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Dreams of a Passionate Past

Chapter Eight: Unexpected Revisits & Mercury Revealed

Serena opened her eyes as she suddenly heard music and was surprised to find herself standing in the middle of a musical concert. Her eyes traveled over the stage where the musicians sat playing their instruments then over the audience in rows of seats dressed to perfection.

'I've never been to a musical concert but I imagine it would look like this.' She thought as she took in the large room.

Her eyes took in the different shades of red, purple, and orange that decorated the walls and seats. Dark and light wood accentuated the bold colors, and even the marble flooring was a shade of red.

'Obviously we're on Mars.' She thought as she spotted Serenity sitting in one area and Endymion away in another.

She could tell by Serenity's thoughts that the two royals had seen each other, but had not spoken. Serenity was wishing they had been able to sit together as she listened to the music.

'That's something I can understand. I'd definitely want Darien with me if we were listening to such melodious music.' She thought sympathetically.

She blinked and frowned as the thought of Darien brought to mind how she had gotten there in the first place. She recalled the fight and sensing Darien's intense concern before she fell into darkness. She was clearly on another trip to the past. She just hoped it wasn't a completely different past then the last one she was dropped into.

The last thing she wanted was to end up in her distant past.

'I hope Darien's okay and trying to keep calm.' She thought as she leaned against a wall. 'I could say the same for myself though. I have no idea how I'll react when I wake up. I suppose it will depend on my circumstances when I do wake up. Where I am and who I'm with.'

Serena shook her head and pushed those thoughts away to worry about later. Instead, she wrapped her arms around herself and sifted through Serenity's recent memories.

She learned that both Serenity and Endymion were visiting Mars for a musical performance by a very popular Martian woman. Serenity only had Sailor's Mars and Jupiter with her as her guardians, but she supposed that wasn't so unusual since apparently Endymion only had two of his guardians, Jedite and Nephlite, with him.

She settled in to listen to the music, idly wondering when the Martian woman would begin her performance, and wait and see where the memory would take her next.

Serenity sat in the dark curled up on a three seater, well cushioned settee couch in her sitting room that was attached to her bedroom looking out the window up at Phobos. The moon was the closest of two to the planet, and was currently providing her light as she waited to see if her Endymion would come to see her.

They both know their way around the Martian Palace enough to sneak to the others room without being caught, but since there was no prearrangement she was reluctant to go and risk missing him.

So she sat and waited, occasionally yawning since it was late, near the middle of the night and most of the palace was asleep.

As she pulled her robe a little tighter around her she heard a sound, and looked up to see the door to her sitting room slowly open. She held her breath as she stared, hoping it was Endymion and slightly afraid that it wasn't. Then to her immense relief her prince slipped into the room and closed the door swiftly yet softly.

"Endymion." Serenity said softly as she rose to her feet. "I was unsure if you would come."

"I will always come to you." Endymion said as he walked to her and gently pulled her into his arms. "I would have been here sooner, but my generals stayed in my room talking with me until just a little while ago. I spent nearly the entire time fearing that you might have tried to come to me, and afraid that you might have been asleep by the time I was finally able to come."

"I would have waited up for you." She assured him. "Or at least I would have tried. I definitely would not have minded had you awakened me."

"I shall remember your words the next time I find myself late meeting you." He said as they moved toward the settee, and she laughed softly as they sat.

"What did you and your generals speak of?" Serenity asked curiously.

"They wanted to talk of the musical performances and the people who attended. Nothing of any importance." He answered and she nodded.

"Did you enjoy the performances?" She asked.

"I did, but I would have enjoyed them more had I been sitting with you." Endymion replied.

"Me as well." She agreed. "The music brought to mind many images of you."

"How so?" He asked curiously.

"It was very intense, stormy, and passionate. It reminded me of you; especially when you get carried away when we love each other." She said with a blush.

Endymion's eyes darkened and he smiled slowly. "Is that so?" He said as he watched her.

"Were you thinking of those images as you waited for me?" He asked and she nodded shyly as she shifted ever so slightly in her seat.

"What exactly are these images?" He asked.

"I could not possibly say." Serenity said as she blushed.

"Of course you can." He countered as he caressed her warm cheeks. "It is just the two of us, and only I will hear you. You must enjoy those images of me, and I would have you tell me so I can please you. I very much want to please you."

"I...I remembered you in nothing but your breeches," She began with a deep blush. "your breeches and an open shirt, lounging on your bed in only a dark silk sheet. I remembered the way you hold me close, so tight, and how you handle me roughly. How you are not afraid to love me like a woman instead of a delicate princess made of glass."

"Hmmm...I see beyond the princess to the woman who is just as passionate as I, and who only needs to be shown that it is okay to let her out." He said as he held her face between his hands then lightly brushed his lips against hers. "I want you to let her out, let that woman out, and demand your pleasure."

Serenity shivered at his words and pressed her lips to his as she wrapped an arm around his neck and combed her fingers through his hair with her other hand.

Her prince had just told her that he wanted her to demand that he please her, and she was going to do her best to do just that, especially with the images and memories she had swirling through her mind. She wanted to be a woman tonight, a passionate woman, not a demur princess.

She clutched his hair in her fingers and pressed herself against him, wanting to feel his firm body. He opened her robe and pushed it off her shoulders, letting it slide down to her elbows, and revealed her thin gown.

"I want to feel your hands on me. I want to feel your weight against me." She finally said.

"Very well." He said and brought his lips to hers in a hard kiss as he moved his hands slowly up and down her sides and around her back.

Endymion moved a hand up, combing his fingers through her hair before he gripped the back of her neck and deepened the kiss. He leaned her back onto the end of the settee so her head was resting against the little pillow against the arm. He followed, pulling her gown up and running his hands up and down her legs where they rested over his lap.

Serenity moaned softly into his mouth as she held her arms around his neck and held him to her as best she could. She felt him move his lips along her cheek and down to her neck, and sighed as he nibbled and suckled at the skin.

She was once again reminded of how tall her prince was that he could lean over her reclined form comfortably while sitting, but his size was one aspect that attracted her to him.

She shifted, her body rolling like a wave, as she felt his hand slide over her hip and up her side to rest on her breast. She bit her bottom lip as his fingers gripped and squeezed, the sensation stimulating her body causing her to press her thighs together in search of relief.

Endymion moved his hand back to his princess' legs and pulled her gown up further before he stroked her legs until they parted, allowing him access between her thighs. He moved his hand up, prepared to tease her before he removed her panties, only to discover she wasn't wearing any.

He paused all movement and pulled back slightly to look at his Serenity. Even in the darkness he could tell she was blushing from the heat radiating from her face.

"I did not want to worry about them getting in the way." She finally said after a few moments of silence.

He chuckled deeply before kissing her and firmly cupping her womanhood. Soon enough his fingers were stroking her, memorizing her all over again until they were coated in her essence. She spread her legs until one thigh pressed against his stomach and her other leg slid off his lap so her foot was flat on the floor.

Endymion took the opportunity to slip first one and then another finger inside her. He moved his fingers slowly at first, but then his princess bit his lip and moaned her demand for more. He had no problem complying and thrust his fingers hard and fast.

Serenity broke the kiss, unable to breathe properly, and arched her back, turning her head to the side as her prince all but attacked her neck. Her arms clung to him as pleasure coursed along her veins and flooded her body, her hips rising and falling of their own accord as they tried to match his fingers furious movements.

Suddenly her body tensed, her arms and fingers tightened, and she gasped out her release, unable to find the breath to cry out.

Serena crossed her arms over the thin silk robe she wore as she leaned against the wall next to the window and shifted her gaze from the view beyond the glass to Serenity.

It was a beautiful view, one she wished Darien could see with her. She knew he would eventually remember it, but she still wished he was there seeing it with her.

Serenity on the other hand was obviously tired but determined to wait up for Endymion, and she couldn't blame her. Serena had no problem admitting that she would wait for any version of her Prince, especially if she knew he was coming to her.

Endymion soon arrived and she watched the familiar flirting before their play began. She was surprised yet not terribly so to find that Serenity liked when Endymion handled her roughly, and treated her like a woman with needs and not a delicate chaste princess.

It was the way she felt about how Darien treated her. It was what drew her to him. From the beginning when he only knew her as Sailor Moon he had helped her and fought by her side instead of for her, encouraged her to be strong when she doubted, and saved her when her reaction time wasn't fast enough or her fear overcame her.

He had never tried to tell her she couldn't do something because she was a woman or because of her past as a princess. That was something she very much loved about him, and now she was seeing that that trait had come from Endymion's respect for Serenity as a real woman and not a show piece for his arm.

Serena squirmed from her place against the wall at the phantom feel of Endymion's hands on her, and wondered at Serenity's thoughts and words. She wondered if she would be bold enough to demand her pleasure from Darien, to tell him what she wanted him to do to her, and if he would like it.

'I'll try it sometime, and see how he likes it.' She decided as she watched the couple.

She slid to the floor, her legs weak from the feeling of Endymion's attentions to Serenity. Her eyes widened when she realized that Serenity wasn't wearing any underwear, and therefore she wasn't wearing any either.

She couldn't believe that she hadn't noticed earlier. Still, Serenity's explanation made sense with how she and Endymion were always at each other in every memory she had experienced so far. They would be in the way.

She moaned along with Serenity as she felt Endymion's fingers move along her body, unable to take her eyes off him. He was such a handsome man. Her Darien was an exact replica of him, the only thing missing was a certain aspect of his being.

Endymion was born into privilege and power, and it showed in how he carried himself and spoke. Her Darien didn't have that aspect unless he was in his royal form. It wasn't something he could help, but it was a difference she noticed after spending so much of her sleeping hours with Endymion.

She sighed in pleasure and wished it was her draped over his lap, being kissed and touched. Having his eyes rake over her body and his warmth surrounding her.

It wasn't the first time she had made such a wish and she didn't know what to do about it. Maybe she should speak to Darien about it. See if he felt that way about her past self. But she worried about what he would think if she told him. Would he be upset even though it was his past self she was longing for?

Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the surge of pleasure racing through Serenity's body, her body, and she cried out in bliss where Serenity could not.

Endymion picked Serenity up and began to move from the sitting room to her bedroom. Her robe was left behind as she slipped her arms from it and loosely wrapped them around his neck. She placed her lips against his neck, kissing the warm skin, distracting him until he pressed her against the wall just beyond the door into her bedroom.

He shifted their position until she could wrap her legs around his waist, and kissed her soft lips with all the passion she stirred in him. One hand gripped her thigh and the other slid up along her side until he grasped her breast.

Serenity moaned into her prince's mouth as she held him to her, an arm around his neck and her free hand gripping his dark hair with urgency.

"I want you to take me here and now, right against the wall!" She whispered heatedly as she broke the kiss. "I want to feel your strength and power, feel your passion for me with no barriers."

Endymion groaned deeply at her words and pressed flush up against her, pushing her further against the wall as if he were trying to meld with her. He latched onto her neck with a gasp, biting her soft flesh as though it would ease the intensity of his passion for her. All it actually did was increase it.

He moved his hand between their bodies and freed himself from his pants, and struggled, fumbling in his haste to position himself, before he thrust home into her hot moist center. He bit down harder on her neck as he groaned at the feel of her surrounding him.

Serenity shuddered at the combination of Endymion entering her and biting her, and fisted her fingers around his hair as the nails of her free hand dug into his shoulder.

Her body clenched and unclenched around him as she adjusted to the feel of him hot and hard inside her, her legs tightening their grip around his waist. One of his hands moved to grip her thigh and the next thing she knew he was ramming into her hard and fast, the sound of their skin slapping together increasing her arousal as she clung to him.

Endymion rested his free hand against the wall, sliding it up until his entire arm rested against the flat surface as he thrust himself in and out of his Serenity's body. His hips moved rapidly, racing to bring them relief.

He slid his face against hers until his lips found hers and locked them into a hard kiss. His tongue moved sensually against hers as his hand unconsciously began to move along the wall, as if he was searching for purchase, something to grip so he could bring himself closer to her then he already was.

He broke the kiss and nipped her lips before he pressed his face against her neck, panting heavily as pleasure streaked through his body like lightening.

Breathy moans escaped her soft lips as Serenity closed her eyes and tried to breathe. She felt like she couldn't get enough air, each thrust seemed to take her breath away just as easily as it sent her sliding slightly up the wall.

He paused briefly and shifted his hips before thrusting powerfully and she groaned deeply and tried to arch her back, but he was keeping her pressed firmly against the wall. The only movement she could manage was to squirm slightly when his hips drew back to thrust again.

Suddenly she shuddered violently as she felt him draw his tongue up her neck in a quick swipe, her release taking her over by surprise.

Endymion grunted as he moved his hips furiously, riding out her release until his own arrived to take him away. He gripped her hips with a sharp gasp and jerked his hips as pleasure exploded throughout his body, leaving him breathless as he attempted to keep the pleasure coming.

Serena gasped for breath as Serenity's release washed through her as she leaned against the wall. She watched through dazed eyes as Endymion picked up Serenity and began to carry her away.

She sighed as she began to regain her breath but she didn't have the strength yet to get up and follow. Not with the combination of Serenity's release and the phantom feel of Endymion's arms holding her.

As the thought passed through her mind she felt a sharp tug from inside her, and knew that she didn't have to worry about following after them. She blinked and suddenly she was kissing Endymion's neck and then he was pressing her against a wall and kissing her with the fiery passion she loved from him.

'No. It's Serenity he's kissing.' She reminded herself as she gave a mental shake of her head. The reminder almost flew from her mind when she felt Endymion grasp Serenity's breast.

She was somewhat surprised at Serenity's words to Endymion. She hadn't expected her to be so easy with expressing her wants, but then she considered the situation. They were in a passionate embrace and that could be why she hadn't had a problem with it. She probably wasn't thinking about it.

All thoughts flew from Serena's mind as she felt Endymion abruptly enter Serenity and instantly begin to move his hips fast and furious, as if he was in a hurry.

She lost herself in the pleasure of it all, her feelings mirroring Serenity's. The position was one they didn't use often, at least not often in the memories she had experienced, but she found it aroused her to new heights and made her better understand Serenity's demand that he take the position.

The only thing she wished was that she could see his face, see his eyes. She just knew they would be dark with his passion, his desire. She would just have to be content with being able to feel every definition of his body against her, which wasn't exactly a hardship.

Then the feeling of Endymion's hot tongue sliding up Serenity's neck in combination with his quick furious thrusts had her shuddering along with Serenity as her release washed through her.

She moaned uncontrollably as he continued to thrust his hips, her pleasure continuing with his movements, her arms and legs clinging to him. Then she gasped, her body trembling as she felt him flooding Serenity's center with his release.

As she calmed she was vaguely aware that she was still herself and not lost in Serenity's consciousness. That told her there was more to come before the memory was through with her.

Her thoughts were proven correct as she felt Endymion adjust his hold on Serenity and begin walking backward. Within moments he connected with the foot of her bed and sat down with Serenity straddling him, their connection still intact.

As soon as he was seated and they were stable Serenity cupped Endymion's face in her hands and kissed him. As they kissed she slid her hands down to unbutton his shirt, and spread it open and ran her fingers up his chest.

She helped him take it off before moving her hands back to his chest, breaking their kiss only long enough to take quick breaths, and was vaguely aware of him tossing it aside. She brought her hands back to his face and felt him move his fingers into her hair, gripping it and running his fingers through it, causing her to shiver at the sensation.

Endymion moved one hand beneath her hair to slide up and down her back, and his other to cup and grasp her breast. He quickly grew frustrated with the silky fabric blocking his access to her skin, so he grabbed at the fabric of her gown bunched up at her waist and began to pull it up.

As he pulled it higher, revealing her breasts, he broke the kiss and helped her slip her arms out of the gown and patiently began to free her hair from it.

Serenity took the opportunity to press herself against him, their bare chests touching, and kissed and nibbled at his neck as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She slowly began rocking her hips against him, feeling the unmistakable sensation of him sliding slightly back and forth within her. She unconsciously gripped him from the inside, ringing a deep groan from him.

Endymion finally freed his loves hair from her gown and dropped the garment to the floor before his hands moved back to her body. One hand wrapped around her back and the other cupped her bottom and grasped a firm cheek.

He used his feet to free himself from his remaining clothes and kick them off to the floor before focusing all his attention back on his princess. He felt her inner walls clench around him again, and he grunted before he lay back on the bed to see what she would do next.

Serenity followed her prince in his descent back and pressed her lips to his, her tongue pushing pass his lips and into his mouth as she leaned her forearms on the bed above his shoulders. She slowly rocked her hips, their kisses turning passionate and coming quicker, and felt his hands slide along her sides, up and down her back, and around to stroke and cup her bottom.

She sat up and put her hands on his shoulders and began to rock her hips faster as her passion built. She closed her eyes and sighed at the feel of him moving inside her, and bit her lips as his hands covered her breasts and squeezed rhythmically.

She sat up fully and covered his hands with hers, squeezing them, as she continued to rock her hips.

"Harder. Squeeze harder." She told him as she tilted her head back.

He did and she moaned and rolled her hips. In that moment she decided that she would not think, she would feel and focus on her pleasure.

Endymion licked his lips and nearly panted as he watched his princess move above him. He groaned and lifted his hips against her as she rolled her hips, and squeezed his fingers around her breasts.

He watched as she moved her hands behind her neck and lifted her hair. He shivered at the feel of her hair sliding against his legs, and flexed them reflexively as he kneaded her breasts.

He suddenly sat up and replaced his hand on one breast with his mouth. He wrapped his arm loosely around her back as his tongue swirled around her nipple. He pinched her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pulled. He listened as his princess cried out in pleasure and felt her move her hips faster and a hand cup his head, grasping his hair roughly, to obviously keep him attached to her breast.

Serenity moaned and adjusted her grip on her hair to keep it off her neck. She was so hot and her body was trembling as her pleasure built. She rolled her hips a few times, grinding against him, moaning her pleasure, before she began to rapidly bounce.

She was barely aware of Endymion lying back down but covered his hands and squeezed as they once again grasped her breasts. She panted and moaned, her lips roundly parted and her eyes squeezed shut, as she bounced on Endymion's stiff manhood.

Then she suddenly tensed and shuddered as her release took her over, her body being held up by Endymion's hands on her chest.

Endymion watched his princess shudder until she was only trembling, her hips slowly rocking against him to stretch out her release as long as possible. He pulled her closer until they were hugging each other, her breath painting his cheek and neck in warm pants as she began to calm.

"I want more. I want wild, rough, passionate love making." Serenity suddenly whispered in his ear, causing him to shiver. "I want you to put me in positions that are sure to embarrass me but arouse me as well."

