Hey! Here an other little oneshot! It's kind of the sequel of "Tenten's Obsession" but you're not obligated to read the other story to read this... Anyway, enjoy!

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Tenten's New Obsession

"You must be kidding." was the first thing Neji said when he entered his girlfriend's room.

"What's wrong?" Tenten asked sweetly.

"Why does your room have a wall full of picture of him?" he said pointing the wall clearly annoyed. "And why most of the images shown him shirtless?"

"Because his my number one." The girl said.


"He's my number one sexiest, cutest and hottest guy from manga and anime."

"But why… why… why him?!" "and not me!" he couldn't help but thought.

"Because of his sexy eyes," she started to say dreamily. "his six-pack abs, his mischievous smile and his so fabulous long blond/gold hair. I always had a weakness for guy with long hair."

An other day, Neji would had took the last thing smirking, but now, he was too much piss to smirk.

"I thought you didn't like Full Metal Alchemist!" he said upset.

"At first, but the story caught me and my oh-so-perfect Edward Elric too… Ed…" she sighed dreamily. She began to be serious again. "Well, I'm going to change. Wait here a second." She said before getting in the bathroom.

"I cannot take that anymore." Neji murmured clearly upset and really jealous. "Stupid manga guys that Tenten always goes obsess on, stupid mangaka drawing guys that Tenten finds cute, stupid manga that Tenten start to read, stupid, stupid, stupid!"

He then looked the wall full of Edward.

"I should burn that wall." He said to himself. "No… Tenten wouldn't be happy…" He then glared at the middle image of Edward shirtless and smiling. "You better not touch her! She's mine!"

"Neji, are you talking to an image?" Tenten asked already next to him.

"Hn." was Neji's respond.

"Neji, you need to control your jealousy."

"I'm not jealous." Tenten rolled her eyes.

"Ok… Just so you know, I will not leave you for any manga character."


"Well, should we get going?"

He didn't respond, instead, he pulled her in a long, sweet, passionate kiss.

Tenten smiled after the kiss and went out of the room. Just before Neji closed the door, he looked at the images and smirk.

"Take that Edward!"

The End

Yeah, I know, short and random... anyway, this idea came with my little obsession I had on Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist and I remember "Tenten's Obsession" where Tenten was obsess with Hitsugaya from Bleach and I thought I could do it again! And I really love to play with Neji's nerves! Anyway, review!