Anything For You


Chapter 1. Conspiracy Of The Shadows

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Moonlight filtered through small openings from all over the cavern.

The roof was ancient and worn out from time and all of it's activities. Shadows expanded as the night progressed, causing the seemingly empty cave to darken with every second that passed.

Finally, the moon in the shape of a cat's claw, shifted position to the center of the sky, where it's full amount of light poured into a hole in the cave roof. The darkness and shadows were overcome in an instant and the light illuminated the entire cave.

Gradually, several blurred figures made their ways into the presence of the glow. There were fifteen of them, and out of the crowd, one individual stepped forward into the direct beam of the light. They were all the size of humans, only they were not humans in the slightest, nor were they Shinigami. They took on the forms and sizes of people.

The one in the center of the group raised his head, and let his vulgar brown-green gaze fall upon the fourteen around him. Once he had made eye contact with each and every one of them, he raised his head and broke the eerie silence.

"Fellow Vasto Lorde," his voice was sickening.

It sounded like a dying animal that had had it's throat sliced open and was drowning in it's own blood. The echoes drifted about the cave, and after a moment's pause, he continued. "The time is drawing nearer. The time in which our powers will flourish."

Another pause.

"Most of us that are here right now know of the failure that we witnessed the last time we received our abilities." Some of the others around him nodded solemnly. "As you know, we have the ability to change forms, but that is only once every 5th solar eclipse. However, some of you are new to this and have not yet heard of this privilege. That is why I have called this gathering tonight."

The others' eyes were all on him now, and he began his story.

"We Vasto Lorde receive the ability to morph forms, but only every 5th solar eclipse. Every time this certain solar eclipse comes around, only us Vasto Lorde can change shape, and only for the week of the eclipse. The last time this happened, we changed into Shinigami and planned to invade Seireitei to steal the King's Key. But somehow, the Shinigami anticipated our actions and slaughtered over half of our own before we even reached Rukongai. Only about twenty of the hundred of us escaped that day. And five more of us died of old age over the past centuries. But now, the time has come again that we can change our forms and infiltrate Seireitei, and successfully take possession of the King's Key!"

The others around him raised their voices in caterwauls. Such horrid sounds echoed around that cave. Their voices sounded of twisted and deformed creatures, screeching and hissing as if being burnt in the flames of Hell.

Once the sounds died away into a low grumble, like that of thunder, the leader went on with his explanation of the plot.

"The solar eclipse we have been waiting for will occur in three days. Once we have effectively transformed into Shinigami we will have seven days and seven nights to slip into Soul Society, get the information we need and take the King's Key. When the moon's light shines through this hole on the seventh night, our time will be up." He flicked his head towards the hole above them. "If we have possession of the key at that time, then our mission will be complete, we will be invincible, and we will rule all of Rukongai!"

The others all began to screech their praises once again. The leader lifted his head to the night sky and shouted above all of the voices,

"We shall take revenge for all of our slain kin, and make the Shinigami pay for what they have done!"

The other Vasto Lorde shouted their approval to the stars above. As the screams began to die down, the leader once again spoke.

"Now, let me inform you all of how we will follow this plan out. In three days, when we change forms, we shall all sneak into separate parts of Rukongai. We will be divided into three groups of four and one group of three.

One group shall enter from the North, one from the East, South, and West gates of Soul Society. Once in Rukongai, we shall travel to Seireitei and get past the Gate-Keepers. If we all stay hidden, than we will not be found out in seven days. We will gather information about each and every Shinigami, and on the fourth night, we will all meet up and discuss our information.

Once we have all agreed, we shall track down who is thought to be one of the most powerful Shinigami and we will catch him off guard. Then, we will take him as a hostage and threaten to kill him if the key is not surrendered to us. It gives them about three days to decide, and if they agree and surrender the key, then they will be in the palms of our hands.

However, if they refuse, we shall kill the hostage, and thus they loose a powerful member. After that, we can either attack Soul Society when they least expect it, or leave them to grieve over the loss of a powerful member for many centuries to come." Most of the others nodded in understanding, but one Arrancar looked confused.

"Wait," He croaked. "If we can attack Soul Society, why not just do it now and get it over with?" The elder Arrancar met his gaze and responded,

"We could attack at any time, but we choose to wait, until we can change forms so we can make our moves secretly. When we transform, we take the shapes of Shinigami, and gain similar reiatsu so we cannot be detected and found out. Attacking will be a last and final resort, if necessary.

But if we were to attack in these forms, they could easily distinguish us and we would not be given enough time to gather the needed information. They would have us surrounded and executed in an instant. It would basically be suicide." The other Arrancar nodded, and the leader continued.

"We leave Hueco Mundo in three days. I shall assign groups on the departing day. Dismissed."

The rays of light from the moon slowly edged away from the hole in the ceiling of the cave, once again leaving the area below in total and complete shadow.

The only noises that were heard afterwards were the faint scrapings of footsteps as the Arrancar crept back into the darkness, and a single, lone gust of wind slipped through the frosted trees in the silent, Winter night.