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Chapter Seven: Journey Part 2

Knil's large ivory hand ghosted over her cheek, gently grasping the slip of material and pulling it off, allowing his hungry gaze to take in her face. His red orbs bore into Malon's sparkling blue ones, becoming half lidded at their now softer gyrating motions lulling him.

Before he knew what he was doing, his head lowered as his lips sought to capture hers.

She gasped at the attempt and smiled as he looked down at her in a haze when they parted, he felt his heart give a sudden lurch in his chest, her smile sending pleasant shock waves through him.

He decided to try again, this time a bit more sure of himself, and as their lips collided, he started to move his slowly against her velvety red painted ones. He was unprepared when she gave a barely noticeable moan, and suddenly found his tongue acting against his will as it darted out to capture hers.

Surprising them both with his forwardness, but both were reluctant to let up on the mystic dance of swirling tongues as his fought for dominance over hers, both gaining confidence. After a moment he was able to push her tongue back and she submitted, accepting his superiority easily after giving her part of the fight.

He smiled against her lips at this, giving a satisfied growl, causing the vibrations to race through her chest and mouth. His unusually sharp canine nipped lightly at her bottom lip, making her whimper, hands that had been idle before came up to wrap around his neck as his followed suit, using the leverage to press into each other.

His tongue was allowed to explore the warm cavern, she tasted so sweet he had to bite back a groan, it was a delightful mixture, of semblance to her scent, exotic one could say, of blue raspberry and sweet cream, tangy as well as sweet, a perfect combination and a unique flavor all her own.

Finally they broke apart for much needed air, both panting with labored breath as they stared transfixed at one another.

All too late they noticed all eyes on them, the music had long ago stopped, Katir, in front of the other dancers gave her a wink and two thumbs up, their heads swiveled around to meet the face of a highly amused looking queen.

Nervous laughter broke out among the couple as they separated respectfully, Knil rubbed the back of his head as he smiled apologetically, while Malon blushed furious shades of red, bowing her head and clasping her hands together, like a child caught being bad.

The queen raised a delicate brow but did not comment, "Now that that's over, we can continue to the feast before we settle in for the night." She cast the abashed couple a knowing look before taking a seat at the head of the table.

Thankful they had not been berated, Knil and Malon shared a glance complete with a blush on both parties, and as they took their seats next to each other, Knil placed a hand under the table to seek out hers. He was in the last seat, while she situated herself by his side and glared at any other women who wished to sit too close.

She had won his attentions fair and square, there was no way in hell she was letting them try and take him as Link had been. She had what she wanted and no one was going to snatch it away. A warm smile appeared when she felt Knil's seeking hand grasp hers, feeling her heart swell with pride at the contact and a blush rise to her cheeks.

Knil smiled playfully at her, "You know you could kill someone with that look."

Her slender hand, the one currently unoccupied, lightly slapped him on the arm, giving him a warning look as well; "I wouldn't have to if they left you alone."

A mischievous gleam appeared on his red orbs, "Is someone, dare I say, jealous?"

She huffed and turned away stubbornly closing her eyes and crossing her arms like a pouting child, taking her hand from his "No of course not, what's there to be jealous about?"

He rolled his eyes slowly, "Well... There's those two whores coming back to take me away again."

Both of her eyes shot open and her arms automatically uncrossed with a fist clenched and ready to fly at any moment, but when she saw no approaching target she pivoted in her seat to punch Knil in the arm.

"You are such an ass, you know that?" She glared at him furiously, miffed at being tricked so easily, hey men weren't the only ones who had prides.

He rubbed his wounded right arm, and pouted his bottom lip, "That kind of hurt. And anyways, you were jealous, that proves it."

She took a deep breath to calm herself from beating him to a senseless pulp, 'It's not worth it, he'll only do it again for the attention.'

Since she had no good comeback for that, she simply stuck her tongue out and began picking what she wanted of the food on the table, some she dare not even name, but by the looks of it, was once one of the green monster sand cacti from the desert.

Her face scrunched up at that thought, and she decidedly avoided that piece on her plate, choosing to eat the steaming chicken, and picking a few grapes and some apple slices.

