Deadly Sin

Fandoms used: Death Note, Godchild, DN Angel x-over

Warnings: OC villains based on 7 deadly sins, Character death

Summary: A new evil shows its face without any regard for justice. Differences will be set aside and alliances will be made for the ultimate showdown between good and evil.

Chapter 2

Light's eyes fluttered open, but he quickly closed them at the first glance of the brightly lit hospital room. Now expecting the harsh light, he slowly lifted his lids and let his eyes focus before looking around. His eyes shifted to his left and he was met by a set of black-rimmed pits of darkness. He blinked once, and then twice, making sure that he was not hallucinating. "L?"

"Yes Light kun, I'm here." The detective said emotionlessly.

A moment passed as Light's bottled up fury leaked out. "What the hell are you doing here?" He asked sitting up. That was a bad idea on his part. His head spun and he fell back on his pillow until it stopped.

"Light kun, you mustn't push yourself. You still need to recover from your concussion."

"Why are you here?" Light asked calmly, controlling his rage for the sake of his health.

"You almost died." L said.

"That hasn't stopped you from leaving before." Light said shooting L a deadly glare.

"I wanted to find out who killed Watari."

"Isn't that why you tried to kill me, because I tried to kill your beloved caretaker?"

"I'm sorry Light kun, I..."

"NO! I will not accept an apology from you." Light said not letting up on his glare.

"I wasn't thinking. I acted on an impulse." I said almost pleading.

"What would you have done if you had killed me?"

"Nothing. Your father would have killed me." L answered. "He had his gun ready to shoot if I didn't let go of you."

"Is that really the only reason why you let go? Because your life was threatened?" light questioned, slowly sitting up so that he was not looking up at the detective, but instead was eye level with him. "How did it feel to have your hands wrapped around my neck, feeling my pulse slowly die beneath your fingers? To almost kill me with your bare hands, then leave me to stew on it for a month. Does it make you feel all tingly inside to know that you had that much power over me?"

Light saw it, the fear that was waging war behind L's eyes. He was currently reliving every second of what happened that day, his fingers unconsciously tracing over tiny little scars on his wrists that Light noticed was where he had attempted to free himself. Light would love nothing more than to rip L's fear out and beat him with it.

"Hewould have been so envious of you at that moment." Light tossed out. If not fear then he would beat L with the guilt.

"He?" L asked, the fear now evident in his voice.

"Yes, he, Pride. He had his fingers around my neck, just like this." Light said demonstrating what pride had done to him on L. "He was right up on me like this, whispering in my ear." Light said lowering his voice to a whisper as he positioned his mouth beside L's ear. "He threatened and taunted me, fully aware of who he was messing with. The whole time he did this I was frozen, unable to move because of you. Because of what you did to me."

A single tear rolled down L's face and latched onto Light's cheek because of their closeness. Unsure of himself, L wrapped his arms around Light, taking him into an accward hug. "Please forgive me Light kun."

Light quickly pushed L away from him, a look of disgust on his face. "I'm not in any mood to forgive you. I know why you are really here and don't tell me you were worried about my health. You are here because I am the only survivor of the Seven Sins Murders. Unfortunately for you, no matter how much my knowledge may help you solve your case, I won't tell you a thing."

"You are being unreasonable Light kun."

"Find a way to prove to me that you are truly sorry for what you did. Only then will I help you."

"You and your damn pride, I swear Light kun you're impossible to deal with sometimes."

"Somehow I like it better when Pride said that to me." L's brows furrowed and Light let out a sigh. "If you are going to properly apologize then you better think of something soon. I've got a time limit."

"Time limit?"

"This cut isn't a beauty mark L." Light said gesturing to his bandaged jaw.

"Light kun, not in public." L hissed as he shifted his eyes uneasily.

Light rolled his eyes. "Pay attention Ryuzaki. Pride didn't kill me for a reason. It wasn't his turn to kill. When it is, I'm his target."

"They kill in a pattern?" L questioned.

"Thank you for caring." Light deadpanned. "I'm not telling you anything else, so it's useless for you to be here."

