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Authors Note: Just so you know…. All of their powers, transformation phrases, attacks, transformation pens, and scout suits are from the manga. The actual transformations…what they look like when they transform….are from the anime. The dreams will be italicized and the memories will be told from both Serenity and Endymion's point of view at the same time. Does that make sense? Well hopefully it will when you read through it. This story takes place almost 3 years after the battle with Galaxia, so Serena is 18 going on 19 as are most of the girls and Darien is 22 going on 23 (4 year difference). Darien doesn't just have his roses either. He has his golden crystal and knows how to use it. He also has his ability to heal, and uses his powers of earth. Basically he has all those cool powers from the manga that they decided to leave out of the anime. He and Serena also have that link that allows him to know when she transforms and needs him, only it's upgraded after all these years. They can sense much about each other even when they are not transformed.

My inspiration for this story was from my love of the anime/manga, and also from the many stories that I have read on here and had the chance to enjoy. I admit that I was inspired greatly by stories written by Princess Destiny, Goddess Usagi, Soapy Harlequin, and PrincessJade so I would like to give them a special thank you for creating such great works of art.

Author's Note #2: Edited: 3/17/19

Dreams of a Passionate Past

Chapter One: A New Enemy and Secret Identities Revealed

Serena sat on the couch in the family room after a long day of being lazy. That's right! Being Lazy. She was too tired from not sleeping the previous night. She had gone to her room on the pretense of going to sleep, but decided to stay awake instead because she dreaded the moment she drifted off to sleep. For in sleep she found herself in memories of her past. Not just her past, but that of Darien as well. These memories were not like any she had remembered before. In these memories she witnessed, in a most unusual way, her past self and Endymion in their most intimate moments, and wouldn't wake until Serenity was screaming Endymion's name in her pleasurable climax.

Serena didn't mind dreaming about their past memories; at least not at first. It had been a week since the dreams had started, and each time she would wake up feeling all the effects of what had just happened as well as feeling unsatisfied. She would be left feeling exhausted as if she had been the one making passionate love, but at the same time unsatisfied that it had not been her so she would feel aroused and be unable to relieve it.

So she sat in the family room with her father, mother, and brother watching TV trying to distract herself from wondering if Darien's naked body looked anything like Endymion's.

Just as she was about to give in to her racy thoughts she heard what sounded like an explosion come from outside. She was immediately alert and went to the window to try and see. What could that be? She thought to herself. She couldn't see well so she went to the door where her father stood to get a better look.

What she saw made her gasp in shock. She saw what looked like a bear that was clothed and stood upright as a human does. An enemy? We haven't seen an enemy since we defeated Galaxia! She thought franticly. She could now see the inner scouts fighting it. Amy must have detected it on her Mercury computer before it attacked. She thought to herself.

"Look the Sailor Scouts!" She heard Sammy say, and then heard scuffles. "Sammy you stay right here! It is too dangerous outside." She heard her mother say sternly and Sammy grunted his displeasure loudly.

Serena blinked at her mother's words. She's right. It is dangerous, and the girls need me! She thought as she stepped away from her father and outside the doorway. She was about to run when she felt a hand grip her left arm. She looked back to see her father.

"Serena what in the world do you think you're doing?" Her father asked loudly.

"I have to help them dad. Let go!" She said as she struggled to get free. She could get free easily, but she would rather him let her go then risk hurting him.

"What are you thinking?! They don't need you getting in their way Serena." He said as he held her struggling arms.

"You don't understand dad. I have to get to them." She stressed as she continued her struggle. She then heard a scream and saw a figure in white and orange fall to the ground. "Venus!" She shouted in worry for her friend, and struggled a bit harder.

"Serena it's too dangerous, and those girls can take care of themselves." He said in halting words as he tried to keep his grip on his daughter.

She suddenly stopped struggling and grabbed one of her father's wrists, and easily pulled his hand away from her arm. She then pulled her other arm free with little effort and stepped away from him as she turned to look at him with determination in her eyes.

"My Scouts need me." She said in a calm commanding voice that had her father shocked. She then stretched her arms out in front of her and summoned her holy grail. She took a few more steps back so that her father wouldn't get caught up in the light and power of her transformation.

"Silver Moon Crystal Power Makeup!" She shouted and was surrounded in a swirl of feathers and warm pink light. When her transformation was done Eternal Sailor Moon stood strong and powerful where Serena had been standing.

"Stay here." She said to her father softly but in a voice that demanded he obey. Kenji was in shock and all he could do was stare. Sailor Moon nodded her head, turned, and ran off to help her fellow scouts. She went straight to Sailor Venus who was struggling to get up.

"Venus are you okay?" She asked worriedly.

"I'm fine Sailor Moon, but the others aren't doing so good." Sailor Venus said as she stood.

"Right. You get to the girls, and I'll distract that…that teddy bear thing." Sailor Moon said, and they both burst into giggles at what she said then took off running in opposite directions.

As Sailor Moon ran she leaped onto the nearest wall fence to get a better view of what was happening as she ran toward the fight. She was glad that most of the houses in her neighborhood had wall fences instead of iron or wood fences or what she was doing would be very tricky.