Knil picked whatever was in his reach, didn't matter what, and seemed content with wolfing it down at a seemingly normal pace, but judging by how his plate which had just been completely full of food was already half empty, he must have been trying to eat fast but politely.

'At least he knows basic manners' Malon mentally shook her head, still trying to push away the feeling his burning lips imprinted on her own.

He would glance over her from time to time, and she had to hold back a giggle because more often then not, he had a few bits of food around his mouth. Each time she would reach forward with a napkin, he would freeze and she would wipe away the excess food.

And each time, before her hand moved away completely, and he was finished with his mouth full of food, he would kiss her hand in thanks, and give her a smirk before going back to eating, the hand not being used was being rested on her thigh for the remainder of the meal.

She swore time and again that the blush would be a permanent asset to her face with him.

After dinner Knil grabbed Malon and tugged her outside, it was an almost full moon, though waning, so it gave them some semblance of light as the rays cast shadows over the grounds.

She gasped and became rooted to the spot, transfixed on the near circle in the dark starry sky. He glanced back at her and smiled softly, before returning his gaze to the moon, his hand sneaking down once more to find her own.

"You know," he whispered, his warm breath creating a slight fog before it disappeared in the slightly chilly air, "I was worried back there."

"About what?"

"You." He turned to face her, securing his gaze with hers, taking in her beautiful face as the moon cast a glow over it, the slight makeup adding shadows and shimmers to streak across her face, making her look ethereal.

"What? Why me?"

"Because I thought they had done something bad to you, taken you away from me." He hesitated, having only seen this done by Malon to her father, and reached forward his arms snaking around her torso, as he hugged her from the front.

She felt her heart constrict, he really cared about her, what had started out as forced companionship, was turning into something more, something she was all too happy to allow it's freedom to develop.

"Well I'm here, and everything's fine." She flashed him a brilliant smile, rocking up slightly on her bare toes to come face to face with him, leaning in to seal their lips and prove her point, her heart fluttering at her own boldness.

After a few moments of battling for dominance they reluctantly broke apart for air, he looked down at her worriedly, almost pleadingly, "Stay," he kissed her again lightly, "Stay with me."

Her heart was racing, threatening to escape it's cage at any moment; she felt light as air when she said with almost childish glee, "You'll have a hard time getting rid of me."

He smirked, "I wouldn't have it any other way. Now come on, lets get you out of this cold." He turned and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, lending his newfound warmth as he led them into one of the doors and around the maze of cold stone tiles.


When they reached their doors, Knil grinned wickedly, pulling her into his room with a slight protest flying from her lips in surprise.

The clicking of a lock sounded behind her, and just as she whirled around she suddenly found herself back against the wall without even time to look at his room, warm lips capturing hers in a smoldering kiss, making all other thoughts come to a screeching halt.

His body crushed hers; the forcefulness caused her to let out a moan, surprising herself and her 'captor'.

'So she likes it rough.' His hands sought the smooth skin of her stomach and hips, exploring lightly, teasing the waistband of her pants; she was so unbelievably soft, causing his mind to reel and his groin to tighten oddly.

"Now I have you and no one's going to take you away. Do you want this?"

She whined appreciatively as his hands came up to graze her ample cleavage, causing her back to arch forward for more of the contact. She was lost in his taste, dark spice and smoky, yet somehow intoxicating to her senses. Her tongue ran along his, drowning in the flavor.

"Yes." Came her breathy response.

Pieces of his memory surfaced from what other monsters had talked about that, at the time, he had ignored. The bits that he caught were enough to put a mental image of his innocent little farm girl writhing beneath him, and the basic knowledge of what they were about to do, or at least he hoped that was right.

Their kiss ended and she was left panting and grabbing the front of his tunic helplessly as he kissed a trail along her jaw, down to her throat, he nipped at the vulnerable flesh there, instinct kicking in as his bites became more at the juncture of her neck.