L closed his eyes as he recovered from the stealthy blow, then he continued in his usual monotone. "If you feel that way, I will send in your family. They have been waiting quite a while to see you." L got up and left the room. Before he left the room he whispered: "I do care." He said it so soft that Light had to strain to hear it before the door snapped shut.

Once L was gone Light sunk into the pillows. His body hurt him more than he would never let on, especially in front of L. He had honestly wanted to help L, but he wouldn't give into L so easily. Light's pride was in shambles and he figured that the only person that could possibly salvage it at this point was L. Once he did, Light would be working along side L once again. This time trying to bring down the lowest scum on the planet, lower to L then Kira. After all Kira only killed criminals, these new guys killed innocents. The thought of them two working together actually brought an accward smile to Lights face.

Not too much longer after L had left, Light's sister, Sayu, came running into the room and latched herself to her brother. "I'm so glad that you are awake Light! I was so afraid that you were going to die!"

Light saw his mother and father had walked into the room. His mother looked like she had been crying for hours and his fathers neatly done hair was everywhere and his eyes were blood-shot, Light figured that he had been crying before he came into the room but didn't want to make Light feel too uncomfortable. Light smiled warily at them from his hospital bed before turning his attention back to Sayu.

Light took his sister lovingly into his arms as she cried onto his hospital gown. "It's alright Sayu. It'll take more than a knock on the head to get rid of your big brother." Light pet Sayu comfortingly on the head. "I promise I won't let anything like this happen again." Light glance over at his parents. His mother was crying again as his father tried to calm her, all the while he held Light's gaze.

"Sachiko, Sayu, will the two of you step outside for a minute? I need to speak with Light about something in privet."

"But dad, Light just woke up!" Sayu protested.

"It's alright Sayu." Light said flashing her a smile. "We can do something together later, just the two of us. Anything you want, I promise."

Sayu wiped away her tears and smiled at Light brightly. "Alright. Don't break your promise or else." She said playfully punching him in the arm. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and followed Sachiko out of the room.

"How are you feeling Light?" Soichiro asked once the girls were out of the room.

Light laid his head back against his pillow, fingers massaging his temples for a moment before sitting back up and answering is father. "I guess I'm little tired, there's a sharp pain in my head but it will pass. Other than that I'm fine."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Soichiro asked?

"Not really." Light said hugging his legs.

"Er... Ryuzaki looked depressed when he came to get us. What happened?"

"I refused to forgive him."

"Did you at least tell him about what happened last night?"

"No. I refused to tell him anything important. Not until he can prove to me that he is sorry for almost killing me." Light said avoiding his father's gaze.

"Light, more people could die if you don't."

Light looked up at his father with sad eyes. "Weather I do on not depends on L now."

"How did it go?" Satoshi asked as l walked into one of his Japanese safe houses.

"He's being a selfish brat." L growled, switching from Japanese to Italian for Satoshi's sake.

"What are you going to do?"

"I have no choice but to give in to his whim's don't I?" l said bitterly. "He has valuble information on the seven sins and he won't tell me anything. he's still upset about what I did to him a month ago.

"What exactly did you do that would make him disclose important information form you?"

"I almost killed him." L said, his eyes softening as he did.

"That's not like you l. I think I might actually agree with Light's methods on this. However, the question still remains, what are you going to do to gain his forgiveness?"

"How do you feel about Kira joining the task force?"

"Kira? Are you telling me that Light is Kira?"


"Are you sure?"

"Positive. I just can't prove it."

"As long as you feel that you can trust him, then I am perfectly fine with him joining us. You might want to discuss this with the Earl of Poisons though."

"What about your Phantom Thief?"

"I'll speak with him and assure him that he will be safe."

"When will he be joining us?"

"As soon as he can get everything situated with his parents and school. I gave him access to your safe house in Berlin. He'll contact us from there when he's ready to be picked up."

"That's good. I'm going to head out to England this evening. I need to meet with Cain in person to be sure that our conversation will not be over heard. I do not want to trust phone lines, no matter how privet they may be, with information this sensitive. Will you be alright with staying in Japan by yourself?"

"Yes, but try not to be too long. I never mastered Japanese and don't want to look like an idiotic tourist if I should have to go out to get something." Satoshi said trying to lighten the mood. L gave Satoshi a brief smirk before retreating to his computer to schedule a flight to England as soon as possible.

