Yugi woke from a sound slumber to someone pounding on his door. He moaned and got out of bed, putting on shades so that the sunlight wouldn't hurt his eyes. He looked through the peephole and sighed with relief. It was Seto. He opened the door and let him in. Yugi's immediately smelled vampire, but he ignored it. It had been three years since he had joined the vampire hunters. Since then Seto had been trying to come up with a cure for vampirism. So far nothing he found worked. Yugi had offered several times to try out his ideas, but the man always refused. He said that when the product was ready they would try it on him, for now however Set tried them on himself. One of his employee's was turned out to be a vampire and tried to convert him. However, an experimental injection he had taken earlier prevented the transformation from working fully. Seto was now a half vampire. Yugi had heard of half vampires, but had never seen one until this happened to Seto. In Yugi's opinion a half vampire wasn't much different from a blood bonded human. The only difference was the slight control over magic, and the need to have one pouch of blood a month. That was what he had come for. Seto didn't like to make it publicly known that he drank blood, so he often came to Yugi's to sit and feed with him. Yugi didn't mind. He liked talking with Seto, even if it was just the CEO venting about how incompetent his workers were and how he was never able to get anything done. Yugi himself had grown a bit since last time. He was a little taller and a little more mature looking, but it was mainly in how his abilities had developed. When a full blooded vampire turns one hundred their blood lust is cut in half. Yugi had to feed only once a month like he did when he first met his friends, only now he was actually full. Friends….He smiled at that thought. Shortly after joining Tristan had been kicked off the team. He had refused to accept Yugi and had tortured him several times into leaving and never coming back. Yami and the others always found him though. Eventually Yami had gotten the hint that something wasn't right. It wasn't long until they found out what was going on after that. Everyone had been disgusted with him. Yugi could still remember the way Yami's voice had shook with rage as he cradled him against his form. Yugi blushed at the thought. He'd had a crush on Yami now for two years, but had been too afraid to bring it up with the leader of their gang. He was afraid it wouldn't work out. The fact was that no matter how innocent or pure he was, Yugi was still a vampire, and nothing was going to change that. He was too afraid that he would hurt the leader to bring out his true feelings. What he didn't know, was that Yami thought along the exact same lines, only he was worried he would hurt Yugi. Yugi decided to bring out his wings and let them stretch. They came out with ease and folded neatly behind him. His wings had developed as well. They were now much glossier and larger than they had been. And the bone was now fully mended, though whenever he flew for long periods of time the joint would ache. Seto sat with Yugi and conversed about a lot of things, the weather, his company, his younger brother Mokuba, his company, politics, his company. Yugi smiled and shook his head. Kaiba worked way too much and they both knew it.


Seto took a sip of the coffee Yugi had brewed for them. It was black Italian roast, his favorite. Seto smiled. Whenever he came to the little vampire's house; early, late, or in the middle of the night. That pot of coffee would be brewing. It was as if Yugi waited for him to come over. Seto sighed. Yugi really needed to get out more. Either that or just get over his nerves and tell Yami what he thought of him. This nervous dance that the two were playing was almost unbearable. But then again…..he had the same problem with Joey. He shook his head and forced those thoughts out of his head. He was in no way attracted to that mutt, the mutt who had a brusque attitude and annoying accent, the mutt who was continually insulting him. The mutt whose golden bangs flopped in his eyes like a puppy. The mutt who had a cute little rear that he felt like he could just…..WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING?!! He really needed to get those kinds of thoughts out of his head. Yugi chuckled. Seto's eyes narrowed. Yugi had never told him if he had the ability to read minds, but sometimes he got the impression that the shrimp knew exactly what he was thinking. Pushing those thoughts aside he took another sip of his coffee. Yugi chuckled again. What Seto didn't realize was that he sometimes thought out loud. He had just heard the entire conversation about Joey. He chuckled as he thought of it. Little did Kaiba know Joey felt the same way, but he would never tell him that. And neither would he tell Seto of his little quirk. He was going to let the CEO figure it out himself. Well…..with a little help from a certain mutt that is. Yugi chuckled again. Everyone said he could be evil when he wanted. And right now he felt like he was in a mood to mess with people's heads.

