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Today's Subject: Hyuuga Hiashi (The Byakuugan)

(This piece is comprised of the inner writings of a certain… document… found in the recesses of the Hyuuga 'Archives'… this time in the dusty, damp, far back corner of the basement… below the basement… entitled 'Why I hate our clan Doujutsu', now while there is no name stating who is the author, it is safe to assume the from the handwriting, seeing as it is similar to the previous document found in the 'Attic'… let's continue)

-The Byakuugan is our clan's mighty bloodline…-

A young dark haired boy of about the age of 13 was laying flat on his back in a cramped tent trying desperately to get some sleep.

-With it we are able to detect lies and see through all Genjutsu, out of all known Doujutsu, our Byakuugan has the greatest insight, FAR surpassing that mongrel strain the Uchiha's have… hehe-

But, unfortunately for this white-eyed youth, his troublesome mind wouldn't allow him his night of sleep. In fact he was bored, hot, sweaty, and the snoring for that insufferable blonde boy was keeping him up, so his mind tended to wonder, and for whatever reason it lead to his own white-eyes.

-With its unnatural insight, and our ability to extend our vision far past normal, seeing through walls and just about EVERYTHING, plus being able to actually see Tenketsu and the Chakra Circulatory system we have developed an unsurpassable fighting style that uses these abilities to their maximum, Jyuuken, our family's gentle fist-

The boy's eyes narrowed as he looked up at the ceiling of the tent, without any real effort he saw past the normally opaque sheet that separated him from the outside world to see the myriad of stars on the outside. He frowned, only slightly.

-But there's a lot more to our family 'inheritance' that no one else really knows-

His magnificent white eyes scanned the heavens, picking out constellations, trailing a wayward cloud, even finding the giblis moon. He took no real note of any of it.

-What many others may not know is that we can actually see at night, almost like it's the day, only slightly darker, not really anywhere near enough to hinder our sight-

He scanned the area around him, noting the trees in perfect detail, all the way down to seeing a sleeping bark-colored moth flutter its wing in sleep. He kept scanning, going all around him, finding a den of moles under him about five feet, a flock of sleeping birds to the left, an owl passing by following a scurrying mouse.

-Our eyes, even in the dark still have perfect perception; every detail is clear as day…-

He scowled again, not really caring since he was generally alone, that blonde bumpkin was sound asleep next to him, so he should be fine, even if he finally did stop snoring.

-Another thing people seem to keep forgetting, we have 360 degree vision, WE DON'T HAVE TO TURN OUR HEADS TO SEE SOMETHING!!-

He mentally growled. That girl he was teamed up with, damnable Tsume made the odd comment one day of how he knew something was coming if he was 'looking' at it. He simply told her about his family doujutsu the Byakuugan, about its spherical vision and properties. She stood behind him with a dumbfounded look and replied, 'But it's not on?'

-Fools, another thing no one seems to realize, the Byakuugan is ALWAYS freaking 'on'!! There's no bloody 'off' switch to this thing, there's 'normal' and 'enhanced' when we pump more chakra into it to extend our vision or change it to chakra-sensing… how the hell do you think we can 'SEE' for crying out loud?!-

Another scowl came across his face. Hiashi had discovered very young his eyes were very different from the other kids in school. For one thing, they had pupils, and he didn't.

-Oh gee, I don't have a hole in my cornea to allow light in so I can see!! But nooooooo…. I must still be able to even though that DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!-

Unlike others of his clan, little Hiashi was actually 'curious' about 'How the hell do our eyes work?' so after extensive study and examination, of his own eyes and those of his clansmen, and mainly his brother, the young Heir started to get a handle on things, or so he figured. He was only 13, and his access to anatomy literature was limited, by apparently knowing how 'normal' eyes worked was 'common knowledge' so he simply compiled a list of what was different between his eyes and those of every other kid he'd seen.