Cain woke up and he immediately felt it. The presence of another person in his room and it wasn't Riff. His hand slid under his pillow and he grabbed firmly onto his revolver. He swiftly pulled it out and pointed it into the face of his intruder. A moment of silence passed and the panda-eyed intruder remained stoic and unblinking.

"Who are you?" Cain asked breaking the heavy silence.

"Please remove your gun from my face Count Cain." Cain lowered the barrel of his gun so that instead of aiming at his face, it was now pointed at L's heart. "That isn't too much of an improvement but I'm glad to see that you're exercising caution."

"I'll ask again, who are you?"

"I am L."

Cain's eyes widened for a brief second but his gun never wavered. "How do I know that you are who you say you are? You could be one of them, one of the sins."

"You're right, i could be." l said staring Cain in the eye, never once blinking. "But I'm not."

"Can you prove it?" Cain asked.

"In many ways. I could give you a brief description on all three thousand five hundred or so cases I've solved, but that would take far too long. i could tell you everything about yourself from before you were born, but i am sure you would rather not have your horrible past retold to you. I will however tell you that last week I extended an invitation to you to join my taskforce to catch the seven sins."

"I gave L my answer, why are you here?" Cain said not truly convinced that L was who he said he was. He did move the barrel of the gun again so that it was pointed at one of L's bent legs instead of his heart though.

"I'm glad that you are beginning to trust me." L said eyeing the gun. "As to why I am here, I will explain. A contact of mine refuses to give me valuable information about the case unless I cater to his ego."

"And what do I have to do with your decision?"

"I want him to join the team."

"That doesn't explain why L would need to meet with me in person."

"I was afraid I would have to explain myself to you once I told you who he is."

Cain raised a questioning eyebrow. "And who is he?"

"I haven't been able to gain solid proof to confirm it but I know I am not wrong, he is Kira."

Cain's eyes widened and he dropped his gun in surprise. "You can't be serious. How do you know he's not the one killing all of these people or at least ordering the attacks?"

"I will start my explanation by saying that it is not his style. he does not kill so inhumanely. nor does he kill innocent people. he would also never kill his assistant, the second Kira."

"Then it would seem that gods can die." Cain commented.

"And also if that is not proof enough, he himself was injured by our little friends. Trust me when I tell you this, Kira would never condone to self-harm. His pride would never allow it."

"You seem to know him quite well. I do believe you might be a little obsessed with him."

"I was handcuffed to him for nearly a year. It is only natural that I would know him as well as I do."

"Hm, maybe I was right in thinking that you are not L. L never shows himself to anyone. Much less Kira, the man that can kill with a single glance."

"Actually only the second Kira could do that, though I'm not yet sure why. And she could only kill with that same instrument that Kira is using."

"And what would that be?"

"I'm not sure yet." L answered. "In any case, I am here to re-extend my invitation to you. Will you still join my taskforce?"

"L, i am not the type of person that accepts an invitation more than once. If you can trust that Kira wont end up killing us all, then I'll have to trust your decision. As I see it, we all have a common goal, to stop the sins. If Kira wants to help then I have no objections."

"I never expected you to fold so easily." L admitted.

"I'm just being fair. It's actually rather ironic really. We, the top three... er, five detectives," L grinned at this, "seem to have our very own pet criminals. I have my Riff who once worked for the Delilah Organization, Satoshi has his Phantom Theif, and you have Kira."

L chuckled lightly at Cain's statement. "I'm curious as to how Kira would take to being called my pet."

Cain suppressed a laugh. "I guess it wouldn't be to wise to mention that to him."

"Probably not. I am quite grateful that you approve of him joining Cain. Now all I need to do is think of a way to tell him that will really stroke his ego."

A series of raps on the front door of Light's house caught the teens attention as he began to dry his hair. He threw his wet towel on his bed and went downstairs to answer the door. When he opened it, none other than Matsuda greeted him. "Matsuda? What are you doing here? My father already left for headquarters."

"I know." Matsuda said happily. "L is going to make a world wide broadcast and he wanted to make sure that everyone on the taskforce, you included, heard it. He was afraid that with your grudge, you wouldn't want to."

