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Author's Note: This takes place after Chapter 304 of the manga. Unohana, Byakuya, and Mayuri have just finished their battles.

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Grimmjow: What?! Hell! C'mon! I was the one who fought him so many times!
Aizen: tosses Catnip at the ground
Grimmjow: The hell is… -purr-
Ichigo: ...I feel like an auction item…
Aizen: I believe I won you. Therefore you are an item.
Ice: Not yet! The voting continues!!!
Ichigo: Having fun selling me to the highest bidder?
Ice: Yep. You can sell high!
Ice: Well… you're pretty strong, skinny and not too bulky, and you give in easily!
Ichigo: splutter Wai-What?
Ice: Anyway, enjoy the story! -Watches as Ichigo is carried off by Aizen bridal style- I should stop him shouldn't I…hmm


Ichigo struggled to stand, struggled to remain conscious as Zaraki fought Noitora and Inoue frantically tried to heal Nel. He could hear Grimmjow's ragged breathing some lengths away. Zangetsu lay, loosely clutched in his hand. He felt overwhelming tiredness and pain but tightened his grip and tried to stand up again.

A heavy reiatsu pushed down on him and activity on and off the battlefield stopped. Grimmjow cursed weakly to his side and he turned his face in that direction for a brief second then looked back on the battlefield. Noitora looked almost sad as he backed away from Zaraki who was catching a breather, battle rhythm temporarily halted by the reiatsu. Across the fighting duo, Inoue looked scared but resumed healing Nel, the orange force field glowing even brighter.

The reiatsu lightened on them as the person wielding it stepped out into the open. Ichigo's eyes widened and everyone excluding Nel looked at the person. Noitora spoke first.

"Aizen-sama, so very nice to see you." The sarcasm in his voice was almost undetectable.

Zaraki grinned a feral grin at Aizen but before he could say anything Uliquorra stepped out of a garganta looking the same as he had when he entered. The small espada bowed to Aizen and regarded the scene without emotion, eyes resting a slight bit longer on Zaraki's presence. His gaze returned to Aizen as the leader of Las Noches spoke.

"Inoue, what are you doing here?" The girl in question stammered something resembling what had happened to her, careful not to seem biased about anyone. Aizen nodded and her stammering stopped. "Are you done healing Neliel?" Inoue nodded sharply, head bouncing so much the rest of her shoke too. Or perhaps that was her fear causing her to shake. "Please heal Kurosaki-kun and Grimmjow then."

Noitora immediately protested. Zaraki had, at that time, retrieved Yachiru from her hiding place and sat down on a nearby rock outcropping. Inoue, stumbled immediately to Ichigo and Grimmjow and covered both in one large healing shield.

Ichigo, finally over his surprise croaked out. "Why?"

Aizen glanced at him and he froze. "Please be silent until you are healed." Grimmjow groaned nearby and slowly attempting to get up as his wounds healed at amazing speeds.


Byakuya's head shot up as Aizen's reiatsu came close to Zaraki and that Orange haired boy. Isane also looked in that direction and he quickly thought of what should happen. "Is Rukia's condition stable?" At the healer's confirmation he asked another question. "Stabilize your division member quickly." Isane nodded and went to work on Hanatarou. Soon the aristocrat, with Rukia in his arms, and Isane, carefully supporting Hanatarou, shunpoed off in the direction of Aizen and Zaraki.

Mayuri's head turned as Aizen's reiatsu flared. Ishida and Renji let out startled exclamations at about the same time. The crazy scientist scowled. He was under orders to not go after Aizen but it was so tempting… Wait. That was Zaraki's reiatsu so close to Aizen. Kurotsuchi grinned. He glanced at his bankai which had completed eating Szayel and dispelled it, shunpoing off quickly. Renji and Ishida blinked on the ground in disbelief that he'd left them and protested as much as they could without the use of several organs. The two sighed and tried to figure out their situation.

Unohana looked up from healing the arrancar and sighed. She had detected Aizen's reiatsu but did not realized the need to go toward it. Apparently, Kuchiki Taichou and Kurotsuchi Taichou had. Zaraki Taichou was already there. The only reassuring thing she felt was that Zaraki had stopped fighting. She concentrated again and sighed. It stood to reason that he had left Abarai Fukutaichou and the Quincy like that. She summoned Minazuki (1) and deposited a half healed Sado in the mouth. Unohana sat on her zanpactou spirit and turned it around. Let the other Taichou deal with fighting and killing. She had people to rescue first.