"Very well." He replied and grasped a fist full of hair near her neck and pulled her head back, revealing her face, and claimed her lips in a hard bruising kiss.

He rolled her onto her back, moving her hair off to the side, and stood leaning over her, their connection still intact. He lifted one of her legs to rest over his shoulder, and thrust hard and fast into her wet center.

Serenity cried out, her voice beginning to rise in pitch, before Endymion silenced her with his lips. She moaned into his mouth as she felt his hand rest roughly against her neck.

She rested her free foot on the edge of the bed and lifted her hips against his rapidly moving ones as her hands held his head to her. Within moments she let her leg fall to the side and nearly rest on the bed.

He suddenly broke the kiss and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and gripped her hips, parting and holding her legs over his arms as he thrust rapidly into her. She panted and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she listened to his deep groans and grunts.

Endymion moaned as he thrust deeply into his princess, watching her breasts bounce and watching himself moving in and out of her brought on his release and he groaned as he stiffened, his hips jerking automatically as his essence coated her insides.

He panted and thrust a few more times before he relaxed. He waited a few moments to catch his breath before he pulled away, and guided her until she was on her hands and knees at the end of the bed.

He slipped back inside her warm body with a groan, and thrust slow yet hard as his fingers molded to her waist. He closed his eyes as he listened to her gasping pants and moans.

Serenity dropped her head and rocked back into Endymion's slow thrusts with a breathy moan. She gripped the bed covers and arched her body as his hands slid up and down her sides and along her back.

Suddenly he pulled her hair sharply and she lifted her head with a cry of pain, and when he didn't let up she pushed herself up onto her knees. He released her hair and grabbed her breasts, pulled her back against his chest, and squeezed as he kissed and bit at her neck.

She moaned and panted as he thrust quicker and reached a hand up to grab her neck. She let her head fall back and rest on his shoulder, and felt his hand move back down to knead and squeeze her breast.

Endymion breathed harshly against Serenity's neck as he thrust rapidly into her. He lifted his head and reached up and turned her face to him so he could kiss her, then lowered his hand to stroke through her curls before he rapidly rubbed her bundle of nerves.

He swallowed her moans and returned them as her body began to tremble before quickly shifting into shudders as her inner walls began to convulse around him. Her nails clawed at his legs as she searched for something to hold, which only fueled his arousal as he continued thrusting.

He lifted her, keeping their connection, and got on the bed with her and lay her down in the center of the bed. He covered her body with his, spreading her legs with his knees, and began to hump her round bottom.

He moved a hand up her side and slipped his hand beneath her and grasped a breast as he moved quick, deep and hard inside her; determined to give his love what she wanted.

Serenity cried out as he hit something inside her that caused a burst of pleasure, and pressed her mouth against the bedding to keep quiet. They were not on the Moon or Earth where they knew the walls were thick. They didn't need anyone to come running to see what was wrong with her.

She lifted her upper body, just enough for her chest to be visible, and slid a leg up along the bedding, bending it in a way that spread her more, and left her moaning every time he thrust into her, pushing her hips down and pressing her sensitive bundle of nerves against the bedding.

She closed her eyes at the sensations; moaning at just how good it felt. Made even more pleasurable because he was doing what she asked, being rough and wild with her, putting her in positions that embarrassed yet excited her. She couldn't wait for whatever came next.

She felt his hand turn her head and her lips met his in a passionate kiss as his hand alternated between squeezing and grasping each of her breasts. She moaned and panted between kisses as she rolled her hips, pushing back against his thrusts and rubbing her bundle against the bedding.

Soon she was breaking their latest kiss, moaning and crying out as her body shuddered under yet another release. She quickly pressed her mouth to the bed as Endymion cried out into her neck as his own release took him over.

Her muffled cries continued as his release prolonged her pleasure.

Serena moaned along with Serenity as her release rippled through her. At this point her mind was filled with so much pleasure that she couldn't remember how many orgasms Serenity had had.

'It doesn't matter. I should just enjoy what Endymion's doing to her.' She thought in the next moment. 'But when am I going to lose my sense of self?' She wondered, but also decided just as quickly that it didn't matter when it happened. The result would be the same. Her love would be filling her mind and body full of pleasure.

She cried out along with Serenity as Endymion's orgasm filled Serenity and helped the tide of pleasure continue.

Hearing Endymion's deep cry against Serenity's neck aroused her to such an extent that she literally ached to switch places with Serenity. She wanted so badly to be the one that Endymion was thrusting his throbbing erection in, the one he was pressed against, the one whose breast he was squeezing.

She wanted to be the one to kiss him, hold him, and love him.

Serena whimpered and was beginning to understand why it was a good thing that she lost awareness of herself during these memories. Being aware left her lusting and longing for Endymion.

Serenity moaned breathily at each of Endymion's deliberate deep thrusts, then groaned slightly as he pulled away from her and lay at her side, thankfully away from the blanket of her hair.

She panted as her body began to relax and calm, her sensitive core still throbbing from the aftershocks of her orgasm. She shifted and turned over onto her back with a sigh, her legs slightly parted as if the air touching her center would take her sensitivity away.

She turned her head and looked to Endymion and watched as he sat up on his forearm and reached toward her. She felt him cup her head roughly before he kissed her. She hummed as his hand slid down to her breasts and caressed and kneaded them.

Eventually he moved his hand down further and cupped her womanhood firmly, enough to jerk her body, before he began to rub her. She moaned softly into his mouth and reached over grasped a fist full of his hair as their kisses began to come quicker.

She lifted the leg closest to him and draped it over his legs, giving him greater access to her womanhood, and her breath hitched as she felt first one then two of his longer fingers slide into her.

She released his head for a moment before arching the arm next to him around to hold him tightly to her, and moved her now free hand to caress and squeeze her own breasts to heighten her pleasure.

Her hips slowly lifted up and down as his fingers began to move faster, thrusting as deep in her as they could reach, leaving her gasping and panting as they kissed. She cried out breathlessly, leaning her face against Endymion's, their breath mingling, her body tense and trembling as his thrusts pulled her orgasm from her.

Serenity gasped and shuddered lightly before her body relaxed, her limbs resting where they lay.

Endymion kissed his love deeply before he extracted himself from her arm and leg and got off the bed. He stood watching her in the limited light, seeing the effect his repeated attentions had on her as she calmed down from her high.

'Eyes closed, face and neck flushed, limbs spread, chest heaving as she catches her breath, and lips red and swollen.' He catalogued as he watched her.

As she sighed and began to stretch languorously he began to stroke himself. He couldn't help it, she was so beautiful and her movements aroused him more than he already was.

"Do you want more my love?" He asked huskily when she opened her eyes and noticed what he was doing. He watched as she bit her lip and rubbed her legs together, one hand moving to stroke her neck and caress her breasts, before she nodded.

"Yes." She breathed out, and he groaned and stroked himself harder.

"Tell me what you want; where you want it." He said. "I am here to please you in any way you want."

Serenity sat up until she was seated back on her legs, her hair draped along her back and trailing off the side of the bed behind her. One arm sat across her chest, gripping her upper arm, and emphasized her breasts.

The effect was that she looked incredibly innocent, and yet enticing in her nakedness and the innocent vibe she unconsciously exuded, causing her waiting lover to nearly pant in want.

She looked around the room and noted the large window, the soft looking chaise lounge chair, matching night stands, a decorative side table, and matching cushioned armless chairs.

'Perhaps the lounge.' She considered thoughtfully before she shook her head slightly. 'No. That is for slow love making.' She thought as she shifted her eyes to the next piece of furniture.

The night stands were out, as was the side table since they didn't look stable enough. 'The window would leave us too exposed.' She thought with a blush.

She eyed the armless chairs and focused on the one against the wall behind Endymion. She thought that would do. It would suit the wild rough passion she wanted, and she was at least familiar with how to go about some of what she wanted since they had used chairs before.

Serenity got off the bed and walked around it to her prince, her hair trailing behind her, and trailed her hands up his stomach and chest before she stroked along his shoulders.

She kissed his chest before she lightly bit one of his nipples, blushing as she did so, then moved around him to the chair she had been eying. She let her hands trail along the wooden frame, and felt the soft seat and back cushion before she pulled it slightly away from the wall.

She sat on it, pleased with its softness since she hadn't used it since her arrival, and pulled her hair off to the side, nearly behind the chair so it was out of the way before she looked back to Endymion.

Endymion stared at his princess as she seemingly tested the chair he had overlooked, and situated it to her liking before she sat and made herself comfortable.

He watched as she looked at him then shyly looked away as she saw he was still stroking himself. It amused him greatly that only minutes before she had wanted rough and wild sex, but now couldn't watch him pleasure himself.

He let those thoughts go as he watched her scoot around until she was slouched in the chair and seated nearly at the edge of the seat. She lifted and spread her legs, revealing herself to his eager eyes. One hand behind her, steadying herself on the seat cushion, and the other holding one of her legs behind her knee.

"Come to me my prince and take me." He listened to her say as she looked back to him. "My desires have not changed. I want you to show your passion, your strength, and take me with a wild abandon only allowed in our dreams and fantasies."

Endymion wasted no time, and moved toward her without a word.

Serenity closed her eyes as Endymion leaned over and kissed her. It didn't take her long to get lost in the feel of his lips and tongue, so lost that she was taken by surprise when he suddenly pressed his hard length against her and slipped inside her.

She gasped and lifted her hips, taking him deeper inside as he ground his hips against her. She wrapped an arm around his neck and gripped his shoulder with her other hand, her nails biting into his skin at the feel of him inside her.

Endymion paused his movements and put an arm under one of her legs to keep it lifted and grasped the back of the chair, and his other hand gripped the side of the seat behind her. He adjusted his legs to give himself better movement and began to rock his hips fast and hard as their kisses came quicker and quicker.

He broke away from her lips after a while and pulled his head back, and watched his princess turn her head from side to side and lick her lips between quick breaths.

Serenity felt Endymion move his hand from the cushion she was seated on to grip the top of the back of the chair. She moved her hand from his shoulder, out of the way, to the cushion behind her bottom to steady herself.

She moaned lustfully and panted as she pressed her free leg against his side before she leaned up and kissed him.

"Faster. Harder!" She urged him.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out as he did as she asked, and moaned as he reached around the leg he was holding up and squeezed her breast in a hard grip.

Endymion pressed his face against Serenity's and groaned as his hips pounded against hers. He could feel his release coming and he wanted her to join him, so he paused his movements and chuckled at her instant whimpers before he began to thrust into her with long deep strokes designed to send her over the edge.

Serenity's breath hitched and her eyes squeezed shut as her body tensed as her orgasm shot through her. She let out a breathy cry as he began to thrust hard and fast again, her body shuddering as her pleasure continued.

She moaned but it was smothered as Endymion covered her mouth with his in a bruising kiss, and unbelievably began to thrust harder. She whimpered into his mouth and tightened her arm around his neck as she fell into another orgasm, barely aware that the chair was tipping back as he leaned further into her with his harder thrusts.

Endymion groaned deeply and pulled his mouth from hers as his orgasm shot through him. He jerked and ground his hips against her, his hand rhythmically squeezing her breast as he panted heavily.

He slowed his hips and looked down at his love and saw her eyes were still closed and she was still panting. He glanced at how the chair was tipped and decided he could use that.

He lowered the chair before he put his free arm under her other leg, so both her legs were spread and draped over his arms, then lifted his arms and grasped the back of the top of the chair and tilted it back until it hit the wall. He pressed his hands against the cushion to keep it against the wall then began quick short thrusts.

Serenity stayed quiet, focusing on catching her breath as Endymion adjusted her position, but jerked slightly as the chair began to tip further back to the point she was afraid it would fall.

She looked at the position she was in as he focused on securing the chair, and bit her lip as just seeing her legs lifted and spread as they were with him still inside her aroused her all over again.

She put her hands on the sides of the seat cushion and looked up to her Prince as he began to thrust his hips again. She closed her eyes and hummed as she felt the pleasurable friction of him stroking in and out of her.

Her hands lifted to her breasts and caressed and squeezed them, her breaths coming quicker as his thrusts went further and further inside her.

Endymion watched with hooded eyes as his princess squeezed her own breasts. He could see her squeezing harder and harder each time and decided to pick up his movements. He thrust in hard quick strokes, grunting as pleasure shot through him as he felt himself hit the end of her.

He listened to her moan and watched her feet and upper body arch. Her eyes opened and her hands left her chest and came up to stroke his shoulders and the muscles of his upper arms. He felt her inner muscles squeeze his length and knew she was excited by the evidence of his strength.

He listened to her cry out before she bit her lip, and watched her body tremble almost violently but didn't worry about the movements. Having her legs lifted and the chair positioned as it was would keep her hips angled just as he wanted them.

Serenity panted as her release took hold of her, fingers of lightening like pleasure forced her body to tremble at the stimulation of her nerves. She reached up and grasped his hair and pulled his head down and locked her lips with his as her body jerked with his hard movements.

She moaned at the arousing sounds of their skin slapping together and the smacking of their wet kisses, and cried out suddenly, the sound muffled by his mouth as another orgasm, more intense then the last, rocked her body.

She tensed and curled forward, her other hand gripping the back of his neck to maintain their kiss, spasms overtaking her as his hard fast thrusts continued.

Endymion slowed his hips yet again and focused on kissing Serenity as her body continued to tremble and spasm.

When her body calmed enough that the spasms and trembles stopped he let the chair sit upright and lowered her legs before he pulled away from their kiss. He pulled her to her feet and took her place in the chair.

He turned her around to face away from him and guided her to straddle his lap and lower herself onto his still hard manhood until she was seated, her legs spread with only her toes reaching the floor.

Serenity blushed at the position. 'I asked him to put me in positions that I would find embarrassing,' She reminded herself. 'so I need to stop thinking and just feel.'

She was brought out of her thoughts by her head being yanked back by the fistful of hair Endymion had in his hand. She leaned back until she was resting against his chest and turned her face toward him at his direction and moaned as he claimed her lips roughly.

Their tongues swirled, stroked, and battled between breaths as Endymion grasped her breasts, molding and squeezing them in his fingers. She reached up and covered one of his hands, encouraging her love to squeeze harder, and reached around with the other to grip a fist full of his hair.

Serenity's inner walls clenched around the hardness inside her as the heat of her arousal began to build again, and she felt his length twitch in response, which only caused her to clench around him again.

She moaned and automatically began to rock her hips back and forth.

Endymion squeezed harder at the breasts he held as he was silently instructed and pinched the pert nipples. She groaned and bit his lip before he felt her squeeze his hand, and he pinched her nipples harder as he was again silently instructed.

She clenched around him again and he bucked his hips up into her slowly rocking ones in response. He slid a hand from her breast down her stomach and over the curls covering her womanhood before he found her little bud and began to rapidly rub it.

He pinched her nipple one more time before he covered her breast and squeezed hard just as she liked it, and felt her roll her hips in a circle before rocking them a little faster.

Serenity moaned as she rocked her hips, her bud of nerves pulsing under Endymion's moving fingers, and her inner walls clenching around his hardness.

Endymion suddenly thrust up sharply into her and she cried out into his mouth as her hips bucked in her orgasm. Her legs automatically pressed against his in an attempt to close to relieve some of her sensitivity at her extreme pleasure, but his legs held their position, keeping her spread open as he continued to rub her pulsing bud to prolong her pleasure.

As her pleasure waned her body relaxed and she pulled her lips from his and rested her head on his shoulder as she caught her breath, and hummed in satisfaction as he continued to rub her, though slowing his pace dramatically.

She then sat up, using his stomach as leverage, and felt him move his hands to rest on her hips as she put her hands on his legs. She closed her eyes and began to rock her hips once again, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth she moved. Her hands on his legs and her toes on the floor keeping her steady.

She opened her eyes and dropped her head as she moved, the angle allowing her to see her bud rub against his balls every time she moved forward. She leaned forward slightly and rolled her hips before she ground her bud against him, moaning as she did so.

After a few long moments she sat up, and bit her bottom lip as she began to bounce, moving up and down on his length, moaning as she caused him to hit a place inside her that had her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she dropped her head back.

She put one hand back blindly and placed it on his stomach to keep her balance, and grabbed the hand on her hip and placed it on her breast and squeezed, silently demanding he do so as she moaned and panted.

Endymion brought his other hand up to join the other in lavishing her breasts with attention, squeezing the firm softness and pinching her nipples as he listened to her moan. He panted harshly as her bouncing stimulated his sensitive length and groaned as she paused and rolled her hips before rocking them rapidly back and forth, grinding against him every now and then.

He moved his hands to her arms and gripped them tightly, bruisingly, before he pulled them back, nearly behind her. She gasped a cry and bounced as fast as she could now that she was assured of her steadiness; the sound of her breasts smacking against her skin exciting him before she furiously began rocking her hips.

After achieving a steady pace he felt her inner walls clench around him tightly and heard her gasp before she shuddered, her hips jerking in an effort to draw out her release. She half moaned half cried out and he felt her legs quiver under the power of her orgasm.

Serenity sighed as she came down from her blissful high as Endymion released her arms. She rocked lightly, riding out the last of her release before she stood and turned around. She shifted her hair out of the way before she once again straddled her love, taking him inside herself, and rested her hands on his shoulders before she roughly grabbed his face and kissed him.

She felt him grab a fist full of hair behind her neck and grab her bottom as she began to rock her hips fast against him.

She pressed her chest against his as she gripped his shoulders before she broke the kiss and leaned her head back as he tugged sharply at her hair. Moans passed her lips as she pressed her toes against the floor and jerked, rocked, and ground her hips against his.

He released her hair and she lifted her head only to feel his hands cover her breasts. She leaned her face against his and panted as she began to bounce, moaning as her breasts bounced as well despite his large hands covering them.

She bounced faster, hitting the same spot she managed to hit before, and panted out a moan before she began rock her hips again. She leaned back, as far as her arms would stretch and tilted her head back, panting and gasping as she rocked and jerked her hips as quick as she could.

Endymion wrapped his arms around her and jerked her back to him, and she mindlessly clung to him, her face against his neck. She cried out haltingly as he began to rapidly thrust his hips against her frantically rocking hips.

She tensed, her body trembling, and gasped breathlessly as another orgasm robbed her of her of her breath.

"Do not stop! Go faster; harder!" Serenity pleaded as she clung tightly to him, and willingly drowned in her pleasure.

Endymion groaned and thrust harder and faster as his love wanted him to, and leaned his head back and squeezed his eyes shut as his pleasure built higher and higher.