Sailor Moon saw the teddy bear creature throwing energy balls at her Scouts as she neared, and knew that she needed to distract it long enough for the girls to get a few blows in.

"Hey teddy bear freak! Don't you have something better to do than attack innocent people in their homes?" She shouted at the enemy bear effectively drawing its attention.

It grinned at her as it got ready to throw an energy ball at her, but was hit by Sailor Mars' attack. It stumbled and fell to the ground. As soon as that happened there was another loud blast that came from the direction that she had come from earlier.

"It's another one!" Sailor Mercury called out as she sent her attack at the bear.

Sailor Moon looked and saw that the outer scouts had arrived and were fighting with the new enemy who was dressed and moved like the bear only it was a rabbit. What is this? We've got enemies that look like stuffed animals. She thought as she summoned her Moon Scepter.

Sailor Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars had combined their attacks and had weakened the teddy bear creature considerably, so Sailor Moon took the chance to finish it before it could recover.

"Starlight Honey-Moon Therapy Kiss!" She shouted as she pointed her scepter at the bear, and watched as it growled like a real bear, turned to dust, and disappeared.

They then began to run toward the outer scouts to help. As they ran the rabbit creature looked at them, and aimed an energy ball at Sailor Moon since she was the most visible on top of the wall fence.

The scouts shouted warnings to her and she paused in her running as she prepared to jump out of the way, but immediately felt herself flying through the air in the arms of Tuxedo Mask.

"How do you do that; just appear out of nowhere?" She asked trying to distract herself from the fact that one of his hands was gently gripping her bare thigh, and the other was grazing the side of her breast.

Tuxedo Mask smiled at her as he landed near the girls in front of her house. "It's a talent." He said as he stood her on her feet.

She looked toward the girls and saw them launching attack after attack and dodging energy balls. She was trembling slightly from the remembrance of Tuxedo Mask's hands on her. She mentally chastised herself for reacting that way as she gripped her scepter hard in an effort to control herself.

"Are you okay?" She heard Tuxedo Mask ask; making her aware of the fact that he had noticed either her trembling or her grip on her scepter.

"I'm fine." She said, and then noticed an energy ball coming their way. "Look out!" She shouted as she pushed him out of the way, then rolled out of the way herself. When she had come to a stop she raised her scepter, pointed it at the rabbit creature, and shouted her attack at it.

They watched and listened as it screeched like a rabbit fighting for freedom then turned to dust and disappear. They all came together after that and began to make sure everyone was okay. Then Sailor Moon glanced back to her house and saw her family watching them from the family room and sighed.

Tuxedo Mask grasped her hand after seeing what she was looking at. He could tell by the look on their faces that they knew that she was Sailor Moon, and would have wrapped his arms around her but didn't feel like tackling her wings.

He wasn't the only one who noticed. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Pluto noticed as well.

"They just found out tonight didn't they?" Sailor Uranus asked.

"Yes. I didn't have a choice. My father wouldn't let me go, but that's okay. I think it's time they knew anyway." She said looking around at her Scouts.

"We're here for you." Sailor Pluto said with a smile.

"That's right kitten. You can count on us." Sailor Uranus said then looked to Sailor Neptune who was smiling.

"Of course if you need us we'll be here." Sailor Mercury said.

"Yeah. So how are you going to do it?" Venus asked her.

"Well I was thinking that I'd see how they're taking it, and then try to explain things to them. I have a feeling that it won't be so easy though." Sailor Moon said with a sigh as she squeezed Tuxedo Mask's hand.

"Well we'll all stay close. We'll de-transform so that we won't be noticed, but all you have to do is call us on the communicator." Sailor Mars assured her, and they all agreed.

"Thanks guys." She said to them then turned to Tuxedo Mask. "Do you think you could conveniently pay me a visit right now?" She asked him, nervous at the thought of going it alone.

"Of course I can. I wouldn't let you face them alone." He said with a smile as he caressed her face with a gloved hand.

It took a great deal of will power for her to just close her eyes and sigh instead of pulling him close and kissing him senseless. What are these memories doing to me? She thought as she thanked him, and they all separated, disappearing into the night.

She decided to sneak into her backyard, de-transform, and go into her house through the back door. She then made her way to the family room, and found her family glued to the window probably looking for some sign of her.

"I'm back." She said quietly, and watched them jump in surprise and turn to her. Just as her mom was about to say something the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." She said as she went to answer the door.

Serena opened the door and found Darien standing there in black jeans and a white long sleeve button up shirt with his jet black hair falling into his ocean blue eyes. Has Darien always been this sexy? She thought to herself, and blushed at the thought.

Darien lifted an eyebrow in question to her blush and she quickly looked away and stepped aside to let him in. "Everyone is still in the family room." She said as she closed the door behind him. He then took her hand in his own and they walked into the family room where her family waited.

"Please will you sit down?" She asked her family as she and Darien sat on one of the couches. They sat down slowly as they kept their eyes on Serena. She thought they looked as if they wanted to ask and say all kinds of things, but didn't because of Darien.

