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If everyone in the world had suddenly died, he wouldn't have cared more. Ichigo clutched his throbbing chest and staggered in the black void between worlds. His reiatsu had been drained by the red tendrils that had deposited him there and even the cackling of his hollow had faded after a time. He could see the path of spirit particles that he was somehow making, but he'd lost his sense of hearing. Or perhaps there was no sound to hear.

He felt pain again. It was excruciating and he screamed in his hoarse voice. He had no sword, no reiatsu, no power. All he had was his broken body and his will. Both were failing. Where am I? The haunting question drifted in the emptiness. He couldn't remember. Who was he? Why did he have a hole in his chest? Where was he? Who am I?

He screamed. The pain of his body was second now to the throbbing of his heart. Once, he'd been so much. He knew that. But now, he didn't even know who he was. A figure approached quickly but he didn't see it.

Where am I? The question came back. He wasn't thinking clearly, he knew that, but somehow, he didn't want to. What happened?

A flash of black hair, short on the already short female. She was crying, he remembered. Why?

A shock of blue hair. 'Teal' somewhere his mind brought it up.

A piece of bone on his jaw. His enemy? No. His friend. No. That had changed, hadn't it? All the while, his body stumbled and staggered. He dimly felt his body collapse, finally giving out, and slim but strong arms hold him up. "Kurosaki."

That was his name, was it not? How would he confirm that? He looked up into green eyes and a pale face. "You will be returning to Las Noches with me." He felt compelled to comply. Why? Who was this? 'Uliquorra' his mind provided. His enemy? No, the man did not look at him with hatred, or even the blankness that he usually portrayed. The green eyes were kind. No, they were pitying, not kind. But he preferred kind. He wanted to lie to himself. "We will go now." He looked at his callused hands even has his legs got under him, pushing him off the support of the other man. "Kurosaki?"

His mind was a whirlwind of blurs. Blackness threatened to overwhelm him. 'No!' He needed to tell this person something, the only thing he knew. But he didn't know anything. The pale man was walking away. The boy followed unthinkingly, eyes dull and body lifeless.

The scenery changed, in a flash of light and Ichigo had to hold a hand in front of his eyes to shield them. Pounding footsteps alerted him as he placed his feet on the white marble. He glanced up to see a teal haired man running toward him. The vest he had on was too short and his hakama were far too baggy. Grimmjow was safe. Wait, why did it matter? He, Renji, Chad, Ishida, and Rukia had saved Inoue. How? Noitora was alive, he remembered, so was Szayel. Aizen had entervined. Why was he alive then? His mind told him the brief summary but actual memory stayed out of his grasp. You are a hybrid. A what? Darkness threatened to overwhelm him even as he detected no physical injuries on himself. No pain, no emotion. He concentrated on Grimmjow again.

Grimmjow had stopped a few meters away, sharpcut abs heaving. Emotions flit across his sharp angular face, relief, annoyance, surprise, and settled finally at anger. "What did you do to him?!" He winced, the teal haired man spoke far too loudly and the white halls echoed with his shout.

"I simply brought him back." The quiet reply from the white clad Arrancar next to him was a sharp contrast to the shout. The shouts and replies seemed familiar and, while they clashed with the pristine surroundings, he couldn't help but feel relaxed even as he tried to remember what had happened.

He glanced at his hands and realized that his sleeves were long and white. He was wearing a white hakama with a black sash and black socks with white sandals. His upper torso had a tight fitting white vest with a collar and a zipper down the center. Covering it was something like the inverted form of his bankai, frayed edges brushing the ground.

Or at least, that's what it was supposed to be, he assumed. Bloody gashes had been cut into his arms, legs and torso. Lashes stung painfully on his back and he felt his life's blood drain slowly onto the floor.

"Berryhead?" Grimmjow asked in a quieter tone. He blinked, startled, and tried to speak. The darkness had suddenly taken the form of exhaustion and he was struggling to stay standing. He opened his mouth but couldn't think of anything to say. A frown creased his face as he closed his mouth.

Uliquorra watched Grimmjow tried to resist helping the swaying boy. Such a change in the argumentative Espada was good, he supposed. At least he had more than just anger now.

Just as the silence stretched to an uncomfortable length, a strong reiatsu spread down the halls; Aizen's. The reiatsu pushing at him was finally too much and he could no longer keep the darkness at bay. He collapsed, knees falling to the ground, head bending forward. The last thing he saw was Aizen walking down the corridor, Grimmjow turning, first to Aizen, and then back to him. Aizen disappeared and darkness covered his vision and his mind.

Ichigo stirred, mind coming back to consciousness. What had happened? He felt a heavy pressure on his abs and lifted his head slightly. Teal hair blocked most of his vision. Was Grimmjow sleeping on him? The espada's face was turned away from him and nested into one sprawled arm. Ichigo's body was covered with a light blanket and the bed that he was resting on seemed to be a hospital bunk inside a nondescript room.

