Keeping Nightmares In the Light

By: Haunted

Rated M for Mature, must be 18 years or older to read

Disclaimer: I, in no way profit from writing this story. All the characters belong to the maker of Zelda, O.O.T.

Summary: Malon finds a man dressed in black with severe wounds, lying half dead on her way from town. Taking pity on his battered body she stops to take a moment to treat his wounds. A later turn of events leads her to some unexpected places she thought she would never get to see, and might not want to.

Note: if you don't like Dark Link, who will be known as Knil, or Ink, in this story, paired with Malon, don't read. And btw, this is my first story, crits welcome, but please no flaming, only constructive criticism if you have any suggestions.

Chapter One: The Look-A-Like

It was another one of those scorching days again, it seemed like the sun never went down, it's hot gaze seemed to be trying to light her on fire. But she continued with work nonetheless.

Using her wrist, she wiped the sweat off her forehead, her other hand still holding the bucket full of water for her horse before they headed out. Placing both hands on the handle once more, she continued her trek to the hitching post, where her already sweating mount nickered at her gratefully.

She set the water in front of him, letting him drink his fill while she took out a cloth and rubbed him down again. Her father wouldn't object to her using the great stallion, he was still sleeping in the barn. And Ingo was busy taking care of the rest of the farm and wouldn't even notice, if he did, she would already be gone and back.

She had named him Nyx, meaning 'white haired' in Latin, when he was a young colt. He was a beautiful silver buckskin, his mane, tail, legs, and nose were all black, with the typical black dorsal stripe of a buckskin trailing down his back, much like the other horses they owned, but the rest of his body was totally white. His only other markings were the black tear trail looking lines starting at his tear-duct and mixing into his black nose.

He was her pride and joy, and now made for her favorite riding horse, second only to Epona, but she had given her to Link. Nyx' gate was smooth and long, not jarring in the least, and just like Epona, he was fast, which meant she would get done with her task a lot quicker.

The big difference in the two was that, while Epona was gentle with almost everyone, though she acted wild, always ran from danger, and never walked in water; Nyx would attack strangers, fight anything posing a threat, and he positively loved the water.

In short, she loved the big brute, as he did her.

She came out of her thoughts when he nudged her shoulder playfully, since she had stopped brushing him. Shaking her head she grabbed the saddle sitting on the hitching post and tacked him up for the ride to town, not bothering with a bridle, as all their horses were well trained.

Satisfied with her work she picked up the bags that would carry the supplies she was buying, snapping them into hooks since there was no saddle horn. And wearing form fitting blue jeans and a simple white and red tank top, she untied Nyx, grabbed a fistful of his ebony mane, and hopped skillfully onto his high back, nudging him into a light trot out of the Ranch.

Safely outside Lon Lon's walls, without being caught, she smacked her horse into a fast gallop, though making sure not too hard.

She took a deep breath of the fresh air as her hair whipped around her. Deep ocean blue eyes fixed on Hyrule's beautiful fields; everything seemed to be back to normal. That was the reason she was actually able to leave her home to get supplies, there was no danger anymore, all the monsters had been destroyed.

Thanks to Link the town was being re-built, and all the zombies and such were gone. The town's people had come back and acted as if nothing happened, going through their daily routines without a care.

Leaning back in the saddle she slowed her horse, stopping just outside the town gate, and after giving him a loving pat, whispering her thanks in his ear, she carefully slid to the ground, landing with a slight thump.

Taking a deep breath, she walked over the bridge, leaving him there, and he waited till he couldn't see her anymore before he turned an wasted time by grazing on the lush grass.

The slender red head walked hastily through the crowds, never quite able to get used to the hustle and bustle of the streets. She liked the quiet of the ranch and animals, that life suited her. But she couldn't help but feel something was missing, though she was sure it was not town life.

It had taken a few hours to buy everything, and now the sun had started to set, casting shadows and an orange glow over the town square, giving the fields a breathtaking appearance.

Nyx nickered a greeting to her and she stroked his nose after he trotted up, whispering a soft "Good boy," into his ear, walking to his side she opened the flaps to the saddlebags, placing the fruits, clothing, and other such necessities into the leather pack.

She wistfully looked around, the large field was just begging to be ridden over, it would be a shame to waste the day she was allowed away from work by simply returning home as fast as possible.

Making up her mind she quickly mounted, grabbing tight a fist full of his silky mane in each hand, careful to get a good grip. She sat there for a few seconds, letting the moment sink in, feeling Nyx's powerful muscles bunch, before nudging him in the side with her heel, and shouting a quick "Get up."

That was all it took before they were off at high speed from a stand still, his powerful body coiled and lurched forward gracefully, his black hooves digging for more purchase in the soft grassy ground, working furiously.

She laughed, a light joyful sound that rung in the stallion's ears, spurring him to find more speed without encouragement. They passed the Lon Lon Ranch's entrance, going farther than she had ever been before.

Letting him have full control of where they went, since she had no idea where they were anymore, she let herself relax and just enjoy the ride. Crouching down low over his withers as he jumped a particularly large fence with ease, and another in rapid session, never missing a beat, landing lightly on the other side.

She should have guessed he would bring her to a place like this, with his love of water it was as if he was drawn to it. Letting out a soft sigh in fake exasperation she let him slosh through the edge of the large lake.