Sammy looked like he was going to burst. "It's okay. Darien knows." She said, smiling at Sammy.

"Oh my gosh! Have you really been Sailor Moon all this time? How long has he known? Has he always known? Were you scared during battles? Were you scared just now? How many Sailor Scouts are there? And that Tuxedo Mask guy! Has he always been fighting with you? Do you know who he really is?" He asked as he ran out of breath.

Serena looked at Darien, and he smiled at her.

"I can't believe this. You're Sailor Moon? You can't be Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is always in constant danger." Her dad said.

"I'm not always in constant danger. In fact, what you just saw was our first fight in almost three years." Serena said to her father then looked to Sammy. "As for your questions…well, I really have been Sailor Moon all this time. Since I was fourteen, and he's known since…a few months after I first became Sailor Moon. I have been scared during battles but who wouldn't be, and I was not scared during this battle." She said, then took a breath and continued.

"There are nine of us in total, and Tuxedo Mask has been fighting with us since I became Sailor Moon, and I do know who he really is." She finished as she leaned against Darien. She couldn't explain it; she just needed to be closer to him all of a sudden. It's probably because of those memories. She thought as she looked at her mother since she hadn't said anything yet.

"You really are Sailor Moon? Your father is the one who saw, and he could barely tell us that." Her mother said to her.

"Yeah, yeah. I want to see you turn into Sailor Moon." Sammy said excitedly.

"We're going to tell them everything right?" Darien asked Serena, and she nodded her head. "Then the girls should be here to help." He said to her.

"You're right." She said to as she gestured with her hand, and her communicator fell out of nowhere into her hand. Her mother gasped and Sammy said 'Cool!' "Girls? We need you. Please come." She said into the communicator after pressing the button to call all the scouts.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang and Serena got up to answer it. A moment later all her friends stood or sat around the room as Serena closed the curtains to the window.

"Turns out only my father saw me transform, and I want them to know everything so I thought we could start by properly introducing ourselves." She said to them all. "Okay well not everything." She amended after seeing the look on Trista's face. Note to self. Don't mention anything important about the future. She thought.

"Okay. So are we going one by one or all together?" Hotaru asked.

"I think we should all do it together; that way it won't take as long." Serena said.

"Okay." Hotaru and Mina said together, and then giggled at saying the same thing at the same time.

Serena summoned her holy grail and everyone gestured with their hand, and their transformation pen fell into their hands, and a perfect red rose fell into Darien's hand. Serena made her way back to Darien's side and the room was then filled with everyone's transformation phrases.

"Silver Moon Crystal Power Makeup!" Serena shouted.

"Mercury Crystal Power Makeup!" Amy shouted.

"Mars Crystal Power Makeup!" Raye shouted.

"Jupiter Crystal Power Makeup!" Lita shouted.

"Venus Crystal Power Makeup!" Mina shouted.

"Uranus Crystal Power Makeup!" Amara shouted.

"Neptune Crystal Power Makeup!" Michelle shouted.

"Saturn Crystal Power Makeup!" Hotaru shouted.

"Pluto Crystal Power Makeup!" Trista shouted.

And Darien concentrated on his rose as the room was filled with a rainbow of colors. A few moments later Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Scouts stood before Serena's surprised family. They looked around at each other for a moment wondering who would start when Pluto spoke up first.

"I am Sailor Pluto, scout of all space and time, Guardian of the Gates of Time, Princess of Pluto planet of time, and sworn protector of the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon, and future Neo Queen Serenity." Trista said in a firm voice that spoke of countless years.

"I am Sailor Saturn, scout of silence, death and rebirth, Princess of Saturn planet of destruction, and sworn protector of the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon, and future Neo Queen Serenity." Hotaru said in a soft quiet tone with just a hint of her destructive power ringing through.

"I am Sailor Neptune, scout of the depths, Princess of Neptune planet of the seas, and sworn protector of the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon, and future Neo Queen Serenity." Michelle said with a slight echo in her voice that mimicked ripples in water.

"I am Sailor Uranus, scout of the skies, Princess of Uranus planet of wind, and sworn protector of the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon, and future Neo Queen Serenity." Amara said, her tone taking on a swishing tone.

"I am Sailor Mercury, scout of water and intelligence, Princess of Mercury planet of ice, and sworn protector of the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon, and future Neo Queen Serenity." Amy said, her tone logical and chilly.

"I am Sailor Mars, scout of fire, Princess of Mars planet of war, and sworn protector of the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon, and future Neo Queen Serenity." Raye said in a superior tone that held the heat of her power.

"I am Sailor Jupiter, scout of storms and lightening, Princess of Jupiter planet of thunder, and sworn protector of the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon, and future Neo Queen Serenity." Lita said, the sound of her voice reflecting the beginnings of a storm.

"I am Sailor Venus, scout of love and beauty, leader of the Sailor Scouts, Princess of Venus planet of love, and sworn protector of the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon, and future Neo Queen Serenity." Mina said, her voice full of love yet holding a strong tone of a leader.

