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Author's Note: Mostly not serious. This takes place after Aizen, Gin, & Tousen died of… a freak accident…-coughIdidntdoitcough- The espada and the Shinigami are friends… The main characters will be Grimmjow, Ichigo, & Renji with constantly there side characters ... who will be a surprise... This takes place 3 years after the winter of the arrancar war…Okay!

Ichigo: …Died in a freak accident eh? And why am I friends with the espada?

Ice: Shut up! I'll bring him back just to torture you if you don't cooperate!

Ichigo: -sweatdrop-

Ice: Anyway… ? ... ? ... Here's the first chapter!


Ichigo hurriedly finished the last of his paperwork and glanced at the clock. It was only two in the afternoon. He put down the pen and stretched his long form in the large chair. Slowly he got up and turned to the person sitting at a smaller desk next to him. "How're you doing Hinamori?" He asked, glancing at the stack of paperwork his Vice-Captain had.

"Just fine Kurosaki Taichou (Renji: Ahh!! How's he a captain! Ice: Shut up!). I should be done within the next hour," the girl replied without looking up. Ichigo sighed.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Ichigo is fine. Calling me Kurosaki makes me feel old!" Ichigo complained naturally, pushing his chair back and getting up. The girl sighed in return and answered like always.

"When we're in the office, I'll call you Taichou. When we're relaxing I'll call you Kurosaki-kun. Okay?" Her voice was filled with amusement and Ichigo sighed again.

Hinamori took this time to examine her captain. Everyone had been surprised when he approached Seireitei from the Rukongai side. After the captains had let him in, he explained his surprising death, which came in the form of a incoming car (Ichigo: What? I died of a car crash?! Ice: Yeah. Now shut up!). In fact people still teased him today. How the indestructible vizard had single handedly defeated several Captains and Espada and, in the end, died of a simple car crash. The whole thing was hilarious.

As soon as Ichigo had explained everything, the shinigami put him on an abbreviated course in the academy, graduated him in three months, and stuck him into the captain position at squad 5. Hinamori shook her head and returned her attention to her captain who was still ranting.

"How am I suppose to lead a whole squad if I can't even get my Vice Captain do one little thing?" Ichigo complained.

"Ya suck at that anyway," came a loud drawl from the doorway. The two shinigami turned.

"Renji!" "Abarai Taichou. (Renji: Now that's more like it! Ichigo: I feel sorry for his division… Renji: Hey!)"

The red haired captain leaned against the doorway casually. "Hey Hinamori. Yo, strawberry, ya done yet?" The black haired vice captain shook her head and once more began to work. She knew what was going to happen next; what always happened.

"Yeah, I'm done pineapple. Probably did a better job than you!" Ichigo grinned as he shot back, leaning on his desk languidly.

The argument continued and escalated with names, insults, and teases until Hinamori promptly threw a pen at the two of them. The two captains ducked the incoming projectile and withered under her glare.

"Uh, we'll just be going now."

"Yeah, see ya later Hinamori."

As the two fled in an uncaptain-like manner, a smile grew on Hinamori's face. Really, those two could argue for ages. Add Grimmjow and you'd never be able to get close without getting your ear drums blasted.


"Ya think we should call Grimmjow and tell him we're done early?" It was a habit now. They would finish their administrative duties and would get together every other day and every break they got. The teal haired espada liked to sleep in but had less (read no) daily paperwork than the duo and so often had to wait for them. Ichigo and Renji had long since turned the "finishing paperwork fast" into a contest. The paperwork in peace time at Seireitei was less than it had been during the war but it was still quite the load. The two usually began working at nine and, with an hour and a half break for lunch, finished somewhere around three where, if there wasn't anything else, met up with Grimmjow.

The two captains were sitting on a grassy knoll in Ichigo's division. No one else was nearby as Ichigo took out a phone and dialed.

"Yo! Grimmjow, we're done early. Ya wanna come here or ya want us to go there?" Ichigo gave a nod and then a light scowl. "Damn it! Shut the hell up about that!" Renji raised an inquiring eyebrow and Ichigo mouthed the words 'two days ago' to him.

