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Rowan was so deep in thought that she gave a strangled yelp and elbowed poor Leon in the chest when he touched her shoulder. She instantly felt bad because he was her favorite character, but also because he had been trying to offer her comfort. Ada was right in Resident Evil: City of the Dead by S.D. Perry, Leon was a naturally sweet guy.

"I'm sorry," she said finally. She noticed that he was still lightly rubbing his sternum.

"I'm fine," he said, still more concerned for how she was feeling, "I just wasn't expecting you to lash out, but given what you've been through I should have known you'd be a bit jumpy." At that he gave her a wry smile. He looked past her and down the tunnel they were standing very close to the exit now. After they had recovered, somewhat, from their run and she had her little break down moment, Rowan had walked to the exit and peeked out at the path ahead. It had been a year since she had last played but this part was easy enough to remember. Trip wires, bear traps, and of course Plagas infected villagers with high explosive. It should be a walk in the park.

She was still kicking herself for forgetting the boulder so she started to list all of the parts of the game that she would have to face or somehow slip off, like when Ashley gets kidnapped or for that matter maybe she should insist on going with Luis, oh snap. That was another problem in and of its self. She had almost flipped out when Luis died in the game. Now she knew it was going to happen and, if she played her cards right, she had the power to stop it.

"Ok," Leon said as if he had reached a decision on something, "Rowan, as much as I would like to keep moving, I think it would be best if you could tell me about every thing you have heard or seen so far. This could be the only chance we'll get to just talk with out villagers after us." Oh, Leon, you have no idea, she thought.

"Well," she said slowly, not sure what she should tell him, at this point she wasn't positive that Ashley had been moved to the church, "like I said, my kidnaper used some kind of drug, something on a rag that he put over my mouth until I passed out. So I don't know much. When I woke up I was in an old house and there was only one guard in the room with me. My hands were tied, but my not my feet, so I kicked him in the groin and then when he doubled over I kicked him in the face, hard. His head snapped back and there was a lot of blood. I think he was either unconscious or dead because he didn't make a sound. That's the only reason the two other guards outside of the house didn't come after me. The man I…dispatched had a hatchet with him and that's how I untied myself. I explored the house after that and didn't find anything of interest, that's when I heard a commotion outside. When I chanced a peek out the window I saw an unconscious blonde woman being taken out of another house. At that point I went to the back of the house, thinking I was next, and I slipped out a window and into the woods. I saw you fighting in the village from where I was hiding and came to find you. The rest is history." As she finished speaking Rowan gave herself a mental pat on the back, that had been a very good lie. Because she had said that Ashley was unconscious the other woman had no way of disproving that it had happened. Leon thought it over for a few moments, but she could tell by his eyes and his body language that he was not questioning the truth of her story. She thought it must be the fact that she could say just about anything with a perfectly straight face.

"Alright," Leon said, "if you think of anything else let me know. No matter how unimportant it may seem."

Don't worry Leon, she thought, I'm going to be dropping hints like its going out of style.

"Kay," she answered, but the gears in her mind were already back to plotting. They were going to be going through some dangerous stuff soon and she was confident that Leon would protect her. So, she thought, should I pull an Ashley and duck and cover every time something happens, dropping hints when needed, or should I take a more active role, like Ada?

"Let's go," Leon pulled her from her musings again. His gun was back in his hand and he started walking. She could only follow, for now that was all she could do. Why can't we meet the stupid merchant now! He was an integral part of her plans.

As they exited the tunnel that had been hiding them, they walked into a small clearing with three ruined houses. One of them was almost nonexistent and the one to there left was so full of wood rot a strong wind might be the end of it. The third house, the most intact, was also the furthest from them. They were halfway to the last house when Leon put his foot in a bear trap that neither of them had noticed. That was when the villagers with dynamite had decided to make there presence known

"Shit, shit," Leon ground out between his teeth. He had dropped his gun at his feet and immediately tried to pry open the bear trap. He redoubled his efforts when a stick of dynamite landed next to him. Rowan snapped out of her slight shock and, before thinking, scooped the thing up and tossed it back. It went through the window it had originated from and it must have exploded just as it was hitting the ground, because the two villagers didn't have time to do more than gawk at her stupidly.

For a few moments after all Rowan could do was gape silently at the destruction she had just reeked on the already unsteady house. Apparently, unlike in the game, the things around here were more than capable of being destroyed.

"Oh shit, a little help back here," Leon said, the strain in his voice the only thing to betray the extent of his pain. Rowan snapped out of it, the second time in as many minutes, and turned her back on the house. If the house had taken so much damage she doubted the two ganados would be giving her any more trouble. By the time they had figured out how to get the trap off without hurting Leon further, he was panting heavily and had broken out in a cold sweat.