The head on his stomach stirred sleepily and Ichigo lay back down, pretending to sleep. He felt the heavy arm lift and cracking sounds that he presumed to be Grimmjow stretching. Then large hands fastened themselves on his shoulders and shook him forcibly.

"Get up! Ya think I can't tell tha' ya awake?" Grimmjow dropped Ichigo's shoulders as soon as he opened his eyes. One hand ran through his messy teal hair and the other rubbed his chin. "Ya had ta wake me when I was nappin' didn't ya? Ya just had ta." Grimmjow sighed, looking relaxed and slightly tired. Something twitched in Ichigo's mind.

Grimmjow turned and stared at Ichigo as a hand trailed up his face to touch his mask. He couldn't repress a shudder as the soft fingertips brushed his skin. Ichigo's eyes were curious. "Hey," The soft, almost feminine voice shocked him out of his revere.

"What!" He snapped. The fingertips remained on his face.

"Somethin's wrong…" Grimmjow raised a skeptic eyebrow.

"Ya've been out fordays. Dur somethin's wrong." Ichigo blinked and his fingertips withdrew.

"Eh… That is I…" Ichigo stuttered. His blush was back in full force. Why'd he done that?! It was crazy of him to… Why'd Grimmjow allowed it? "Eh… Bathroom." Ichigo finally muttered awkwardly, still a bit tense.

He slipped off the bed and stumbled to the bathroom under Grimmjow's gaze. He shut the door and leaned on it, feeling weak. What was that all about anyway? And why did he feel so weak?

Grimmjow was just settling down from the touching when yell had him back up on his feet and at the bathroom in an instant. He yanked the door open and practically snarled, "What the fuck is it now?!" Ichigo looked back at him fearfully and Grimmjow frowned.

"I… I'm… I… have no strength anymore… "

Grimmjow shot quick looks at the orange haired boy who was fidgeting nervously. Ichigo was wearing his usual uniform minus the coat and stumbling every few steps as he walked. His eyes were half lidded and his muscles were very apparent but somehow very weak.

Now why was he noticing his prey's muscles? Sure it could have been because he was going to have to fight the kid but even Grimmjow wasn't dense enough to know there wasn't something else too. And sure he'd gotten excited before good fights… but this type of excited was seriously making him confused.

Sure he'd had a lot of one night stands with lower arrancar. Some of them had been male but the majority had been female… right? He really couldn't remember. But damn the boy had a nice expression on his face. He was scowling, blushing, flustered, and stumbling. They were all traits Grimmjow hated seeing on his temporary fucks. Well, a one night stand with a nice looking little brat wouldn't hurt. But said little brat had become a sort of companion. It was nice having someone to argue with and be on par with. But damn that brat was wriggling his hips again…

The two approached Aizen, one leisurely contemplating perverted thoughts and the other trying desperately to stand and act strong. The ruler of Las Noches smiled at the two and piece of shadow detached itself from the edges.

"Grimmjow. Kurosaki-kun. To what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you today?" Grimmjow glared and Ichigo flushed an even brighter crimson.

"Ah… it's just that… um…"

"Such an adverse effect…" Szayel, the detached shadow, murmured, stepping up to Ichigo. The berry stumbled backward as Szayel came too close for comfort. Grimmjow growled, a low threatening note, and Szayel stopped.

"May I investigate, Aizen-sama?" The pink haired Espada questioned, one hand tracing some invisible line on Ichigo's body. The hybrid shivered in revulsion and stepped back again; unfortunately straight into Grimmjow. He turned around and was met with a well defined upper chest and backed away. Szayel caught his arms.

Grimmjow blinked in surprise. It was the second time that had happened and he never ceased to marvel at how someone who'd beaten him once was so much shorter than him. Hell! His hair had tickled Grimmjow's chin for god's sake!

Ichigo struggled in Szayel's arms a slight bit before Aizen spoke, effectively startling all of them out of their thoughts. "A blood sample only Szayel Aporra. For now." Ichigo winced as the scientist jabbed a needle in his arms but didn't resist when his blood was drawn.

"Thank you Aizen-sama. I will report my findings later. If I may be excused?" A nod excused the excited scientist who scampered out in a defined manner because Espada didn't just scamper.

"Kurosaki-kun…" Aizen murmured eyes half lidded as he watched. "What am I going to do with you?" Ichigo glared at him. His face changed from relaxed to the usual half smile. "Grimmjow, your restrictions will now cease though I do expect him to live. I also believe Kurosaki-kun requires new clothes. Also, I would like you to leave Zangetsu with me." Ichigo started to protest but was halted by the feeling of Grimmjow's rough palm against his lips. A hard muscular body pressed behind him.

