This takes place on the Conviction story line, during "Indiscretion" at Alex's engagement party. It's a crossover and this chapter is more in the Conviction universe, but I'm going to post in it Law and Order SVU because that's were all my other stories are and I plan to bring more of a SVU element in later.

I do not own Conviction or Law and Order SVU.

Some background on the story: Alex hasn't called Olivia since she's been back which in my timeline has been only a few months. They were together before Alex was sent away to the WPP.

"Robert's a lucky guy," Jim added before walking down the stairs.

Alex watched him walk down before turning to walk inside, but a voice stopped her, "I'd have to agree."

Alex froze. She knew that voice anywhere. She hadn't heard it in years, but she dreamed about it all the time. She bit her lip and turned around.

There she was, with long hair done perfectly in soft curls and a knee-length, low cut lilac dress. There, standing on the stairs, was Detective Olivia Benson.

Olivia elegantly descended the stairs and stood in front of Alex, who was frozen in place. "Wha-" was all the ever articulate Alex could manage.

Olivia shrugged with a small smile, "A friend of mine needed an escort to some fancy-shmancy engagement party of some rich banker and his lawyer girlfriend."

It was all Alex could do, not to faint. Olivia noticed this and took Alex's hand, "It's okay."

Alex shook her head and smiled, "It hasn't been okay for years."

Olivia wrapped her arms around Alex and held her close. "It can only get better."

When they parted Olivia took Alex's left hand and examined the ring, "I thought you didn't like white gold."

"I don't," Alex whispered.

Olivia chuckled, "So what's up with you and Steele?"

"How do you know his name?" Alex asked.

"I'm a detective," Olivia smirked, "He's really in love with you and Rossi, who was watching the whole time, is kind of in love with him and my guess they've been sleeping together for a while."

"You were always a great detective," Alex nodded.

"What are you talking about were?" Olivia raised an eyebrow, "I still am."

Alex smiled fully. "Stay here. I'll be right back."

Olivia nodded and Alex disappeared into the crowd. She returned with two glasses of champagne. She handed one to Olivia then took her hand and pulled her up the stairs.

Alex didn't stop until they were on the roof in the cool night. Alex walked over to the ledge and sat down. She watched her feet dangle above the roof before looking up at Olivia who was walking over.

"You need to smell the city?" Olivia asked with a small smile.

Alex's eyes twinkled when she looked at Olivia.

Olivia was quiet for a moment before stating, "You never kiss him."

Alex's eyebrows furrowed, "Huh?"

"You never kiss him on the lips," Olivia shook her head, placing a hand on the cold concrete ledge, next to Alex, "Even at your engagement party."

Alex sighed and looked at her hands, "I'm doing the best I can to keep it together as is."

Olivia set her champagne down and took both of Alex's hands, "I wish I could help."

Alex stroked the back of Olivia's hands with her thumbs, "Do you remember our first kiss?"

Olivia looked at their hands and nodded, "Of course. How could I forget? It was…"

"Earth-shattering," Alex smiled and looked up at Olivia.

Olivia met her eyes and smiled.

A few tears escaped Alex's eyes, "Are you…seeing anyone?"

Olivia shook her head.

"I was half of hoping you'd say yes," Alex sighed.

"And the other half?" Olivia almost dared Alex to say it.

"Wants you all to myself," Alex rested her forehead on Olivia's bare shoulder, "And now I can't have you."

"You've always had me," Olivia answered, "The second you stepped foot into the 1-6 for the first time, you had me. You'll always have me."

Alex started laughing bitter sweetly, "I wish you would have shown up before my engagement party."

"You could have just as easily come to me," Olivia countered.

Alex nodded, "I could have. But, I was terrified that you'd replaced me. I'd been gone so long."

"Well, now you can have the DA's chair," Olivia stated, flatly.

"Tell me I have to choose," Alex laced her fingers with Olivia's.

Olivia shook her head, "I'd never for you to choose."

Alex started sobbing uncontrollably. Olivia held tight to Alex and let her cry it out.

"I love you," Alex sighed, "I'm in love with you. As much as I was before I left. Maybe even more."

Silent tears ran down Olivia's face, "I love you too Lex. With all my heart."

Alex pulled away to look at Olivia. "I'm so sorry."

Olivia rested her forehead on Alex's, "It's not your fault."

Alex slowly and tentatively pressed her lips against Olivia's in an emotional kiss that left them both reeling.