Neji's depression TIMEING IS AFTER CHUNIN exams!

Neji POV

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Slowly he walked across the desolate Konaha, as everyone was working to repair the city. Neji Hyuuga was a proud man, but the boy Naruto had destroyed his whole belief on life, and faith in himself. 'Maybe his cousin and that boy were right, but then why was I cursed with this bondage?' he silently spoke to his ancestor, 'Dad guide me, help me find what they were talking about!' Slowly he continued to the forest, as he reached a secluded meadow, he thought back to all the problems that formed who he Neji, was. When he thought of his fathers death, he couldn't control the tears, he whispered, "Dad, why did you leave me! Why were we cursed! Why aren't we the happy ones? Why them?"

He buried his head into his knees, as the tears flowed freely, in his place of solitude. As dusk settled Neji stood and slowly headed to the Hyuuga compound, knowing that his uncle Hiashi would return today. He snuck over the gate, and entered via window. He grabbed a bag, stuffed it with clothes for the next day, then crept out, returning to his meadow. "Neji, where are you going?" Hiashi appeared right behind him, 'Thank you for letting him avoid finding my meadow!' he silently stated, before turning around. "Uncle," he said calmly, "I was going to practice my survival skills, I'll be on more missions because of the attack."

"Well why on the, night of your beloved uncle's return?" he replied menacingly. "So you could rest, uncle." was Neji's reply. Inside Neji worried, 'please let him leave me alone tonight! I don't need this again!' Neji was freaking out mentally, but was calmly addressing Hiashi. "Well, where were you heading?" Hiashi stated, no questions, answers were required. "Deep in, environment seen on missions." Hiashi nodded then disappeared. Neji avoided his meadow, knowing Hiashi was following him, even if he couldn't sense him. He steadily headed to a thorny area, with a waterfall, a safe place to go, if on a mission. He found a cave, and set up putting down a blanket over the ground, he activated Byakugan (spelling correct or no?), and saw his uncle in a tree, hopping down, and coming closer.

He sighed, 'I cant fight back so I hope it isn't bad this time.' Hiashi appeared and smirked, "Not in a fighting mood this time?" He gathered; from the down cast shoulders and glaring eyes. Neji sighed, but nodded, he had tried to fight back, last time, but he had used the slave seal, and Neji had passed out, when he had awakened, Hiashi made sure it was worse than ever, Hiashi laughed, "well you learn fast!" He came up to Neji, but for once sealed his movement, Neji opened his eyes wide, in shock, 'either this will hurt so much I will fight back, or something worse.' Neji didn't know which to fear more. Hiashi slowly undressed the frozen Neji, watching his eyes, Neji closed his eyes to avoid looking at hatever was about to happen.

Hiashi slowly pumped Neji, (this is how he arouses himself, he's not trying to make Neji happy) Neji couldn't help how his body responded to Hiashi's touch, his body had been trained to respond, by Hiashi of course, shortly after his fathers death. He wanted a responsive sex toy. Slowly he aroused Neji to the point, that if he could have he would have bucked his hips, his body craved release. Realization dawned on Neji, 'He is going to rape me, then leave me sealed! What can I do!?' Slowly Hiashi pushed the sealed Neji to the ground, and removed his own pants.

His throbbing member was very apparent. Since Neji's mouth had been sealed open (For his breathing /wink/ ) Neji could only watch in horror as Hiashi placed his pulsing member into Neji's mouth, ordering him to suck. Neji didn't move. Hiashi used the mark, causing Neji to be in excruciating pain. As it slowly subsided, Hiashi commanded again, this time he rushed to obey, sucking and licking Hiashi's cock. Soon Hiashi almost climaxed, he flipped Neji over, and plunged his engorged shaft into Neji. Neji cried out as he felt ripped apart. Hiashi pulled out then plunged in again, after a few more plunges, he released inside Neji. Hiashi got up, fixed his clothing, and left saying, "Have fun practicing." Neji was stuck by the seal, he was in pain, as plod and semen pooled out of him. He still had his own painfully aroused cock, he was froze in misery until, at dawn, he was unsealed, he had no idea how, but he got up, dressed, then crawled in a corner and cried. He crawled, packing his supplies, and he laid down, drifting into a fitful sleep. When he awoke, he realized it was noon, he attempted to move, but the pain refused to let him. He stood up, ignoring the pain, and returned to his meadow, it took three times longer because he could barely move. When he arrived he saw someone else lying in the lush grass!