"As you wish, Aizen-sama." Grimmjow purred. Ichigo paled and tried to struggle again as his sword was taken. It was futile as Grimmjow snaked an arm around his waist and practically dragged him away.

Once they were a few corridors away, Grimmjow's hand came off his mouth and Ichigo coughed. The arm around his waist wasn't too uncomfortable but it made the two walk far closer than Ichigo was comfortable with.

"Why'd you do that?" Ichigo asked. Grimmjow's arm tightened around him.

"My restrictions have been lifted. Shut up before I do something I'll regret." It wasn't what Grimmjow said that finally shut Ichigo up, it was the clipped serious tone in which he said it. The teal arrancar's reiatsu boiled around them, lashing around his torso just enough to be felt but not enough to hurt. Ichigo squirmed slightly and Grimmjow almost snarled in response.

That was how the two walked back to Ichigo's rooms. When they got there, Grimmjow threw him onto a couch. Ichigo landed heavily, still confused about Grimmjow's behavior. His confusion bordered on fear when Grimmjow crawled onto him.

"What? G… g… get off!" Ichigo tried desperately to push the heavy Espada off with his weakened muscles. Grimmjow caught Ichigo's hands in one tight fist easily and pulled it above the boy's head, watching his vest hike up to reveal a smooth tanned belly. He carelessly tossed one leg over his captive's two, spooning the boy in on the couch.

Grimmjow's POV

His emotions were in a complete turmoil and he had no idea what to do. A part of him wanted to get away and go back to his own room; the logical part of him. The instinctive part of him wanted him to take the berry right then and there, fuck the consequences. Grimmjow had always been the instinctive type.

He leaned down and ran the tip of his tongue along the tanned waist line, completely ignoring the boy's yells of horror and frustration. The warm body squirmed under him, brushing up against his groin in feathery touches. Grimmjow groaned against the captive body. How Aizen had known to take the "don't touch him he's a guest" restriction off right then he didn't know and didn't care. Right now a handsome body needed his attention. He trailed the fingertips on his free hand lightly over the tight vest, slowly unzipping it. The body began moving jerkily.

Then he made the mistake of looking up into his captive's eyes. The normally scowling face looked desperate and pleading. His brown eyes held frustration and more than just a hint of fear. Grimmjow felt his own lust dying away quickly. Damn the boy for provoking him and then doing that. He sighed against the now uncovered chest. Ichigo had stopped yelling and squirming. What was he supposed to do now?

Ichigo's POV

Sure he had been slightly worried when the taller man practically crawled on him but that was nothing compared to what he felt when the man trapped his arms and legs. He yelled at Grimmjow to stop but the man didn't seem to hear him. He squirmed slightly when he felt something wet trailing his mid waist area. Oh hell no, Grimmjow did not just lick him. And on the waist too!

And… oh crap… there was no mistaking that piece of hard flesh pressed up against his hip. Hell, was he going to get raped?! Fuck, fuck, fuck, this couldn't be happening. And now the guy was unzipping his vest and damn his own body was responding to the touches… Fuck!

The view suddenly changed as Grimmjow gazed at him. He felt his breath catch slightly as the intense teal eyes caught him. The blue burned into him, lust evident in his gaze. But there was confusion now, and hesitation. He froze when Grimmjow looked down and sighed, warm breath expelling onto his now uncovered chest. Oh thank you whatever god there was! The guy was going to stop molesting him!

Now Grimmjow was in a predicament. It was a lot easier to fuck someone when they were writhing in the throes of passion than it was to fuck someone when there were clearly unwilling… even if the blush staining their cheeks was getting him more aroused than ever.

He bent his head further down and froze when he noticed a slight bulge. Oh ho! So the kid did want to fuck. He grabbed at it with his free hand and stifled a growl when the body buckled, hips arching and accidentally rubbing against his already throbbing cock.

"Fuck," Grimmjow growled and his second grope was responded with a barely stifled moan of approval from above. The teal haired man crawled onto the other's body, all the while undoing the other man's hakama. Lusty bronze eyes stared back at him from under a tussled mane of orange hair.

Grimmjow swooped down for a kiss eagerly, feeling the soft lips struggle to keep closed under his rough tongue. Needless to say Grimmjow won the battle easily. Hmmm tasted funky, like those strawberries he sometimes had…

"Grimm… jow… get off!" Ichigo panted. Sometime during his contemplation Ichigo had wrenched his swollen lips away from his.

"Can't, my hands are busy, you wanna help?" He perverted smirk grew as he drew Ichigo's hands to his groin, seeing the already red face flame in embarrassment. God that was sexy. Urk! Now even his hakama was tight on him as the innocent hands brushed up against his throbbing length as they struggled. He was going to lose his mind at this rate.

