Authors note:

Greetings to everyone who read my fic and reviewed! I am extremely flattered to hear all your comments and responses; it makes me happy to have posted the story.

I would like to thank three very special people on fan fiction who have followed me since the very beginning. Debjunk, His Half Blood Princess and LetsTwistAnotherFairyTale. Thanks you three for staying with me the entire way through. If there are others who are reading this and had been with me the whole while and I just didn't know it, then thank you very much also. I'd like to thank each and every one of you who have reviewed to me once it was finished, you have no idea how frantic I was to get to my computer and read all your comments. Even after you've read this, like my story's been finished for weeks, i still want to hear some comments and get some reviews, thanks everyone.

For those of you who asked me for a sequel, I am extremely disappointed to tell you that I've decided to end it the way it is. I won't be writing another one but I'm am very positive that I'm going to be writing more with Severus (because I love him so) and most likely some with Harry and Lily. I'm starting a new fic soon, the plot is still under construction but hopefully I'll come up with something before I get writers block :S. Anyway, thank you for wanting a sequel and for those of you who had said 'no' to the sequel I appreciate very much that you told me. It definitely helped me decide when I got to hear from your side as well.

I know that some of you had questions, I have received two so far so I'm going to answer them right now.

Q#1: Why did Neville lie about chasing after his remembral? From: Sandboarder12

A: Well, to be completely honest, I had intended on bringing it up in the next chapter but completely forgot, so thank you for bringing it up. The real reason why Neville lied about the remembral is because at the time during the match, Malfoy had his wand aimed at Harry out of sight, where no teachers could see him. So it was Neville's decisions to either follow Malfoy and his gang where they wanted to take him or… Harry got cursed. Knowing that even though Malfoy and his gang had been caught the threat to Harry was still in existence, therefore he lied to Claire when she asked him what had happened.

Q#2: Why did Severus take of his necklace at the end of the fic? From: Silver-head angel

A: I was originally going to let you all decide for yourselves why he took it off and you still can but this is my perspective. He took it off and left it there on purpose. Due to Claire's curious nature he was sure she'd open the box, he thought maybe it was time she saw it.

If there are any more questions don't hesitate to ask and if you have a request for another story I would be very glad to hear it.

Thank you all very much.