He slowly approached, seeing a sleeping Nara, 'isn't his name Shikamaru?' He stared at Shikamaru's face, 'he looks so peaceful, not a problem in the world, 'isn't he the one who beat Tamari?' He cautiously sat on a tree root, as far from the Nara as possible. He was instantly jealous of his ability to sleep peacefully while Neji was filled with turmoil. Slowly he saw Nara's brow furrow, as if thinking. 'Wonder if he hides secrets beyond his careless attitude?' Slowly Neji left, creeping slowly, but steadily towards Konaha, ready for the day. Tenten and Lee were send on different missions, he was sent to find and remove any explosives with his Byakugan.

Soon, he had found and destroyed fifty explosives. The Naru from earlier came up to him, "Hyuuga-san, Iruka wants you, new mission, too troublesome." He then walked off, as Neji slowly moved to the academy, where the orders were being given. Iruka instructed, "All seals found, go rest a bit, we need all the rest we can get." Neji once again headed for his meadow, 'not mine anymore.' When he reached it he collapsed, he started talking to himself, "What a life is it really worth the work to keep up?"

"Keep what up?" An annoyed voice stated. The Nara was back. Neji slowly looked around, there the Nara was sitting on a tree root. Neji ignored him, and stared at the sky. "I've never seen a male Hyuuga show emotion, let alone sound depressed, angry, and annoyed." "there is a first for everything." Was Neji's snide remark. "heh, Neji has an attitude. What's a Hyuuga doing so far from civilization and in my area, how troublesome." "Hnn" was his response. "Not that I care but whats with the troublesome face?" "None of your business Nara." Neji spat out. "Like I care Hyuuga." He replied in a bored voice. "N ne eji… Dad's looking fffor you!" Hinata stammered as she wondered through the woods. "Shit!" Neji exclaimed before sprinting in the opposite direction as her voice.

The Nara watched apparently uninterested. (I'm debating should I write with two POV's? or both in same aka what both are thinking? For this chap I will just do Neji POV. Review plz) Neji headed deep into the woods until he reached a very desolate place. He collapsed in exhaustion. 'Should be safe here!' He curled into ball and dreamed of his 'training' with Hiashi, when he was young. (aka sex toy training) When he awoke, the image of when he fought back still played in his head. He uncurled, then froze. Before him stood an infuriated Hiashi. "Did my dear nephew decide to avoid his beloved uncle?" Hiashi shouted. Neji flinched as his uncle started waves of fists raining down on him, he curled into fetal position, forcing his body to relax, so it didn't hurt as much. Slowly the fists slowed until, they stopped. A black and blue Neji glanced at an angry Hiashi. "Well? What's your excuse?" "Excuse for what Uncle?" Neji replied in an annoyed voice. "Well, Hinata went out, and I know you heard her!" He gave Neji a kick. "Well I must have slept through her annoying quiet voice." Hiashi's anger increased, "Never insult the main branch!" Hiashi ordered as he once again kicked his prone nephew.

He only received a humph as a response. "Your insolence can no longer be ignored. Even if you are my brothers son!" He grabbed Neji's neck, pulling him up, and slammed him into a tree. "Warning! If I hear your insolence against me or any off the other main branch, this will be nothing!" Neji closed his eyes hoping he would just kill him. Hiashi froze him against the tree with a jutsu, Neji's back was towards him. He activated the curse on Neji, then began pounding forcefully into Neji, also pounding him with fists. Neji was unable to do anything but cry out in pain. Slowly he blacked out landing harshly on the ground. Hiashi's laughter rang through his head.