-for one thing, our eyes only have ONE type of retinal cell… everyone else has these 'Rods' and 'Cones', one to see motion, the 'Rods', and the other to see color, the 'Cones', with a large cluster in the back center, directly parallel with the pupil called the 'Fovea'… but our Byakuugan is very different… we don't have 'Rods', 'Cones' or a 'Fovea', we don't even have a pupil… our retina covers the entirety of our internal ocular structure, except where the optical nerve connects, and is covered in very unique cells I can only call 'Cubes' which seem to be extremely chakra sensitive and perform the task of both 'Rods' and 'Cones' along with various other tasks that allow for our 'enhanced' vision… there is no 'Fovea' since there's nowhere to directly focus, we simply see everywhere at once…-

Young Hiashi actually enjoyed his little stint into anatomy, learning about the special functions of something so small and mundane. But in his quest to find what was different about his eyes, he also found many things that were still the same, only served little to no purpose in his Byakuugan eyes.

-From what I read there are various other structures that are still present in our eyes, and they act like they cover the same function they would in a normal eye, only with ours they're completely vestigial… I think… like there is still a lens, but without light it can't focus anything, yet it somehow does since it reacts to our need to 'focus' more on any area, I guess it changed through our ocular development… and our Iris is still there, just under a layer of grown over sclera that covers it to protect the light sensitive 'Cubes'… but like the lens still reacts when we 'focus', which is why our eyes seem to 'change' when the Byakuugan is 'active'…-

The little Hyuuga heir had to stop himself from snorting. Yes, while he was technically alone, with the blonde next to him sound asleep, he didn't really want to do anything that could accidently wake him up. Let alone something as indignant as snorting over a silly thought.

-Oh well… it doesn't matter… at least I can finally get some sleep now…-

The Hyuuga heir rolled over facing away from the snoring idiot. He tried bringing as much chakra away from his eyes as possible so he could get some sleep. It got relatively dark, and after living his entire life used to this he slowly let his consciousness drift into the semblance of sleep he was used to.

He was too out of it to realize the shift of motion next to him. His Byakuugan was too withdrawn to see the presence next to him. It wasn't until the audible click! And his mind was overrun with a blinding bright light that the usually stoic Hyuuga boy screamed out in pain.


The boy quickly sat up vigorous rubbing his burning eyes. He heard someone distinctly laughing in front of him. The young white-eyed boy managed to get the ache down to a low burn, and enough to look up at the blonde boy laughing in front of him with a flashlight in his hand.

Young Namikaze Minato was slamming his fist on the ground laughing, "Oh man… oh man… I didn't think that would actually work!! Haha!!" he found a sudden kick to his ribs that sent him sprawled on his back courteous of an angry prepubescent Hyuuga male.

"You bastard!" the young white-eyed boy growled at the blonde, "Speak of this to anyone and you'll never have children!" he gave the blonde another swift kick, although this one was slightly less detrimental then the previous.

The blonde boy put his hands up in defense, "Hai, hai!!" he smiled brightly and openly to the fuming Hyuuga, his honest blue eyes meeting Hiashi's white, "I honestly just had to see if that would work," he sat up scratching the back of his head, "I always wondered how your eyes worked."

-Cheeky bastard…-

Little Hiashi crossed his arms and huffed, looking away from the blonde. He was actually slightly impressed the dimwit used his brain every now-and-then, and that unlike others he actually didn't buy into his clan's bullshit. He glanced at him a moment, not turning before scowling and laying back down, "go to sleep…"

-Maybe now I can finally get some sleep…-

He could almost feel the boy grin as he laid back down in his place. They lay in their cramped tent for a good few minutes in absolute silence. At this point Hiashi had thought the other boy had fallen asleep.

"Ya know," he heard the boy start, apparently he wasn't asleep, "you had your eyes closed the whole time…"

"Shut up and go to sleep…" was all the young boy with the white-eyes was willing to say.

-I hate our clan doujutsu at times…-

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