Title: Starry Heavens
Author: youkohieifan
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: Smoker/Ace
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:
Warnings: Yaoi, language
Disclaimer: Don't own One Piece or it's characters.
Notes: This along with all my other fics will be apart of one long fic...eventually. For now just consider them snippets.

It had been an eventful day, to say the least, Smoker decided. Seeing Luffy being thrown overhead and Ace ducking small boulders from their grandfather had turned this vacation into something the marine could enjoy. He had even laughed when Ace, along with his nuisance of a brother, had been thrown into a puddle of mud.

Now they were sitting in front of a fire, basking in its warmth after Garp had gotten done with his grandsons. Luffy had been carried off by his shipwright, wearily asking to be fed. Ace was leaning against Smoker, leaving a trail of heated kisses down the man's jaw and neck.

"I thought we had to get back to that woman's?" Smoker eyes remained on the fire in front of them.

"We've got plenty of time and, besides, I'm sure she'll save something for us if we're late." They kissed as Ace tried to push Smoker down to the ground. Growling into the kiss, Smoker took off his coat and laid it out.

"Lie on the coat." Smoker moved Ace over, pushing the younger man down beside the fire.

"Oooh, Smoker-chan's being thoughful. I feel so loved."

"I don't want to hear you bitch." The marine allowed himself to be pulled on top of the other, Ace immediately kicking off his boots and pulling off his shorts.

"You're eager tonight." Smoker smirked down at the pirate boy beneath him.

"Just don't want a repeat of the last time we had sex." Smoker's smirk turned into a deep frown as he shuddered at the terrible memory.

"You're right for once." Smoker leaned his weight on one arm while his other hand worked on unzipping himself.


"You know sometimes I think that it was always just us, always this thing we have, you know?." Ace was tucked under his chin, drawing circles on a pale chest as he spoke. "Have you ever thought about us before?"

The older man just kissed him before they settled back in semi-comfortable silence, only little touches signaling that they were both still awake.

Smoker didn't know how to respond to the boy's words as they continued to echo through his mind. Both knew how the other felt about them and, in the end he supposed that was all that mattered, but when the brat said things like that a surge of warmth rose in his stomach, something that had once been pushed aside and unwanted.

Ace has fallen asleep while Smoker had been deep in thought, and he grimaced at the feeling of the pirate's drool making it's way down his chest. Moving the other's head up, the marine wiped away the small rivulet of saliva on his own skin.

"Mmm." Pausing, his eyes focused on the body beside his as Ace mumbles incoherently and shifted to rest closer to Smoker.

Smoker glared up at the night sky but he couldn't find the anger that had used to engulf him when he was considerate to the boy; even now. A soft snore next to him broke Smoker from his train of thought and the marine turned over onto his side, his arm pillowing the other's head, as he stared at the sleeping face.

His eyes scanned the other's face, staring intently at the innocence the other showed, the slightly-parted lips. Smoker sighed before pulling the boy closer, wrapping his other around around sharp hips.

"Hmm...junsho?" Ace groggily mumbled as he cracked open his eyes to stare blearily.

"Nothing; go back to sleep." Smoker buried his nose in dark hair as he felt a hand idly brush his cheek, the soft petting causing the marine to relax and fall asleep.