He quickly bit down on her shoulder to muffle his cry as pleasure exploded through him. His hips bucked again and again and again, prolonging both their pleasure to the satisfaction of his princess from the sounds of her muffled cries and trembling body.

They both relaxed nearly at the same time and he slowed his hips and listened to Serenity pant and make little pleased sounds that had his hips bucking slightly.

He sighed and swallowed before he tightened an arm around her and lowered his other hand to firmly grasp her bottom. Then he stood and carried his princess back to the bed and lay down on top of her in the center, never breaking their connection.

Serenity automatically shifted her hair, moving it slightly to the side and loosening it from beneath her so it wasn't tugging uncomfortably at her head.

When she looked back to Endymion he immediately kissed her and she ran her fingers through his hair as he stroked up and down her sides, grazing the sides of her breasts with his blunt nails.

She wondered briefly why he wasn't moving inside her, why he was just lying motionless aside from his hands, but decided just the feel of him inside her, hard and hot was enough to get her excited all over again. Her inner walls clenched around him as she slowly moved her legs against his.

Suddenly he grabbed her wrists and held them back on the bed above her head with one hand, and grabbed a breast before he started slowly, achingly slowly thrusting. She was instantly frustrated but her arousal was increasing all the same.

Endymion groaned into Serenity's mouth at the blissful, exquisite torture he was putting them both through. He wanted to move quicker, but as far as he was concerned it was a form of torture before he began the rough and wild movements she wanted.

He pulled nearly all the way out before slowly sinking back into her snug heat, over and over he repeated the action. Then he began to pullout slowly before slamming sharply into her only to repeat the move again and again until they were both gasping with their building release.

He pulled his mouth from hers and released her wrists before he slipped his hands beneath her and gripped her shoulders. He pressed his face against her neck and began humping her furiously.

Serenity moaned and panted as she wrapped her arms around Endymion's shoulders and held on. It was the only thing she could do as she lifted her head, seeing his hips moving rapidly, feeling his length sliding furiously in and out of her.

She placed her feet flat on the bed and parted her legs slightly, giving his hips more room as she dropped her head back down on the bed.

She felt her Prince kiss her neck before she cried out, barely muffling it against his shoulder, as she felt him bite her sensitive skin. Then she panted out another cry, her legs trembling as her release left her panting.

Endymion slowed to a stop before he sat back on his knees, watching his princess tremble, her eyes closed and lips parted. She was so beautiful with her skin glistening, and her chest heaving. He loved that he had that effect on her, and was determined to keep it going.

He moved closer and spread his knees, spreading her legs over his in the process, and eased himself back inside her before gripping her shoulders, pressing her down on the bed as he began to pound his hips against hers.

He watched her bite her lip, her eyes watching him, watching his hips, and groaned as he felt himself grow hotter with his arousal. He shifted his eyes down and watched her breasts bouncing and jiggling as her body jerked with his furious movements.

He listened to her panting and moaning softly as their skin slapped together, and watched her eyes close as she grasped his forearms.

Serenity moaned and arched her back as her pleasure built, intensifying and moving through her body like a flash fire until she was whimpering at her release.

Suddenly his lips were against hers, their tongues meeting and parting between breaths, and he was grinding his hips against hers prolonging her release as he fell into his own.

She whimpered again, this time from the loss of his lips, as he sat up. She watched him push her legs back to her sides down on the bed, his hands gripping her thighs beneath the back of her knees, forcing her legs to stay open.

She groaned, her inner muscles clenching around him as she knew her bud of nerves was visible to his eyes.

She closed her eyes as he began to move his hips once again, his length sliding back and forth within her in long strokes. She cried out as the angle caused him to go further and hit a spot inside that had her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, scratching at his back at the intensity of her pleasure, as she felt him lean over her and press his face against hers.

Endymion kissed his love hard as he moved his hips, using his grip on her legs to keep himself steady. Within moments he moved his hands from her legs and gripped her breasts, grasping them roughly, and squeezing hard.

He slowed his hips to an agonizingly slow pace, occasionally grinding against her as their tongues slid against each other, swallowing each other's moans. He slid his hands up to hold her head, gripping her hair, and began to pound his hips against hers in quick, hard, deep strokes.

He groaned into her mouth as he felt her grip his hair in her small fists then again as he felt her inner walls begin to tighten around him. He broke the kiss, sliding his face to her neck as he lay fully against her. He moved his hands down her body and gripped her bottom, his fingers molding to her soft firm flesh.

Serenity panted, still riding out her orgasm as her Endymion shifted his hold on her. She slid her arms beneath his and gripped his shoulders as he began thrusting again, her nails digging into his skin.

She moaned lightly as her body jerked with his every thrust, his hot breath puffing against her neck. She tried to spread her legs wider to increase her pleasure, but they wouldn't go any further. She groaned in frustration. She needed more pleasure, she needed more of him.

"More! I need more!" She begged. "I want it. Right now!"

In response she felt him bite her shoulder, and begin to thrust faster.

Serenity panted and decided to pull her legs back since she couldn't spread them, hoping that would increase her pleasure, and moaned loudly at her success. She unconsciously tried to arch her body, but he was holding her so firmly, his weight pressing her down that she couldn't manage the movement.

She lifted her head and watched his hips and firm bottom moving furiously, tears in her eyes at the intense pleasure storming through her body. She gasped out cries as her release built, her hands sliding up and down his back, her nails scratching and cutting into his skin.

Her cries continued as her orgasm rolled through her.

"Do not stop!" She told him breathlessly as she clung to him, the tears from her pleasure escaping her eyes.

Tuxedo Mask dropped to his knees near the black hole and skidded forward, hoping in those moments to join his love rather than be left behind again to deal with her absence. But the hole closed just as he reached it and he slid over the grassy ground that had quickly reappeared.

"Damn!" He cursed loudly in frustration as he pounded his fists on the ground. Already the pain, sadness, and anger, no rage, were surfacing with the disappearance of his princess and their connection. His mind was already dissolving into panicked questions.

Will she end up in the same time or a different one? He wondered frantically. Will she make it back or be trapped? Will anything change just because she's there? Will I suddenly find myself not engaged or suddenly remember that my fiancée doesn't exist?!

We remembered her last trip as she was telling us about it, but what if she isn't here to tell us and trigger those memories? Or worse, what if everything just changes and I don't realize it? Don't realize that my princess isn't with me, isn't anywhere, and doesn't exist anymore?!

He could still hear the blasts from the groundhog and quickly got to his feet. The threat of being injured forcing him into action when all he wanted to do was sit there and drown in his emotions.

She shouldn't be long. He reminded himself. At least not from my point of view unless she's stuck wherever she is longer than expected.

"We should get a barrier around it to trap it so we can defeat it." Tuxedo Mask suggested angrily. He was vaguely aware of storm clouds gathering overhead, and had no doubt the city would soon be covered in a rainstorm.

"Where's the groundhog?" Sailor Pluto asked as she stepped forward, not at all deterred by his anger since she understood where it was coming from.

Tuxedo Mask knelt on the ground, not even flinching as an attack shot through the ground right next to him, and closed his eyes as he used his power to search for the animal.

"It's right beneath me. It's moving in tight circles." He said quickly, and Pluto stepped closer and raised her Garnet Rod.

"Super Garnet Ball!" She said and a flash of light left the rod and flew straight down into the ground.

"It's trapped." He confirmed as he watched the animal monster ramming into the barrier. Sailor's Jupiter and Mercury took the opportunity to move closer now that they knew the attacks wouldn't continue coming for the moment.

"I can't attack and hold it captive at the same time." Pluto pointed out.

"My powers won't work underground," Sailor Mercury reminded them. "so it's up to Jupiter to deal with it."

Sailor Jupiter knelt on the ground as she decided which attack would work best on the groundhog as Tuxedo Mask monitored it and Sailor Pluto contained it.

"Infinite Vine Pressure!" Jupiter said as she held her hands just above the ground. Green energy vines shot from her palms down into the grass and dirt.

Tuxedo watched in his mind's eye as vines wrapped around the groundhog, surrounding it over and over and squeezing, but it was still alive and struggling. He decided to add his own attack, angry that the creature wouldn't die so he could get to finding his princess.

"Infinite Rose Thorns!" He growled out and watched as sharp rose thorns shot into the ground and sped through the dirt and into the monstrous groundhog, riddling it like bullets from a gun.

The ground beneath them rumbled and shook before it stilled and Tuxedo stopped his attack and cut off his view of the creatures disintegrating remains.

"It's dead." He announced and Jupiter stopped her attack before they both got to their feet.

"Is there a way to get Sailor Moon back instead of waiting for her to get herself back?" He asked Pluto as she was lowering her rod, and she shook her head.

"I haven't been able to think of a way. I can't go get her myself since I risk running into other versions of myself from different timelines. Not to mention we don't know which time she's in. This enemy sent her to her recent past last time, but that doesn't mean they'll do it again." Pluto said.

"Unfortunately our best bet is to wait and hope she can get herself back, but if we can think of something before she can then we can try that solution." She added.

"We should head over to Mars' temple since we'll end up meeting there when Sailor Moon gets back anyway." Mercury advised, and Jupiter pulled out her communicator and contacted Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Mars, and Saturn all at once.

"Are you all done at your location?" She asked them as the others listened.

"Yes." Sailor Venus answered for all of them.

"Then head over to Mars' temple. We're meeting there ASAP. Sailor Moon's gone again." She told them and listened to their sounds of dismay and anger.

"We'll see you there." Venus finally said.

"Right." Jupiter said, and with that she put her communicator away and the group headed off toward the temple.

Tuxedo Mask ran, his face blank as he sank into his thoughts. What was his princess doing? Where exactly was she? Was she in the past again? Would he have more memories of an older Serena? Or was she in her distant past? Was she at this very moment interacting with the princess and prince she had been dreaming about for weeks now?

Was she speaking to the Queen mother she hadn't seen since before her death as Serenity? Or was she in the future speaking to a different queen? One that was herself? Was she getting to know a different Endymion, an older one, who knew all she had been through?

Is she experiencing any one of these things? Without me? He hated that she could be. They should be doing everything together, even if it was getting trapped in different times. But he would rather her be experiencing those things without him then be hurt or in danger.

Then again, depending on what time she landed in she could very well be hurt and in danger, and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it and it infuriated him.

The thought was punctuated by a loud rumble of thunder and a flash of lightening before drops of water began to trickle on the traveling warriors. The trickle very soon became a heavy rain.

It hurt. His heart hurt so much. Being separated, cut off from his princess, from his only family was agonizing.

He could no longer sense or feel her emotions inside him, could no longer feel her love pulsing inside him like another functioning organ. He couldn't tell if she was happy, sad, angry, confused, or hurt. There was nothing; only emptiness. One where there had been two.

Tuxedo slowed to a stop on a five story roof and took his hat off and ran his gloved fingers through his hair as he closed his eyes in pain.

Serena, are you feeling the same pain I am at our separation? Or are you too busy trying not to get yourself hurt, killed, or trapped in whatever time you've found yourself in?

He gripped his hair in pained frustration and hoped at least a version of him was there to help her, to make her feel like she wasn't alone, or at least give her the illusion of such.

He dropped his hat, not seeing it disappear as his free hand joined the other in gripping his wet hair.

I hate so much that she's gone. Why couldn't they take the both of us?! He wished he had been faster and made it to the black hole before it closed. Then they would at least be together!

The scouts stopped one by one and looked back at Tuxedo until Pluto gestured for them to keep going. She would wait for him. Mercury and Jupiter nodded before they continued on.

Pluto looked to her prince sadly. He was clearly in pain, just as much as he was last time, but this time he was trying to remain in control of his connection to the Earth. Enough had slipped through to allow the sky to express his pain though. She very much hoped their princess made it back quickly. She was hoping to hear her call any moment.

She watched as he went from standing stone still to pacing. It was heartbreaking to watch, knowing he was trying to silently deal with his pain.

Sailor Pluto! It's me again. You know what I need. Can you help me? She gasped as she suddenly heard her princess' call. She could tell from her words that she must be alone. She immediately began to run, leaping back to the roof her prince was on.

"I heard her!" She called and watched as his head snapped up, eyes bright gold. "She just called so she must be on her way back." She continued and he nodded.

"We should join the others." He said and they continued on their journey.

They ran as fast as they could, wanting everyone to be in one place when Serena arrived, and landed at the bottom of the stairs leading to the temple. They released their transformations and hurried up the stairs, ran across the long courtyard, and inside.

They looked around once they made it to the room to see if Serena was there, but there was no sign of her. The others looked confused at their crestfallen expressions, and Trista explained that she had heard Serena's call a few minutes ago.

Darien walked over to the sliding door and pushed it halfway open and stood in the space, leaning against the wall as he struggled to contain his disappointment.

He was very much hoping his princess would be here when they arrived. He sighed morosely. Clearly his emotions were blinding him or he would have known she wasn't there since he couldn't feel her presence or sense her emotions.

He was angry with himself for the oversight and angry with this enemy for separating them yet again. It was only the second time but he was tired of it. Had been tired of it the first time it happened.

He sighed shakily and clenched his hands before running his fingers through his damp hair. He gripped his hair and squeezed his eyes shut, thunder rumbled loudly and lightening sizzled, lighting up the sky.

His princess had said to try to keep his emotions under control at her disappearance but he was losing that battle. It was one thing for her to be away traveling, be on the other side of the city from him, even kidnapped by the enemy because he could still feel and sense her and she would be on the Earth and he could find her.

Her being in another time was altogether different. They were completely cut off from each other and there was no way he could find her. There were an infinite number of timelines that would have to be searched, and that was impossible not to mention highly dangerous.

Please, please hurry back my love. He silently begged while simultaneously wondering if he could prevent himself from losing his mind if she were gone hours and hours, or worse, days.

Suddenly relief flooded his body and his connection with his princess snapped back into place like a stretched rubber band.

He lowered his hands and opened his eyes. His princess was back.


A little hole opened up in the late afternoon sky before it widened and a body dropped out unnoticed. Long golden blond hair waved like a banner as the body moved through the air until they encountered a tree.

The impact woke them instantly and they screamed, which was muffled by a sudden mouth full of leaves, as they crashed through tree tops. Confusion and disorientation ruled as they tumbled and bounced before they landed hard on the ground.

Serena groaned as she struggled to sit up. She pushed her hair out of her eyes and looked back up to where she came from before looking around. She groaned again as she recognized the park she had landed in, and registered the fact that it was daylight when she had initially fallen into the hole in the middle of the night.

She carefully got to her feet, making sure nothing was broken, and dusted off her sweats and tank top. She rubbed her scalp through her hair, sure from the stinging that she had lost some on her crash landing.

She couldn't help thinking that it was irritating that the black holes opened up in the sky instead of close to the ground, but she guessed she should be thankful it wasn't higher or who knew what condition she'd be in.

She knew she was in the same city, the same area even, but didn't know if it was the same exact time she had been sent to before. It could be the same time, just before or just after give or take a few months or years. She just didn't know.

And I don't particularly want to find out. She thought as she looked around, wanting to make sure she was alone, belatedly surprised that no one had seen her landing. Alright I'm alone, so here goes.

"Sailor Pluto! It's me again. You know what I need. Can you help me?" Serena called out, not bothering to conceal the scouts name since she was very much alone, but she got no reply.

She waited a few minutes but still got no reply. She sighed in frustration and worry and looked around as she tried to figure out what to do and why Pluto wasn't responding.

Well I can't just stay here among the trees. She decided. I don't want to be mistaken for my younger or older self, so I guess I should head to Raye's temple. It's fairly isolated so I can hangout there until I can get ahold of Pluto.

As she jogged and ran through the city her mind helplessly relived the intense memory she had just experienced with Serenity and Endymion.

She couldn't help remembering how hot and sexy it had been, and how bold and assertive Serenity had been. Would Darien like me to be that way? She wondered briefly, but pushed it aside as she recalled the feel of Endymion's length stroking rapidly back and forth inside Serenity.

Serenity moaned and panted as she wrapped her arms around Endymion's shoulders and held on. It was the only thing she could do as she lifted her head, seeing his hips moving rapidly, feeling his length sliding furiously in and out of her.

She blinked rapidly as she tried to clear away the memory. The last time she had experienced a memory that hot was the first time she had seen them go at it against a wall.

She could still hear the sound of Endymion groaning, moaning, and panting. Could see him stroking himself every time she blinked, like a flip-book being turned one page at a time.

"Do you want more my love?" He asked huskily when she opened her eyes and noticed what he was doing. He watched as she bit her lip and rubbed her legs together, one hand moving to stroke her neck and caress her breasts, before she nodded.

"Yes." She breathed out, and he groaned and stroked himself harder.

She could practically feel his weight against her, his hands gliding along her skin.

Then he stood and carried his princess back to the bed and lay down on top of her in the center, never breaking their connection. ... When she looked back to Endymion he immediately kissed her and she ran her fingers through his hair as he stroked up and down her sides, grazing the sides of her breasts with his blunt nails.

She couldn't help reflecting that Endymion and Serenity liked to have her legs spread. It had happened multiple times in every position they had been in throughout the lengthy memory.

He lowered the chair before he put his free arm under her other leg, so both her legs were spread and draped over his arms, then lifted his arms and grasped the back of the top of the chair and tilted it back until it hit the wall. He pressed his hands against the back cushion to keep it against the wall then began quick short thrusts.

Serenity stayed quiet, focusing on catching her breath as Endymion adjusted her position, but jerked slightly as the chair began to tip further back to the point she was afraid it would fall.

She looked at the position she was in as he focused on securing the chair, and bit her lip as just seeing her legs lifted and spread as they were with him still inside her aroused her all over again.

Her own womanhood throbbed at the minute memory, and she admitted that she liked it as well. It apparently increased ones pleasure and the action itself was highly arousing.

Serena sighed as she remembered thinking, when she first remembered her past self's love for Endymion, that their romance was great but all handholding and kisses here and there, but that was when she was fourteen and sex hadn't been anywhere near her radar.

Now she was nearly nineteen and had been thoroughly educated on the truth of their love by way of their memories. It was not the innocent kissing and handholding she had imagined it to be. Those particular actions happened rarely since their love had to be kept a secret. It was actually intense and passionate sex wherever and whenever they could get away with having it.

She and Darien had the kissing and handholding down pat after their years together, but now she wanted the intense and passionate sex. The constant flow of memories sent her down that path in the first place and made her crave it, but now she wanted and desired that intimacy because she now knew what she was missing.

Not only was she missing it but she knew Darien was missing it, and more importantly their relationship was lacking it. She wanted to express her love for him intimately, wanted to comfort him the same way, and simply enjoy the activity when the urge struck her.

