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Kakashi out the note in his pocket and once he got to the house he stepped inside. "Oi...you guys have a mission" Kenpachi grabbed the letter with the details then smirked. "I'll do this mission on my own...just get me someone to take me to this place.."

Kakashi sighed. "I have to go..." From behind him Haku appeared. "This mission is basically an assassination...it's not an S rank mission because it is a minor felon were getting rid of."

Kenpachi smirked. "You can take care of the assassination part...I will handle the distraction.." Haku sighed then began to walk. "Come on..we have to finish it by the end of the week..so time is not of the essence"

Kenpachi walked outside. "Get on...just point out where we have to go..." Haku got on Kenpachi's back and was kind of nervous. "OK (gulp) let's get going.." Kenpachi disappeared only hearing a slight yelp from Haku.

In a matter of seconds they were at their destination. "Wow..I'm actually kind of dizzy.."haku was holding his head while Kenpachi held out his blade. "This is the stronghold right?" Haku nodded.

"go and do your mission I will destroy the stronghold..." Kenpachi smirked as he ran in and large explosions were heard. Haku sighed as he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"I see...Shinryu...send out the Jounins to meet our opponent..." Kenpachi yawned after taking down about ten chunnin. "Man this is too easy..." As the group of five jounin attacked Kenpachi he flew into a wall. "Now this is fun!" Kenpachi yelled out as he blocked incoming kunai.

The five Jounin formed seals simultaneously. They all called out. "Katon! Gogyou no Jutsu!"(grand fireball jutsu) The giant ball of fire hit Kenpachi sending him into the wall even further.

"Well...now let's have some more fun!" He yelled out as he charged with sword in hand. As he continued hacking away the Jounins couldn't keep up with Kenpachi and took serious injuries.

"Please...let us live..." One of the Jounin called out as he tried to get up. Kenpachi smirked. "when fighting me it's kill or be killed..." As Kenpachi charged when Haku appeared. "Kenpachi..our mission is done..we leave now..."

He called out holding a body. Kenpachi sighed then sheathed his blade. "...I will let you people live...on one condition..." The man struggled to get up. "Wh-what is it?" Kenpachi pulled out a tag. (how do I work this again...) He formed some kind of seals then placed the tag on the person covering him in a light.

"Become stronger...you are lucky I left you alive...so become stronger and defeat me...I've been needing of a challenge..." Kenpachi called out before Haku got on top of his shoulders using chakra to stay on. "Let's go..."

Kenpachi disappeared. The man looked down and saw that all of his wounds were healed. "well...I have to fulfill that promise..." The man looked down and picked up a blade from the dead body of one of his friends.

"I will get stronger...to get back at the person who did this to you..." All of a sudden the bodies began to move. "Yomi guujinshishou"(underworld puppet master) The man's eyes widened as he saw two people on a cliff.

"Kiriyu...go find the one with master's body...I will take care of this fool.." Kiriyu nodded. "Ok Kaze...make sure he is gone.." They both nodded but Kaze stayed up on the cliff moving her fingers as the bodies moved at the man trying to kill him.

"So Enrei...I can't believe I'm the one killing you but...I have to...you failed master and now you die" She called out as the bodies began to strike swiftly. Enrei dodged and blocked as he sliced through the bodies until he made it to the four other jounin and Shinryu.

Enrei dodged as he cut through Shinryu's head and then formed seals. "Aisu Rendan!" Ice formed around Enrei then shot pillars at the four last Jounin. "Aisu Tsume!"(ice talon) Waves of ice struck the jounin freezing them then he shattered the ice with the sword.

"I beat you Kaze...don't think I will not attack...of course I was from the snow village before I came to the rock village..." Kaze grunted as she jumped down pulling off her cloak.

She was wearing a black kimono top and black ninja pants, she also had a large blade sheathed on her back. she pulled out a staff and connected it to the blade. "This isn't a blade...it's a lance..." she pulled it out and twirled it.

She charged swinging upwards. "Kazekiba!"(wind fang) A large gust struck him sending him into a wall. "Ngh...I'm not out yet!" Enrei yelled out as he charged.

- -

Kenpachi was almost at the village when a man appeared in front of him. "They followed us..." Haku said as he got off of Kenpachi's back. "Haku..go to the village I will buy you time..."

He nodded then disappeared. "You...I see you know some form of shunpo..." The man smirked. "Flash step...flashy name(no pun intended)...How bout I sharpen My scythe on you..."

Kenpachi smirked as he drew his sword. "I'll sharpen my blade on you!" Kenpachi began exchanging blows with Kiriyu. "Mei Kazekiba!"(Dark Wind Fang) A black looking powder sends Kenpachi upwards.

Kenpachi lands and charges at Kiriyu at full speed. "Lets see your full strength!!" Kiriyu avoided the hit and swings up with his scythe. Kenpachi jumped back and swung to the side again trying to land a cut.

Kenpachi hits his side and Kiriyu appears on a cliff holding his wound. "Damn you..." His eyes begin to glow dark red and three lines appear down the middle of his eye.

"Hawk eyes!" The three lines combined and formed large mark. Kenpachi grinned. "Now I want to see power!!" Kenpachi rushed at Kiriyu. "dark wind tempest Jutsu!"

A large wave of black wind charged at Kenpachi sending him flying back. "mehehehe...is that all..." Kenpachi charged and left a large cut on Kiriyu. "damn it...with this wound I can't fight...Dark wind rage!" A large storm appeared around Kenpachi and Kiriyu disappeared in a dark storm.

"damn it I thought I had a good fight here..." The storm pummeled Kenpachi until he bled. "Hehehe...I cannot wait to meet this guy again..." Kenpachi then left and met up with Haku.

"heh that was easy...next time get byakuya or someone else to go..." Kenpachi walked into the house and sat down on a chair drinking some sake. Kakashi then poofed into the house.

"Hi guys...I have a new mission...I need Kuchiki Byakuya to come with me..." Byakuya looked at Kakashi then followed him. "What is the mission?" Kakashi looked around then walked into a secluded area.

"Uchiha Sasuke escaped konoha prison and is most likely trying to get in touch with the Akatsuki...our mission is to find him and eliminate him if he doesn't come with us.."

Byakuya nodded. "Fine...let me take care of this..." Kakashi looked at Byakuya. "I have to go...so we will leave in the morning ok?" Byakuya nodded then walked into the house.

A shadow was standing on the roof of the house. "Sasuke..."

end of chapter 16