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Chapter Ten

Serenity had such a great time at the party and everyone thought that it was so cute how Mokuba was never very far from her side. Solomon was so proud of how Hank had changed when he knew that not only did his son need him but that his daughter did too. Solomon was the only one who knew the truth about Mary and Hank and that was because one night Hank had gone to a bar to get wasted and was walking home when he stepped out in front of a car and nearly got killed. Solomon was driving that car.

Solomon had taken Hank home and he stayed up all night long with him making him drink cups upon cups of coffee and Hank opened up to him about all the shit him and his wife had done and Solomon told him "If your children ever needed you who would you rather them see the drunk or a sober father who would do anything for his children?"

That was the turning point in his life and he owed it all to the friendship between fathers. Hank looked at Solomon at the party and he went over and he said "Thanks old friend for making me finally see that I want my children to get to know a sober father." Solomon hugged Hank and he said "You're very welcome and they both sure have grown-up to be very good young people haven't they."

Serenity heard stories about her brother from his friends and she sat there laughing and once or twice she wiped away a tear as she listened to how much they all loved Joey. Secretly she wished that she had friends like that when Yugi said "You know since your Joey's sister then you're our friend too." She smiled through her tears as she said "I would really love for all of you to be my friends too."

While they were eating, Yugi said "I know that you'll have fun at Domino High just like we did." That's when they all groaned and then they told her some of the funny stories about how each of them had gotten in trouble one time or another while they went to Domino High. Serenity then said "This is going to be an experience for me because I was always shipped off to boarding school and now I'll be going to school and I'm just a little scared."

Malik then spoke up and he said "Hey, you'll be just fine and since Mokuba and you will be both sophomores then he'll be able to help you adjust to High School and you'll have a great time."

It was getting late and soon everyone started leaving but not before they all said again how much they loved meeting Serenity and they'd see her soon. When everyone left, Serenity and Mokuba went for another swim and since the pool was lit and the water was heated they had a good time. As they swam side by side, Mokuba found himself falling in love with her and what he didn't know was she felt the same way about him and it wouldn't be to far off that they would tell each other how they felt.

Hank went outside and smiled as she saw his daughter and Mokuba swimming and then he said "Rene, it's time to get out and changed we have to leave in a few minutes."

Serenity and Mokuba swam over to the side of the pool and he got out first and then he helped her out and they both got changed and as Hank was talking to Joey she walked up and she heard her father say "Son, would you like to go put flowers on your mother's grave Sunday with me?"

Joey smiled at his dad and he said "I'd really love that and thanks for asking me."

Serenity didn't know what they were talking about but she guessed it had something to do with Joey's real mom, god she hated saying that he was her brother and nothing was ever going to change that.

As they got ready to leave Serenity thanked Helga, Roland, Seto and especially Mokuba for having this party so she could meet all their friends. They left and as Hank was driving she said "I had such a wonderful time and thanks for being my dad."

There was something in the way she said that made shivers go up and down his spine and when they got home he was going to ask her about it. He pulled into the driveway and before she could get out Hank said "Rene, do you have anything to talk to me about?" She smiled at him through her tears and she said "Yes, let's go inside please."

Hank unlocked the door and as they walked in she ran to her room and he locked the door and stood in the living room wondering what this was all about and praying it wasn't what he had dreaded it could be.

Serenity came back out to the living room and she sat down on the sofa and he sat next to her and she opened a black box and she took out a piece of paper and she said "Mom's Attorney gave this to me when Joey had gone to the bathroom and he said "Your mom wants you to have this and if you have any questions you're to ask Hank Wheeler and he'll explain everything to you."

Hank knew what the paper was and he wanted to strangle that bitch if she wasn't already dead and buried. Then he turned to his daughter and he said "You are now and will always be my little girl and no damn paper will ever change that fact." She fell into his arms and as she cried she said "How could my own mother be such an uncaring bitch?"

Hank held her in his arms and softly whispered to her "Honey I don't know, but what I do know you're a Wheeler and we Wheeler's stick together." She sat up and smiled at him and she nodded and said "Yes were truly do don't we." Hank then asked her "Do you want to know about the man who's name is on that paper?"

Serenity looked at the paper and she put it back into the box and she handed it to her dad and she said "You'll need this to register me for school and after that I don't ever want to see it again. You are my one and only father and I love you with all my heart."

They sat there holding each other and then he said "How about if I fix us some hot chocolate and we can put some marshmallows in it, how does that sound?" She smiled and said "That sounds great." It was quite late when they finally got to sleep and as he tucked his daughter into bed Hank said "Sleep tight my little one." Serenity smiled up at him and she blew him a kiss and she said "I love you daddy good night."

The next day Joey went over to see his dad and sister and that's when he asked Serenity if they could talk and he told her about his real mom and that Sunday they were going to go put flowers on her grave and did she want to go with them?"

She smiled through her tears and she said "I'd love to and I have something to tell you too." Serenity went on to tell her brother about how her mother had an affair and that her real father was some businessman who disposed of her mother when he found out that she was pregnant and that's when Joey said "Listen you are now and will always be Serenity Beth Wheeler and we Wheelers always stick together."

Hank was standing in the doorway listening to his children talk and he was so thankful to God for letting him be with his children and for bringing the Wheeler's back together forever more. He was so proud to be able to say "This is my son Joseph William Wheeler and my daughter Serenity Beth Wheeler." The Wheeler's were finally home...

THE END……………..

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