Serena's family was surprised, shocked, and amazed all at once, and then turned their attention to the last two who had yet to speak.

"I am Tuxedo Mask, Prince Endymion of Earth planet of life, future King Endymion, and sworn protector of the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon, and future Neo Queen Serenity my true love and soul mate." Darien said proudly to Serena's family, his tone reflecting the Prince and future King within, then looked lovingly at her.

As Darien looked at her Serena's heart stuttered. She then blushed, smiled, and looked away quickly to her family. She took a deep breath before she spoke to try and calm herself.

"I am Eternal Sailor Moon, scout of sanctity and hope, Princess Serenity of the Moon planet of light, and future Neo Queen Serenity." Serena said proudly and gracefully, her tone light and welcoming.

It was completely quiet for a few minutes as Serena's family starred at them and let their words sink in. Then Sammy spoke up.

"You're not really a princess are you Serena?" Sammy asked skeptically. He believed that she was Sailor Moon especially since she had just proven it, but a princess was harder to believe.

Serena smiled and closed her eyes as she was surrounded in a warm white light. When the light faded Princess Serenity stood before them in her white gown and gold crescent moon on her forehead. She then held out her hand to Darien, and he immediately changed from his tuxedo to his royal uniform and armor in a golden light becoming Prince Endymion in seconds.

He then took her hand in his and held it tightly but gently. All the Scouts sank to one knee, and bowed their heads as they murmured respectively as one. "Prince. Princess."

"Wow!" was all Sammy could say. Then after a moment he added. "I guess you're not such a meatball head after all."

"Shut up." She said, showing that she was indeed still Serena, and everyone laughed. "Okay!" She said addressing everyone. "As much as I love this dress, it is made out of the thinnest material I have ever felt in my life and I am freezing, so I am going to change back into my regular clothes." She announced then did exactly that, and everyone followed suit.

"So mom, dad….any questions so far?" Serena asked them as she and Darien sat down, and the rest of the girls either stood or sat on the floor or the ends of the couch.

"Yes. Umm…How is it that you all know that you're royalty?" Her mom asked.

"Well when I woke up…the princess part of me anyway, we all began to remember our past lives. We remembered who we were, but the memories are still coming back to us." Serena said, and blushed at the thought of the memories that had been coming back to her this past week.

Her mother seemed lost in thought for a while then she got up and left the room. Serena got up too and followed her as her father spoke.

"How can you girls be Sailor Scouts? It's so dangerous. And look at you!" He said, gesturing toward Hotaru who was sitting on the floor next to Darien's leg. "You're so young!" He said.

Serena was already out of the room, so she didn't hear the answer as she followed her mother to the kitchen. She found her standing with her back to the door. "Mom?" She said as she entered the room. "Are you okay?" She asked. Her mother didn't answer at first. She just stood there then she turned around with a sad look on her face.

"Does this mean you're not really my daughter?" Her mother asked, close to tears.

"Oh mom." She said as she went to give her a hug. "Of course I'm your daughter. It's just a reincarnation thing. Only way more intense." She said with a small smile.

"What do you mean 'way more intense'?" Her mother asked.

"Well…have you ever heard of a sailor scout being in the hospital? It's because our chemical or genetic or whatever makeup is different than yours. It's how we are able to use our powers and heal so fast. Not to mention it explains how we are able to run extremely fast and jump great heights. I'm not sure when it became that way, but it did and we really didn't wish to be experimented on." Serena said warily.

Her mother decided to ponder that piece of information at a later point. "I do have another question. Do you remember how you died since all of you are reincarnated?" She asked and Serena stared at her blankly for a moment as she remembered exactly how and why she died on the Moon.

Every time Serena remembered her death a wave of pain and sorrow washed over her. She blinked as she looked at her mother and then sighed. "It is painful but I will tell you." She said as she turned slightly. "Darien?" She called quietly but loud enough for him to hear.

He was there in a matter of seconds with his arms wrapped around her. He had felt her pain moments before, and knew exactly what caused it because it was the same pain he felt when he thought about it. "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked her softly.

"Yes I'm sure." She said to him then addressed her mom. "I think that I'd rather show you then tell you. I might get halfway through and not be able to finish it." She said as she closed her eyes and held her hands out in front of her.

Her silver crystal appeared between her hands, and at the same time she transformed into her princess form. Darien still had his arms wrapped around her, so she knew that he had transformed into his prince form because she could feel his armor against her slightly bare back. Serena then opened her eyes and gave her mother a small smile.

"Are you ready?" She asked in a soft but sad voice.

All her mother could do was nod her head as she saw the sadness on both their faces, and wasn't so sure she wanted to know anymore. Serena then concentrated on the sad memory of her death; allowing it to come to the front of her mind so that she could project it to her mother. She had never used the crystal in this way before, but she knew that she could do it.

A bright light enveloped the kitchen, and when it cleared Serena, her mother, and Darien found themselves standing on the Moon in front of the ruins of the Moon Palace as Beryl, who was possessed by Metalia, approached Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion bent on destroying the people of the Moon.