The overly sharp canines he possessed bit into the skin, causing a jerky bucking reaction from the woman pressed against him. He felt male pride as her soft moans turned slightly ragged as he sucked and licked the wound, tasting the tangy iron that was her blood, cleaning his mark.

She never thought, in a million years, that force, and a little bit of pain, would get her aroused. But apparently those thoughts were unfounded as here she was, living up to that lie.

His sensitive nose caught the scent of her arousal, biting her neck once more lightly before trailing down coming to where the slip of material she called a shirt, clung to her bosom. It made a satisfying rip, was his only thought, pleased with himself as she gave an indignant squeak, hands moving to cover herself up.

He batted them away and stared, she stood stock still, waiting for a reaction. She didn't think she was very special, but suddenly she wanted his approval at least, at the moment it was all that seemed to matter.

He stared in amazement as one of his pale slightly calloused hands reached out and touched one, his opposite hand following right behind with the other one.

They fit his hands perfectly, amazingly soft globes of flesh, a small tan circle at the tip of each one. His fingers grazed over it, eliciting a gasp from his 'captive', he looked up to watch her face scrunch up as the scent of her arousal attacked his senses.

He kissed his way down to one, stopping just at the peak, before giving it a nip, she bucked more roughly against him this time, he smirked, knowing he was causing her this abandon pleasure.

His attention continued while his other hand tended to the neglected twin, pinching and rubbing the now hard pebble. Her moans were a symphony that he treasured above all else, and he loved the way his ears were ringing with her chorus.

A thin sheet of sweat began to form over her body, as she opened her eyes to stare at him, an oddly erotic sight of him latched to her breast sucking, nipping and licking almost caused her to forget what she was doing.

Her hands rose up determinedly, as she leaned down to whisper sultry tones in his pointed ear, "I'm half dressed, but you've still got way too many clothes on."

To prove her point she tugged at his shirt, pulling the buckles free and unfolding it to push off is broad shoulders. It fell to the floor dejectedly; they paid it no mind as she busied herself memorizing every inch of his torso.

Femininely small hands fanned out over his chiseled abs and pecks wondering at the feel, rubbing over the defined ridges of muscle packed on like softly sculpted bricks, taking particular fascination in the closed red gash across his stomach, it was going to leave one hell of a scar that's for sure, but at least it was healing. Her soft caresses were rewarded with his sharp intake of breath as he leaned into her touch.

Getting bolder she repeated the process of the treatment he gave her, kissing down his neck and nipping, going farther to reach his chest, licking the small bud of flesh similar to hers before blowing cold air on it.

His hands gripped her upper arms tightly, breathing coming out erratic as he struggled to compose himself. She stopped her attentions and looked up at him questioningly.

He released his hold only to grip her hips and shove her up the wall, causing her to simultaneously wrap her legs around his waist. He picked her up, and carried her over to his bed in the corner of the room, lowering her on the red sheets with surprising gentleness.

Her mind was catching up with her, warning her of the current danger as he loomed over her petite figure and tugged at her waistline. She grabbed one of his hands in her much smaller one to get his attention, "I've never done this before, so this is going to hurt."

Having never though much about it his brow creased with worry, he crawled up her body and placed a gentle, reassuring kiss on her lips, contrast to all his previous ones "I wont hurt you anymore than I have to."

She nodded and released his hand, allowing him to crawl back down her body, trailing kisses down her abdomen, stopping at the waistband of her pants. He gently pulled them down, her scent was coming strongest there, and he almost drowned in it.

His wayward tongue chanced a meeting with her flesh, wanting to taste the scent that clouded his mind with dark intentions. The reaction from her was immediate, her back arched like a bow drawn tight, and her mouth froze in a silent O, as small hands clutched the sheets before finding better purchase in his hair.

Delighted by his new discovery, his tongue dipped down once more, teasing her in ways she never imagined, before running along the length of her core, licking up as much of her as he could reach. It was all she could do to hold on to her sanity through her grip on his scalp, though he didn't seem to mind the rough treatment of his locks.

She mewled and writhed beneath him, fully enjoying what he was doing to her and trying to pull him closer. He ran his teeth along the sensitive bud he found and she almost bucked him off with the force of her reaction. He managed not to be dislodged and decided he had teased her enough, as she had started gasping for air.