Tristan waited patiently in the shadows, waiting for his prey to come to him. He hissed slightly. Damn Yugi and the team. Yugi especially. Shortly after being kicked off he had had problems. Not monetary. No. Yami had given him plenty. They had even gotten him his own apartment since he had lived with Joey. No, it was problems with vampires. They had caught wind that Tristan had been thrown off the team and had come for revenge. It wasn't long until he was a vampire himself. Now he was the fledgling of a woman named Tea. He purred when he thought of this. Tea was actually the one thing he didn't mind about his new life. She was good looking and even better in bed, but that was about it. They both loved each other deeply (Me: GAG!), but she couldn't get over an old infatuation of hers, Yami. It had surprising to him that Yami had known her. Then he had heard their history. Tea and Yami had once been in love. He had showered her with gifts and made her feel like the most special girl in the world. What he hadn't known was that Tea was a vampire and worked for Kaiba corp. She was just waiting until he was ready to have her in bed. When he was she tied him up and delivered him to Kaiba corp. Yami had felt betrayed. Tea had tried to make Yami fall in love with her again, wanting to have the popularity and high social ranking that he had given her. But Yami shut her out of his heart and tried to kill her. It wasn't long until he had been injected with the demon blood. It was Tea who had dropped the curtain on Yugi that night. She had been spying on Yami and had gone into a jealous rage when she saw the love stricken look that passed through his eyes when he heard Yugi's voice. Tristan found it highly ironic that Yami was now falling for the one thing he had sworn to kill. Oh yes. He knew that Yami loved the little vampire brat. He was just too afraid to admit it. Too afraid he would be betrayed like before, and too afraid he might hurt the little one with his confession. He snorted. Yami was really clueless. He didn't even notice that Yugi felt the same way. He wondered what the vampire's story was. He had heard about being blood bonded and drained….but what about his family? His friends? Who gave him to the vampire? Well no matter. It's not like he really cared. He was just curious. He smirked as his unsuspecting prey came towards him. It was time to push those thoughts aside. Because it was time to feed.


Yugi headed over to Yami's house, the headquarters of all their meetings. Yugi flinched as the sun beat down on him. He tried to keep to alleyways and shops to escape its light. This was another advantage of being one hundred. He could stay out in the sun longer. He still needed shades and a long black trench coat to protect him though. He sighed in relief when he saw Yami's apartment. Inside would be friends, coffee, and burn cream. He could already feel the sun begin to get uncomfortable. He quickly slipped inside and took off his shades.

"Hey guys! Sorry I'm late. Seto wanted to talk." He flashed his fangs at them. Everyone but Yami tensed. Yugi was obviously in what everyone fondly called 'vampire mischief mode'. Bakura and Marik grinned when they saw this. Yugi was always fun when he was like this, all too willing to help create trouble. Joey however, groaned and resolved to hide under the couch. Since Yugi liked Yami too much, most of the pranks would end up on him and Seto. And since Seto wasn't here, which greatly disappointed him, he became the target for the full frontal assaults of pranks. Wait…did he just get disappointed that Kaiba wasn't here? And….had he used his first name?...GAH!!! HE LIKED KAIBA!!!! No! He couldn't! That bastard was always insulting him! That's right! He couldn't! He was too insulting! Too insulting, too haughty, too stuck on the idea that friends weren't worth his time. But…..he did have a nice figure, the coat helped with that. It made him look dramatic and imposing. He was clearly dominant. That bothered him. Unless……yeah, it would be nice like that……GAH!!! NO!! BAD THOUGHTS!!! OUT! OUT! OUT! Joey decided right then and there to shoot himself. He groaned and sank even lower into the furniture. Yugi looked at him in confusion with a glint in his eyes. "Are you all right Joey? You don't look to good." He asked in an overly sweet voice. Joey groaned. Man. Yug must really have energy today. That vampire was way too willing to cause people trouble.

"It's nothing you guys need to worry about." He said, hoping this would satisfy them for now. Yugi just grinned and leaned down next to his ear.

