phone down the small hallway.

Rin lost her smile. 'I wonder if mom's home already…'

Naraku noticed Rin standing in the hallway with a pensive expression. He clicked on the end button as he finished his conversation with the other person on the line.

"Rin you're home. That's good I prepared the hot water for your bath." Naraku said amiably.

"Okay…" Rin sounded uncomfortable.

Naraku noticed how short the skirt looked on the fourteen year old. He grinned happily, "Guess what? Your mother is going to be late tonight. I forgot to mention it earlier when your friend was here."

"My mom said that," Rin answered in disbelieve.

"Since your mom isn't here. We should try to get along with each other better, don't you think?" Naraku offered amiably. He started walking over to her.

Rin shivered not liking the way he said it. "Not right now. I- I have homework to do."

She tried to find an excuse to escape, but Rin didn't get too far down the hallway. Naraku was blocking the passageway to her room.

"Don't be like that," Naraku whispered.

He reached forward and grabbed Rin's arms. Rin gasped out in fear, noticing how his hold tightened around her wrists. "What are you doing?"

"Shh…" Naraku murmured.

Rin struggled, but it was futile. He was too strong for her to pull away. She watched as he led them into her bedroom. He seemed to be debating where to settle her down. Rin wondered if she should scream, but noticed that she couldn't. She was too scared.

In the end, Naraku decided to lay her down on the floor, his hips straddling her waist. One of his hands pulled down her skirt, throwing it aside.

What the hell... What are you doing?! Rin thought absently in her shock. Her body trembled as he unbuttoned her shirt revealing her training bra. Her eyes widened as his mouth came crashing down her own. Rin pried her eyes closed. It was pure disgust to have Naraku's lips pressed down to her own mouth. No!

She felt something disgusting slip inside her mouth and tease her tongue, before withdrawing.

.Somebody. Help me! She pleaded silently.

Naraku's hands began to touch her in unwanted areas of her body. His hands made her chest feel pain and a sickening feeling started forming at the pit of her stomach. He pulled at her small pert nipples with his thumb and forefinger.

Her breathing started coming out ragged in pain as he continued toying with her chest. Rin could feel Naraku's mouth suckling on her breasts and something disgusting and foreign rubbing against the small opening area of the lower regions of her body.

No! No! No more!

Her weak body struggled, but she was unable to throw him off her body. All she wanted to do was run away and hide. Surely, her mother would save her from this headstrong man.

Naraku laughed cruelly from atop of her. He watched as the girl writhed in fear and pleasure. His hand covered her mouth.

"You have such a beautiful body," he whispered.

Rin watched in fear as tears leaked at the edge of her eyes.

Her eyes widened as she felt something penetrate her. It was so large and it hurt her very much. Rin screamed in pain, only for her scream to be muffled by Naraku's hand. Her fearful gaze glanced down between them and saw Naraku's large member covered in her blood that ran down her thighs.

She closed her eyes horrified ignoring the way Naraku's tongue licked her tears.

It hurt, whatever it had been that was struck inside of her. Rin allowed her body to go numb, trying to block the pain of having been invaded.

"Ready, my little one. You're so tight," Naraku whispered huskily. Rin felt like she wanted to vomit bile. Naraku started slowly moving inside her, before increasing his pace.

The oncoming pounding inside her body made her scream in pain, pain like dying.

Mom, help me!

Rin's frightened expression stared right back into his haunting, dirty red brown eyes. Tears continue to slip down her cheeks. When it was all over, he stood up and left from her bedroom. Rin trembled in fear as she lay on the floor hugging her broken body. Why does it hurt? Did I do something to deserve this? Mother, why weren't you here to protect me?

She thought silently as her body shivered in disgust. She could feel something slimy run down her thighs.What. What happened to me? Rin's fourteen year old mind couldn't comprehend what this man had done to her. Why does it hurt so much?!

She noticed a small puddle of blood on the floor had formed.

Rin trembled in fear, as she turned to stare at nothing in particular in her room. She even ignored the huge plushy teddy bear she had gotten for her fourteenth's birthday.

She gasped in fear when she noticed her underwear was covered droplets of blood. She cast her head down, tears clouding her vision once more.This has to be a nightmare! A painful nightmare!

Rin's heartbeat pounded in her chest when she noticed Naraku return. He reached down and patted her head.

She felt him pass a damp cloth on her thighs cleaning her virgin blood and the semen he had ejaculated.

"Rin, go on ahead to your bed and rest." Naraku said, unaffectionate."I'll get rid of the evidence."

Rin backed away from him, before standing up and making a run towards the bathroom, ignoring the pain between her legs. She wanted to get away from this man. He didn't deserve the title of being a stepfather.

Rin woke up and noticed that she was lying on her bed sheets wearing clean pajamas. She remembered that she had fallen asleep inside the bathtub, naked. She struggled to change her clothes as pain shot down her legs.

Rin managed to walk down the staircase making her way to the kitchen. Her mother had just finished placing down three plates on the dining table. Valerie turned to face her daughter with a smile,"Good morning, Rin!"

Rin stepped forward, "Mom..."

She managed to say, before pain hit her horribly down her lower area. She fell down to the floor on her knees, her head bent down. Tears ran down her face.

xxEnd of flashbackxx

"Get your hands off of her," Sesshomaru's voice reached her ears.

"Fuck..." the four boys muttered.

"We've been caught."

Sesshomaru stared fiercely at all four boys. His murderous stare could pierce daggers inside their hearts.

"Che... Sorry dude."

"She's yours. Take her!"

All four boys scrambled and ran off at the speed of lightning.

Sesshomaru watched in fury as they escaped. He was tempted to run after them, but Rin was more important now.