Neji woke up to strange hands caring for his wounds. He groaned as he opened his eyes, the headache almost more than he could stand. He attempted to sit up, but strong hands pushed him down. "Move and all your wounds will bleed more. How troublesome." "Nara?" Neji's voice cracked. "Humph. You've been out for an hour, I carried you back to the meadow. Definantly too troublesome." Neji coughed, he managed to say, "Why?" before going into a strong fit of coughing. "Well I followed you when you ran, your look worried me, troublesome, but I saw what happened, waited for your uncle to leave, and decided I'd help or you might die. Troublesome but…" "You could have let me die! Grr!" He then broke into another coughing fit. "Humph gratitude how troublesome." Neji started coughing so hard he couldn't breath. "If you keep moving your lungs won't heal. Don't you realize he used a kunai when he pummeled you?" Neji shook his head, trying to breathe, his lungs felt like they were on fire. "So how come you didn't even fight back?" "Were you at the tournament for Genin?" "Yeah" He couldn't stop coughing after he said. He began seeing black, he couldn't get air. Shikamaru looked at him worriedly. "Stop trying to take normal breaths, breath in slowly, then let out, good. Keep it up." Neji slowly breathed, "how do you know all these med stuff. Your not a med ninja." Shikamaru glanced up wrapping Neji's wounds. (YAY Neji got hurt a lot WEEE ) Neji could finally breath, he looked himself over. ' I look like shit!' He was amused, 'that is the worst he has ever hurt me, I must have really pissed him off.' He chuckled out loud. Shikamaru looked at him, "What's so funny?" "Heh next time I'll finally end up dead!" "What?!" Shikamaru looked at him like he was crazy. "Maybe you do have a concussion." Neji attempted to sit up again. "NO! You are lucky I haven't taken you to the hospital, so if I say don't move, then don't move! How troublesome." Neji looked at Shikamaru, shocked at his tone. "Fine" He settled back down. "Why do you care anyway?" Neji slowly said. "No reason." Neji sensed he was hiding something, he made a mental note to discover what. "There done!" Neji noted he was well wrapped. "Nice Thank you." Neji had a hard time actually showing appreciation. "Your welcome, you are very troublesome." He then laid back in the lush grass staring at the sky, dust was swiftly approaching. "Shit! I've got to get home!" "No worries I had Ino take care of it" "Nani?" "Explaining is troublesome, she lied to your uncle, as of now you are on a mission to discover dangers to Konaha. So you have two choices, you can stay in the meadow, or hide out in my room." "Why are you helping me? Neji asked, no one had been nice to him for a long time, he was a little weary of it.

Well, I feel its too troublesome not to." "shit!" The pain flared through his haead and he blacked out..

When he awoke, it was two hours later, he was in an unknown room, 'Shikamaru's room?' He thought, back to what happened, 'I sensed Hiashi activate the seal, well that sucks he is very mad!' He moaned as he opened his eyes, 'twice in one day! Wow I've pissed him off' Everything was just bright, he couldn't see. "Awake?" Neji shifted his gaze and saw a grey and black splotch. "You ok?" "including the fat that I cant move at all, can't see, and have the worse headache ever?" he replied sarcastically. "He watched Shikamaru move, he assumed closer, he felt a hand pulling his eyelid up, and shine a light into it, he would have slapped the hand, but he couldn't move. He tried to close his eyes, but Shikamaru said, "Hold still I'm trying to help!" Neji attempted to glare, but from the laugh, he guessed it didn't work. "Do you realize, you are laying prone on a bed unable to move, by glaring you just look pitiful" Neji closed his eyes, 'Not fair!' "Well, I don't know what happened in the meadow, but your retina's are messed up, and from what I can tell your nerves are messed up. You won't be able to move or see for at least a week." "ARE YOU SERIOS!" "Duh!" (for the purpose of my feminine mind the week shall be NO bathroom breaks ok?)

"Well looks like your stuck here for a while" "No! My uncle will be pissed!" "Well he'll never know, no worries. Just sleep, I'll get you some food." "Why are you being so nice?" "Ah I feel like it." Shikamaru left, Neji fell asleep. He wakes up to yelling, and wonders what's up, and begins to hear Shikamaru, "Not this time dad leave me alone!" He heard a gasp, then grunts, sobs, then silence. He blearily stared at what he assumed to be a door. He heard some banging, then, "Never Ever tell your father what to do!" He heard soft crying, from the next room (If you read my other fan fics, I love turning strong male people into sob stories (literally) sorry if you don't like!) Slowly the sobbing was silence, an hour or so later, a black and blue Shikamaru came in, Neji was awake, eyes closed. Sigh, "One day…" "one day what?" Neji inquired. "Your awake! I brought you ramen, peas, and water." "Thanks, but do answer the question" Neji was getting used to actually being polite. "Too troublesome." Neji let it go, and attempted to sit up. "Grr! I've never been so frail!" he exclaimed as he fell down the third time. After laughing Shikamaru gently helped him sit up. Neji glared at nothing saying "thanks" Grudgingly. They ate raman and peas in silence. Neji began nodding off yelling at himself to stay awake. (in his head.) Shikamaru looked at Neji, then ordered him to ly down, Neji was out in min.

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