Licking his lips, he removed his pants, the dark material was thrown away to join her clothing on the floor.

He inhaled deeply before traveling back up her body, loving the way her soft skin felt against his lips. When he reached her lips he took a moment to memorize every inch, her red hair fanned out like a halo on the white pillow, breaths coming in pants as she gazed at him with sultry cerulean eyes half closed, offering him her body like a sacrifice, goddesses she was beautiful.

He positioned himself at her entrance, distracting her with a passionate kiss, allowing her to taste herself, as he drove himself in as gently as he could, wanting to get the pain over and done with.

She cried out into his mouth and her eyes shut tightly at the sudden intrusion, a few tears leaked and he held perfectly still, gripping her hips to try and keep his control, he kissed her tears away in silent apology.

He felt horrible; revolted that he had caused her so much pain, and finally pulled his hips back, only to find two strong feminine legs holding him from leaving completely. She gazed at him with glossy blue eyes, nodding for him to continue.

"Are you sure?" He asked, though straining to hold himself back.

She felt her chest tighten, the knowledge that he would be willing to stop now because she had been in pain, caused her feeling for him to grow and root themselves deeply into her soul, there was no way she going to let him walk away now. She answered him by raising her hips to take him in again; the friction caused him to let out a deep ragged moan, and her to gasp. Encouraged, she did it again, only this time he met her thrust with a powerful one of his own, making her back arch.

Instinct kicked in as he took over the pace again, seeing she was getting as much pleasure from this as he was, he drove into her with all his strength, before slowly pulling out and repeating the process.

Her hands found his silky silver hair, rubbing his scalp then moving to his back at one particularly hard thrust, dragging her nails on either side of his spine.

He groaned at the pain, his blood red eyes turning wild as he gazed at her predatorily, "You're mine." He growled into her ear, his voice gravely an animalistic.

He busied himself with her neck again, intent on marking her as his, as he dominated her body and mind; which wasn't hard considering she was already submitting to him. He sucked and produced a large red spot over her pulse point, an obvious place joined with his bite mark to tell others she belonged to him now.

"I-m you-r's.." She moaned, eyes shut tight in pleasure, trying and failing to concentrate on her own broken words. "M-ore."

He smirked into her neck, "What was that?" his voice was strained but husky, causing shivers to run down her spine.

"Har-der." Was all she managed through clenched teeth, to busy focusing on the feel of his body sliding over hers deliciously.

He nipped her ear with a feral grin before impaling her with his body, getting faster and less controlled with his strokes as her chest bounced beneath him.

She was close to the edge, he could feel it, her tight sheath constricting almost painfully around himself as he drove into her, his hands sought her breasts as he teased them, helping her search or the release they were both striving for, pinching just hard enough to make her scream as he felt her walls constrict and shudder around him, causing him to simultaneously release with one last deep thrust.

They lay panting heavily, he rolled them both to their sides, basking in the after glow of their activities as he calmed down, before he reluctantly pulled out of her warmth.

He managed a loving smile, she returned it with one of her own, he'd never get tired of that smile. There was an odd feeling rising up inside of him, it made his heart squeeze in a good way and a warm feeling to envelope him. Both were too exhausted and spent from their exertions to do much more than smile and stare at each other.

"Wow." She managed out through pants, her body positively humming and still painfully sensitive from her release.

He chuckled at this, "Yeah, wow."

He put a muscular arm around her and she scooted into his warmth, laying her head on his sculpted chest. He pulled the soft red blanket over them, turning his head to kiss her temple.

"Rest now."

She yawned and nodded, though he hadn't said the words she was looking for, she knew in time they would come, but for now it was time for some much needed sleep for both parties, her eyes already closing at the thought. He watched her with a smile, then he too, closed his eyes to welcome the sleep, comforted by the feel of her in his arms as the moons gaze cast over them, her image branded into his mind for eternity.

'I love you.' He didn't truly realize the words as his mind blanked out to the welcoming darkness.

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