The fall of Legends



Everything dies. From the first infants of our world to the last great whispering willows, everything dies. Just as heroes fight for the noble truths so too do they come to an end. Just as Legends rise, the will all inevitably fall.

Logan doesn't know when things went bad to worse, but they did. Perhaps the first time of Xavier's subsequent death or after Jean, he doesn't know. Was it when Rouge left her mutant ties behind and departed out into the once familiar world of humans? Or perhaps it came when the world turned suddenly hostile against those who t feared and deemed abominations. He doesn't know.

Shortly after Xavier returned from the dead, things took a turn for the worse. Outrage across the world when it was learned that the telepathic mutant and achieved a pathway to immortality, and took over the body of another man. Suddenly it seemed that Gods among men could no longer be understood nor tolerated and thus a prejudice past snuck back into the present. Magneto's return to power did nothing to sway the massing tides. The mutant was old and too set in his ways to go silently into the night, he amassed another mutant force and went to war.

This time the X-men did not come to stand between him and the rest of humanity. This time he won with the death of the President. The world turned violently. Anarchy broke out across the globe, mutants against humans, and the final fight. Before long it was called the "Evolutionary Wars." The X-men no longer were viewed as heroes and defenders of the peace, but as enemies. Storm was the one who proposed we make our last and final stand to live. The Professor for the first time sense I knew him had nothing to say. No words of guidance, wisdom, no will. All he said was, "It's time for you all to decide for your selves what is right and just. I no longer know."

So we did. I had been a fighter all my life, it was my drive, and my primal instinct thus I chose to run away. I had no desire to fight against the hatred of men. Storm pleaded that I stay, but I couldn't. That night I left and much to my surprise I was not alone. Bobby decided to come along with me as did Peter. I didn't refuse their company, I was a little touched that they would fallow me into the unknown.

Three days after our departure came the news, the X-mansion our once sanctuary was destroyed, wiped away forever. As to whom perished, we didn't know, nor would we look. I thought about her, Storm, and what might have been, but I was broken inside. I couldn't do this anymore, I couldn't stand to live. And sad as this might be for once in its existence, the cure didn't look so bad. It had a 97 efficiency to remove the X-gene entirely, and if that meant peace, was it so bad to be normal? To blend in with everyone else? I wish I knew.

But in any matter the three of us are heading away. There's a supposed elusive island that is said to be hidden from the rest of the world, home only to mutants. We're heading there. Soon we'll be at the docks. And if we should arrive at such a paradise then what? I don't know, but as I look back now and see the fires spreading across the horizon I can't find any desire to stay here any longer. It's time to move on.