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Ichigo stared at Grimmjow who shifted uneasily.

"Actually, I'm out." Grimmjow turned to Renji.

"What do you mean?"

"Ichigo's yours if you can get him." Renji smiled at Ichigo's stunned expression. "Ya. I sorta realized yesterday night. Grimmjow's the one that really cares. I'm more of a close friend thing."

"You…" Ichigo choked out. "you just assumed I was bi?" Grimmjow flinched. That in itself was a rejection.

"C'mon Ichigo, ya hurting Grimmjow. Y'going ta say yes or no?" Ichigo sighed at Renji's question. Grimmjow wheeled away and to the door, his hands clenched unconsciously. Renji kept the door closed.

"I suppose we could try…" Ichigo spoke into the silence. Grimmjow turned around, surprise and pleasure clear in his gaze. He swiftly walked over to Ichigo and kissed him forcefully.

"Mmmmph!" Ichigo made an odd sound as he was kissed and shoved roughly at Grimmjow's chest. The teal haired Espada stepped away to reveal a heavily blushing Ichigo.

"Dumb ass!" Ichigo yelled, "You didn't have to… mmmph!" The rest of the sentence was drowned out by Grimmjow's insistent kissing. Renji leaned against the doorframe casually.

"Hey, Grimmjow. Don't molest him too much. He's still got paperwork." Ichigo glared at him as Grimmjow took a breather, one arm wrapped around Ichigo's shoulders.

"So… Renji. Who're you gonna go for?" Ichigo asked.

Renji smirked. "Well, as Grimmjow so lovingly stated, the prissy's sister." Grimmjow almost choked on air. Ichigo blinked, and then grinned.

"Good luck with that man. Really, how long did it take you to… mmmph!" Grimmjow kissed Ichigo again, grinning the whole while.

"Chase your girl Renji. Ichi's gonna be busy." The orange head blushed even redder.

"No… mmmph… Don't leave me here with this perv… mmmph!" Renji was gone by then. "No! Don't… mmmph!" Renji shook his head as he walked through the corridors, sounds of scuffling drew everyone's gaze to Ichigo's door. Really, did he really have to be that vocal?



A few days later

Grimmjow and Ichigo stared at Renji and Rukia. "Wha?..." The four were face to face in a three-way corridor and headed for dinner.

Renji had one arm around Rukia and was, very obviously, favoring one ankle. The red head also had a bruise on his cheek but seemed fairly happy. Rukia's hair was slightly messed up and she looked happy but slightly guilty. She was supporting Renji as he walked.

Grimmjow had one hand around Ichigo's waist and was grinning crazily. Ichigo wore his permanent scowl and an added heavy blush. Dark marks dotted the parts of his neck they could see.

"Eh… So you got her." Ichigo started.

"…And you got him." Renji ended. There was a long awkward pause.

"C'mon Rukia, walk with me." Ichigo said, squirming out of Grimmjow's grip. The larger man made a lunge for his berry but missed. Ichigo grabbed Rukia's arm.

"We'll walk ahead!" Ichigo promptly began dragging the girl off. Rukia began protesting but stopped at Ichigo's pleading look. All in all, he looked freshly molested. Rukia sighed.

Renji and Grimmjow simply looked at them.

"Ah… Berry…"

"C'mon Grimmjow, look on the bright side."

"Tha' ain't one."

"Help me walk and I'll tell you." Grimmjow allowed Renji to hold onto one of his shoulders. "The view's damn good here ain't it?"


The two shared a wide grin and followed their partners who, predictably, were arguing once more.

"Oy, Ichi! Stop swaying ya ass like that!"

"Shut up about my butt already!!"

"You can't say it isn't nice…"

"What did you say Renji?!"

"Nothin' Rukia! Tha' was Grimmjow!"

"Yeah right it was me!"


A few more days later…

Well, all's well that ends well… Sort of.

Like the day Ichigo walked into his division office limping and, from everyday afterwards too, looking thoroughly molested…

Or like that time when Renji and Grimmjow dragged their partners clubbing. Needless to say, Ichigo and Rukia got very drunk and couldn't get up the next morning. Renji and Grimmjow would've been delighted had they not been sporting an even larger hangover.

And that time when the four of them woke up naked on the same bed with no recollection of what happened the night before… wait… we were supposed to forget that it ever happened…

So anyway… All that's molested ends thoroughly fucked… There. That's more like it.

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Renji: So… it's over…
Ichigo: How come I always get mo… mmmph!"
Grimmjow: 'Cause ya got that nice mouth…
Ichigo: I swear, you have some sort of obsessive fixation on my mouth and my butt…
Grimmjow: I swear too!
Ichigo: … -cough-
Grimmjow: Ya 'kay Ichi? Ya ain't gettin' sick are ya? Ya 'kay? Ya 'kay?
Ichigo: I'm fine already!… mmmph… yeep!
Grimmjow: Firm ass… Ow!
Ichigo:… I'm going to start ignoring you now… Heya Rukia.
Rukia: So… was I a side character for whoever lost this three way thing?
Ice: Nah… You wouldn't've looked good with Grimmjow…
Everyone: … -ponder- … -gag-
Renji: Ewww…
Rukia: I'm glad Renji lost then… -hug-
Renji: -blush- Ah… I am too.