Back at the Scene

As Ichigo and Grimmjow healed, many of the people wondered why Zaraki wasn't challenging Aizen. To Zaraki, the answer was easy. Aizen had looked at Yachiru's hiding place. One false move and Yachiru would be hurt. As much as he wanted to fight, there was no way he could take on three espada and Aizen even if he had the boy's help. Yachiru, of course, knew that and came out of hiding. There was more sense in staying close to Ken-chan in this situation.

Ichigo and Grimmjow's injures were almost healed now and both of them, along with the rest of the people(2) there, wondered why Aizen had cared enough to heal Ichigo too. No one asked. Everyone waited in silence as Inoue healed the two fighters. In the corner of the battlefield, Nel woke up and got to her hands and knees.

A flash; and Byakuya was suddenly present, unconscious Rukia in his arms. A second later Isane appeared next to him with Hanatarou, both breathing heavily. Mayuri flashed up next to them and Zaraki glanced at the shinigami behind him with a wiry grin. "Yo!"

Attention shifted to Aizen once more, who was looking at Ichigo, barely blinking. The orange haired vizard looked at him as well and the two engaged in what seemed like a staring match. Grimmjow sat cross-legged on the ground next to Ichigo.

"That is enough Inoue." The orange haired girl flinched at Aizen's lordly tone and withdrew her healing shield. The man continued distributing instructions. "Heal Noitora's wounds next." He turned to the shinigami group and stated his terms. "As of now, I refrain from attack you and you will do the same until everyone else arrives." The "everyone else" soon became clear as Unohana glided down with her three patients fully conscious on Minazuki's back. After she had withdrawn her zanpactou Aizen spoke again.

"Everyone is here I presume? No. Kuchiki Taichou, please awaken your sister. I would like my audience conscious when I speak." Aizen declared and his reiatsu pulsed gently. The three espada looked at him. All the shinigami tensed but the aforementioned captain raised a hand and woke Rukia who began asking a question but stopped immediately. Aizen's reiatsu had pulsed once more. She turned toward him wide eyed and he spoke.

"I am willing to forgive the deaths of my espada primarily because something very interesting has caught my eye." The espada were startled. For Aizen to state that he was interested in something publicly like this was a far too rare occurrence. Uliquorra's eyes flitted to orange haired boy who had suddenly stood, eyes still staring at Aizen. "I would like to request a trade. I will allow Inoue to leave with you if you give me what I want." Several sucked in breaths could be heard. Even Uliquorra and Byakuya showed surprise. The former shifted on his feet and the latter's eyes narrowed. "Would that be alright?" Before any of the Captains could speak, Rukia yelled out.


Aizen turned to the orange haired boy and it was then that everyone noticed the vizard's eyes were uncommonly blank. "Do you hear that?"

"Yes," Ichigo replied, voice hollow. "I understand. I accept." He flashed a glance at the group of shinigami, pain barely concealed in his gaze. No one seemed to notice and his whole form seemed to droop.

Aizen continued without pause, "Uliquorra, please open the shinigami a garganta to the real world." The green-eyed arrancar bowed at the waist and opened a large garganta immediately. "Please leave immediately." The shinigami and Inoue walked to the portal. The group was half way through the portal when Ishida commented.

"Kurosaki! Get moving!" The some of the group turned. Ichigo had not moved from his spot and was staring at them. Now only Ishida and Rukia were left on the Hueco Mundo side of the garganta. The latter had stepped back across after seeing a problem.

Uliquorra shunpoed(3) in front of them several meters away, a charged cero in his right hand pointing straight at them. The Ishida and Rukia's eyes widened as Grimmjow and the healed Noitora flash stepped to each side, their own cero forming. The two dodged through the garganta as the ceros blasted and the garganta snapped shut just after releasing the ceros into the air.

The group stared at the spot in the sky that housed the garganta in various forms of disbelief. What just happened?


Author's Notes:

This story was previously named Confusion. I currently don't have a beta so if anyone finds grammar or spelling errors, I'd appreciate knowing… Jeez… I sound like some sort of adult… shiver. Anyway, chapter one this is. As stated above, the pairing vote is still going on. The story's pairing will be determined…by the 3rd or 4th chapter probably. Thanks to all who reviewed on "Confusion" and voted Jaa!

(1) The large green stingray with one eye and three legs… Weird…
(2) Can they be considered people? ... They are dead… twisted versions of the dead…
(3) I know arrancar don't shunpo. They do something else… but I can't remember so shunpo it is.