When Grimmjow opened his eyes, several things alerted him to the fact that something was seriously wrong. For one, his body was spooned around another, smaller body. A closer inspection revealed that the body was asleep and tied up, arms wrapped around his neck and shoulders, wrists connected. Said body had vivid orange hair and was sporting several dark spots on his neck and upper torso.

He groaned, one hand flying up to ruffle his messy hair. The sleeping body curled in further, mumbling incoherently. The events flew back to him as he blinked: the weakened state, the groping, the taste of the boy, and the scent. His instincts had told him to rape. He'd ended up giving the boy a slow and torturing hand job reveling in the other's protests turned moan and the lithe tanned body rubbing against him. God, fantasizing was going to give him a boner at this rate.

Ichigo opened his eyes blearily. His protests had gone to nothing after his mind had hazed in pleasure and frustration. He distantly remembered pleading and a sharp release after what seemed like hours of torture. Then the man had just started sleeping on him! After almost an hour of twitching under the heavy body of the Sexta Espada and trying to push it off with no avail, he'd gone to sleep himself, bound hands drapped over the Espada's back where he'd been pounding. The last thing he remembered was low purring as the naked man tightened his grip on his waist.

Ah… that would explain why they were sleeping on the couch together… naked… Ichigo screamed, making Grimmjow groan and bury his head into Ichigo's navel. "No! Damnit! Don't do that! Don't go there… ack! Gerroff!

"Shut up if you don't want your pretty little ass to be raped." Ichigo shut up. Grimmjow glared at him from his position on the boy's chest. "One, I amtired and want to sleep. Two, I am sex deprived and unless you want to pay up I suggest you keep your body as still as possible. Three, as I remember you are currently weakened and so don't even think about trying to fight me." Ichigo nodded carefully.

"Good…" And Grimmjow promptly picked up the boy. Ichigo squeaked in response but barely managed to stop himself from fighting the arms around his thighs and upper back.

Grimmjow dumped him onto his own bed and pulled him close just as he was about to roll away. "Shut up, stop wriggling, and sleep berry." He spooned the other's naked body with his own, one arm around his waist and the other around his chest. Ichigo could feel his blush rising to epic proportions as Grimmjow's face was nested in his chest, crumpled white sheets barely covering their lower torsos.

Ichigo sighed. Grimmjow was really heavy. After a while, he really didn't mind the teal haired Espada's presence so close to him. At least it warmed his body from the chill air. Grimmjow really was heavy. Ichigo really needed to take a few deep breaths but the Grimmjow's head was at his chest, effectively constructing the easiest of his breathing.

Where was Nel? He could faintly detect her presence in Las Noches but she definitely wasn't close. That meant he was stuck with the sleeping cat on his chest and his arms pinned to his sides. And Grimmjow expected him to sleep?

And he was naked! Damn! He'd forgotten about that. Oh damn… he really needed to get away from Grimmjow before he was raped or something. It's not like he was saving his virginity or something but giving it up to this guy

"Hmmm… berry, stoppit… tickles." Ichigo stiffened. It was too late to run now; as if he could in his weakened state anyway. The head on his chest rose and he met the teal eyes carefully. The eyes had none of their usual sharpness and feral look. Instead, they looked sleepy and content.

"Said stop it." He groaned, lifting himself off Ichigo. The boy reached for the sheets, yanking them up as Grimmjow rolled away.

"Stop what," he snapped, slightly quicker than normal. Grimmjow had one hand in his hair as he turned.

"Ya reiatsu's futtering like a woman's." Ichigo blinked and reigned in his reiatsu with a flush. "Mmm… I'd take your firm little ass right now but that'd be no fun." Grimmjow grinned at him and Ichigo yelped, scrambling away with the sheets as a hand slithered down to pinch said firm anatomy.

"Okay Ichi." Ichigo gulped at Grimmjow's casual use of the nickname. "Either ya run an' I get tha' sheets or ya stay and keep tha' sheets…" So run out of the bed naked to be chased by a horny Espada or stay in bed and be chased by a Horny Espada? That really wasn't much of a choice.

"How about I get the sheets, leave, and you can just fuck off." Ichigo snapped. Grimmjow's grin widened.

"Wrong answer." Ichigo began panicking as the larger man began slowly crawling over, sheets slipping off his naked form.

"Okay, okay! You can have the sheets, I'll go! Just… don't follow!"


"Then what?!"

"… I'll let you have the sheets and leave. You become my Fraccion for three days."

"Three days?!"

"Ya want ta extend it ta…"

"Fine! Fine! And you help me get rid of my … whatever is making me weak!"

"Deal." The last word was a low throaty purr as Grimmjow let go of the sheets. Ichigo snatched them up immediately and ran for the his clothes and the bathroom, briefly noticing that his cum was still dried on his stomache.

Oh what had he gotten himself into now…

Author's note: See! It wouldn't come out right!