I can just imagine us going back to his place after a date and ending the night in passionate bliss. Waking up in the morning, if I happen to be staying at his place, and starting the day on a very good note. Or even a visit in the middle of the night for an enthusiastic 'I miss you'. She thought dreamily.

She could just imagine it. They would go out on a date one evening. A little kissing would turn into a lot of kissing, and caressing would turn into heavy petting, and they would make their way through his apartment, shedding clothes, and eventually end up in his bedroom.

Lots of moaning, groaning, maybe some screaming if he can make it happen, and perhaps we can go at it long and hard enough to steam up his windows. Is that even possible? She wondered as she ran.

She was finally brought out of her lustful thoughts as she arrived once again at Raye's temple. She ran up the many stairs and dashed into the surrounding forest so as not to be seen, and decided she would wait there and try again to contact Pluto in a little while.

Serena saw the girls coming out and assumed that they had just finished a meeting. There were only four so that answered her question of exactly when she was. She was about to move further into the trees so she wouldn't be seen, but her younger self spotted her.

"Serena!" The younger girl cheerfully called out to her, and she moved out of the trees toward them.

"Hi everyone." She greeted as she reached them.

"So what happened this time?" Lita asked curiously.

Serena sighed and began to explain a little about how she got there yet again, while internally cursing her past self for her skills at being aware of her surroundings, but at the same time congratulating her since she knew that the girls wouldn't see that skill in her for years.

As she was talking she frowned as she began to get the feeling that there was an enemy in the area and getting closer. That's new. I've never been able to sense an enemy's approach before. She thought as she stopped what she was saying and looked around.

"You need to transform!" She told them quickly before she darted into the forest and stood behind a tree, making sure she was hidden from sight. The last thing she needed was for the enemy to see two Serena's and get ideas.

Why is the enemy attacking here? She wondered as she listened to the girls transform. I don't remember an attack like this happening here until the Black Moon clan came along. Well, there was that time with Raye's grandfather, but I'm sure that's already happened if my calculations are right. Was it my last trip or this one that caused this? She worried.

She peeked around the tree and saw that the monster was the bird-winged monster that was the priest she and Lita had fought in the graveyard with Darien's help.

How did he get here? She questioned with a frown. What could the priest have been doing here? Maybe he was exploring or visiting the religious site when Zoizite caught up to him. He seems stronger, much stronger then I remember. She noticed.

Serena watched as he reflected Sailor's Jupiter and Mars' attacks back at them, rendering them unable to fight. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon held up for a bit longer before Moon took a glancing hit to her side and was about to take a more direct one when Mercury jumped in front of it.

Oh no. Mercury's down. She thought before she scanned the others. Jupiter and Mars were definitely out for the moment. That left only Sailor Moon as the only one who could still fight, and even Serena knew she couldn't handle a monster on her own at this point in time so she moved in to help.

She stepped from behind the tree and ran in front of Sailor Moon and began to fight the man turned monster just as the civilian she currently was. She threw kicks and punches until the monster went down then turned to Sailor Moon.

"Get Mercury over to Jupiter and Mars, and keep her conscious!" She instructed before she returned her attention to the monster.

Serena continued to fight the monster, keeping him away from the others until she got a good enough hit on it that knocked it down long enough for her to check on the Scouts and assess their injuries.

"Alright. It looks like Mercury has the worst injuries." She said when she was finished. "Sailor Moon I need you to keep her talking or at the very least keep talking to her, and make sure she's hearing you so she stays awake." She ordered, taking charge easily.

"Mars, Jupiter I need you to keep trying to get up so you can come fight. This is not my fight and I shouldn't be fighting it." She added before she looked back to the recovered monster.

She stood and ran back toward the monster and continued to fight, and after a while a red rose came sailing into the monsters arm. She knew instantly who it came from and didn't bother looking back as she took advantage of the opening, and beat on the monster until it was down and disoriented once again.

She retreated back to the Scouts and Tuxedo Mask to check on the injured scouts. Jupiter and Mars could get themselves into a sitting position and nothing more, and Mercury was still conscious but was in a lot of pain. Moon was bruised and had some scrapes but was fine other than that. She also noticed that Luna was now there, and briefly wondered where she had been earlier.

I'm going to have to deal with this monster myself. Serena realized with a weary sigh, and it was the absolute last thing she wanted to do. Who knew what the damage would be from transforming and fighting, and showing them her abilities. But I know if I do nothing something could happen to Sailor Moon, and I could end up watching the actions that could cause me to cease to exist.

She looked to Tuxedo Mask and sighed at what she was about to do, and prayed that the move wouldn't change her relationship with Darien in her time.

"I know who you are." She said to him. She watched him frown, but quickly continued before he could react more than that. "Jerk, meet Meatball head. Meatball head, meet Jerk." She introduced them quietly, gesturing to each of them as she spoke.

"Tuxedo, I need you to watch over the Scouts for me since Moon can't do it on her own, and she needs to focus on Mercury anyway." She said quickly, not bothering to note their reactions, and looked back to the monster that was beginning to stir.

"Ugh! This whole situation is unfair!" She whined suddenly and unexpectedly to the surprise of her companions. "I'm going to be in serious trouble for doing this! At least I will if I don't manage to destroy my future." She continued before she heard the monster moving some more.

She cut off her whining instantly and turned serious as she got to her feet. Come to me Holy Grail. She said silently and held out her hands as it appeared.

"Silver Moon Crystal Power Makeup!" She stated firmly.

Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Scouts watched as a softly glowing object appeared and floated above Serena's hands before she was suddenly surrounded by warm pink light as white feathers swirled around her.

When they could see her again a golden crescent moon appeared and began to glow brightly on her forehead and a pair of wings wrapped around her. She spread her arms wide and the wings snapped open seemingly causing the feathers to swirl quickly and the pink light to brighten blindingly.

When it cleared and they could see again Serena was completely transformed. Gone were the sweat pants, tank top and tennis shoes, as well as her loose hair. She now stood as a stunningly upgraded Sailor Moon that had them all staring in awe.

She stood tall in her crisp white body suit with a dark blue collar with three yellow stripes around its edges, large transparent pink puffs with two patches of red fabric attached to the bottom adorned her shoulders, and a three layered mini skirt of red, yellow, and blue sat on her hips. Two silk ribbons, one of yellow the other red, formed a belt that was clipped together above her skirts by a crescent moon with two long thin red back ribbons.

Instead of a bow in the center of her chest a white wing-like design similar to the shape of a bow replaced it, and in the center of the wings was a pink heart embraced by a golden crescent moon. Her white gloves extended passed her elbows and half way up her upper arms, three patches of red fabric with wing-like clips attached to the ends and around her wrists were v-shaped red bracelets with crescent moons.

Instead of the familiar red boots they were used to seeing she wore white knee-length high heel boots each with a red v-shaped border with a gold crescent moon at the v-junction. A silk red choker with a pink heart and gold crescent moon on the bottom wrapped around her neck, and crescent moon earrings with stars attached to them hung from her ears.

No longer did she wear a golden tiara. In its place sat a golden crescent moon. Her hair, long to the point of trailing on the ground, was adorned by the usual red hair clips but in addition were white wing clips. And impossible to miss were the large white wings on her back.

Serena took a breath as the monster began to move toward them then ran at the monster and began to fight. She dodged and blocked punches but still managed to get in a few of her own, then broke away and managed to dodge an energy attack that came speeding her way. She ran as she dodged its attacks, wanting to get the others out of the line of fire, before she focused completely on the monster.

The others watched the fighting with wide eyes with Sailor Moon managing to describe to Mercury what they were seeing. They could not believe that she was fighting the monster by herself, and having no problems. In fact, she made it look easy as she moved gracefully around attacks, and jumped, rolled, and flipped like a gymnast.

Thoughts flew through their minds. How could she move like that in those heels? Didn't those wings get in the way? Wasn't she afraid of tripping on her own hair?

Serena back flipped, kicking the monster under his chin as she cartwheeled away, and sent him sailing up and back into the air before he crashed into the ground.

"Mercury, does it have a rainbow crystal?" She called out.

"Why's it so important?" Mars asked loudly.

"Because my powers are much more powerful then your Sailor Moon, and if the monster still houses its rainbow crystal then I could accidentally destroy it, which would be very very bad." Serena explained.

"The crystal's still there!" Moon called out and she nodded before focusing completely on the monster.

She stretched out her arm, her hand and palm facing the monster, and used her connection to her silver crystal and summoned the rainbow crystal. It exited the monsters chest and flew directly into her hand.

She then summoned her scepter and carefully channeled just enough of her power through it to heal the monster back into the priest she remembered him to be. The light engulfed him and when it cleared the priest collapsed to the ground.

She put away her scepter and ran forward and made sure the man was okay before moving back to the scouts to help them. She dropped the rainbow crystal in Sailor Moon's hand then went to Mars first.

"Close your eyes." She told her and Mars frowned but did it anyway. She then placed a finger on the red jewel on her tiara and focused her thoughts.

Princess of Mars. Come, come forth and heal yourself fire princess. She called and watched the fire scouts tiara disappear. The symbol of Mars appeared before it pulsed and her whole body began to glow red before slowly fading.

"How did you do that?" Mars asked in surprise as she opened her eyes and stretched.

"All I did was call on your inner power to help you heal yourself." Serena explained before she moved over to Jupiter and did the same thing for her.

While she was doing that Mars took the time to curiously touch one of her wings to see how it felt. Serena twitched the wing unconsciously at the feeling and heard the fire scout gasp before the sensation disappeared.

"Can you two check on that man?" She asked Jupiter and Mars before she moved over to Mercury.

"I would heal you as well, but I don't think it'd be a very good idea to touch you, let alone try and help you heal your minor wounds." She explained to her younger self as she settled at Mercury's side.

Sailor Moon nodded her understanding. Even she knew that there was a possibility of something going wrong if her future self touched her.

"Sorry Mercury." Serena said quietly. "What I'm about to do is going to be painful, but I have to do it so I know exactly what I'm dealing with."

She then pressed down on the wound in different spots trying to gage what was wrong as Darien had done for her. When she finished she wasn't sure what was wrong, but she knew it hadn't felt right and the pain level was too high. She took a breath and looked to Moon and Tuxedo.

"I'm not going to be able to have her heal herself." She revealed sadly. "It would take too much energy, so I'm going to have to have her release her transformation so I can heal her myself."

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask nodded and watched curiously to see what she would do next.

"Okay Mercury. I need you to listen to my voice and not so much my words. It's very important that you do that for me okay?" Serena said seriously, and watched Mercury nod. She then held the water scouts hand, and leaned in to speak quietly in her ear.

"Sailor Mercury, child of water and intelligence, Princess of Mercury." Mercury's tiara vanished and her planetary symbol appeared, glowing brightly. "You know who I am. Hear my voice, heed my command!"

Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon exchanged startled glances at her words since they were close enough to hear her quiet voice, and watched as Mercury began to glow a light blue.

"Release your transformation, now!" She commanded and they watched as her uniform shifted to shinny royal blue ribbons before changing back to her normal clothes, which happened to be her school uniform.

"You did good." Serena told Amy as she squeezed her hand. "You won't be in pain much longer." She added as she released her hand.

She gently placed her gloved hands on Amy's chest, closed her eyes and mentally called on the aid of her silver crystal.

Please silver crystal, please help me heal the scout of water and intelligence. The Sailor Scouts need her, my younger self needs her. She is a great and loyal friend, and does not deserve the pain she is experiencing.

Her hands began to glow a soft white and the more she concentrated the more the glow spread until her entire body was glowing. It got to a point where she could no longer hold her transformation, and she let it go so that she could focus more on healing Amy.

Once she was sure that Amy was completely healed she cut the connection with her crystal, softly thanking it for its help, and opened her eyes.

"How do you feel?" She asked Amy.

"I feel fine." Amy said as she sat up. She pulled out her Mercury computer and did a quick scan on herself, and saw that she was indeed perfectly fine. "Yes. I'm all healed. Thank you." She told the older girl.

"You're welcome." Serena said then let herself fall back and lay on the ground. She was more than a little tired.

"Are you okay?" Tuxedo Mask asked. "Yeah. Are you?" Sailor Moon asked worriedly.

"I'm fine." She assured them. "I'm just really tired, and I was already tired before I was sent here so it's not unexpected."

She then turned her head and looked at the temple having sensed someone coming their way from inside the building. Raye's grandfather. She thought as she sat up, knowing he was the most likely one to be there since Raye was already outside.

"Someone's coming! Release your transformations." She told them as she got to her feet.

She quickly ran toward the forest and hid behind the same tree she had used earlier. She pressed herself against the tree and heard some talking that she tuned out as she closed her eyes and tried to relax and regain her strength.

The sound of the talking grew louder as the girls seemed to gather together. Soon she felt Darien standing next her, unable to mistake his presence, and she had to bite the inside of her check to hold back a smile.

"Hello Darien." She greeted softly without opening her eyes.

"How did you know it was me?" He asked curiously.

"I'm good at sensing people." She answered readily.

"Hmm, well it's okay to come out now." He informed her and she nodded before they moved to join the girls.

They immediately included Darien into the conversation as they asked how long he had been Tuxedo Mask, who made him Tuxedo Mask, and some more typical questions. He of course asked his own questions, especially of the younger Serena about how and when she had become Sailor Moon.

Serena listened silently for a few minutes before she subtly moved away and began to walk across the courtyard over toward the stairs. When she reached the top stair she looked out over the city and sighed.

She missed her Darien and her time. Seeing her past was interesting but she didn't want to be here. She needed to get back, but even though it seemed like it, it really hadn't been that long and she didn't want to try and call Pluto too soon only to get no reply.

She pressed her lips together and held in a sigh as she sensed the moment Darien joined her.

"Hi again." She greeted as she glanced to him before returning her gaze to the city view. "Why are you over here with me?"

"Because you were over here all alone, and I had a feeling that you were sad. Not to mention I'm curious about the future." Darien answered as he looked at her profile.

He had instantly noticed her retreat from the group and wondered about it. Why wouldn't she want to stay and talk to her friends? They were a few years younger from his understanding but still her friends. Beyond that he couldn't help being curious about the young woman who was an older version of the Serena he knew.

"You can ask me questions, but I might not be able to answer them." Serena replied softly as she sat on the top step.

"How old are you?" He asked as he sat a few steps below her wanting to see her face. He couldn't help noticing her more mature features. She looked just like the Serena he knew but older.

"I'm eighteen." She answered simply.

"Are you friends with my older self?" He wanted to know, considering he was acquainted with her younger self.

"Yes, we're friends." She said with a soft smile.

"What can you tell me about my older self?" He asked curiously.

"Well, he's still smart, he's happy, and he's become a doctor." She listed and listened as he sucked in a sharp breath. "Yeah. He's a hard worker and really good at it. He definitely enjoys it. He's become stronger over the years and an even better fighter then he was, and he's still friends with Andrew."

She stopped there since she knew there wasn't much more she could say without giving away a lot of important details about their life together, both past and future.

"Thanks for telling me." Darien said after he'd taken in her words. "So, do you know why you keep being sent to your past?" He asked, deciding to move on from the subject of him.

"No. We haven't been able to figure it out." She answered with a sigh. "We have noticed that they seem to be targeting me for these trips through time though. I'm not supposed to be here, but if there's a silver lining then it's that they keep sending me here rather than to the past or the future."

"Would either of those be worse than being sent here?" He asked.

"Yes." She answered seriously. "Going to a past further back than this one could potentially cause me to not be born, and going to my future could be disastrous since I wouldn't know what I was falling into. We could still be fighting in that time. What if that future enemy managed to kill me? That means my future self ceases to exist and everything that happened around her to get to that point starts to unravel and possibly effect everyone else." She explained, and that didn't even hit on the very real possibility of running into an older or younger Endymion with her past memories besieging her.

Darien nodded. He could understand that, especially since he was sure there were details about her life that he knew he didn't know.

"Well, are we still fighting the same enemy?" He asked, deciding to move on.

"No. At this point, well from my future point, we've gone through six different enemies, and the one we're dealing with currently is the seventh." She answered.

"Oh, seven?" He repeated with a grimace. She was only a few years older than her younger self and in the next few years it seemed they were going to always be fighting.

"It's not so bad." She said with a small smile. "They came pretty much back to back with small breaks in between. Before this last one came it had been nearly three years since we had to fight." She explained and he nodded, deciding that wasn't so bad. He reminded himself he had managed to become a doctor so it must not have been too bad.

"Alright, I'll give you that. So why is your scout outfit different then your younger self's?" He asked curiously.

"Because I'm more powerful. It's changed a couple of times from what she wears now. What mine looks like is just the latest change." She explained.

Darien nodded. She had certainly looked more powerful, and definitely displayed it for all of them to see.

"Why are you sad?" He asked, having saved that one for last just in case it stopped all conversation.

Serena blinked and looked at Darien then over at Luna, who had just joined them in time to hear his question.

"Hi Luna." She greeted with a sad smile. It had been a while since she had a real conversation with her, and this Luna wouldn't know her well enough to know something was wrong with her.

"I miss my fiancé, and I have a problem that only he can help me with." She explained as she gazed off at the city view.

"Can you not simply find him in this time and get his help?" Luna asked, a frown clear in her voice.

"No I can't. I don't know him well enough in this time to get his help with this particular problem. There are no romantic feelings at this point, and I don't want to risk changing our future." She explained.

"Is there anything more you can tell us about the problem? Maybe we can help in his place." Darien said.

"I can't. I would have to explain things that you can't know yet, and I'm not willing to risk your future for this." She answered.

"Is there any way you could tell us?" Luna asked, concerned about how sad she was and wondering if there was anything they could do.

Serena sighed and tried to think about it. There was absolutely nothing Luna could do for her, and this Darien didn't feel for her the way he needed to in order to help her. Just because he was Darien didn't mean she would let him touch her. She needed the affection and love that her Prince always gave her in order to get the satisfaction she needed.

Still, she tried to think of something that would allow them to know and not ruin her future home. Maybe just talking about it would give her a bit of relief until she could get home. Although she doubted it. Telling Darien hadn't given her any relief. Only his golden crystal and his touch had helped her.

Golden crystal...perhaps my crystal could work...hmm... She considered the idea and thought it had merit.

"There is one thing I can do." Serena said slowly. "I can explain what's wrong, but I'll have to block the memories from your mind. I won't take them away. I'll just make it so that you won't remember until it's time for you to, until it's safe."

"That's fine with me. I trust you." Darien said, and he truly did. He had always trusted Sailor Moon, and now was no different. Her being Serena and older changed nothing.

"I agree to that." Luna said with a nod.

