Hello ppl this is my newest fic The blade of Dreams and the Fox This is a bleach Naruto X-over. Hope ya like ).


Sasuke was running through the leaf village's forest trying to escape some hunter nin after him. "Katon! Gogyuo No Jutsu!" A giant ball of flame hit two of the hunter nin.

The last one decided to go back and find more reinforcements. Sasuke stopped at a small clearing to catch his breath. "I'm almost near Orochimaru..." Sasuke was about to move when he felt the air go cold. "I know this feeling..." He whispered as he activated Sharingan. He felt a large wave of pressure send him sliding backwards.

In front of him stood a young male in a blue and white Kimono wearing a hunter nin mask. "Sasuke-kun do you think you are going to leave..." Sasuke smirked. "I've been waiting for a while to get back at you for almost killing me and my will to destroy my brother..." The person held out two hands each doing different seals. "Water style : Water fortress Jutsu, Wind style : Freeze palm"

The surge of water froze and rushed at Sasuke with intense speed. The person then held out both hands and formed one seal. "Crystal Ice Mirrors.." The person stepped in and shot out needles at high speed. Sasuke was able to keep up and dodge most of them. "Fire Style : Phoenix Flower Justsu!" The balls of fire spread hitting a different mirror until the person began to attack again. He flew at high speeds destroying each of the fireballs then sending Sasuke into the air. The mirrors flew up as well then they began to glow. "Devil region Ice death.."

The Mirrors shattered as the person landed on the floor and sasuke was still there standing. "Good Job Haku...but this time your needles did nothing..." Sasuke held his hand down and charged Chakra into it forming lightning and then making bird like noises. "Chidori! One Thousand Birds!" Sasuke began to charge at Haku when he was sent back by the same attack. "Sasuke you don't have to do this"

"Yes I do! I must aven-" "Shut it already! you left to go seek Orochimaru all he is going to do is use you like a new set of clothes!" Sasuke looked up and saw his former Sensei and Friend in front of him.

I guess I'm not leaving without a fight...then let's go..." Sasuke charged his Chidori again then rushed for Kakashi but his wrist was caught by Kakashi then sent upwards. "This is my own technique..."

Sasuke pointed his Chidori upwards then came down sending a large bolt upwards sending lightning of the same size towards Naruto and Kakashi. Haku jumped back shooting out needles and throwing some shards of Ice towards him. Sasuke laughed evilly as he shot two bolts at Haku but they were absorbed by the neddles he threw earlier.

Kakashi was knocking away the bolts that charged at him with his Lightning blade while Naruto was using his clones as a way to dodge. "This Technique is called the ultimate Chidori.."

Sasuke sent his hand towards Naruto to send a lightning bolt but then he felt like something sent him upwards. Naruto jumped up with a familiar blue spinning orb. "That won't work!!" Sasuke yelled out as he charged at Naruto with a chidori in hand. They impacted forcing waves of energy to come out and sending Kakashi into a tree knocking him out cold. "How dare you!" Sasuke was at eye level with Naruto. "How dare you what!?" Naruto felt the Kyuubi giving him power as he angered more. "How dare you make Sakura-chan cry like that...how dare you betray us and How Dare you treat me like I'm nothing!"

Naruto screamed out as he felt a sharp pain in his arm. Sasuke had hit him from afar with his Chidori going through Naruto's arm. "Naruto-Kun!" Haku yelled out as he rushed to help him up. "I'm Ok Haku...Get kakashi-sensei to safety...I'll finish this" Haku picked up Kakashi then disappeared. "You are lucky you got him out of here..or else I'm afraid at what would happen if sensei were here.." Sasuke said sarcastically. "Damn You Sasuke!"

"You are nothing especially when I kill you to gain Mangekyo..." "You damn hipocrate...yo say you won't follow Itachi yet you want to kill me to gain the next level of your eyes...you damn piece of trash...I should just kill you and get this over with quickly..." Sasuke grinned. "You still talk like were in the same power level...you weak fool" Naruto gained the Kyuubi's cloak as he started gaining the features of a fox and his eyes gained slits. He held out his arm forming a rasengan in it. Sasuke sent another bolt of lightning at Naruto. "like I said you are nothing...you were born nothing...and you will die as nothing...or more so nothing more than a distant memory..."

Sasuke said as he charged another Chidoi running towards Naruto. They impacted again this time destroying the trees around them. Sasuke and Naruto took significant damage as they both flew back and hit the floor. "Like I said...You are nothing!" Naruto charged again clashing Kunai and finally kicking each other away.

They eventually went back to a long range battle especially Naruto when he began to exted his arms to land hits on Sasuke from afar. "Damn you..." Sasuke called out as he shot out more bolts of lightning. He got angry and held both his arms out and shot out a large bolt striking Naruto sending him into a large boulder. "Damn..." Naruto extended his arms again.

He threw Sasuke upwards then began to hit him with his hands sending him back down with a thud. "IF I'm nothing then why are you losing..." Sasuke started laughing then looked at Naruto. "You think I have been serious with you..." Naruto's eyes widened in shock as he saw Sasuke transform into a monster as he grew the hand like wings from his back and gained the mark on his face.

