Title: Late Night Snack
Author: youkohieifan
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: Smoker/Ace
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 541
Warnings: Yaoi, language
Disclaimer: Don't own One Piece or it's characters.

"Ttaaaiiiissssssaaaaa..." Dark watery eyes looked up at him in the dark.

"What is it brat?" Smoker would have blown smoke in the mera mera users face but knew it would just make the younger man whine even more. Smoker reached around his neck to pull lanky arms off him.

"Feed me."

"Should've ate before you came here then." The marine made his way to his desk, opening a drawer to retrieve his beloved cigars, but before he could lite them Ace beat him to it.

"See how nice I am, please ffeeeddddd mmmmeeeee. It doesn't have to be alot." Ace walked over to the captain and drapped himself over the older man, trying to get his point across by nuzzling the others cheek.

"Will it shut you up?" He was answered by an intense nuzzle and a too wet kiss along with a strangle hold like hug.


The marine sighed, how the hell did he get himself into a mess like this. Returning back to his room with a large plate of leftovers from todays dinner he shut the door quickly behind him, didn't need someone catching a glimpse of whitebeard's second in his bedroom.

'Should've known.' Slamming the plate down, he grabbed a now sleeping Ace's legs and pulled the boy from the bed harshly earning him a squawk of surprise.

"What was that for?"


The logia user was immediately up on his feet and sitting at the desk shoveling food in his mouth. Smoker sat on his bed, looking away in disgust. Even after two years of watching the idiot eat, he still could barely stomach watching what he and strawhat considered eating.

After a few more minutes Ace had finished and was turned in his chair legs propped up on the desk and patting his stomach in content.

"Thanks Taisa it was alot better than I expected."


"Now that I've eaten, I'm ready for some good old-fashioned lovin'." Smoker didn't even have enough time to scoff at the idiotic words due to the fact Ace had launched himself towards the bed. Luckily Smoker was used to it and was quick enough to smother the flames that threatened to set his bed on fire.

"Watch what the hell you're doing." He gritted his teeth, biting into his cigars as he was pinned ot the bed.

"I only did that once and besides you got a new comfortable bed out of it."

"I seem to recall at least three times, and you still won't explain why my bed was on fire when I came back." Ace simply smiled at the older man and plucked the cigar's from his lips. Putting them out and away on the nightstand his kissed his marine. Besides it's not like Smoker really needed to know that he sat the old bed on fire because a broken spring kept poking into his back.

"Details, details, now kiss me." Ace was rolled over and throughly kissed, while large hands reached between them for his shorts.