"Okay." Serena said with a slow nod as she looked between the two of them before glancing behind her to make sure no one else was about to join them. When she was sure she turned back to them and took a breath before she began speaking.

"Well, at this point the Sailor Scouts are looking for the Moon Princess," She began quietly for Darien's benefit as she looked to him then looked to Luna as she continued. "and Darien has been dreaming of a princess asking for help. They are the same person, and she is me." She revealed to their surprise.

"In the past the Moon Princess and the Earth Prince were in love. When it was discovered that I was the Moon Princess it was also revealed that Darien was the Earth Prince, and we pretty much picked up our relationship where we left off in the past." She explained.

"We eventually became engaged and everything was going well until recently. A few weeks before my first trip here I began to remember parts of our past in the Silver Millennium in a very unusual way and it's been affecting me very strongly." She continued.

"That's why I need to get back home." She said before she looked to Darien. "You are not my Darien and because of that you can't help me the way I need." She said, sad and frustrated, before she got up and ran off into the forest. She couldn't help being upset at the reminder of her seemingly permanent problem, and the absence of the love of her life.

Serena ran as fast and as hard as she could before she collapsed to the forest floor, tears streaming down her face. She was so frustrated and sad, and she just wanted her Prince. She wanted to hold him in her arms and feel his hands all over her.

She needed his love and comfort, but she knew she wouldn't get it because he was far away from her, years in the future. She was sick and tired of being sent into her past. It was only the second time, but it was two times too many. She was already stressed enough dealing with the intimate memories of her past with Endymion, and she didn't need to stress over ruining her future with him.

I just want to go home. I want my Prince! She cried out her frustration and sadness as she closed her eyes, unconsciously shifting into her royal form.

"Go after her!" Luna told Darien urgently. "I'll distract the girls. The Princess needs you. It doesn't matter that she isn't the princess of this time. She's still apparently your princess and you have to help her!"

Darien nodded, still surprised, and ran after Serena, looking for any sign of her among the numerous trees, and eventually found her on the ground crying her eyes out. He watched as her sorrow seemed to trigger her royal form.

Something in him seemed to shift at the sight of her in the silky white gown and the sound of her sorrow, and before he could do anything his eyes closed and he felt as if he was falling asleep.

Endymion blinked and looked around at his surroundings before bringing his eyes back to his Princess, then moved forward confidently. He knelt at her side and wrapped his arms around her.

"Please do not cry my love. You are too beautiful to mar your face with tears." He said quietly. "I will make it right if only you will stop. Please my Princess."

"En..Endymion?" She questioned as she lifted her head, realizing from his words that he was not Darien.

"Yes my Serenity." He answered. "I remember what you told Darien, but I wish to know what is really wrong, what is troubling you."

"I'm remembering our past. Every time I fall asleep, lose consciousness, or faint I wake in a memory that eventually leads to you and Serenity having sex. At a point in the memory I get pulled inside of her so I'm experiencing what you're doing to her. I mean I literally know what she's thinking and feel everything she feels, emotionally and physically, until I inevitably forget that I'm not Serenity." She explained, everything pouring out to the one person in this time that would understand.

"It's making it so I get no rest when I sleep, I'm always frustrated, and my thoughts are getting dirtier by the day! Darien has found that he can use his crystal to block the memory as long as I fall asleep first, and if he forgets then he gives me the relief I need when I wake from the memory." She finished softly.

"I understand." Endymion said as he rubbed her arms. "I will help you, and I will ensure Darien remembers nothing until it is time for him to."

Serena nodded gratefully, her mind suddenly skipping to the last memory she experienced and her wish that she could be in Serenity's place. This may be a younger Darien's body, but it was somehow Endymion's persona controlling it. That made all the difference.

She couldn't help being excited at the unimaginable chance she was being given.

Endymion gently turned her face toward him and kissed her with a tenderness that gradually grew into passion. He eventually lay her back on the grass and caressed her with a familiarity that she had only felt inside her dreams.

It wasn't long before their passion escalated and he shifted their clothing, freeing them so they could join together, but Serena stopped him when she felt his heated length against her.

"I'm still a virgin despite what the memories are doing to me." Serena said softly, shyly. "I want my first time to be with my Darien."

Endymion was disappointed, but he understood. He was certainly glad he had been Serenity's first and only.

He changed tactics and decided to press himself against her instead of inside her, and rocked and rubbed himself against her, grasping and caressing her body, working toward their mutual release until it washed over them.

He put himself away, knowing he couldn't continue to help her if he was free and distracted. Then he turned her around on her hands and knees and undid her gown so he could grasp her breasts skin to skin from behind.

He kissed her cheek and neck as he pulled her up until she was kneeling, and slipped his fingers beneath her gown and carefully thrust inside her, knowing she needed to feel him inside her.

Serena moaned softly and rocked her hips against his moving fingers, totally focused on his presence and the feel of his hands and lips on her. Just the fact that it was him, Endymion, the same Endymion she had been dreaming about, was enough to arouse her to new heights.

Soon her body was trembling and she was moaning out her release. As she came down from her high she could feel the evidence of his arousal pressed against her, and shifted until she was facing him and kissed him, rubbing him through his pants. Her hands fluttered around until she gained access and slipped her hand inside.

She worked him, stroking up and down until he gained his release, and he could not help bringing her to satisfaction again in gratitude.

Once Serena had gained her release again she turned around in his arms and kissed him deeply.

"I love you so very much." She said sincerely as she pulled back from him.

"I love you too, and I always will." Endymion replied as he held her.

They held each other for a few long moments before he released her and put her gown back in place. Then he stepped back, putting some space between them, knowing that the current body of his reincarnation was not the one she belonged with. He smiled at her one last time before closing his eyes.

Serena watched him glow a soft gold briefly before his eyes opened again, blinking in obvious confusion, and she knew Endymion was dormant once again.

"What, what happened?" Darien asked as he frowned slightly in confusion.

"You helped me." She answered before she shifted back into her normal clothes. "Come on. It's time to block all this recent information for you and Luna." She said as she began to walk with him back toward the courtyard.

"I really helped?" He asked to be sure, since he didn't remember anything.

"You did. It's the Prince in you that's keeping you from remembering how you helped me. You'll remember it when it's safe." She assured him as they reached the courtyard.

They moved back to the stairs and sat down, and only had to wait a few moments before Luna joined them.

"Are you okay now?" Luna asked as she sat next to them.

"I'm better now. Darien helped me a lot." Serena assured her and Luna nodded.

"When will we remember?" Darien asked.

"Most likely when I return to my time. I mean your future selves will remember then." She answered. "We discovered that the others remembered my first visit here as a second set of memories. The first set being what would have happened had I not been sent to this time." She explained, and then frowned slightly.

She suddenly realized that when she returned and reported what happened, and those present began to remember, the Luna of her time would have an idea of what was going on with her in terms of the memories where she hadn't before.

It wouldn't be much of an idea, but it would be more than what she currently knew. She would just have to redirect Luna to something else or lie. Or maybe just tell her it was none of her business. It was a situation between her and her Prince, and it was going to stay that way.

Luna and Darien nodded and Serena lightly put a hand on each of them and closed her eyes. Please silver crystal, please block the recent information from the minds of these two individuals. She called on her crystal and focused her mind on the exact knowledge she wanted blocked.

White light covered them and flared before it slowly faded. She opened her eyes and quickly established that they remembered nothing after agreeing to have the information blocked. She once again reassured them that she was better and that speaking to them had helped.

The three of them then rejoined the others and talked for a little while before Serena decided it was time to try and get back home. They all accompanied her a good distance into the forest where she once again called on Pluto.

She looked up to the sky and then glanced to her audience before stepping forward and away from them. She knew she had to be careful with this second call with her present company, so she took her time organizing her thoughts and looked back up to the sky when she was ready.

"Child of Chronus." She began in a lifting firm tone. "It is me once again. I ask that you help me return to where and when I belong." She finished as her eyes scanned the sky above, and thankfully she got a reply this time.

Silence reigned as a light flashed in the sky before an object hit the ground near Serena. She looked down before she bent down and picked up the silver Time Key. She recalled some of what she had said during her last time trip, and lifted the key above her head as she tried to recreate the words that would activate the key and send her on her journey home.

"Guardian of Time. I ask that you grant me safe passage through your realm. I ask that you guide me back home to where I belong, back to those who need me, back to those who miss me." She called firmly and watched as the key began to glow.

The glow soon rose from the key into the air and further up into the sky before it formed into a soft white pulsing star. The star rose higher before it pulsed and spread into a misty circular cloud. It thickened and soon a hot pink beam of light shot down to the earth and engulfed her form.

"Time for me to go." Serena said as she was lifted off the ground. "It was nice seeing you all, but I honestly hope not to visit you again. Take care and stay safe." She called and waved as she rose higher and higher into the sky.

As soon as she passed through the cloudy circle she found herself in the time realm. She took a breath and started to walk and after a while she eventually found herself coming closer to a silhouette of a large door. It was joined quickly by the silhouette of a tall woman.

"Greetings Princess." The quiet slightly husky voice of Sailor Pluto said as her figure was revealed. "I apologize for not answering your first call. I was detained and unable to respond."

"It's no problem." Serena said as she returned the Time Key. She didn't even bother to ask questions since she knew she wouldn't get an answer.

"Concentrate on where you want to go." Sailor Pluto said as she lifted her Garnet Rod and unlocked the Gates of Time.

Serena nodded and stepped forward as the gates opened. Once they were wide open she jumped into the gateway and focused her thoughts on getting home to her Prince.

Home. Tokyo. Back to where I belong, back to my Darien. She thought, floating as she concentrated on getting as close to his location as possible.

Seemingly within moments she was walking instead of floating, and she could see the landmarks of the area she had just left in the past. The light feeling of floating left her and she found herself arriving just outside Raye's temple.

She sighed in relief at being back and feeling her prince's emotions, despite how angry and subdued they were.


It took a few moments for Serena to register the cold rain falling on her, but as soon as she did she was distracted by the sight of her Prince hurrying toward her. She moved forward and they wrapped each other in their arms and kissed deeply.

"Come on love. Let's get you inside so you don't get sick." Darien said before he guided her back the way he came and brought her inside.

She was greeted by all of her friends saying her name and asking if she was okay, asking where she had been sent to, and what had happened.

"I'm fine you guys." Serena said as she settled on Darien's lap. "I've been gone a few hours. How long has it been for all of you?"

"It's been over half an hour." Trista answered calmly and she nodded.

"Okay, so I ended up in the same time as before." She began. "I landed in the park and called Pluto but she didn't answer, so I decided to make my way through the city to the temple before someone recognized me and mistook me for my younger self."

"I had planned to avoid being seen by the girls again, but my younger self spotted me and called out. I had no choice but to go and join them. It was still just Amy, Lita, Raye, and Luna." She added.

She continued on saying she hadn't been speaking to them long when she was surprised by an enemy approaching. She had been even more surprised to find that it was the priest she, Lita, and Darien had fought in the graveyard. Not only that but the monster he had become seemed to be stronger than she remembered.

Lita and Darien were surprised by this and they all wondered why that monster had attacked at that point, and in a different location than before.

Serena went on to explain how she had warned the others and ran for cover, so if one of the generals was around they wouldn't see two Serena's there. She had watched the fighting and was dismayed to see first Lita and Raye go down by their own redirected attacks, then Amy from taking a hit meant for her younger self.

It was at that point that she decided she had to step in or risk losing one or all of them in the strange encounter that shouldn't have been happening.

"I went and fought the monster, hoping to give them time to recover, but Raye and Lita were unable to stand, Amy was fighting to stay conscious, and my younger self was hurt enough for her movements to be slowed. It wasn't long after that that Darien showed up. Well, Tuxedo Mask showed up." She continued.

"When I was sure Lita and Raye couldn't fight I decided it was up to me to deal with the monster. My younger self could still fight but I needed her to stay with Amy, and Darien could have helped but I needed him to protect the girls in case something else came along while I was fighting."

"The only problem with that plan was that with Darien there transforming would reveal to him that I was Sailor Moon, so I had no choice but to out them to each other before I transformed and finished off the monster." She explained.

Serena continued her tale informing them that after she had checked on the priest she returned to the girls and healed all of them except her younger self. After that she talked to the girls and answered some of their questions before she spoke to Darien's younger self since he was curious.

She didn't bother going into detail about her time with Darien's younger self. It was private and none of their business. She would tell Darien later when they were alone. She was just glad Luna and Artemis weren't there since Luna would have remembered her talk with Darien. She wouldn't have remembered the memories she wanted to keep between her and Darien, but she might have had some idea.

Darien, Amy, Raye, and Lita remembered it all as they listened to Serena explain what happened when she was in the past. They remembered the surprise, shock, and awe of the things they had witnessed at the time. Even Serena remembered from her younger self's perspective, and was just as surprised, shocked, and awed by what she'd seen.

"Why and how did the monster attack at a different time and place then it did before?" Amy asked, speaking first.

"It could be either a consequence of Serena's presence in that time or this enemy is somehow interfering in the timeline." Trista said thoughtfully. "With these two instances we at least know this time travel isn't changing our present or future. At least for now."

Serena sighed worriedly as she looked at her friends.

"I hope it's just my presence that's effecting the timeline as the alternative would be much more troubling." She said and Darien nodded in agreement, not liking the fact that the enemy could change events in their past.

"So what happened after I fell through the black hole?" She asked.

Darien flinched at the reminder of being cut off from his princess, and held her tightly as he listened to Trista, and Lita describe what happened with Amy adding any left out details.

"What about you guys? How did your fight go?" She asked the others when Trista, Amy, and Lita finished.

Mina, Raye, Hotaru, Michelle, and Amara described their fights as tough and difficult but they had pooled their powers together and defeated the monsters.

Serena nodded at their words and sighed wearily.

"Do you think we'll ever find out more about this enemy besides the power levels of the monsters they're sending?" She asked.

None of them knew but they were all wondering the same thing. Most importantly they wondered who exactly the enemy was, and what their motive was.

"I'm getting anxious for some real information on this enemy as well, but I'm not relishing the thought of going up against an enemy who's sure to be more powerful than the monsters they're sending to do their bidding." Darien said.

Everyone made a face at his words, completely agreeing with the truth of them, and they began to discuss the progress of their training, and if they should try to step up their efforts. They all decided they should since their enemy's minions were obviously getting more powerful, and the enemy themselves were likely more powerful than those.

With that decision made and nothing else to speak of the group all began to split up and make their way home. Serena decided to go with Darien back to his place, so she could sleep without experiencing another memory.

The couple traveled quickly and in silence until they got to his apartment. They changed out of their wet clothes and into dry ones. Darien into nothing more than a pair of sweat pants, and Serena into one of his large t-shirts and her panties.

Darien got on the bed and sat leaning back against the pillows and Serena crawled toward him and settled between his legs, leaning against his chest. It was a position Darien especially appreciated as it allowed him to hold her close, and be reassured that she was there and wouldn't disappear.

Once they were settled on his bed and relaxed Serena began to tell Darien about the long memory she experienced before falling into the past. Going into as much detail as she could remember. When she finished she immediately told him what she had not revealed to the girls, specifically about what happened with her and his younger self/Endymion in the forest surrounding Raye's temple.

Darien ran his fingers through his princess' loose hair as he listened to her relate the memory she had experienced. It made him slightly aroused but he wished he could have seen it himself instead of hearing about it.

When will we get our turn to do those things? When will I get to feel her body surrounding and squeezing me from the inside? When will I get to see myself moving in and out of her? When will I get to hear her screaming my name? He wondered. He certainly wanted to try and see if he could get her to react as she had in their past.

Still, he was aware of their promise but he wondered how long they were going to be able to keep it. They had lasted the past few years perfectly fine, but that was before the memories came along and disrupted their equilibrium.

He had only had a taste of experiencing the memories and his mind was altered because of it. He could only imagine how much more difficult it was for his princess.

As for what happened between her and his younger self, he remembered it once she began to tell him what happened but he had no problem. Well, he was slightly jealous even if it was him that had given her what she needed.

Beyond that slight jealousy he didn't have a problem. He was just glad she had gotten the help she needed, so that it didn't distract her to the point of making a mistake at a critical time.

It's interesting that my past persona came out and took control. That's never happened before, and I never thought it could. In fact, the idea hadn't even occurred to me. I'm supposed to be Endymion after all, so why would it even happen? He thought curiously.

It made him wonder if their past selves were sleeping inside them or if that had only happened because he had yet to remember who he really was, and so had not merged with that part of himself for lack of a better word.

"Do you think our past selves are trapped inside us for Endymion to be able to come out the way he did?" Serena asked, and he smiled slightly.

"I was just thinking about that." Darien revealed. "I think it might have happened because I didn't remember I was Endymion at that point since it never happened after that as far as I know. I mean you revealed that I was the Earth Prince but that's not the same as remembering."

Serena nodded, accepting that explanation gratefully. She didn't want to believe Serenity's mind was trapped inside her and could come out like that. She was glad that Endymion had at that point, but that was because of how affected she was by the memories of him.

"Have you ever thought of what it would be like to be with Serenity since she had a different personality than me with how she was raised?" She asked in a quiet hesitant tone, and Darien looked at her, sensing her wary hesitance.

"Where's this coming from?" He asked. He had an idea, but he wanted to hear her explanation.

She shifted uncomfortably but began to tell him of her lusting after Endymion and how at first she thought she just needed to spend more time with him, but now she knew it was because of how much time she spent experiencing their memories and vicariously experiencing what it was like to be with him.

"You and Endymion are the same person, but your personalities and the way you carry yourselves are different. I'm attracted to both of you, so it's not like I want Endymion more than you." She explained.

"It's just, thanks to the memories, I know exactly what it's like to be with him, and I can't help wanting to experience being with him myself and not through Serenity. I've even caught myself wondering if Endymion would like me, modern sailor scout that I am." She added.

Darien nodded thoughtfully. It was exactly what he had thought she meant, but her explanation had given him insight.

"I actually hadn't thought about it." He answered her earlier question. "I'm not being bombarded by our memories so I'm not being given a nearly nightly reminder of what your personality had been or what it would be like to be with Serenity."

"There was the time you spent those days healing and I joined you for those memories, but it wasn't long enough for my thoughts to go in that direction. Especially since you were there with me and I wasn't alone with Serenity and Endymion."

"Now that I'm thinking about it I can't say I'm not curious. Like you I wonder if Serenity would like who I am in this life. Would she be attracted to me even though I'm not the Endymion she's used to?" He finished thoughtfully.

"Are you upset with me for wanting Endymion?" Serena asked, wanting to be sure. She felt guilty, and felt that it was cheating even if it was just a different version of him.