"Shit," Leon said for the hundredth time, it seemed to be his favorite expletive. He wrapped his arm around Rowans shoulder and she helped him hobble over to a more protected area. They hid themselves behind a broken wall in the wreckage of the house she had blown up.

"Leon, just relax, do you have any kind of first aid?" she asked quietly.

"Yeah," he said and reached behind himself to pull out a can of first aid spray and a green cure all plant. She watched curiously as he stuffed the leaves into his mouth and made a face. Then he split the stem and carrot like root with his thumb nail, he smeared the clear sap directly onto the open wound. Rowan had always wondered how that worked.

"Did you know," Leon started, "that the sap of the green cure all, applied directly to a small wound like a cut or scrape, will heal almost instantly." Rowan arched an eyebrow, not really sure where Leon was going with this.

"Yes," she answered, "I actually was aware of that."

"Really," he said in a pleased tone, "well, it's a little known fact, but when the green cure all is mixed with the first aid spray, its healing powers are amplified." To demonstrate, Leon carefully rolled up his pant leg to give her a good look at his still bleeding wound. It actually wasn't as bad as she had originally thought, just a lot of blood. There were three major puncture marks, two on the outside of his leg and one on the inside; they were still slowly seeping blood.

Leon motioned for her to hand over the first aid spray and she did. Rowan couldn't help but wince in sympathy as Leon hissed. He carefully opened each puncture mark as far as he could and sprayed the healing chemicals as deeply as he could. Then he closed each one and held it shut. Rowan watched in barely concealed fascination as the wounds fizzed and closed over, the skin left behind was a shiny dark pink color, almost like a burn.

"How does that work?" she asked after she had helped Leon to his feet, he tested his leg a few times before placing his full weight on it and grinning at her.

"Well, we don't actually know," he said and sat back down, resting his back against the wall, "it's a natural chemical reaction between the sap and something or other in the first aid spray. They've been working on it for a few years now, but with no luck." Leon suddenly coughed and looked first at her and then looked pointedly at her messenger bag

"I don't suppose you have any real food in there do you?" Rowan laughed lightly at the seriousness in Leon's voice, looks like he was already sick of energy bars.

"Today is your lucky day," she answered and started digging. She resurfaces a few seconds later with a small bag of teriyaki beef jerky and a bag of skittles, "not the healthiest meal in the world but its all I've got."

"Jerky is low in fat and high in protein," Leon pointed out as he grabbed a piece and started gnawing on it.

"Hey," Rowan said as timidly as she could, "could I go be alone for a few moments while you rest, I promise not to go far, not even out of sight." Leon began to protest but stopped and scanned there surroundings, including the rest of the house A.K.A. wreckage.

"Well, it certainly seems they chose the wrong girls to kidnap. It looks like you're more than qualified to take care of your self, first you escape and then you save my ass. Just stay were I can see you," Rowan nodded her understanding of the order, not really sure if he had been trying to make her feel better with that or trying to make himself feel better about not being the one to protect her.

"yeah," she said trying to make him feel better, "It just so happens that I personally know both Karma and Fate." Leon smiled at that but Rowans overactive imagination chose that moment to give her a scenario in which Leon found out about her lie. "Leon, if you meet up with any of the people here, could you…" at that point she trailed of and looked into space trying to think of a good way to word what she wanted.

"What is it?" Leon asked, concerned after seeing her worried look.

"Well it's just that I was hoping if you came across any of the kidnappers that you not mention me, I'm kinda hoping they've forgotten about me. And I'd rather not remind them of my presence. This may sound selfish but their probably more worried about the presidents daughter, I'm not about to draw their attention away from her. " By the time she had finished explaining her 'fear' Leon had an understanding look in his light blue eyes.

"No doubt if I were in your shoes I'd do the same thing," was all he said, Rowan was immensely pleased that he didn't judge her for wanting to use Ashley's status as a shield. With that out of the way she started hopping from one piece of rubble to the next to explore, and more importantly try to find some dynamite of her own.

It didn't take her too long to find the half buried bodies of the ganados, at least she thought it was half buried, it could have just been half a ganado. She used her body to shield her work from Leon's view and she managed to get three intact sticks of dynamite and she found a silver Zippo lighter. Just as she stuffed her booty into her messenger bag Leon decided it was time to move on. Rowan noted that with his injuries healed, Leon was back to his awesome bad ass self.

Leon walked cautiously out from behind the section of wall where they had been hiding and looked around. There wasn't much to see really. They were standing in the smoking debris of the house she had blown to hell, the remains of the other house was close by and the last house was beckoning them to enter. Luis, Rowan thought, and Mendez.