"We are not really here." Serena explained to her mother, who looked shocked at where she was and what she was seeing. "We are still standing in the kitchen; it is only my memory and the silver crystal working together to make it appear as if we are really standing here witnessing this to better show you what happened and why."

They then watched as a ray of dark energy shot from Metalia and headed straight for Princess Serenity. Serenity stood there frozen in fear as the blast got closer to her, but Endymion rushed in to protect her taking the blast in his back. Serenity screamed Endymion's name as he crumbled to the ground before her. She rushed to his side, her perfect white gown soaking in the blood from his wound as she knelt next to him, calling his name.

He didn't answer and she knew that he was dead. He always responded when she called him. As she sat there crying over her true love she saw his sword lying next to him and an idea came to her. Time seemed to stand still as she held his sword in her hands. She gazed at it lovingly for a moment then plunged it deep into her chest. She cried out in pain, but then a smile graced her face as she fell forward and came to rest on Endymion's chest.

"Because I could not, would not live without my love." Serena said with tears running down her face. Her mother had bother hands clasped over her mouth as she stared at the scene before her in horror. Then she looked at Serena with a sad expression as she heard her words. It was hard to watch, but she imagined it was harder for Serena and Darien to see again.

Both Serena and Darien had trouble watching each other's death. Serena closed her eyes, unable to watch the blast hit him even though she knew the exact moment it happened due to the instinctive pain she felt and Serenity's scream. Darien watched as Serenity thrust his sword into her chest even though it was hard. His arms would tighten around Serena when he heard Serenity cry out in pain.

Serena let the scene around them fade until they were standing once again in the kitchen. The silver crystal disappeared from between Serena's hands, and she sighed as the gown she wore returned to her regular clothes. She then leaned back against Darien tired from lack of sleep and using the crystal.

"Are…are you okay?" Her mother asked her, noticing the way Serena slumped against Darien.

"I'm fine. Just tired." Serena said as she wiped the tears from her face.

Darien frowned slightly at what she said. He could tell that she hadn't used that much energy on the crystal, so he couldn't understand why she was so tired.

"Are you sure you're okay?" He asked and knew that she understand what he really wanted to know because she stiffened slightly and tried to cover it by straightening in his arms.

"Yes I am." She said as she turned around in his arms and looked up into his eyes. "I just haven't been sleeping well." She finished. She wasn't lying; it was the truth…just not all of it.

"Maybe you should go to bed early tonight." He suggested.

It took a great deal of will power for her to smile and say "Yeah I think I will." Instead of grimacing at the thought of going to her bed earlier then she absolutely had to.

After that the three of them made their way back to the family room and the others. Apparently Sammy and the girls talked a great deal, but her father didn't ask much since he was still in shock and processing what he had learned so far.

They talked a while about what being a sailor scout was like, and how they all met for the first time. After some time Darien noticed Serena's eyelids drooping and watched as she kept blinking and shaking her head to stay awake. He also realized that it was getting a little late, and he needed to be at the hospital early the next day.

"I have to get going, and you should get to bed." Serena heard Darien whisper in her ear. She trembled as his low husky voice rang through her ear, and blinked her eyes wide open at that feeling. She was dead tired but she didn't want to sleep. Of course that didn't mean that she had to let him know that. He would get a good night sleep and that's all that mattered.

"You're right." She said, and they both stood up effectively stopping all conversation. "I'm really tired, and he needs to get to bed too." She said to everyone, and they all began to stand up and say that it was getting pretty late and they all still needed to get home.

All the girls and Darien said their goodbyes and goodnights to Serena's family then headed outside. Once outside they all stood on the sidewalk in front of her house, and began to tell her that she had their support.

"If you need us to help you explain more things to your parents we're here for you." Mina said with a smile and a wink, and everyone nodded their heads and smiled in agreement. Then they said goodbye and began to separate, leaving in groups depending on where they lived. The only person left to say goodbye to was Darien.

Serena turned to Darien with a tired but bright smile. "Thanks for being here. I couldn't have done it without you. Especially the part with my mom." She said as she gave him a hug.

"It was my pleasure; you know I wouldn't have been anywhere else." He said as he hugged her back. "I hope you get a lot of sleep tonight. I don't like to see you tired." He said, as he looked her in the eyes.

"I'll do my best." She said as she stood on her toes to kiss him goodnight. Darien smiled and lowered his head to meet her lips.

It was a soft loving kiss and he began to pull away but Serena wasn't having that. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply sliding her tongue past his shocked lips and running her fingers through his jet-black hair.

Darien automatically wrapped his arms around her even though he was shocked that Serena was kissing him that way. He didn't even know she knew how to kiss like that!

After almost a minute Serena pulled away slightly then let her tongue slide along his bottom lip before she let her hands slide down his chest, and then took a step back as his hands slid slowly away from her making her shiver.

Serena looked up into his shocked face with hooded eyes and smiled. She had wanted to do that ever since he had rescued her from that monster with his hands keeping a firm grip on her.

"Goodnight love. Call me when you get off work." She said and then jogged to her front door. Before she went in she saw that he was still standing there looking at her shocked. She smiled as she waved and closed the door.