"I'm not." Darien answered promptly. "I'm a bit jealous that you want Endymion, and a bit jealous that another man touched you intimately, but I just remind myself that that other man is my younger self. That I remember doing those things to you even though it was my past self controlling my actions."

"The same goes for when you're lusting after my past self. It's a past version of me that you want, so why be upset since it's essentially me you want?" He added.

Serena turned her head and kissed him gratefully even though she still felt guilty. She promised herself she would try not to have any version of him, but the present him, touch her because it did feel like cheating to her.

"You remember touching me but don't you want a present memory?" She asked as she pulled back slightly. "It might help you get pass that bit of jealousy."

"You just want my hands on you." Darien said as he laughed quietly.

Serena nodded, unashamed to be so easily found out.

He shook his head but kissed her anyway and caressed her chest through her shirt. She shifted in the process turning slightly so she was leaning back slightly between his chest and his bent left leg. A position that made kissing her easier as he sat up.

He slipped his hand beneath her shirt and grasped a breast, squeezing and caressing the mound as their tongues danced together. He gripped the back of her neck, keeping her head exactly where he wanted it, as their lips moved together.

Serena lost herself in the feel of Darien's hand on her as they kissed. It felt great, just like when Endymion touched her earlier. There was no hesitation, no worry, no concern. Just confidence and pleasure.

She shifted slightly to make herself comfortable, resting her left hand on the bed, and her right on his thigh right where it met his hip. She then lifted her right leg and draped it over his, spreading her legs.

Darien couldn't help noticing her shifting and took advantage of it. He slid his hand from her breast down to her panties, and cupped and rubbed her through the soft material, ringing a gasp from her that he swallowed.

He rubbed her firmly for a few minutes, occasionally making his way back up her chest to fondle her breasts before going back to rubbing her. He paused as he felt the fabric beneath his fingers become wet and decided to move things along. He stopped all movement and pulled back.

"Take everything off." He told her huskily.

Serena crawled away from him and settled on her knees before she pulled her shirt over her head and pulled her hair through until it was free. She then shifted and pulled her panties off and tossed the items off the end of the bed and crawled back to him. She turned and leaned back against him, and watched as he grabbed her legs and draped them over his before he bent his legs, leaving her spread open.

He leaned back, tilted her head back and kissed her, his hands covering her soft breasts and squeezing. He took his time, molding his fingers to her flesh, enjoying the feel. I need to do this more often. He decided. They were so very soft, felt so nice, and he knew she got pleasure out of it.

When his love began to squirm restlessly he released a breast and slid a hand down over her stomach and between her thighs, his fingers sliding through her curls and touching moist skin.

He cupped her and rubbed her with his entire hand, swallowing her soft moan as he squeezed and cupped her breast, before he switched to rubbing her with only his fingers. He moved his fingers up and down, gliding over her entrance and spreading her moister around as soon as it appeared, making his path easier.

Serena moaned and pushed her chest out, pressing her breast into her loves hand, silently begging him to continue, as their lips pressed together over and over again.

Her mouth was beginning to hurt, but she refused to stop. She didn't want it to end. She wanted to imprint the feel of his lips against hers into her psyche and feel it whenever she thought of him.

She loved the feel of his touch, got so much pleasure from it, but she knew the feeling of his fingers rubbing her would never be enough. She would always want the real thing over a memory. Still, she wouldn't deny him if he wanted to try and imprint his touch in her mind, and make it so she could feel his fingers gliding over her whenever she thought of him.

Darien moved his fingers up and circled and rubbed against her bud of nerves, concentrating his focus on that area until she began to try and move her hips. He then rubbed over her moist flowering lips before he gently pushed a finger inside her.

He groaned at the feel of her inner walls gripping him, wishing mightily that it was another part of him she was gripping instead. He slowly moved his finger back and forth before he added another. He moved them slowly at first then quicker as her passage way became slicker.

Serena moaned softly and her hips began to rock uncontrollably at the pleasure her prince was bringing her. She grasped at the cover at the side of his hips as she tried to hold herself still, not wanting to disrupt his movements and lose even a moment of pleasure.

Her tongue curled against his as his fingers moved in blissful strokes back and forth inside her. She was unable to help recalling the feel of Endymion doing the same to her, and the memory only increased her pleasure.

The faster his fingers moved the less she was able to focus on his seductive lips. She gasped into his mouth, her tongue motionless as she focused on breathing and feeling. Luckily he seemed to understand and merely brushed his lips against her parted ones.

Suddenly she cried out as his fingers hit a particularly sensitive spot inside her that sent up a pleasurable spark inside her.

Darien instantly understood what the pleasurable cry meant and repeated his action, ringing a breathless gasp from her that quickly morphed into a low moan as he once again repeated the action.

He eased into a rhythm, squeezing her breast and stroking her moist flesh before hitting that special spot inside her. Again and again he repeated the pattern, enjoying her wreathing against him and her breathy cries as her pleasure mounted.

He grunted as she brushed back against him in a way that sent pleasure shooting up his hard length. Once again he wished it wasn't his fingers moving inside her but his aching length. He could just imagine how her heated walls would feel holding him, squeezing him, just as she was currently doing to his fingers.

As he began to get lost in his imagination he kept hitting her spot, listening to her cries before she suddenly arched and gasped loudly. He tightened his hold on her as her body shivered against him, her inner walls pulsing around his fingers.

Serena panted as she relaxed, moaning quietly at the feel of his fingers slowly moving within her, then whimpered slightly as he removed them. As her breathing calmed she sat up and turned around, sensing his need.

"Your turn." She breathed as she groped at his hips. She latched on to the waist band of his sweats and pulled those and his boxers down. She scooted back as she pulled, freeing his feet before she tossed them to the floor to join her garments.

When she turned back her eyes widened to see him stroking himself and watching her. She crawled back to him, excited yet curious, and touched the tip of him as his hand moved up and down his length.

She crawled the rest of the way and straddled his hips, seating herself against his heated length as he moved his hands to her hips. She leaned forward and grasped the top edge of the headboard in her hands and began to slowly rub herself against him.

She remembered Serenity straddling Endymion and thought she'd try it even though Darien wouldn't be inside her. She also recalled Endymion doing the same for her before she had left the past, and he seemed to have enjoyed the feeling.

Darien licked his dry lips as he took in the sight of his princess moving against him. Her eyes were closed, her breasts swayed slightly with her movements, and her hair draped down her back tickling his legs. Already he could sense her arousal building, and he decided to help her along.

He leaned his head up and forward and dragged his tongue across one of her nipples since it was right there before he closed his mouth around it and as much of the surrounding flesh as possible. He took his time suckling her flesh, his tongue moving as if he would get something if he worked hard enough.

He gripped her hips before he ran his hands up and down her sides, and around her back to trail through her hair, eliciting a sudden shiver through her body, before drifting down to caress her bottom.

Serena moaned as she moved her hips, concentrating on rubbing herself along his heated length, before she opened her eyes and looked down. She bit her bottom lip lightly as she watched him feasting on her breast before he moved to the other, squeezing her bottom at the same time.

She moaned again and ground herself against him, her little bud of nerves grinding against him and sending shivers of pleasure coursing through her body. She panted as she watched him lean back and cover her breasts with his hands before looking up to her. His eyes were dark and hooded, and his hair was messy, giving him a sexy look.

She cried out slightly as he thrust up into her movements, increasing her pleasure, and she leaned her chest forward, pushing her breasts into his hands. She moaned lustily and rolled her hips as he squeezed her, bringing a deep groan from his throat.

Darien wanted more, more pressure and more pleasure. He sat up, his arms going around his princess, and brought his lips to hers. The feel of her soft chest pressed to his, and her hips rocking against his felt so good, but it still wasn't enough.

He grabbed her arms, breaking her grip on the headboard, and rolled her beneath him and rocked his hips against hers. He swirled his tongue around hers as he moved his hips, thrusting and grinding as he tried to create as much friction as possible.

He moaned in pleasure as her hands stroked up and down his back, those soft slender fingers moving along his skin stroked his arousal higher, causing his hips to move faster and harder.

Serena gripped his shoulders as he rested his entire weight against her, and panted and moaned at the continuous flow of pleasure he brought her. She listened to his heavy breathing, feeling his breath puff against her neck. The warmth of his skin added to her own rising body heat, and the heat of his length moving against her drove her to distraction.

She could sense his arousal building higher and higher, and just the knowledge that his end was close brought along hers in a breathless cry as her body tensed slightly. She moaned as she heard him groan deeply and felt his release against her skin. The sensation had her remembering the feel of Endymion finding his release inside Serenity, and she desperately wanted to feel that for herself.

Darien caught his breath and sensed his girl's arousal beginning to build, but beneath that was weariness and desperation. He lifted himself to his hands and knees, and hovered over her.

Her eyes were closed and her arms and legs were resting on the bed and she was stretching her body in a way that looked slow and sensual to his hungry eyes. Still, he reminded himself of what she was feeling. She was tired and he wanted to know what she was desperate for.

"Why did you stop?" Serena asked as she opened her eyes. "Keep going. In fact, why not go all the way? We're both dressed for the occasion. My body is ready and I very much want to feel you inside me." She added boldly with a soft moan.

She reached out and grabbed his erection in one hand and slowly stroked, feeling the flesh slowly harden, and sensing the pleasure he was feeling at her action.

"Don't you want to know what it feels like to feel yourself moving inside me? Feel me squeezing you?" She asked softly, her voice breathy, and gave him a hard squeeze and a long stroke to emphasize her words.

Darien groaned and closed his eyes briefly at the pleasure that shot up his spine. His princess wanted him, without shame, that's what she was desperate for, but she was tired.

He opened his eyes as he felt her shift. She lifted a leg and wrapped it around his lower back and lifted her hips, obviously trying to get close enough to take him inside herself.

He watched her actions, considering for a moment, but then grabbed her hip and pushed her down to the bed, denying her. He was not so far gone that he was willing to break their promise.

Serena moaned sadly.

"Please Darien!" She pleaded. "Please! I need you. I need to feel you, feel you the way I feel Endymion through Serenity!"

"I need more! Please! The memory is still here. Every time I close my eyes, every time my mind relaxes I can see it playing out. I can remember feeling his hands and lips on me, feeling him moving inside me. I want that! I need to feel it for myself!" She begged.

Darien frowned slightly. He knew she needed more than their grinding. She needed to feel him inside her, but he couldn't give in and break their promise. It was too soon for Rini's arrival, and he could admit he wanted his future queen to himself for as long as possible.

So he did the only thing that was close enough to what she needed. He once again slipped his fingers into her entrance. Her passage way was still slick so he had no trouble, but her inner walls still hugged his fingers tightly. He adjusted himself, lowering himself slightly and brought his lips to hers before moving his fingers back and forth.

As his tongue moved around hers his fingers carefully searched for the spot he had found before. While he searched he occasionally pressed his palm against her little bud of nerves, ringing a moan from her throat.

Suddenly her moan turned into a pleasurable cry and he knew he had found what he was looking for. It wasn't near her barrier as far as he could tell, so he could afford to do what he intended.

Serena cried out loudly against his mouth as her Prince moved his fingers back and forth inside her, thrusting them rapidly and hitting the sensitive spot that had driven her wild earlier. She wrapped her arms around him and spread her legs, moaning as his fingers moved hard and fast, always hitting that spot and flooding her body with fiery pleasure.

She pulled her lips away and panted as she arched her back, her neck stretching as her pleasure increased, as if she was trying to help the pleasure spread throughout her body.

A few more thrusts and she gasped as her body suddenly tensed, her inner walls pulsing and clenching around his fingers, pleasure bursting inside her.

As she calmed and regained her breath Serena felt tired and relaxed. She didn't get exactly what she wanted but it was close. Still, the latest memory she experienced still lingered in her mind, showing her hot images of Endymion and reminding her of the pleasure she had experienced through Serenity. Not to mention the encounter she had with Endymion herself in the forest while she was in the past.

I wish Darien could see what I saw. I'm sure it would help him really understand why I want Endymion; why I want him badly. She thought tiredly.

She had told him and explained in as much detail as she could, but it wasn't the same as experiencing it or at least seeing it. She wanted to recreate what she saw and experienced in the memories, and hoped she could get him to forget their promise if he could only see.

As Darien shifted her beneath the blankets and covered them and settled beside her an idea slowly came to her. She actually could show Darien the memories she experienced. The same way she had shown her parents and brother some of her memories.

I'll use my silver crystal and show him, but it'll have to wait. I'll have to plan when and where, because I very much hope to recreate what we see.

"What are you thinking?" He asked, having sensed her thoughtfulness, pensiveness, and slight frustration.

"I just had an idea, but I'm not going to tell you. It'll be a surprise I'll reveal later. Maybe during our next date." She said with a smile.

"Alright. I'm curious but I'm willing to wait." He said before he wrapped his arms around her. "Goodnight my love."

"Goodnight." She said with a smile. She closed her eyes and was asleep within minutes.


An alarm suddenly went off, echoing around the quiet room, and waking the slumbering couple. Darien reached over his fiancée and turned it off before they both stretched, and slowly began to get up to get their day started.

Serena sat back against her pillow and pulled her cellphone from her subspace pocket, and called Molly to make sure they still planned on meeting. When she got a positive reply she let her friend know she'd see her there.

"Are you still going to see Molly?" Darien asked, and she looked over as he came out of the bathroom. He was dressed the exact same way he was when he went in; in absolutely nothing.

She stared at his body and watched as he moved toward the end of the bed instead of toward her as he had been. She hummed appreciatively as he bent over and grabbed his sweats and pulled them on. She sighed at the lost view, but figured it was for the best if she was to get anything done that morning.

"Yes. We're all set to meet up." She finally answered. "What about you? What do you have planned?"

"I should take the time to do some training, but I'm going to hangout with Andrew and Rita for the day." He answered as he sat on the bed.

"Can you tell what the weather is from here?" She asked as she looked over to the balcony window. All she could see from their height was that it was sunny.

"It's sunny but it looks windy out there, so it's probably cool." Darien said after he moved toward the window.

Serena finally got out of the warm bed and the couple showered together to save time before getting dressed. Serena wore a blue long sleeve sweater dress, thick white tights, and a white scarf. Darien wore a black t-shirt and jeans, and a cream colored collared button up sweater.

They ate a light breakfast since they both planned on eating with their friends. Then they put on their shoes, Serena grabbed her white purse- realizing she would need it for her phone since her dress had no pockets and she couldn't be seen pulling it from her subspace pocket, Darien his keys, and then they headed out to his car.

Darien drove Serena to the park where she was meeting her friends and pulled up to the curb.

"Call me when you're ready to go home." He said as he watched her remove her seatbelt.

"Okay. Have fun, and tell Andrew and Rita I said hi." She said with a smile as she opened the door.

"I will." He said. "Good luck with your meetings. Both of them."

"Thanks. Bye." She said as she got out of the car.

"Bye." He said and she closed the door and waved before she turned and walked to a park bench near the entrance they had agreed to meet at.

Serena was only sitting there a few minutes before Melvin arrived. He wore a gray zip up hooded sweater, a dark blue shirt, and tan slacks. His hair was the same style although she noticed it was slightly longer and more relaxed then she remembered, and he wore smaller glasses.

"Melvin." She said in greeting as she stood and stepped toward him.

"Hi Serena." He said as they hugged before he released her.

They made small talk until Molly arrived minutes later wearing a purple knee high sundress decorated with white sunflowers over a fitted white long sleeve pullover shirt, and white tights, and a black light weight jacket.

Once their greetings were finished Serena lead them to a more private area even though it was still early in the day and the park was fairly empty. The couple sat on a bench, spaced apart, and Serena stood in front of them.

"So Molly explained the situation to me in full." She said, deciding to get things started. "You two need to talk about your issues, but first there was a more important part that Molly told me that I think you need to hear. Without interrupting." She said to Melvin.

She then looked to Molly and gave her a meaningful look to get on with her explanation. Molly sighed before she turned to Melvin.

"I haven't been cheating on you." She said right away. "The guy you saw me with hugged me suddenly, and from your view you couldn't see him trying to kiss me and me trying to push him away."

"That guy has always made me uncomfortable, but he never did anything that I could complain about. He was always friendly, but I thought he was too friendly. Always talking to me as soon as he spotted me. Going on until I came up with an excuse to get away." She explained.

"When you saw us he was telling me about his sick mother and that she wasn't doing well. Then when he suddenly hugged me he told me he needed a girl like me in his life, and then he tried to kiss me."

"That's what I tried to tell you. I don't like that guy. I'm uncomfortable around him, and now I'm scared of him. I was lucky another neighbor came along and helped me get away." She finished quietly and Melvin sighed.

"I'm sorry for not listening, but I was angry and jealous." He said with a frown. "That guy was good looking, and I still find it hard to believe, even after our years together, that you want me."

"It doesn't matter if some guy is good looking! I want you, love you, and find you attractive. No other guy will replace you in my eyes or heart." Molly said firmly. "If anything I wonder if you want to replace me."

"You did mention other girls when we fought. Why?" Melvin asked.

"You always get so involved in conversations with those girls that you seem to forget I'm right there with you, and other times you'll talk to me about those girls with so much enthusiasm that I wonder if you want me to be as smart as them or if you'd actually rather be with one of them." She answered solemnly.

"I don't want any of those girls or for you to be as smart as them!" He said immediately. "I just get carried away since outside of those girls I don't have academic conversations. I'm used to guys who are as intelligent as me ignoring me because I have a girlfriend and I'm not a loner like them. So I became friends with the only ones who're willing to converse with me."

"They're my friends. That's all. You have nothing to worry about. I have you and they're all dating or have someone in their lives. I love you just the way you are. You're beautiful and smart in your own right, and I don't want you to change." Melvin added.

Molly's eyes softened and she scooted over and kissed him softly.

"I don't like fighting with you." She said quietly, and blushed slightly as he wrapped an arm around her.

"I don't like it either." He admitted.

Serena stepped back toward them since she had moved away to give them some privacy.

"Are you two good now?" She asked as she looked back and forth between them, and watched them nod.

"Are you still going to move in together?" She asked curiously.

Melvin and Molly looked to each other and nodded.

"Yeah we are." Melvin said. "And can't wait." Molly added.

"I'm so happy for you two!" Serena said with a smile, privately liking the idea. Maybe Darien and I should talk about that. She wondered, especially with the way her father was acting. Her memory dream situation as well.

She had no idea how long the memory dreams would last or if there was a way to stop them. Not to mention she and Darien would eventually be intimate, and she didn't want to go home after and feel guilty or feel like she was going to get in trouble for what she had done.