"You know……if you watch closely I bet you can see things you wouldn't have noticed before……mutt." Joey's jaw dropped. Yugi giggled when he saw Joey's reaction. "Don't worry. I won't tell……yet." With that haunting statement in mind Yugi sasheyed over to Yami, who was looking extremely nervous, and looked at him for a moment before tackling him to the ground. "I missed you!" Yami smiled and patted him on the head. Joey merely shook his head in disbelief. Yugi was definitely in a mischievious mood today. Though he didn't know why…… All of a sudden everyone's attention was drawn to the TV. Yami turned the volume up so they could hear.

"……Was found floating on a cartoonish ship with strange marks under her right eye. Though there are no signs of a struggle or any other wound she is said to have died from blood loss. Anyone who knows anything about this woman or her death is to contact police immediately. Here is a picture of the sign." A strange symbol flashed onto the screen. "Anyone who knows about it is to contact the authorities immediate….." The woman was cut short by a cry from Yami.

"Yugi?! Are you all right?! Come out from under there! Yugi? Yugi!" Joey looked over to see a pair of amethyst eyes glowing under the couch. Joey got up to see what was wrong. Yami knelt down so that he could see him. "Yugi? Yugi please. Come out. Tell us what's wrong. We're your friends. We want to….whoa!" All of a sudden his arms were full of a trembling mass taught muscles, cold, clammy skin, and broken sobs. "Yugi! Yugi. Shhh. It's okay Yugi. What's wrong?" The vampire didn't respond, only burying it's head further into his shirt, hands knotted in the fabric, crying tears of blood as he whimpered. "Yugi please. Tell me what's wrong. I want to help you Yugi. Please." The sob slowed down for barely a moment, just enough for a rush of jumbled words to come out of his mouth before his head was even deeper in Yami's chest, crying harder than ever. "Shh…..It's okay Yugi. Everything's going to be all right. I just need you to say that a little louder and slower." Yugi tensed a moment, shaking his head. "I know you're scared Yugi. But we can't help you unless you tell us what's going on." Deep breaths came from the vampire. The silence was now so profound you could hear a pin drop. Finally, after what seemed hours, Yugi spoke.

"T-t-t-that s-symbol w-w-was m-my m-m-m-masters. He….He…He….He's found me!" His head dove back into Yami's chest, causing the adult turned teen to grunt as the air in his lungs was forced out.

Shock. That's the only thing that went through everyone's minds. Even though Yugi was small and showed fear towards other vampires he always managed to find a way around the pain and help. Never, never had they seen Yugi so terrified. He refused to let anyone touch him except Yami. And when Marik came forward Yugi let out a frightened hiss and shouted something in an unknown language. Marik retreated his hand and stared at him curiously. He didn't come close after that. He seemed to be trying to figure something out. After several attempts to approach Yugi they backed off and let Yami deal with the broken boy in his arms.


Deep within the city there was a warehouse. If you looked around it wouldn't seem different from any of the others surrounding it. Yet there was a significant difference. Inside it was pitch black with not even a match to illuminate the darkness. From this darkness a chilling voice began to chuckle. The voice alone would have sent anyone scampering into hiding for several years. The chuckles developed into full laughter when it felt the terror coming through the link speed his own blood. His heart didn't beat, it couldn't. But his blood still moved through his body. The laughter eventually died down as the owner gained control of their emotions, but could not stop a few chuckles from passing his lips every once and a while.

"So. I've finally found where my little runaway is hiding have I? Tch tch tch. I told him that I would come for him eventually. Such a pity. He was such a nice little vampire too. Too bad he'll have to be punished." A piercing whistle went through the building. There was a shuffle and the darkness seemed to move. "Find the boy and bring him back here. He needs to be taught a lesson in obedience." The shuffle and scrape of limbs touching a cold, hard floor were heard before the noise drifted off.

"Yes master." The darkness said. The sound of wings opening went through the building as the darkness took off and left. The voice chuckled again.

"My dear Yugi-boy, let the games begin!"

Sorry it's so short. I couldn't think of much else to write. I'll try to make the next one longer.