"So he sent you to make sure that I watch it." Light concluded with a slight annoyance. What is L planning this time?

Matsuda laughed nervously. "You don't mind do you?"

Light sighed. "i guess it wouldn't matter weather i did or not. You might as well come in and make yourself comfortable." Light said gesturing for Matsuda to come in. "Would you like anything to drink? The coffee I put on before I got into the shower should be done by now." Light offered as he made his way to the kitchen.

"Well, if it's no trouble." Matsuda said following Light.

Light filled two coffee mugs; he began to drink his black as he pointed out to Matsuda where the sugar and cream was. "When does the broadcast start?"

Matsuda glanced at his watch. "In about ten minutes."

"Lets go to the living room then shall we?" Light suggested and the two of them made their way to the living room, sat down on the sofa, and turned on the TV to the right channel.

"Light, I don't mean to be rude, but what happened the other night? With the sins?"

Light lowered his eyes. "I'm sorry Matsuda, i don't want to talk about it."

"Will you be able to make it to Misa's memorial service?"

"i wouldn't miss it for anything." Light said forcing as much feeling as possible into the words. "At first i wasn't so sure about her because she forced her feelings on me, but in the end I think that I may have actually been falling for her."

Unable to contain himself Matsuda took Light into a sympathetic hug. "I'm so sorry Light. I hope that l will be able to catch the people that did this to you. I want them to pay for all of the pain they've caused."

"You're a good man Matsuda." Light said.

Anything else that either of them was about to say was cut short when a large gothic style L appeared on the TV screen and l's scrambled voice emitted from the speakers.

"This is a world wide broadcast. As the world knows I, L, have been hunting the mass murderer Kira for the past year. What I have neglected to tell you, the world, is that I has temporarily withdrawn from the case, leaving a taskforce of very skilled men to continue hunting in my place, as I begin my for the Seven Sins. A vial organization that, even Kira would agree, needs to be stopped at all costs."

"What is L doing?" Light voiced, feeling as confused as Matsuda looked.

"For this case I have enlisted the help of several skilled individuals from all over the world. However i feel that we are not enough. As much as it dismays me to request this, I have to humbly push back my pride and request that Kira, wherever you may be, form a temporary truce with me. I have come to realize that if you have managed to evade me for this long then you are skilled enough for me to consider you my rival. I'm sure you realize this by now, that was the greatest compliment I can give anyone.

"Before the world plunges into chaos over this message, I would like to make it clear that I still disapprove of your methods and when this is over I will arrest you. However i will admit that our goals are similar, and by similar I mean we both hunt criminals. It kills me to say this, but i need your help on this case. I'm sure you'll agree that it takes priority above all else.

"I will now leave you with your thoughts. I'm sure you can find a way to contact me when you have decided."

Once L stopped speaking the TV screen went back to its original program. Both Light and Matsuda were still staring at the TV in disbelief. "He can't be serious." Matsuda finally said.

The edges of Light's mouth twitched. It took a great amount of will not to grin in triumph. There you go L, I knew I could leave it up to you to think of something. "I think he is Matsuda."

An accward silence hung in the air until Matsuda's phone rang. It was Soichiro. "Yes chief? Yes, I'm here with him now. Oh... alright, we'll be right there." Matsuda hung up and turned his attention back to Light. "Your father called to say that L is requesting that all of us be back at the taskforce headquarters. He said he wanted to explain his announcement to us."

"Then we should go." Light said. He and Matsuda left together in Matsuda's car and arrived at the taskforce headquarters in no time.

When they were all there Soichiro contacted L, and L's signature gothic style L appeared on the largest monitor. "Greetings everyone. I trust that you have all heard my announcement to the world." Everyone, except Light, began to buzz at this point. After a few seconds L's voice silenced them once again. "Is Light kun there like I requested?"

"Yes, I'm here L." Light said, suspicion thick on his tongue.

"Very good. I wanted to make sure that I contacted you before Kira decided to contact me. I want to make sure that you do not let up your searches for Kira when he joins me."

"L, what makes you think that Kira will join you?" light asked interrupting L's next statement. "You made it clear in your announcement that once you closed the seven sins case you would arrest him."