"So what do you guys want to do now?" She asked her friends, pushing away her thoughts to think about later. "Do you want to hangout or go spend time alone?"

The couple looked at each other, silently conversing, and nodded.

"We can hangout. Melvin hasn't seen you in years, and we want to reestablish our friendship." Molly said.

"Okay." Serena said as she sat next to Molly on the bench. "Any ideas how we should amuse ourselves?"

They discussed some options and decided on a movie for the time being, so they left the park and began to head for the nearest theater. They talked as they walked, catching up on each other's lives.

"So how's Darien?" Molly asked.

"He's doing well, and doing great at the hospital." Serena answered. "He's spending the day with his best friend since they haven't had much time together in the past few years."

"What about Amy, Lita, and the others?" Melvin asked.

"They're all well. They're taking the summer to decide what they want to do now that we've graduated from high school." She replied.

"Do you know what you're going to do?" He asked curiously, and Serena held in a groan as she realized where she had unintentionally led the conversation.

"I don't know what I want to do. I'm not sure I'm the university type, so maybe I'll just find a job." She said uncertainly.

"You're not going to continue your education?" Molly asked in surprise, and Serena sighed.

"I don't know. I don't know what I want to do. The only thing I'm sure of is Darien. Maybe I'll speak to him later and get his opinion on what I should do." She answered.

"What do you think your parents will think if you decide against continuing your education?" Melvin asked.

"I don't know. I honestly don't know. Me and my father haven't been getting along recently, and my mother seems to want me to spend all my time at home." She said with a sigh.

Serena could understand her mother's feelings to an extent. She had just learned her daughter's secret. Learned that she had been and still was in and out of danger, but Serena didn't think it made sense for her to always want her at home.

She had been doing just that for weeks and months, and now every time the enemy attacked her mother wanted her there, where she knew she would just sit around doing nothing. And it was the same with her father, especially whenever she wanted to spend the night at Darien's place.

"I hope things work out for you." Molly said sympathetically.

"I do as well." She said with another sigh. "So what do you two think of a double date with me and Darien?" She asked, changing the subject.

They looked at each other and nodded. They thought that they would have a good time, and they hadn't seen Darien in ages.

"When would we do it?" Melvin asked, and Serena frowned thoughtfully.

"Tomorrow is the last day of Darien's vacation, so I want to spend that day with him. Wednesday is out since we have something we have to attend concerning his job." She said.

"Maybe we should do it after Wednesday. That way Molly and I can focus on moving in tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday." Melvin said and both Molly and Serena nodded.

"So maybe Thursday or Friday?" Serena suggested and they nodded in agreement, and she nodded in return. "I'll ask Darien and get his opinion and let you guys know."

With that agreement they turned the conversation to what type of movie they wanted to see and what they wanted to eat afterward as they moved ever closer to the movie theater.


Darien parked his car and walked up to a large apartment building, and rang the bell for Andrew's apartment. He let his friend know he was there and was quickly buzzed in. He walked inside and made his way up stairs to the third and top floor. He knocked on the door and within moments it opened and he was being welcomed inside.

"Hey! Come on in." Andrew said as he stepped aside.

"Thanks." Darien said as he stepped inside. "Hey Rita." He greeted her as he saw that she was already there, and noted that she looked very comfortable.

"Serena sends her greetings." He told the couple as he stepped further inside.

Does she live here and Andrew just never got around to telling me? He wondered as he looked to Rita. It wouldn't be surprising if that was the case since they had just reconnected.

Her living here must be convenient. He thought as he considered their possible situation. To be able to live with the one you loved, see them every day, wake up to them, and go to sleep with them right there sounded great to him.

Darien sighed quietly in longing as he sat on the couch. Maybe it's time I speak to Serena about us living together. He considered.

Serena was done with school, at least the mandatory schooling. He had no idea if she planned on going to a university. She had not mentioned her plans. Although if he were in her position he wouldn't want to talk or think about it.

She knew she was to be Queen of the Earth in only a few short years. What was the point in going to a university when she knew she wouldn't finish? He supposed it depended on what she studied. She could get something out of her time.

Of course she might skip that option and choose to work instead, but with the enemy attacking she would have problems if it happened while she was at work. She could afford to miss a class here and there, but with a job her boss could fire her.

I know I'm lucky an attack hasn't happened during my hours at the hospital yet, but it's only a matter of time and I need to figure out what I'm going to do. He thought.

Although, he probably wouldn't have to think too hard. His job was important. Saving lives and healing people was what he'd always wanted to do, but it was not as important as his princess' life. Still, he would speak to her about it and get her thoughts on the matter.

Beyond Serena's schooling there was the issue with her father. After the last confrontation he honestly wasn't sure if the man would ever come around, and she didn't need the stress with their past intimate encounters bombarding her whenever she slept and their new enemy attacking with an unknown agenda.

Aside from that he certainly had room for her in his apartment, so they wouldn't have to look for something else. It would be just like when she spent the night, but on a permanent bases. Not to mention neither of them knew exactly what would happen when they took the throne. He wanted to be able to live with her for a time without that pressure; with them just being normal or as normal as their lives could be with them being supernatural fighters.

"You okay?" Andrew asked as he sat next to Rita, and Darien sighed.

"Yeah. I was just thinking of Serena." He explained. "Do you live here now?" He asked Rita curiously.

"Yes. For nearly half a year now." She answered.

"How do you guys like it?" He asked the couple.

"We couldn't be happier." Rita answered for them both and Andrew nodded.

"We were ready for it, and figured it was time." He added.

"Are you thinking of having Serena move in with you?" Rita asked.

"Yes." Darien answered. "I always wish she could stay whenever she spends the night, but it just hit me now, seeing you two clearly living together, that I should seriously consider us moving in together."

"So what are you going to do?" Andrew asked.

"I'll talk to her about it later. For now though I'm here to spend time with you guys and have fun until Serena calls me." Darien said, and Andrew nodded and clapped his hands and rubbed them together.

"Time to order some pizza." He said with a grin.

"I'll get the games." Rita said before she got up to do just that.

The three friends had already decided that they weren't interested in going out, and that they just wanted to stay indoors and have fun. None of them were interested in video games, so they would play board games until they got tired of that then decide on something else.

Rita returned with three games: Monopoly, Scrabble, and Sorry, and they decided to start with Monopoly first.

They were playing for nearly half an hour when the buzzer sounded. Andrew got up and answered and let the pizza delivery person into the building, and soon was back with hot pizza. He got beer for himself and Rita, and brought juice for Darien at his insistence.

With him being a doctor Darien was always conscious of his body's health. Not to mention with his connection to the Earth and with his powers it would be highly irresponsible for him to impair his judgment and thinking. Who knew what would happen.

There was also the possibility of the enemy attacking to take into account. He couldn't take the chance of being drunk when he could be called to fight and protect his love at any moment. Not to mention he didn't want to risk sleeping with his princess when he was drunk. If they were going to take that step he wanted to be fully aware of it, and remember it!

The friends spent the next few hours playing games, eating, laughing, and talking. Then after they finished playing the last game they decided to watch a movie. They got more drinks, made popcorn, and put a movie on before they made themselves comfortable.


Serena arrived at Amy's condominium a few minutes after five that evening.

"Hi!" She greeted her friend as Amy let her into her apartment.

She noticed that she was wearing a blue kimono style blouse with a light blue design on it, thin light blue obi sash, and a flowing blue calf length skirt. She definitely looked nice and comfortable, which was good since they had no idea how her mom would react.

"Hi. Lita's already here." Amy said as she closed the door.

Serena removed her scarf, thankful the heat was on, and followed her friend as she was led into the living room.

"Serena!" Lita called with a wave as soon as she spotted her.

"Hey you." Serena said as they moved closer. She saw that Lita was dressed nicely as well as warmly in fitted blue jeans, dark brown knee high boots, and a dark green long sleeve sweater.

"Are you ready?" She asked Amy as they sat on the couch.

"Yes. Nervous, but still ready." Amy said. "She needs to know the truth, especially if our enemy decides to start targeting the rest of us for trips through time."

"Do you think they'd really do that?" Lita asked with a slight frown.

"I'm not sure but we should still be prepared just in case." Amy replied seriously, and Serena nodded.

"I didn't have the chance to prepare for it, but you guys do. You should at least think about what you would do if it happens." She said.

Amy and Lita nodded thoughtfully and Serena began to tell them about her time with Molly and Melvin to pass the time until Amy's mother arrived home from the hospital.

They heard the door open and close a little while later, and stopped talking as they waited for Amy's mother to appear. When she did she was wearing a deep blue knee length skirt, a white stylish button up shirt with her white medical coat over it.

"Hello mom." Amy said as she watched her mother.

"Hi Dr. Anderson." Serena and Lita greeted the woman at the same time.

"Hello girls." Dr. Anderson said with a smile as she put her purse on the table. She then walked over to the living room and sat on the couch across from them.

"You said you wanted to speak to me today." She said questioningly to her daughter, and Amy nodded.

"I did. Serena and Lita are here to help me. There's something I want to tell you, and now seems to be the right time." She said steadily.

Dr. Anderson nodded with a slight frown and sat back to listen. Amy sighed and looked at Serena and Lita who nodded encouragingly.

"I'm not exactly sure how to start." She said with a frown.

"The beginning is usually best." Dr. Anderson said helpfully, and Amy nodded.

"Back in junior high school when I met Serena my life changed. It didn't change just because I became friends with her, although it did have a profound affect, it changed because I joined a group." Amy began.

"I became a part of something special. Something that gave me friends. Friends who were kind, fun, loyal, and who would be by my side forever. I was able to learn so much more than I ever thought possible, and use my intelligence for good. I was able to help people, to save lives, just like you but in a different way." She told her mother with a soft smile.

Dr. Anderson sat forward with a confused look on her face. She didn't understand where her daughter was going with this, what she could possibly mean, and why her daughter's friends had anything to do with it.

"Beyond that, beyond making such good friends, being able to use my intelligence, and helping people, I learned who I really am. I learned why I was so different, learned what was missing in my life." She continued.

"What do you mean?" Dr. Anderson asked with a frown. She was worried now. Her daughter was sounding very strange, and she began to wonder if her daughter was involved in something dangerous. Some kind of gang or cult.

She looked at her daughters friends and took in their calm faces. They didn't look worried. They obviously knew what she was talking about. Were they apart of this group her daughter had joined?

They all seemed fine as far as she knew. Nobody was getting into trouble. She would definitely remember if her daughter had gotten into trouble. She also didn't remember her doing anything troubling or behaving badly, but she admitted that she was a bit of a workaholic. It was entirely possible she missed something.

As long as her daughter never got into trouble and kept her grades up, she tended to not worry about what she did in her free time. She was now wondering if that was a mistake.

Serena rubbed Amy's upper back soothingly, letting her know that she was there for her. Lita rubbed her arm as she nodded encouragingly.

Amy took a deep breath and let it out slowly then stood up and smoothed her clothes, glancing at the windows to make sure the curtains were closed. She then nodded to herself before she gestured in the air, the motion familiar after all these years, and a palm sized heart shaped crystal that sparkled like a sapphire dropped lightly into her hand.

She looked at the heart shaped crystal and smiled softly.

"Mercury Crystal Power Make up!" She said quietly but clearly.

Dr. Anderson watched in wide eyed shock as blue light filled the room. She watched as light blue ribbons of water with tiny sparkling blue bubbles mixed in swirled around her daughter's body before constricting closer to her, wrapping around her limbs.

Her body glowed a bright shiny blue before the light flashed, blinding her briefly, and medium sized bubbles swirled around and away to reveal the changed figure of her daughter. She instantly recognized the uniform from the news and pictures printed in the newspapers, but now she was seeing it so clearly up close.

Her little Amy stood straight and proud in a white body suit, a blue collar with a white strip around its boarder, and a light blue bow sat on her chest with a blue five-point star at its center. Around her waist sat a belt consisting of two thin blue ribbons, one blue and the other light blue clipped together by a golden five-point star, stretched around with two long blue ribbons beneath her light blue back bow.

Beneath that was her two layered skirt, the top layer blue and the bottom light blue. On her shoulders sat light blue puffs with two patches of blue fabric attached to the bottom. Beneath those stretching down her arms were long white gloves which had three patches of blue fabric at the tops.

She wore white knee-length high heel boots, each with a blue v-shaped border with a golden five-point star at the juncture. Around her neck was a blue v-shaped choker, from her ears hung dangling blue five-point stars, and on her forehead sat a thin golden tiara with a blue five-point star gemstone.

"I am Sailor Mercury, scout of water and intelligence, Princess of Mercury planet of ice, and sworn protector of the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon, and future Neo Queen Serenity." Amy said, her tone logical and chilly.

Dr. Anderson stared in stunned silence with a hand over her open mouth. Her daughter was a sailor scout. Since she was in junior high school; for five years! And she had never known, never even suspected.

Her daughter was a warrior, had been fighting monsters and strange creatures, and been in so many dangerous situations it was scary. How many times could I have lost her? She wondered before her eyes flickered to her daughters friends, still sitting there completely calm and unimpressed.

"What about you two?" She asked as she dropped her hand, wondering exactly what part they played and suspecting they were just like her daughter. Are all her friends sailor scouts?!

Serena and Lita shared a look before they stood wordlessly and gestured and held their hands in the air as their friend took a seat.

Dr. Anderson watched as the same heart shaped crystal her daughter had fell into Lita's hand, but where her daughters was blue Lita's was an emerald green. She looked to Serena wondering what color hers would be, and was surprised when something completely different appeared in her hands.

"Silver Moon Crystal Power Make up!"

"Jupiter Crystal Power Make up!"

She listened to their words and watched as green and pink light swirled around the room interspersed with white feathers and green electric looking energy.

When the light cleared and she could clearly see she saw that they looked similar to her daughter. Lita looked exactly the same but where Amy's uniform had blue and light blue, Lita's had green, light green, and a pink bow on her chest.

Serena's was very different. Only a golden crescent moon sat on her forehead as opposed to a golden tiara, wings where a bow should have sat on her chest and the large unmistakable ones on her back, a three layered skirt in red, yellow, and blue, and hearts and crescent moons where the others had stars. In fact, the only stars she could see on her were in her earrings, and they were also accompanied by crescent moons.

"I am Sailor Jupiter, scout of storms and lightening, Princess of Jupiter planet of thunder, and sworn protector of the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon, and future Neo Queen Serenity." Lita said, the sound of her voice reflecting the beginnings of a storm.

"I am Eternal Sailor Moon, scout of sanctity and hope, Princess Serenity of the Moon planet of light, and future Neo Queen Serenity." Serena said proudly and gracefully, her tone light and welcoming.

Dr. Anderson blinked rapidly as she stared, watching the newly revealed scouts return to their seats beside her daughter. Then focused on Serena, who she now knew to be Sailor Moon.

Amy, and Lita, had mentioned being sworn protectors of Sailor Moon. They had spoken very seriously so she couldn't help believing them. But goodness! They were talking about Serena! Why did she need protecting, and what did she need protecting from?!

Her daughter had spoken of helping people, and she had seen the sailor scouts do just that over the years, but why were they protecting Serena? What was so special about her?

"Are you okay?" Amy asked her mother quietly, and Dr. Anderson blinked at her before nodding slowly.

"Yes. I'm simply trying to process everything I've just seen and heard." She answered. "Why are you sworn protectors of Serena? I thought you were protectors of the city or something along those lines."

The girls looked at each other before Amy spoke.

"Perhaps I should tell our story from the beginning. That might answer the majority if not all of your questions." She suggested.

Dr. Anderson nodded and settled in to hear how exactly her daughter became Sailor Mercury. She recalled hearing about Sailor Moon first, so she expected to hear of how Serena had discovered she was a scout. So she was taken completely by surprise when her daughter started with something completely different then what she expected.

"It all started back during the Silver Millennium, a prehistoric age where there was life on every planet and peace between them all. We all resided on the Moon, where everyone had long lifespans, and lived in the Moon Palace." Amy began confidently.

"As you can tell from the introduction Serena was Princess Serenity, next in line to the throne of the Moon Kingdom, which was a matriarchal kingdom. For generations they protected the Silver Crystal, a very powerful object that could only be used properly by the royal Moon family, and protected and watched over the Earth."

"At that time the Sailor Scouts were split in half, the inner scouts and the outer scouts, all princesses of their own planets. The inner scouts consisted of Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mars. Our sole role was the protection of Princess Serenity. We lived where she lived and traveled where she traveled." She continued.

"The outer scouts consisted of Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, and Sailor Uranus. Neptune and Uranus were charged with protecting the solar system from outside intruders while Pluto was stationed at the gates of time where she was tasked with guarding the timeline for all time. At that point in time Saturn was not spoken of as it was like speaking of a bad omen. She was only awakened when civilization was ending and it was time to begin again." Amy explained.

Serena spoke up then to continue the tale explaining how she became fascinated with the Earth early in her childhood, which eventually lead to a fascination with the Earth's crown prince, Endymion, who had four protective guardians just like her.

"Relationships between the Earth and Moon were forbidden most likely because of the Moon people's long lifespan, and for the royalty our duty to watch over and protect the Earth. I imagine it couldn't be done objectively if one was infatuated." She continued thoughtfully before shaking her head slightly.

"Despite that rule I would slip away from my Guardian Scouts and sneak down to the Earth to see Endymion in person. He eventually discovered me and long story short we started a secret relationship and fell in love."

"Evil and jealousy ended the Silver Millennium in the form of a sorceress named Beryl. She wanted Endymion and was jealous that he was with me, and she was corrupted by an evil entity called Queen Metallia which led her to turn the people of the Earth against the Moon. This lead to a war that destroyed the Moon Kingdom, and resulted in the deaths of the inner scouts, myself, and Endymion." She explained.

"Once our deaths were discovered the Moon Queen, Queen Serenity, used the power of the Silver Crystal to send us all to be reborn on the Earth in order to give us the chance at a better future. Doing so used all of her life force, which resulted in her death." Lita spoke up with a slight frown.

"Fast forward to modern time, five years ago." Serena said, picking the story back up. "One evening after school I was at home in my bedroom, taking a nap, when I was approached by a black cat named Luna."

"She informed me that she had been searching for me and that I was Sailor Moon. It was my duty to fight the monsters appearing in the city, find the remaining inner scouts, and with them find and protect the Moon Princess." She explained.

"Luna was an advisor to Queen Serenity on the Moon Kingdom and was sent on to a future on Earth as well, but instead of being reborn she was put into a sort of stasis and was to awaken when it was time for the Sailor Scouts to be found and awakened." Amy said, cutting in to elaborate on Luna's role.

