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An anthropological study of the 'Hyuuga'

-People always wonder why I'm so stern, seemingly emotionless, in my dealings with others…-

Hyuuga Hiashi took and deep intake of breath through his nose as he settled into one of the few moments he had to himself. It was often in these moments he took the time to meditate, physically aspiring to nothing while mentally aspiring to attain and understand everything. It was one of those rare days where instead of taking this peaceful moment to study the delights of nothingness on one's path to attaining Nirvana, or taking this time to consider the politics of his daily life, or simply taking the time to view recent events through his own all-seeing-eyes. No, not today, today was a rare and awe-inspiring day where Hyuuga Hiashi would take this small, brief and silent moment to reflect introverted on one of his greatest feats.

-People always want to know why the Hyuuga are the highest among the noble clans. Why it is WE have the right to appear seemingly superior to all around us. These common fools always try so hard to impress any obtaining the mighty Byakuugan, be it in challenging us to a physical fight or one of wits! But the result is always the same, whether or not we win the competition, we always win the war with our supposedly 'snobbish' or 'smug' look after whatever confrontation. It is a common topic, the 'mystery' behind our seemingly unyielding facade of emotionless, uncaring, and ruthless stone-like faces and our 'look-down-upon' attitudes, even from the branch members.-

The Hyuuga lord took another breath, his own 'emotionless' face near the breaking point of giving away the most-ungodly secret in the world: Hyuuga Hiashi cracking a smirk and laughing. But no, taking another deep breath to calm his mounting desire to 'giggle' at the ludicrousness of the common folks about this mighty 'secret' of the Hyuuga. Of course, once the inane yearning ceased, being forced under years of his own brand of mental discipline, his drifting thoughts were brought to the 'interesting' ideas those commoners came up with for their 'persona'.

-"They're nobles they don't care!"

"They're demons with no souls!"

"They were never born without emotions…"

"They're powerful; the powerful don't have time for such petty things…"-

As odd as these sayings were, especially directed towards a Hyuuga, of course never to their face, Hiashi had heard, or 'seen', them time and again throughout his life time.

"Pfft," a very uncouth remark to come from someone of such regal standing.

-Such ingrates, just because they don't understand the way we act they think they can slander us behind our backs.-

"Hmph," Not caring at all that he was showing his irritation at a mere thought.

-I really shouldn't be doing this, to show emotion would undermine my entire façade…-

Taking a small moment to pump little chakra into his eyes and activating his infamous bloodline at its smallest degree, so small the veins didn't even appear around his eyes and only the barest hit of chakra fluctuation could be felt. Finding himself comfortably alone in his viewing room, his mind returned to his thoughts.

-Why do I even bother? I AM alone after all; a snicker or two's not going to bring the Hokage monument down…-

The barest, smallest, tiniest hint of a corner of his mouth twitched up in that fraction of a second. To think him showing emotion would cause the great mountain to crumble, he mentally laughed at the image.

-heh heh, those fools, to think I've become so wound up in my own mask that I would think such a ridiculous thing. Though it would be quiet the feat? Or perhaps my sudden unbridled show of my 'human' capacity would cause a riot, that causing the mountain to fall?-

Hiashi mentally chuckled again, reveling in the absurd idea for a moment, before its significance came to the forefront of his mind.

-Have I really become such a being that that would be 'possible'? Have I succumbed to those taunts, jeers, and obscenities so successfully that I actually have become what those people used to refer to our honored clan in hushed whispers?-

He took a moment to reflect on his past, an even rarer thing coming for the infamous man then mere introversion. Where before his mouth hinted upwards; it came to a disturbingly familiar scowl; bringing to him more thoughts about the familiarity of the scowl apart from the alien feel of a smile.

-I suppose in some, no many ways I have become what they thought of the Hyuuga.-

His scowl deepened for a moment.

-Not like any of those bastards understand the life of a Hyuuga anyway. This façade is the face of a noble, as much as even I hate it at times. We are the upper-crust of the populace here, it wouldn't be appropriate for us to appear 'normal'... not like anyone would consider someone who looks blind from birth 'normal.­-

He huffed, his own inner thoughts bringing his blood close to a boil. If there was one thing Hyuuga Hiashi hated it was being looked down upon as an invalid.

-To think my first time on my own outside these walls I was thought of as a poor, helpless blind child who didn't know anything right in front of him-

A practical growl emanated in his chest, keeping it low so no one would hear. After all Hyuuga Hiashi does not growl, and certainly no because he was 'angry' at a distant event he could barely recall. His left brow twitched the smallest bit noticing his 'flaw', and made quick work to correct the slip, even if he was internally roaring.

-Stupid people, they live in the village the Hyuuga originated in… no, the village THE HYUUGA BUILT, and the incipit idiots couldn't tell the difference between defective eyes and those that carry the mighty Byakuugan!!-

He took a deep breath, reminding himself, yet again, he should keep his cool, even if he would have preferred rampaging at the moment. He took a moment to orient himself and to clear his mind of useless thoughts, especially annoying memories. The scowl dropped off his face, being replaced with his stone nothingness he was known for, and after a moment of checking to make sure no one was around, he took another deep breath, remembering his small 'payback' to these people, and the whole reason behind his façade. He internally grinned, so malicious and mischievous it would put Kyuubi to shame.

-You people think you can affect me? Try as you might to impress me, either by status, position, rank, skill, or intention, but in the end you all look the same to me…-

This time his natural reflex of crushing any form of 'smile' before it made its way on his face didn't work, in fact he let forth a full blown idiotic and wicked grin grace his once stone face.

-After all, who could ever be taken seriously when all they're wearing is their underwear…-

Then, for a moment, the façade left; 'Lord Hyuuga Hiashi' was replaced by a middle-aged man who giggled to himself about pulling the greatest, and perhaps most perverted, prank known to man, one even the tricky Kitsune and Tanuki would be proud of. This man with the white eyes and long hair of a Hyuuga grinned, a wide and wonderful grin.

-And the best part is, none of them are any the wiser, because why would Hyuuga Hiashi do such a thing?-

For perhaps the first time since this man became the clan leader, a childish giggle was heard in his viewing room.

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