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Chapter One

All of Joey's life he had been living a damn lie and didn't even know it, till he was twenty-two and Serenity called him from New York and said "Mom is dying and wants to talk to you one last time, will you come." When he told his dad about her being real sick, he never said anyhing about not going to see her, so he called and told his sister that he'd be there.

He and Seto have been a couple since they graduated High School and that has been four years. They have had their ups and downs like any couple has but they have always been able to works their differences out and stayed together, so when Joey told Seto about Serenity's call Seto told him "Use the jet its faster and you'll be home sooner." So that's exactly what he did, and now he wishes he had taken a regular flight because he has to go back and tell all his friends that he's been lying to them for years.

When the jet landed in New York, Serenity was there to meet him and as she drove him back to their apartment she told him how their mother was and that she was afraid that he wouldn't make it in time.

They arrived at the hospital around five that evening and the doctor had made special arrangements that Serenity could come and visit her mother any time she wanted so when they got there they just walked into the room and there laid their mother and she looked so peaceful. Serenity touched her arm and whispered "Mom, Joey's here." But she didn't wake up and so they sat down to wait.

Around nine the next morning their mother started to wake up and she smiled when she saw her daughter sitting there and she whispered softly "Rene wake up."

Serenity yawned and stretched and then she stood up and gently kissed her mom and then she said "Mom Joey's here." She didn't get the reaction she hoped for because her mom said "Please leave while I talk to your brother."

Serenity blinked at her but did as she said and as she left she said "I'll be right back."

Joey stood up and walked over to the bed and as he stood there his mother said "At last I can tell you the truth of your birth because I don't have anything to lose since I'm going to die soon. Then she coughed and asked for a drink of water. Then she cleared her throat and said you are not nor have you ever been my son, you are the bastard child that your father brought home one night and because you were so small and hungry I let him keep you but I never touched you. Your father hired a woman to come and take care of you while he was at work. He made me promise never to tell you or Serenity, but hell I'm dying so what the hell. So you can get the hell out of here and away from my daughter and never come back."

Joey couldn't believe what he was hearing and then they heard a gasp and there stood Serenity. She had heard every word that came out of her mother's mouth and she went over and she said "You vicious bitch if you weren't as sick as you are I'd slap your damn face, I never want to see or talk to you ever again." The she ran out of the room and Joey said "I'll talk to her." Then he left too.

Joey found her in the outside waiting area and she was crying and he put his arm around her and he whispered "Don't be angry with her, she's just telling me the truth that our father should of told me years ago. You have to go back in there and tell her that you're sorry for what you said, she's dying and needs you near her right now."

Serenity held onto Joey and she cried and as he held her he wished he had something to tell her that would take some of the sting away, but all he could do was cry too. Hell here he thought that that woman was his mom and now to find out that she isn't well his father had a lot of explaining to do when he got back.

Serenity then wiped her face and she said "Joey, I don't give a damn what she's says you're my brother and I will always love you." He smiled down at her and he said "That goes double for me, so go back there and stay with her and I'll go back to the apartment and try to figure out what I do now." He kissed her cheek and left to go try to absorb what their or should he say Serenity's mom had just said to him.

He called Seto and told him that the flight got in and that he's already seen his mom and she's not very good, but he didn't say anything to him about what she had said to him. He really needed to be alone for a little while and then when he got back home he would talk to his father and then tell Seto what has been going on. They talked for a couple of hours and Seto made him call when he was ready to come home and Joey promised to call.

Serenity came back to the apartment later that evening and they ordered pizza and as they ate they talked about what happened and she made Joey "promise never to think that just because of what that horrid woman said he was now and would always be her brother."

It was quite late when they finally went to bed and as he laid there looking up at the ceiling he wondered who his real mother was and was she still alive. Tears ran down the side of his face onto the pillow as he tried to understand both his father and that woman never told him the truth before and when he got home he was going to find out!

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