"Of course Light kun would think of such a question." L said and paused for a second before continuing. "I plan on negotiating with him. I don't want the public to know this. I don't really want to have to deal with the panic it would cause."

"That is completely understandable, but why did you want me to see your broadcast so badly? You sent Matsuda to make sure I watched it."

"I thought that would be obvious to you Light kun." L said pausing for a moment. He seemed to sense that Soichiro was about to say something and he continued what he was saying. "I want you to join my taskforce as well."

Before either L or Light could say anything, Soichiro spoke up. "Absolutely not. I will not have my son anywhere near someone as dangerous as Kira."

"I understand your concerns Yagami san, but danger will find your son weather or not he joins."

"What do you mean Ryuzaki?"

"I see, so Light kun has not told you..." L said purposely trailing off.

"What? What hasn't he told me?" Soichiro asked, concern welling up in his voice.

"I will leave that to Light kun to explain." L said and began to wait patiently for Light to tell them.

Light closed his eyes to block out the eyes of the taskforce that were now boring into him. He then let out a heavy sigh and reopened them. "Pride has chosen for me to be one of his victims."

"Light, why didn't you tell me this?" Soichiro asked not sure weather to be worried or furious, he ended up picking a not so happy medium.

"I'm sorry dad, I didn't want you to be worried about me."

"When were you planning on letting anyone know? Were you just planning on surprising me when you are found dead with his name written into your body?" Tears were forming at the edge of Soichiro's eyes as he scolded Light.

"Yagami san, do not be so hard on him. I'm sure he was just scared. he told me about this when i visited him in the hospital, and since then I have been thinking of ways to protect him. The safest way i can think of is if I keep him close to me. For that to happen he would also have to be close to a lethal killer. But I have a feeling that Kira will not kill him."

"But you can't be sure of that!" Soichiro protested.

"Yagami san this all comes down to a simple question. Will you have your son wait around for Pride to find and kill your son, or risk Kira killing him? Before you answer, Kira knows nothing about light kun's involvement with the Kira case and Light kun has no prior criminal record. Your son is safe unless Kira feels that he should be threatened by the presence of an eighteen year old boy."

"I guess you have a point Ryuzaki." Soichiro said.

"Stop talking like I am not here." light suddenly said, irritation growing in his voice.

"Light kun..."

"I understand what you are saying L, but give me some time to properly think your proposition over, at least until the end of the week. I want to make it through Misa's funeral. And I promised Sayu I would spend the day with her soon, I need to assure her that I will be safe. I don't think Pride will try to take me for a while. It's not his turn."

"Not his turn?" Matsuda questioned.

"They work in a pattern." Light explained.

There was silence on L's side as he seemed to be considering something. "Very well light kun, I will give you your week. I suggest that if you have any fears of flying that you get over them fast. We will be traveling a lot. In the past month I alone have been to thirty-seven different countries."

"If I decide to join you I will keep that in mind."

"Then I will leave you to think it over. As for the rest of you, I would like you to continue your work on the Kira case. Kira is not an idiot, there is a slight chance he will send a proxy, which I highly doubt. There is also a high chance that he will find someone to pass his powers on to while he is working with me."

"We will do as you say Ryuzaki."

"Good, now I must go. I have business to attend to. I am already getting calls from leaders of various nations questioning me on my decision. I must ease their worries. Farewell." And with that the gothic style L disappeared from the screen and their connection with L was terminated

"What are we going to do now?" Matsuda asked.

"We should do as Ryuzaki asked, lets continue with our work." Soichiro said.

"I'm going back home." Light said and began to walk away.

"Light, are you alright?" Matsuda asked.

"I'm fine Matsuda." light said not stopping.

"Do you want a ride home?"

"No, I'll catch a cab or something." Light said. He paused and turned to flash Matsuda a weary smile. "I just need some time alone. I'm sure you all can see why." The then turned back around and continued out of the building.

A/N: So, the proposition has been made and I'm sure it is VERY obvious as to what Light's decision will be. The next chapter will have a great deal about the Seven Sins, as well as Light doing more plotting and being a good big brother.

Poor little Matsuda's trying so hard to be friendly with Light. He's like a puppy.

Hah, L is such a ninja in Cain's room...
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