"Now Let's see if you can win.." Naruto was enraged even more when all of a sudden one more tail appeared. "DIE!!" Naruto rushed as Sasuke fired up his Chidori and lunged forward as Naruto struck sasuke in the stomach with his Rasengan. The Chidori went through his stomach and the Rasengan sent Sasuke flying and hitting a large boulder at break neck speeds. "Pathetic...Augh!"

Naruto spat out a large amount of blood as he picked up the now unconscious Sasuke then began carrying him as Kabuto appeared from behind. "My My my..I see Naruto-kun beat Sauke..well let's see if you can stand up to me with all of that damage you have on you...hmmm" Kabuto smirked as he disappeared and struck Naruto in his arms and legs making him collapse.

"Damn it..." Naruto said as he saw kabuto pick up Sasuke and walk off with him. "Goodbye Naruto-kun hopefully we meet again.." Naruto struggled to move but it was all to no avail as his muscles were paralyzed. "DAMN IT!!!" Tsunade walked up to Naruto and saw him almost in tears. "Naruto don't worry you will have another chance...right now just le me heal you and make sure you're ok" Naruto nodded as she healed him and soon after carried him back to Konoha and left him in the hospital.

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Chap1: Battle scars a lost hope...

Naruto was walking around with bandages all over his arms and legs after a grueling fight with Sasuke when he turned and saw something weird.

He swore he saw a figure with a black Kimono and a sword but then again he thought his head was playing tricks on him. "I gotta check on Sakura-chan to see if she's ok.."

Naruto walked to her apartment when saw Kakashi with Sakura. "Oi Naruto come over here!" Sakura had her face buried in her hands and sobbing.

Naruto was feeling guilty he dropped his guard and let Sasuke get taken. "Yeah Kakashi-sensei?" Kakashi held out a new headband and Chunin vest. "Here..."

Naruto took it and put them both on. "Woah thanks Kakashi-sensei.." Kakashi stood up and picked up Sakura and took her back into her house due to the fact. that she was crying for so long she fell asleep. "Sakura..." Kakashi went into her house. "Oh hello Kakashi and Naruto-san" Called out Sakura's mother as they stepped in. They went upstairs and set her in her bed. "Let's go."

Naruto and Kakashi left and were walking around Konoha when Naruto felt something in his pocket. "What the..." He pulled out a note. The note said : "Dear Naruto I hope you become a great shinobi and make your family proud...I leave you my Chunin vest for luck and hope for the best...From your Mother Uzumaki Kushina and your Father Minato or soon you will hear of me as Yondaime Hokage we wish you luck in life and hope you the best of luck goodbye my Son..."

Naruto was shaking while staring at the letter wide-eyed. Kakashi was looking at Naruto then he saw him drop to the floor clenching the note in his hands and his eyes were watery. "My father...was...the Fourth..." Naruto looked at Kakashi then stood back up.

"Naruto...you weren't the only one that is related to Yondaime...he was My sensei.." Naruto just began to walk again and left Kakashi behind. Kakashi just put his hand on his face then walked away. Naruto walked until he made it to a small pond with some flowers in it. He stared at his reflection then he looked up and saw two figures in the same black kimono's with swords attached to their back and one of them had a white cloak on top. "Who are they?" Naruto dismissed it then continued to stare into the water when he for some reason jumped in. "Augh!! glurg!!" Naruto just moved around trying to stay up. then he remembered that he was a ninja. Concentrating he stood up on top of the water soaking wet. Naruto Then concentrated all of his power into his legs. "Next time I won't lose..."

The Chakra was a mix of red and blue as he charged more and more then he formed seals. "Raiton! Senkou!" Naruto felt a surge then he was in the air.

He closed his eyes and did it again this time he was able to move at Lee's speed with the first gate active. "I don't know what I just did but I have to do it over and over..."

He formed the same seals then this time he forced so much chakra he created a small barrier around himself. "So this technique switches between levetation protection and speed..."

Naruto formed the seals again this time a fine blade appeared in his hand. When he swung it he launched a small wave slicing two trees and a boulder in half. naruto's eyes widened. "So this is also an attack style..."

Naruto formed the seals and imagined himself protecting those close to him and the barrier formed around him. He then saw Sasuke's image in the water as he formed the seals. "Raiton!Senkou!"

Naruto gained the blade again this time it was twice as big. He sent a wave destroying everything in it's path leaving a large groove in the floor.

Naruto formed more seals then called out. "Raiton! Senkou Nibai!" The blade appeared again then he jumped up and was levetating. He swung the blade as he rushed at lightning speed sending a wave that was almost invisible.

"I can kill you with this...Sasuke..."

Meanwhile in soul society a door opens showing a world with people that were no ordinary people...but ninjas...

Ichigo Looked at the door then stepped in arriving into the world of ninjas. "Now to find those Hollows that escaped us..."

End of chap 1

hope ya liked it