Title: The Dating Game

Rating: T (for now… rating will go up. You were warned!)

Summary: After her some-what tramatizing experience in the Hyuga household last summer, Tenten was allowed to date Neji in a semi-normal relationship. Of course, the Hyuga clan wouldn't be the Hyuga clan without throwing in some problems for the weapons mistress.

By: Shikamaru Nara's Fangirl

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Extra note: This is not the full chapter. This is only a preview to prove to the world that I'm not dead.

The Dating Game

Once upon a time, in a small village named Konoha lived a couple. They weren't exactly traditional, they weren't practical and they weren't by any means normal. After all, how normal could it be falling for what was once your teammate and fiancé? But some people would call them cute and that they complimented each other.

She was happy, could be hyper, cheerful and an all around perky person.

Whereas he was cool, calm, collected and if you ask her, she would say he had—

"A stick up your butt! Neji Hyuga, you need to remove the friggin' stick from your butt! Have you no sense in adventure at all?"

"Tenten, your sense in adventure is cutting Hanabi-sama's hair and dying it blue while she's asleep." Tenten smirked when she remembered the events earlier in the week. Hanabi was playing with Tenten's favorite kunai and was shocked when it broke in her hands. After careful planning to hide it, Tenten found it by accident one evening… and had let out a scream of bloody murder which brought Neji and half the Hyugas to her.

Neji was surprised and confused to find Tenten on the ground, clutching the two pieces of kunai, and was seemingly muttering comforting words to the pieces of metal.

After she was released from the Hyuga medics, Tenten immediately began plotting her revenge.

She borrowed some blue hair dye from Ino Yamanaka, (Tenten didn't want to know why Ino had blue hair dye, so she didn't ask) and, after waiting for a days, she crept into the younger Hyuga heiress' room. Tenten allowed herself a few seconds to think, 'Damn! Her room is huge!', then she carefully poured the dye into Hanabi's hair…

The next morning, when Hanabi awoke… a loud scream echoed the walls of the Hyuga compound. Tenten had to restrain her laugher upon seeing Hanabi walk around with bright blue hair.

Of course, blame was immediately put on Tenten.

"I'd still like to see proof that I dyed her hair blue."

"You were talking of revenge and you're the only one with a motive." Neji answered immediately. The weapons mistress crossed her arms. "That brat pisses a lotta people off. They have motives." Neji opened his mouth to retort, then closed it, and seemed to actually ponder what Tenten had said. "As true as that is…. you're the only one who would dare to do that to a future clan head." Originally, Hinata and Hanabi had quit training for clan head, (Hanabi because, for starters, she wasn't all that interested in being head. "Too much boring paperwork" she said, and secondly because it was a form of protest.

And Hinata, who never before disobeyed her father and the clan's orders, followed her younger sister in renouncing the position on the grounds of unfairness, out-of-control power of the elders, and a form of protest due to the treatment of Tenten and Naruto.) But once news of Tenten's return to Neji was spread around the compound, the elders had demanded that Hiashi ordered his two daughters back into training.

Tenten scoffed. "I'm not afraid of Hanabi. I bow down to no man!" At Neji's raised eyebrow, Tenten quickly corrected, "Girl."

And that is where the preview ends.

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