Quickly pulling him out before the supplies got ruined, he was reluctant to leave the cool water on such a hot day. Quickly jumping from his back, the only thing she could find that was wet was the fruit at the bottom of the bag, and of course, up to the knee, so were her jeans.

She shook her head, turning away to look at the house built precariously on the cliff, letting her feet carry her away from her horse as she meandered up to the purple and gray building. Stopping to admire the view as the lake reflected the suns dying rays, it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, but then again, it was one of the few things she had ever seen outside of the ranch besides Hyrule Town.

Let her gaze flicker to a wooden sign, she leaned down and read the words "Lake Hylia". The name sounded familiar, probably from one of Links many stories he had told her about. His words had made her wistful to see the outside world, but of course she had a job to do, and she couldn't leave her animals.

Sighing she straightened to her full height, turning away from the beautiful scenery, she knew she should be getting back home soon, it was only a matter of time before Ingo noticed and starts to worry.

Her eyes flickered around the edge of the water, searching for her horse, but not finding him. Panic rose in her throat, he would never leave her of his own free will, something must be wrong.

"Nyx! Nyx! Come here boy, where are you?!" her shouts echoed throughout the lake. She was about to yell again when she heard a nickering around on the other side of the house, wondering why he wasn't coming to her, she ran around the house, expecting to be met with the worst.

She stopped dead at the sight before her. Now she understood.

There was a man dressed in an all black tunic, seemingly similar to Link's green one, his face was in the ground, his body only halfway in the water with it only coming up to his waist. She couldn't see his face, but it might really be her friend Link dressed in a new tunic, and he was hurt. But if so, where was Epona?

Not giving it much thought she ran to his side, Nyx standing close, rolling him over she gasped. It was him, although a little paler than normal, and his hair was an odd silvery white; much like Nyx's body.

Pushing it off as an after thought, she would ask him when he woke up. Carefully putting her hands under his arms, she dragged him the rest of the way out of the water, using the muscles she gained from working on the farm all her life.

He was surprisingly light and it made her wonder if he had lost weight also, and when the last time he had eaten. She propped him up on the side of the house, being careful not to jar him too much.

Nyx followed her every move, shadowing her, as she checked the supposed Link for injuries. Her long slender fingers slid lightly over his exposed face, feeling it soft to the touch, if not a little cold. Blue orbs concentrated on his hansom features, and she had to stop herself from giving into the want of kissing his perfect lips.

She had never really noticed it before, but he now had a red earring dangling from each ear.

Looking down at his chest she took note of the blood that's staining it, a long fleshy gash along his chest, shown clearly through the torn tunic. Worried that he might die from such a fatal injury she quickly reached into the pack on Nyx's saddle, pulling out the medical supplies she had bought earlier.

The bandages she noticed, were a little damp from the horses water fun, but would dry soon enough. Carefully she opened his shirt, peeling the cloth away from the open wound, slipping it out of his arms and put it next to her.

Taking one of the medical gauze patches she walked to the water, dipping it in to collect moisture. Squeezing out the access amount before returning to 'Link's side, dabbing the piece of cloth along the gash to clean up the blood.

That done, the red headed woman grabs for the antiseptic ointment, squeezing out a rough estimate to another piece of gauze, she applied it to the wound. Making sure to get every bit of it before grabbing one last slice of gauze and placed it along the line of the cut; digging around for some bandage wrappings to secure it.

Moving his torso up a little so she could reach around him, she couldn't help but feel the firmness of his muscles; even in unconsciousness they rippled with every touch. Leaning back on her heels, she admired her handy work, not bad, but not the best in the world. Tucking the end of the wrapping carefully into the rest of it to prevent it from coming undone, she allowed herself some time to think.

Unconsciously her hands traveled up the length of his abdomen, to his face, before resting back on his chest. Trying to think of the best thing to do to get him some help, she wasn't a medic after all, and there was only so much she would be able to do for his condition.

So caught up in her own little world, she almost failed to notice the slight moan come from the supposed Link's mouth. Quickly turning her attention back to him, she realized her hands were messaging his chest, unconsciously careful to avoid his wound lest she irritate it more.

She quickly brought her hands back to her lap, silently berating herself for taking advantage of him like that, while his sexy body was in such bad condition… No, she had to stop thinking like that.

She peeked at him from behind her bright red bangs, a gasp tried to fly from her throat when her deep ocean blue orbs met with his blood red ones. The Link she knew had blue eyes, blonde hair, green clothes, and gold earrings. She should have figured it out sooner that he couldn't have passed for the beloved hero of time.

But it was too late, she heard Nyx scream in protest as she found herself suddenly lying on the ground with a very deadly look-a-like Link on top of her. Her mind swam with the turn of events as his red eyes flashed predatorily as he leaned in closer, mouth almost touching her ear as he spoke in low husky tones.

"What's your name?" she shuddered at his closeness, her body reacting in ways she didn't understand, and her hips unconsciously came up to touch her body with his as his deep baritone voice sent shocks through her.

Her eyes were dilated and clouded over, she wasn't aware when she replied in a breathless voice, fear trying to warn her of danger while at the same time draw it in. She wasn't sure what to do, this had to definitely be a bad guy, or a monster, something dangerous that she should flee from, but at the same time she was drawn to him unknowingly.


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