"Unfortunately she didn't possess all of her memories, and especially not the important ones that would have made it easier for us to locate one another and the Moon Princess." She added.

"I became Sailor Moon that night and participated in a fight with our then enemy for the first time, saving a friend, and being introduced to and helped by Tuxedo Mask." Serena said.

Dr. Anderson was stunned at what she was learning. Her daughter was the reincarnation of the princess of Mercury and a sailor scout. She had been one of four charged with the protection of the Moon princess, who Serena was reincarnated from, and she and the others had died in a war between the Moon and the Earth.

Already she had questions. How did they know they were reincarnated? Did they remember their previous lives? Did the Silver Crystal exist in this time? What about the Earth prince; had his reincarnation been found? Why was the Moon princess so important that she got warrior princesses to protect her?

She decided to keep her silence and continue listening to their story since as her daughter said she would most likely have her questions answered as the information came.

So she listened as her daughter continued the story, telling how she and Serena became friends. She was shocked to learn that one of Amy's after school study programs had been corrupted by the enemy. The programming they were using to study was brainwashing the students.

Her daughter explained that she had lost her study disk, but was fine with studying on her own. Then she listened as Serena cut in saying that she had found the disk but Luna wanted to inspect it before returning it and they discovered the brainwashing material. This lead them to believe that Amy might be working for the enemy, so they went to where the after school program was being held but when they got there they found Amy being held by a monster.

Amy then continued saying that when the teacher discovered she wasn't using the disk she became angry, and actually shoved her face into one of the computer screens that did have the disk. Nothing happened, which made the teacher even angrier, and caused her to change into the monster she apparently was.

Dr. Anderson learned that as the monster was about to attack Amy, the cat Luna, saw the symbol of Mercury glowing on her forehead and understood that she was one of the scouts they were looking for. She provided Amy with the means to transform, and she became Sailor Mercury and helped Sailor Moon defeat the monster.

"It was just the two of us for a little while then we began to hear of buses disappearing on the way to the Cherry Hill Temple, and it was there that we met Raye for the first time." Serena said, once again taking over before she briefly described the discovery of where the buses were vanishing to, and how Raye was revealed to be Sailor Mars.

"Then it was the three of us and Luna fighting the monsters, looking into any lead we found toward finding the Moon princess, with Tuxedo Mask making an appearance to help, mostly to save me since I wasn't good at fighting." She continued.

"I eventually transferred into Amy and Serena's school." Lita said as she looked to her friend's mother. "They introduced me to the arcade we eventually dubbed as our go to place to hangout at, and I met a guy there that was really good at the game machine, winning stuffed animals and dolls every time he played."

"Later on I was having a snack with him when he was attacked by a general, someone above the monsters the scouts were fighting. It made me angry that my friend was being attacked, especially since the person didn't care that I could've been injured by the attack." She continued with a huff as she remembered the incident.

"The game machine guy ran with the enemy chasing him and I followed, wanting to help my friend and give that general a piece of my mind. By the time I got there my friend was nowhere to be seen and a monster had taken his place." Lita said.

"I was near the arcade and saw most of what happened and followed after them. When I saw what was happening I transformed and did my best to fight the monster." Serena said.

"I saw her transformation and saw the trouble she was having and I wanted to help her. So I stepped in and began to fight the monster." Lita said. "Luna was there and she must have seen the symbol for Jupiter on my forehead because she approached me and began to tell me I was just like Sailor Moon. She gave me my transformation pen, and I became Sailor Jupiter that day."

Dr. Anderson listened in fascination as the girls alternately told how Sailor Venus, who was Mina, eventually showed up with Artemis, a white cat who had also been an advisor to the Moon Queen, and completed the team.

She had apparently arrived just in time to take part in a fight with their enemy that had revealed Serena, Sailor Moon, to be the Moon Princess they had been searching for. And not only that but for Tuxedo Mask, the mysterious man who always arrived in the nick of time to save Sailor Moon, to be revealed as the Earth Prince the two advisors hadn't even remembered!

And to her surprise he was actually Darien! Serena's fiancé!

Dr. Anderson closed her eyes and rubbed them as she thought over all she had learned. Her daughter and her friends were the Sailor Scouts and princesses, but Serena was a more important princess. Serena's fiancéé was Tuxedo Mask and a prince.

They clearly take their duties seriously, but I still don't understand why Serena is more important. I figure it's important to protect her because she possesses the Silver Crystal, and the enemies that continue to show up still want it. But that doesn't explain why she's the more important princess. Is it just because of the Silver Crystal? She wondered.

She shook her head and asked a different question then the ones she was thinking of to get it out of the way and satisfy her curiosity.

"What about the other scouts, the outer ones? Who are they? When did they show up?" She asked.

"Sailor Uranus is Amara, Sailor Neptune is Michelle, Sailor Saturn is Hotaru, and Sailor Pluto is Trista." Amy said.

"Hotaru is the youngest of us and the only one still in school, and Trista is a scientist and the oldest of us. Michelle is a famous violinist and artist, and Amara is a professional race car driver and motocross racer." She explained.

Dr. Anderson nodded her understanding. She knew Amy and the inner scouts had only recently graduated from high school, and Darien she knew was a doctor in a different hospital than hers. He was new but she had already heard good things about him.

"Trista first appeared when our third enemy showed up, and the others with our fourth enemy." Amy added and her mother nodded once again.

"Are you all really princesses?" Dr. Anderson asked, and watched them all nod.

"Currently only Serena can take that form." Amy said, but Serena shook her head.

"I can help you just like I did with Raye." Serena said before she stood and had Amy stand with her. "Close your eyes." She said as she took hold of her hands. Once Amy did she closed her eyes and focused on her crystal.

Silver crystal, please bring out the princess in Amy. She silently begged. Her mother needs to know who she really is, and the princess is very much a part of her identity. She needs her mother to understand and to see her shine.

Serena felt the power of her crystal flowing through her body, using her energy to grant her request. She began to glow a soft white and her hair and skirts and wings waved in what looked like a light breeze that couldn't be felt.

Amy began to glow a soft blue and the non-breeze began to affect her as well. Within moments her tiara disappeared and the blue symbol of Mercury began to glow on her forehead. The symbol pulsed and the soft glow around her brightened, blocking her from view.

Serena could see the bright glow behind her closed eyes, but she ignored it in favor of the feeling that was beginning to flow through her. It was very cold inside her body. Cold and slightly wet. She felt almost as if she was freezing from the inside out, but it didn't hurt. It felt almost as if she were walking into a freezer.

When it faded Amy stood in a beautiful silk royal blue backless dress that went down to the floor. It had spaghetti straps with blue gems encircled in gold attached to them. The fabric of the straps continued down and around to line the fitted bust which was a light blue shade. The light blue color continued onto a half skirt at the back of her waist that flowed down to the floor.

She wore a blue ribbon choker that tied into a bow at the back of her neck, the excess ribbons trailing down pass her back. She wore small blue stud earrings and also wore blue high-heeled shoes. The symbol of Mercury glowed brightly on her forehead before dimming to match the rich blue of her gown.

Serena opened her eyes and smiled as she released Amy's hands. She was beautiful in her gown. She then looked to Lita and her eyes flashed with determination as she stepped around Amy and stood in front of Lita.

"Your turn." She said to Lita as she grabbed her hands and helped her stand. They closed their eyes and Serena once again focused on her crystal.

Please help bring out the princess in Lita. We're her family and this is also her chance to show who she truly is. She is a beautiful warrior princess with command over a fierce element, and her gentle side should be seen. She pleaded.

Once again Serena felt the flow of power moving through her and soon saw the brightness behind her eyes. This time she began to feel a charge flowing through her body like static electricity. The feeling grew intense and she felt like lightening was surrounding her, zapping her in various places, but luckily it didn't hurt or feel uncomfortable.

When the light faded everyone opened their eyes to see Lita standing there in an emerald green silk gown with a green rose on each hip, that went down to her toes with a gentle ruffle and split in two right above the knee and trailed back to reveal a light green under skirt that split slightly to show a leg.

She had a green ribbon choker around her neck that tied into a bow at the back, with the streams running down pass her back. Green high heels with a strap across the ankle with a small rose attached graced her feet. Her hair was tied up with a green ribbon with a pink rose in the middle, and she wore pink rose earrings.

The symbol of Jupiter glowed brightly on her forehead before dimming to match her gown.

Dr. Anderson looked at her daughter in amazement. She was beautiful and truly looked like a princess in her flowing blue dress. She was distracted from noticing more by the bright light coming from Serena and Lita and was forced to close her eyes.

She opened them when the light disappeared and saw Serena moving off to the side and Lita now wearing a green dress and looking just as royal as her daughter. Her eyes flickered between her daughter and Lita, taking in the details.

Both girls had their planetary symbol on their forehead and a ribbon tied into a bow around their neck. They had no problem moving in the serious high heels they wore, but then she shouldn't be surprised considering they were the same length on the boots they fought in.

"You two are beautiful, and look very much like the princesses you are." She said sincerely and then looked to Serena, still dressed as Sailor Moon.

"What do you look like?" She asked, and Serena was surprised.

"I didn't plan on showing my royal form. This is Amy and Lita's time to shine." She explained.

"Oh come on." Lita said with a smile.

"Yes. It's no problem." Amy said encouragingly.

"I'm very curious." Dr. Anderson said with raised eyebrows.

"Okay." Serena said as she nodded. She then focused inward and concentrated on her royal self. The golden crescent on her forehead began to glow, and soon she was glowing a soft white. It grew brighter and brighter before it flashed and disappeared.

She stood in her silk white gown that flowed down to the floor, with an intricate pearl beaded bust, a large bow at her back, and white high heels. She wore gold dangling earrings, and the golden crescent moon remained on her forehead.

"Princess." Amy and Lita said as they curtsied elegantly.

This surprised Dr. Anderson and brought up her previous question of Serena's importance. She watched Serena's reaction to that and noticed how calm and accepting she was of it.

"I learned a lot," She said as she watched them sit back down. "but I still don't understand why Serena is the more important princess. Why is she to be protected? Is it just because of the Silver Crystal?"

She watched as they looked at each other, uncertain and wary, then looked to Serena as she spoke up.

"That is partially the reason." Serena said. "You have to understand just how powerful the Silver Crystal is. It is capable of great destruction but also of great healing. It can restore ruined buildings back into the great structures they were, burned grass and woodlands back into the forests and grassy plains they were."

"It is capable of healing the sick and injured and even restoring the dead. And that is only what I know for sure. It is capable of many things that I am still learning. What I know is that with it I can protect the planet and, if absolutely necessary, our solar system."

"It is a big responsibility to have that kind of power. To know when to use it and when not to use it. To be willing to do what is right even when you know the price could be high." She explained.

Dr. Anderson nodded in understanding, already seeing some of the consequences if it was generally known, and that was just with the human population. Creatures that come from elsewhere was another matter entirely.

"Okay. Well, what do you all mean when you say Serena is future Neo-Queen Serenity? I thought you were a princess." She said as she looked between the girls before focusing on Serena.

"We cannot give you details because it is not allowed, but we learned that at some point in the future I will be Queen. The neo part is simply to distinguish me from my mother since she was also Queen Serenity." Serena explained.

Dr. Anderson nodded and decided not to bother asking specific questions since she had already said they couldn't give her details.

"Does that mean you actually remember your past? Do all of you?" She asked instead, and Serena nodded along with Amy and Lita.

"We remember. I am not exactly sure about everyone else, but I am still in the process of remembering. I remember my childhood and how everything ended down to the last detail. I remember meeting Endymion for the first time and some of the various meetings we had, but I am still remembering my day to day life." Serena explained.

"I am not positive but at the rate I am going I think I might end up remembering all of my past as if I had just lived it." She added.

"I remember my childhood on Mercury before I went to the Moon to be a scout. I remember my floating castle and spending time there, training with the girls, and studying with Serenity." Amy revealed. "I know there's a lot more to remember, but it's coming along."

Dr. Anderson looked to Lita, curious about what she remembered.

"I also remember my childhood on Jupiter before going to the Moon. I remember some of the end, how I died and who killed me. I remember learning about Serenity and Endymion, and the times I chaperoned them, but that's all so far." Lita said, and Dr. Anderson nodded.

"Why am I only now being told all of this?" She asked. "I'm happy to know, but I don't understand why now."

Amy sighed and looked to Serena who nodded.

"Because it was time. I wanted you to know who I really am. Beyond that we're facing a powerful enemy and I can get seriously hurt. I wanted to tell you before the choice was taken from me by getting injured." Amy explained, and bit her lip and glanced to Serena, remembering what she had said about the future and her worry that their families wouldn't be there.

"Does your family know?" Dr. Anderson asked Serena.

"They do." Serena said with a nod. "I told my family first out of necessity. Our enemy attacked close to my house and my father tried to stop me from going out to help the girls, so I had to transform in front of him."

"That same night Darien and the girls helped me tell my family. Since then my father has not been taking it well." She explained.

"Why not?" Dr. Anderson asked with a frown. "I admit it's a lot to take in, but that isn't a reason to be upset."

"My father is protective and does not like the danger I have been in all these years. It does not help that since learning the truth I have been seriously injured and dumped into the past." Serena explained.

Dr. Anderson's eyes widened when she heard Serena say she had been dumped into the past, but she pushed that aside.

"How were you injured?" She asked.

"I had some serious bruising, broken ribs, and internal bleeding. I had to be in a sort of comma for nearly a week to heal myself." Serena answered.

"Have you been hurt like that?" She asked her daughter.

"Not recently." Amy said. "We've all been hurt that badly at one time or another. It's to be expected with the fighting we do."

"I got hurt like that because I took a hit for Amara, Sailor Uranus, because she did not know it was coming and would not have been able to move in time." Serena said.

Dr. Anderson nodded in understanding. It made sense that they would protect each other and get hurt from it, and they were dealing with strange creatures with unbelievable powers.

"My father is having a problem dealing with the truth of my life. He even tried to forbid me from continuing to be a scout, but he seems to be taking out his feelings on Darien. Blaming him if I get hurt, and blaming him for taking me away from my family." Serena explained.

"Taking you away from your family?!" Dr. Anderson said in surprise. "What did he mean by that?"

"I spend some of my nights at Darien's place, and my father seems to have a problem with it ever since he learned the truth about me." Serena clarified. "I very much regret telling him, and he would be in for a rude awakening if he tries to make me choose."

"Who would you choose?" Dr. Anderson asked curiously.

"Darien." Serena answered promptly. "There is no choice. Darien is my family, my Prince, my future King, the love of my life, and will be there long after my family is gone."

Dr. Anderson was surprised that she would choose a man over her family, especially at her age, but maybe she didn't understand their relationship. They had been together in their past life and had found each other again in the present.

"My mother and brother are fine with the truth and are taking it well. My brother is even dating Hotaru, Sailor Saturn, now. So you can talk to my mother if you want someone else to talk to that will understand your point of view." Serena told the older woman.

"Raye also told her grandfather so that's another person you can talk to." Lita added helpfully.

"What about the other girl's families? Are they being told as well?" Dr. Anderson asked curiously.

"The only one left with anyone to tell is Mina." Serena said. "Amara, Michelle, Hotaru, and Trista all live together."

"This was my way of telling someone since I don't have any family." Lita said with a slight shrug.

"Darien does not have any family either, but he is considering telling his best friend." Serena added before she suddenly changed back into her regular clothes in a soft flash of light.

"Although it's warm in here the material of that gown is thin, and I'm not used to wearing it for long periods of time." She explained.

Amy and Lita decided to change back as well since there was no point being the only ones in formal wear.

They then gave all their attention to Dr. Anderson as she asked more questions and wanted details and explanations on certain events that she remembered throughout the years. It definitely forced them to delve into their memories and be cautious of what they said.


Once again Mina was frustrated and concerned. It was unfortunately becoming a regular occurrence for her. Her senses were almost constantly being flooded with feelings of passion, arousal, and lust. Love was definitely in there, but the feeling of intimacy was more prevalent.

Over two weeks had passed since Mina had mentioned wanting to talk to Serena. Events seemed to just keep happening to distract them or put it off.

First Serena was injured and spent nearly a week unconscious, healing. Then she was sent to the past, they both were focused on training, and then Serena was sent to the past yet again.

In between those events there was probably time here and there, but Mina hadn't brought it up in a mix of procrastination and distraction.

Whatever it was that was going on with Serena she knew that the emotions she sensed had come from her princess the entire time she had been healing. It had been constant and maddening with the level of frustration it built within her.

She knew that Darien hadn't been with Serena every moment of every day and night. He had been at the hospital, training, and even participating in fights with the enemy. So she knew for sure that whatever was happening with Serena didn't involve him. At least not directly. Even if he wasn't physically making her feel those emotions Serena had to be thinking of him to inspire them since Mina couldn't see anyone else affecting her that way.

Mina wearily ran her fingers through her loose hair as she walked down the hallway to her bedroom after dinner. These thoughts occupied her mind all through dinner and she had barely been able to focus on the little conversation her parents were having with her.

She was all for everyone being loved and feeling love of all kinds, but the vicarious feelings were becoming too much for her. She needed to know what was wrong with her princess, and how to put a stop to it.

Or at least put a stop to it on my end if it's not something hindering Serena. She thought as she entered her room.

She closed the door and leaned back on it as she closed her eyes and sighed. I really hope Serena talks to me when we finally manage to get together. Something I need to set in motion soon.

"What has you so preoccupied?" She suddenly heard and her eyes snapped open. She looked to Artemis and saw him lounging on the side of her bed, watching her.

"My parents." She answered with a heavy sigh, hoping he couldn't tell she was lying. "I think I want to tell them my secret, about who I really am, since it's getting harder to hide it from them."

"I want to tell them but I'm not really sure if I should." She said as she moved forward and sat on her bed.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because I wonder if my mother will actually care." She admitted. "All she seems to care about is me being better than my father. I know she's not at all happy with the job he has, and she's unsatisfied with the life she has. She wanted him to have a better job, so we could live better than we are. Or so she could live better."

"How do you think your father would react?" Artemis asked.

"I honestly don't know. I think he could go either way." She said with a frown. "He could be angry because I'm putting myself in danger, being his only child and all, or he could be accepting and have all kinds of questions."

"Well all you can do is try, but you should be absolutely sure you want to go ahead before you try." He advised. "You should talk to Serena since she's already told her family." She suggested.

"I was thinking about doing that, especially since time has passed. She should know for sure how her family is taking the revelation now." Mina said with a nod. "I just have to call her and see when she's free to talk, and hope our enemy doesn't interrupt when we do manage to get together."