Serena then said goodnight to her parents and Sammy after telling them that they could talk more the next day. Then went up to her room closed the door and leaned against it heavily with her eyes closed. Whoa that was close. That kiss was great, but if I had stayed out there with him any longer I'm not sure what I would have done. She thought with a sigh as she opened her eyes.

Her eyes were immediately drawn to her bed and she groaned in frustration. I'm so tired. Maybe tonight will be different, and I won't dream of our memories. If I'm lucky I might not dream at all. She thought as she stumbled to her bed tripping slightly on all the stuff she had on the floor. She didn't have to change her clothes since she was already in her pajamas from the night before, and she didn't feel like taking her hair down.

Serena then crawled under her covers, rested her head on her pillow, and closed her eyes. The softness of her pillow and bed was already relaxing her, and she was so tired that she drifted off to sleep easily.

Serena opened her eyes and found herself in the one place she did not want to be. She was standing in her old bedroom in the Moon Palace dressed in the white gown she always wore back then. She glanced around and saw her past self just walking into the room.

She was just about to breathe a sigh of relief when she heard a low chuckle from the balcony, and was glad that she hadn't disappointed herself by breathing that sigh of relief. Even though it was a memory of her past she still felt like a peeping tom some of the time.

Serena sighed as she leaned resignedly against the wall in the far corner from the bed; an unwilling, unseen party to this intimate scene.

"What is so funny?" Serenity asked Endymion with a smile on her face as she slowly approached him.

"Oh nothing. Just a stupid joke Jedite told me before I left." Endymion said as he stepped inside, and closed the balcony doors behind him.

"Well you know how I love to hear you laugh." She said still smiling. "So how long have you been here?" She asked him as he walked to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"A half an hour. I could not wait any longer. I missed you so much." He said as he played with strands of her hair.

She couldn't explain it; It was as if her hair was a part of her body, and when he ran his fingers through it it was like his hand was caressing her body and it made her tremble in pleasure.

"I missed you too. I hate sneaking around like this." She said as she slipped her arms around his back and slid her hands up to grip his shoulders. She had to do something to try and stop her body from trembling.

"I know. I do too, but what choice do we have?" He said as his arms tightened around her. "Do not worry love. It will not be this way for long." He reassured her.

"I hope not. All this sneaking around is frustrating. I want to see more of you!" She said in a sad but slightly desperate voice.

"You can see all you want tonight." He said in a low husky voice to lighten the mood and change the subject. Serenity blushed at his meaning as he placed his hand under her chin and lifted her face to look into her blue eyes. "You are even more beautiful when you blush." He whispered right before he kissed her.

The kiss was soft and romantic as his tongue slid along her bottom lip, but when she opened her mouth and his tongue dashed inside it turned seductive. As their tongues played a game of follow the leader Endymion untangled his fingers from her hair and pulled out the pins in her buns. He then broke the kiss and watched as Serenity shook her head allowing the buns in her hair to fall loose making her hair cascade down her back like a waterfall.

Endymion ran his fingers through her hair as he looked lovingly into her eyes, and felt her wrap her hands around the back of his neck. He had begun to massage her scalp, and she closed her eyes and leaned her head back into his hands and moaned softly at the feeling. Serenity then felt Endymion lean in and kiss and suck on her neck sinuously as he continued to massage her scalp. 'This feels so good.' She thought as she began to moan louder.

She then felt his hands leave her head and slide down her back, and she let out a slow breath as she felt one of his hands slide up her side and brush against her breast. She then felt the same hand come up and cup her small but full breast through her gown, and she arched her back pushing her breast further into his hand. He then began to squeeze it gently and run his thumb back and forth over her nipple causing her to moan in pleasure. When he felt her nipple harden in arousal he moved his lips to cover hers as he kissed her passionately.

Serena had closed her eyes the moment Endymion kissed Serenity, but that didn't stop her from feeling everything that Serenity felt. She had gasped when she felt Endymion's hand brush up against Serenity's breast. As long as she had been experiencing these memories she should have been used to it, but it always surprised her to feel it herself. Especially when she remembered how rarely Darien had done it.

She sat there trying her best to tune out what she was feeling when she felt the sensation of being pulled away. She knew at that moment that she was about to be pulled into Serenity's body, and she did her best to struggle against it no matter how impossible it was.

Once inside her body Serena continued to struggle, but her struggles slowly stopped as she became aware of Endymion's tongue in Serenity's mouth and his hands gently massaging her heavy breasts.

Serenity stood there kissing Endymion with her hands around his neck as he massaged her breasts. She needed to feel the warmth of his skin almost desperately as her body slowly became aroused, so she slid her hands to the front of his shirt and began to unbutton it. Once she was done she opened his shirt and ran her hands over his smooth muscular chest causing him to moan into her mouth.

She wasn't satisfied; she wanted to feel more of his skin, so she pushed his shirt off his shoulders. His hands left her breasts as he shrugged out of his shirt, and his lips left hers only to move to her neck as his shirt fell to the floor.