He leaned down on one knee. Rin was curled up in a fetal position. She wouldn't stop crying. Rin's eyes had so much fear in them. Sesshomaru was hesitant to leave her alone. He took off his jacket and draped it over her trembling form.

He tentatively reached out to hug her.

"I…" Rin gripped his jacket and reached out to hold his hand.

"Please Sesshomaru, leave me alone," Rin pleaded finally after a long silence. Sesshomaru noticed her despair. He decided to compile. He didn't want to bring any harm to her.

"Alright," Sesshomaru stood up. He turned around and took a step forward. "I'll send Sango to help you."


"I won't let those guys off so easily," He affirmed with resolution. His amber eyes burned in anger.

Rin watched as Sesshomaru walked off. She couldn't make the tears stop. She slowly sat up and allowed her gaze to wander to her underwear. Her fingers trembled as she lifted the band of the elastic, before slipping on her panties, again.

"Rin!" Sango called out in worry. The brunette ran up to her friend who was sitting on the floor. She took noticed of her disheveled uniform.

"What did those bastards do?!" Sango stated furiously.

Rin noticed how Sango looked worried about her wellbeing. Sesshomaru also had had that stare, but she couldn't stand to be near men at the moment. She had only been able to hold his hand to assure him that she appreciated him coming to rescue her.

Rin threw herself at Sango hugging her fiercely. "Oh Sango, I was so scared."

"It's okay Rin. You're safe," Sango patted Rin's back in comfort. She spent the next hour comforting the traumatized girl.


Rin was lying on top Sango's bed covered in blankets. Sango had brought her home with her saying that it would be better if she stayed the night over at her place. Rin complied with her wish not wanting to be left alone.

Sango sat down besides Rin. She wondered if she should take her to a hospital. Rin hadn't said very much, after that distasteful encounter at school. Sesshomaru had successfully found the boys that had tried to rape Rin. The boys were being held under custody at the police station. The principle was appalled and greatly displeased at the disciplinary of the students. The principle expelled the four students without a second thought.

"….Rin, I know this must be uncomfortable to talk about, but we really need to know if those boys did something to you. I promise I will accompany you to make your declaration again at the police station, tomorrow."

Rin looked over to Sango. She knew they were not the best of friends, but she really needed someone to talk to about what had happened to her. She could trust Sango to not say a word about her past.

"I think I was just sexually harassed by them, butno, they didn't enter ... They just stared at my body with perversity." Rin answered with a low voice.

"So, you're okay then. You didn't want to go to the hospital to get checked on earlier, but I think we should go tomorrow just in case." Sango asked motioning to Rin's body.

"Please don't ever say a word of this to anyone," Rin pleaded suddenly.

Sango nodded, knowing that it must have been unpleasant to know that your virginity could have been stolen away from perverse strangers.

"We kept this a secret from the school. The principle is the only one that knows and she agrees for the time being to keep this incident hush, but people will eventually find out if the incident is leaked. Of course if that happens, don't worry I'll be by your side to support you. I hope this incident won't make you want to transfer schools."

"Thank you," Rin said. She glanced down at her lap.

"Sango…. I'm not a virgin."

"Huh?" Sango said feeling slightly embarrassed, wondering why Rin was mentioning such things.

"When I was younger…." tears pricked Rin's eyes.

"I was raped. I didn't know that I was raped. I was too young to understand anything." Rin whispered harshly. They were bitter words.

"H-how…" Sango was speechless. She hadn't expected for Rin to make such a big confession to her. She didn't know what to do. Would comforting be pointless?

She didn't know Rin had such a horrible past.

"Day after day, I kept the silence within me. I kept the pain hidden within me. I was raped constantly by that man. My mother never believed me. She thought I was a liar and a slut. That man poisoned my mother's mind and blinded her to the truth."

"How awful…" Sango mumbled. Her hand reached out attentively to Rin. Rin took hold of Sango's hand.

"You know, I had a best friend back at my hometown." Rin said, sadly. "She was almost raped on the same night that it happened to me. Her name was Kagome. She was waiting at the bus stop for the bus to arrive."


Rin ignored the pain that coursed all over body. Her mouth hurt after her mother had slapped her for her lie. Her mother hadn't believed her when she told her that Naraku had touched her inappropriately.

"Rin, there you are!" Yuka ran over to the small girl.

"What's wrong?" Rin asked noticing her concerned face.

"Didn't you hear? Kagome was assaulted and sexually harassed by a man, last night. My mom told me that she was sent to the hospital." Yuka said worriedly.

"What is sexual harassment?" Rin asked, fear in her eyes.

Yuka knew that Rin was too innocent to know such adult words. She stared at Rin seriously, "It's when someone touches you without your consent. The victim feels that they have been degraded to…"

She noticed Rin's frightening expression.

"My mom told me that Kagome was touched inappropriately. She said that Kagome was lucky she didn't get raped, because someone came to her aid and pried the man off of her."

"But, I think Kagome must be really scared. I heard she doesn't want to come back to school…"

Rin started crying remembering what Naraku had done to her. Anger filled her heart knowing that Kagome got saved, but she didn't.

"It is all going to be okay, Rin. We'll go visit her after school, okay." Yuka patted Rin as the younger girl cried silent tears.

xxEnd of Flashbackxx

"I would be in my room when my stepfather would open the door and say,"Your mother's out working late, again." Then he would take me to my bed and take my clothes off, forcefully. I would give an inaudible scream."

Rin started wailing trying to get rid of her painful memories. Tears ran down her face as she allowed Sango to hold her. Sango was crying, too. She cried because she imagined it must have been a horrible experience. Rin was scarred for life. Sango knew she could do nothing for her, but embrace her pain away.

It has lessened, but I still keep screaming in that inaudible voice, hoping someone will come save me.