The red head grinned, remembering how the two had, very easily, gotten Ichigo drunk and forced him to sing and dance. The carrot top was surprisingly good, he remembered and felt heat pool in his groin as he remembered the provocative way the boy had moved. Renji blushed and turned away to calm his emotions and his body.

Ichigo snapped the phone shut lightly and Renji turned to him again. "Well? What's up?"

"We're going over in a minute. He's got something to show us. Sounded excited." Renji raised one tattooed eyebrow carefully.

"What kind of excited?"

"The decent kind," Ichigo assured, "He seemed proud of himself." Renji chuckled at that.

"The guy's ego is big enough. He's probably the most self assured guy I've known!"

Just then a garganta ripped the space in front of them and Grimmjow stepped out, grinning. "Yo, Berry! Red!" The aforementioned captains grinned and got up.

"Yo Grimmjow," Renji stated and gestured quickly. Grimmjow nodded, before turning to face Ichigo.

"Hey Nekochan," Ichigo replied smirking at Grimmjow.

"Fuck man!" Grimmjow complained good-naturedly, "Thought we got rid 'o that name already."

Ichigo stepped into the sky and disappeared into the garganta, Grimmjow swatting his head as the orange haired boy passed. Renji stepped up next and looked at Grimmjow. Grimmjow smirked at him and Renji grinned back.

A few weeks back

All three of them were sitting in a private spa in Grimmjow's quarters. The three had been sparring in the sand nearby and were now soaking away their aches and discussing random things when the sexual orientation was brought up. Renji had been commenting on Ikkaku's muscle tone and Grimmjow had teased him about being gay. To Ichigo's surprise, Renji shrugged and simply said "Bisexual, not gay." Grimmjow grinned.

"Ya? Me too. Wanna fuck?" Grimmjow suggested jokingly and Renji grinned, accepting the joke for what it was. Ichigo blushed and fiddled with the towel wrapped around his waist. The two turned to Ichigo who looked very nervous.

"What about you berryhead? Ya bi?" Grimmjow drawled. Ichigo flushed again and stammered.

"What! Hell no! I'm I'm… Fuck you Grimm. Fuck you." Grimmjow and Renji both looked pleased.

"Fuck you berry. I ain't submissive." At Grimmjow's seemingly careless comment, Ichigo blushed even more, stood, and got out of the spa.

"I'm gonna go change. I think it's getting late."

The two stared at him until he left sight. When Ichigo had finally left earshot Grimmjow turned to Renji. "That worked well," Renji commented and Grimmjow made an affirmative grunt.

Both of them had just figured out that the other liked Ichigo as more than just a friend. They also knew that if one of them confessed point blank, the chances of him rejecting both were extremely high. The two had devised a plan. First they had to make sure that Ichigo was in fact interested in boys. Then they would try to get close to the orange haired boy until the boy expressed interest in one of them.

"Oy!" The two looked up and blinked. Ichigo clutched the two ends of his towel with one hand, the other running through dripping orange hair. Dispite his hold on the towel it seemed ready to slip off his slim hips. The two in the spa stared at his navel hungrily wishing that the towel would just go burn itself. Ichigo noticed their pointed looks and blushed, adjusting the towel higher on his hips. Eye candy gone, the two's eyes trailed up his defined chest to look him in the face.

"Where's my clothes?" Grimmjow blinked, expression blank. Renji smirked and Ichigo glared at him. "Give'm back."

"Naw," Renji replied and then added sheepishly, "Eh, I forgot where I hid them." Ichigo groaned and slapped one hand to his face.

"Ya can borrow some of mine," Grimmjow offered.

Back at the Garganta

Grimmjow's smirk grew even wider at the memory as Renji stepped through the garganta. Grimmjow's shirt had revealed quite a bit of Ichigo's lean abs and chest. The hakama had been too big and rode low on his hips, threatening to slip off every few minutes. All in all, the two had barely managed to restrain themselves from pouncing on the sexy berry. Even worse, Ichigo had been oblivious to their slipping control. With that last thought, Grimmjow himself stepped through the garganta, which closed behind him.


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