She felt his arms wrap around her back and his hands soon found the zipper to her gown. He unzipped her gown and took a few steps back and watched as it slid off the curves of her slender body and pooled on the floor.

Serenity stood there in nothing but her underwear as she watched Endymion gaze at her. His ocean blue eyes seemed to darken the longer he looked at her and she blushed under his intense gaze and looked away. She then felt his hand lifting her face to look into his eyes.

"Do not be self-conscious." He said.

"But I cannot help it when you look at me so intently." She said a little shyly. She was very aware that she was close to being naked as she stood before him.

"Well you are so beautiful, and even more so when blush remember?" He said with a smile that made her knees weak.

Endymion then stepped back and continued to gaze at her; his eyes traveling the length of her body. "Take them off!" He commanded in a husky voice, referring to her panties.

She didn't know why, but he liked to watch her remove her underwear, so she took a silent breath and slowly pulled them down her legs until they lay on the floor with her gown.

Serenity stood there, as gracefully as she could while wearing nothing, with her head held high as Endymion continued to look her over. He stared at her for so long that she could no longer meet his eyes, so she looked at his chest as she wondered why he was taking so long. 'Why am I the only one naked? This is not fair; he should at least be in his underwear.' She thought as her eyes drifted to his pants.

She took a few steps forward and reached for his pants. When he didn't stop her she continued and began to unbutton and unzip them with shaking fingers. She then stepped closer to him and pushed his pants down to his ankles and watched as he stepped out of them, satisfied that he was in his underwear at least.

She then gasped as he suddenly reached out and wrapped his arms around her; holding her close to him.

"I love you so much." He whispered in her ear causing her to tremble slightly.

"I love you beyond words." She whispered back to him, and gasped as he lifted her bridal style and walked to her bed. He placed her in the center of the bed and began kissing her with heated passion as his hand explored her body.

She trembled as his hand slowly slid up her thigh, over her hip, up her trembling stomach and cupped her breast. He gently squeezed her breast then pinched her nipple slightly but firmly causing her to arch into his hand. He then began kissing down her neck and chest until he reached her other breast and covered it with his mouth. Serenity moaned as his tongue swirled around the nipple of one breast and his hand squeezed and massaged the other.

Endymion continued until she was squirming under his hand then he sat up slightly so that he could look at her face. She was hot and breathing heavily as he slid his hand down her stomach and continued further. She looked at him with nervous eyes and he felt her tense and press her legs together.

"Relax." He said quietly before kissing her.

'No matter how many times I do this to her she is always nervous.' He thought as he slid his fingers into the curls of her womanhood, and began to rub her as he continued to kiss her. He could tell she was relaxing as she opened her legs a little, and he wasted no time in sliding his hand over her womanhood and began to stroke her gently but firmly.

He could feel her getting wet as he stroked her, and after a while she turned her head away unable to continue kissing him as the heat within her built. He watched her breathing heavily with her eyes closed as her hands grasped the sheets of her bed. He loved watching the effect he had on her even though it took determination and a great deal of will power not to jump her as he listened to her moan.

Endymion watched as her breathing sped up and felt her legs open wider to give him more access. His fingers were slick with her wetness as he stroked her, and he listened to her moan loudly as he slipped a finger inside her. He was so aroused that he felt like he was going to jump her if he didn't distract himself, so he kissed her as he pushed his finger in and pulled it out while rubbing it against the bud of nerves at her entrance.

He watched as Serenity began to buck her hips in rhythm with his hand, and listened as her moans escalated into her screaming his name. He was determined to make her have more than one orgasm, and this was going to be her first of the night. He watched as she began to climax; her inner walls throbbed and contacted against his finger and she screamed his name.

As Endymion pushed his finger into Serenity and pulled it out Serena did exactly what Serenity did; she moaned. She felt the heat and pressure building and knew that Serenity was about have an orgasm. She was amazed that she could still think, and even more amazed that she could still tell herself apart from Serenity. She usually didn't realize that it wasn't her experiencing any of it until she woke up, which is what she was wondering at that moment.

'Why am I not awake yet? Serenity's had her orgasm and even screamed Endymion's name so loud that I wonder why no one came running.' She thought, and then she felt a heavy yet light weight on top of Serenity and knew what was about to happen. 'Oh I should have realized that by now!' She thought to herself. She couldn't believe that she hadn't picked up on it sooner. She never woke up until Serenity was screaming Endymion's name while he was inside of her. 'No wonder I can still think straight! I haven't felt…' Her thought stopped as she felt what she was just thinking she hadn't felt yet.

Endymion had just entered Serenity's womanhood.

Serenity tried to slow her breathing as she came down from her high. Endymion still had his finger in her, but he wasn't moving it. He was probably waiting for her to stop throbbing, and enjoying it while it lasted. 'Oh that was great!' She thought as she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. He was already looking at her; his eyes so dark that they looked black, but she could still see the love in his eyes no matter the color.

"Come to me." She said as she reached out to wrap her arm around his neck, and he descended on her quickly kissing her with a fierce passion that defied logic, arousing her again instantly. She ran her fingers through his hair and bent her leg and pressed it against him as she felt his weight on her.

