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Summary: /FujiSaku/ /One-shot/ "I love you!" "Really now?" Fuji whispered seductively into Sakuno's ear, making her shiver. –– Fuji tutors Sakuno in English, all the while having fun at the same time.

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"Speaking" (in Japanese)

"Speaking" (in English)

English Is Fun

By sillyangelxo

"Mou, senpai. I'm getting tired and I want to go home. Can we finish this tomorrow?" Sakuno stretched her arms, yawning in the process. Fuji grinned at his kohai, an English translation book sitting nicely on his lap.


"Ne, Sakuno-chan. Just one more," Fuji flipped through the book, looking for phrases.

"Ano, okay senpai. But only one more," Sakuno agreed, sitting on Fuji's bed as she leaned back to the wall.

Sakuno waited patiently, as Fuji's eyes scanned a bunch of pages. A few minutes passed, as something caught his now mischievous blue eyes.

"Okay, Sakuno-chan. Say "I love you," " Fuji told Sakuno, leaning in a bit closer.

"I…" Fuji nodded, encouraging the pigtailed girl.

"L… love.…" Sakuno struggled on the word.

"... You…" She finished.

"I... love…" Fuji leaned in more.

"I love…" Concentrated on saying the phrase, Sakuno didn't realize how close her senpai was.

"I love… you…"

"I love you!" Sakuno screamed in delight, happy that she had successfully mastered said phrase.

"Really now?" Fuji whispered seductively into Sakuno's ear, making her shiver. He brought his hand up and grabbed her chin, turning her head to face him, as he leaned down until their lips were centimeters apart.

"Fuji-senpa–" Sakuno was unable to finish her sentence as his lips met hers in a chaste kiss. In mere seconds, she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing back with much force.

It looks like Sakuno wasn't going back home any time soon.


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