Chapter 27. Old Endings, New Beginnings

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Dust quivered above the beaten soil as the foggy, brown clouds began to clear away.

Hinamori was at one end, Hitsugaya at the other, both were panting with Zanpakutou drawn and eyes locked on one another.

It was late, almost dusk, the day after the rain shower, and Hinamori had convinced him that she was feeling up to training.

That was no lie.

She was coming at him with almost everything she had in their 'fight', and, to show honor and respect, he did the same. They were attacking and defending as if it were an actual battle, anything less would be insulting or disrespectful, not to treat the other as a worthy opponent. But the rules in their training sessions were different from an actual battle; they could not use ShiKai or anything above it; just sword and skill.

Hinamori's chestnut eyes blazed at him, as though he were a real opponent, determination filled her body with every breath. Hitsugaya reflected the look that he would give an enemy, somewhat angry.

Before he could come up with a strategy of his own, Hinamori had leapt at him through the clearing dust, Tobiume only feet away from him, and gaining. Hitsugaya threw up his sword and the two blades connected with a spine tingling clash of metal, and sparks danced in the air around them. Hitsugaya regained his balance but Hinamori was already upon him, striking once again only to be blocked. Her persistence told Hitsugaya that he should not hold back on her, no matter how badly he wanted to. But he would not insult her by only giving her 50 percent.

He leapt forward at her and she threw up her Zanpakutou to block his attack, and she pushed backwards with all of her might, thrusting him into the air and away from her. Almost automatically, she came at him again through the dust, her sword drawn. As Hitsugaya blocked again, Hinamori quickly shifted her weight, twisted around, and landed an unexpected kick directly on his face.

He recoiled for a moment, bringing his hand up to his bruised cheek, cooling it off quickly with his icy abilities, and seconds later, Hinamori was coming at him again. But this time he was ready for her and as their swords clashed for what must have been the 50th time that day, he stepped forward and threw her backwards, similar of what she had done to him only moments before.

Except his landing had been on the solid ground, while hers was against the rough bark of a nearby tree. Hitsugaya winced as she collided with the hard tree bark, splinters of wood rained down around her, and Hitsugaya raced over to her.


Guilt came over him as he saw how much damage the fall had caused her. But as he made his way to her, she sat up slowly, and coughed a few times to clear the dust from her throat. She staggered to her feet, leaning on her sword for support, and stood up straight.

"You alright?" Hitsugaya asked, letting her lean on him. She nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She choked.

"You still always find ways to get yourself into trouble." He sighed under his breath. "That's enough training for today, neh?" He suggested. It took her a moment to get her breath back and reply.

"I suppose." She sounded disappointed. "But I wish we could have trained more today." She glanced up at the sky, the sun still lingering in the West section of the heavens.

"Hey, you shouldn't be complaining." Hitsugaya teased, as he sheathed his sword. "We've been training all day, since way before noon. You came over to my office the second you woke up this morning! And with you that would be before dawn!" He laughed, and also managed to make her smile as well.

"Hai. Demo, I still feel as though I could have done better during training today." She frowned. Hitsugaya laughed again.

"Are you kidding me? You just got out of the hospital two days ago and haven't trained for weeks. Hell, you fought better then most people in all of Soul Society even after you just got released from the infirmary." His complements were enough to make her laugh.

"Arigatou." As they walked back towards Seireitei, the sky began to turn violet, as if paint had been spilled and was pouring out across the heavens. Then, a faint light in the distance caught Hinamori's eye and she glanced upward. "Look, Hitsugaya-kun, a shooting star!" She smiled as the streak of white made its way across the sky. Hinamori stopped walking and closed her eyes, clasping her hands together.

I wish that Hitsugaya-kun and I would be together forever no matter what. She wished silently.

As she opened her eyes, Hitsugaya was mumbling something softly.

"I wish for Hinamori's happiness." He whispered. Her eyes widened in shock as the rare star fell away into the night.

"You wasted you 'once-in-a-million-year' wish for me Hitsugaya-kun." She blushed slightly. "You didn't have to do that." Without turning to her he shrugged.

"It's the only thing I could come up with." He said dully. Anyone else would have thought that he did not care, but Hinamori could tell that that was the only wish that he could possibly want granted. She smiled again.

"You didn't have to do any of the things you did for me, Hitsugaya-kun."

She stepped forward and Hitsugaya turned to her.

He pulled her forward into a gentle kiss that lasted less then a heartbeat.

Then he pulled back and smiled.

"Baka, what did I tell you before?"

His aqua eyes glistened with love.

"I'd do anything for you."

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