Serenity could feel his arousal against her womanhood, and was frustrated beyond words that he wasn't naked yet. She forced her fingers out of his hair and pushed against his chest, and he responded by rolling them till he was on his back without breaking the kiss.

She then moved down his body, and pulled his underwear off as she went and tossed it on the floor. She looked at his erection as she moved back up his body and blushed madly. She looked up at his face and saw him smirking at her.

"See anything you like?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, and she blushed even more.

"Maybe." She said in a shy voice.

Endymion then pulled her to him and kissed her as he rolled on top of her. His hand slid to her thigh and gripped it as he began to rub his erection against her womanhood. He knew that she would become frustrated, but he loved teasing her since it aroused them both.

Serenity broke away from the kiss breathing heavily. "Stop teasing me Endy." She breathed in frustration and she felt him stop as he reached for his erection and positioned himself at her entrance. She tensed as she felt him enter her slightly.

"Relax." He whispered against her lips before kissing her.

Once Endymion felt her relax he slowly entered her, and heard her whimper into his mouth in pleasure. He was determined to give her as much pleasure as possible, and wanted to make it last so he pumped her slowly as he massaged her breast.

After a while Endymion felt Serenity shaking her head and he released her lips knowing that she couldn't concentrate on kissing him anymore, so he moved his face to her neck since he knew that his hot breath on her neck would have her more aroused then she already was.

He then felt her wrap her long legs around him and dig her nails into his back, and he knew that she was almost there. He began to thrust into her harder and faster as her moans grew louder in his ear, and he felt her orgasm as she screamed his name louder then she had the first time.

He continued to thrust into her as she rode out her orgasm panting and screaming his name, and he came soon after her shouting her name as loud as she was screaming his.

Serena bolted up out of her sleep gasping for air. She felt like she was hyperventilating, and probably was after what she had experienced.

"Aw man!" She groaned out as she fell back on her bed exhausted. She had once again forgotten that it wasn't really her experiencing those passionate moments, but the one feeling the effects.

She lay there examining her condition as she tried to get air into her lungs, and stop her body from trembling. Her hair had come undone in her sleep, and her bangs were matted to her forehead with sweat. Her breasts felt heavy and her nipples were hard. She felt wetness between her thighs, and she was hot and aroused.

Serena sighed as she got to her feet shakily. She grabbed a clean pair of underwear and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. When she came back to her room she wondered what she was going to do. She was beyond tired, but she was aroused and needed to so something to relieve it.

Ugh! What am I going to do? It's only 2 in the morning. She thought as she paced her room avoiding her vanity mirror. After the first two nights of dreaming about their memories she had stopped looking into mirrors. She didn't like that her eyes looked like she was a woman with experience. She was still a virgin for goodness sake.

I need to do something to work off this…this excitement. She thought and then stopped in her tracks. I'll go for a run! The cool night air will keep me awake, and I'll be able to work off this excitement. She thought as she headed to her closet.

She took out a matching pair of navy blue sweats and a pullover hooded sweater and put them on. She didn't feel like putting her hair back up, so she just brushed it and draped it around her neck.

Serena didn't feel like dealing with the lock on the front door, so she went to her window doors, opened them and stepped out onto her balcony. She always kept a pair of tennis shoes out there in case she had to sneak out to a battle in the middle of the night.

After Serena had put her tennis shoes on she looked around to make sure no one could see her then jumped off the railing into her front yard and began to run in the direction of the park.


Mina was in her room having difficulties. After coming home from Serena's house she told Luna and Artemis about the new enemy, and about how Serena's family had found out about her being Sailor Moon and decided to tell them everything.

Luna had been spending more time with Artemis and both Mina and Serena had encouraged her to spend the night with him. Although Luna and Mina didn't think it would last this long.

After that she was tired and wanted to sleep, but she couldn't get to sleep because of what she was feeling. She was getting intense feelings of love and passion, and knew that they were coming from her princess. She knew because her powers worked best with her, and it was the same kind of essence she felt when she picked up on Serena's love for everything around her.

These feelings, however, were the same she felt when she knew that Serena and Darien were together, only way more intense. Over the past week the feelings were such that she began to assume that Serena and Darien were being intimate with each other, but tonight she knew that Serena and Darien were not together and the feeling was just coming from Serena.

Mina kept this to herself. It wasn't her business or her right to tell the Scouts about Serena and Darien, and even if it were she wouldn't have told them. Plus she wasn't really sure if they were really sleeping together, and she certainly could rely on what she was feeling as proof. She needed to find out what was going on with her princess not only because she was worried about her, but because whatever was going on with Serena was affecting her too.

It's just weird that this all started happening a week ago. The exact same time that Serena started acting weird. She thought as she began to watch a late night movie on TV to help distract her from the arousal she was feeling. She hoped for once that the movie she was watching wasn't a romantic flick.

Her powers were always getting stronger, so she didn't know if she was supposed to experience this or not but she needed to find out before something weird happened.