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"I still can't believe that Dash actually accepted that bet." Danny laughed.

Yeah, they both knew that Sam was filthy rich. The real problem was getting everyone to agree that Sam was filthy rich. But they couldn't just waltz into Sam's house like that.

So, on Saturday, they held their first extended Team Phantom meeting at Sam's place in disguise of a group project. Lancer was there because he had to 'make sure they do their work'. But even if Mr. and Mrs. Manson didn't accept that, Danny could always overshadow them to change their mind.

Danny prepared a slideshow for those new to the whole ghost hunting thing. Even Jazz turned up. After all, she is part of the team. Tucker was sure that most of the people meeting in Sam's second home theater – man, how cool is that? – never thought that they would actually be doing this.

But before the actual meeting, there was a bet to settle. At first, Dash refused to admit the fact that Sam was filthy rich, but when he saw the two home theaters and bowling area – man, that's sweet – even he had to give in.

Danny gave a briefing on the more common human ghosts in Amity Park, making sure to specify who's good and who's bad. And for Valerie's sake, he even categorized them into their own respective ectoplasmic level class. Now if he put that much effort in class, he'll be getting straight A's like Jazz. Too bad he has unofficial co-curricular activities taking up his time.

He watched Valerie the whole time. She seemed to accept the fact that there were bad and good ghosts much easier after knowing that Danny was half-ghost. Phew.

The meeting went rather well. The only setback was that they still had not sorted out how they were going to help Danny. Despite the fact that Sam was filthy rich, Valerie and the trio wouldn't be in the A-list anytime soon because Sam absolutely refused to let anyone know of her filthy rich status.

That meant he was still the unpopular techno geek who has problems getting a girl. Why Sam, WHY? Couldn't she let him get into the A-list so that he had a better chance at getting a date? That is, if the girls aren't too busy going for Danny. Man, he has it all, good looks, ghost powers. The lucky dude.

Enough of the jealousy, he should have gotten over that after that incident with Desiree. Back to helping Danny. Man, he's so lucky.

For now, they would gather together under the pretense that they were doing an extra credit assignment from Lancer. Dash and the others would look for some other victim. That wouldn't be too suspicious. Danny isn't the only guy in the world you know.

But he could think about that later. Right now, Dash was about to do his part. Everyone made sure that the whole school knew about Dash's once-in-a-lifetime show of utter humiliation. The techno geek made sure that he was prepared. PDA, it's all up to you now baby.

There he was now. The trio slipped away quietly. After making sure that no one had their attention on them, Danny went ghost and made all three of them invisible. This was going to be fun.

Dash ran out in nothing but his underwear. Flashes went off as the students of Amity Park took pictures in their mobile phones. But Tucker had the best angle.

The halfa brought both of them into the air, invisible. That way, they could follow Dash all around the school and get up close and personal. Tucker was never, ever going to delete that video. Are you kidding? This was high quality blackmail material we're talking about here. This video was definitely better than the teddy bear incident.

Tucker wiped a tear from his eye. The trio was laughing so hard that tears were pouring from their eyes. Danny almost dropped them twice!

He saw Sam reach out and wipe the tears from Danny's eyes. Usually, he would do his part and tease the lovebirds. But that can wait. Video recording Dash in utter humiliation comes first in any situation.


Ghostwriter entered the hall. The sound of moving gears and the ticking of clocks filled his ears. He flew past the multiple clocks until he reached the figure floating in front of a big circular screen that showed events, history and endless possibilities that only he could understand.

Currently, the ghost master of time was watching the screen, deep in thought. Ghostwriter did not bother to greet the ghost. Clockwork most probably already foresaw his visit long before he even thought of coming.

"Why?" He said simply. Clockwork turned into a child.

"There are some things that cannot be said before the time comes. All I can tell you is that he would need as much help and support as possible when the time comes." Clockwork replied.

He turned around, changing into a young man. "You may stay and watch how things turn out."

Ghostwriter shrugged. It would be interesting to see what Clockwork had in mind when he asked him to write the ghost child's dual names on the board. In fact, if he stayed, he might get some inspiration. He really didn't like writer's block.

He caught sight of a boy running around only in his underwear.

Wasn't he one of those students in the classroom…

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