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Dreams of a Passionate Past

Chapter Nine: Conversations and Dates

Deep in the expansive and lush Congo forest there resided many colorful flora, insects, and animals. Trees thick and tall grew from centuries of undisturbed growth providing housing for the many inhabitants, large and small, of the forest.

From the tree tops all appeared normal, deep green blanketed the land, but below that housed a small growing city of beings that did not belong.

On the outskirts of the city if one were observant they could see dwellings in the trees. Further and further into the thick forest you could see what looked like open doorways at the bases of the thickest trees and a hint of stairs inside.

On other thick trees the stairs spiraled up along the outside of the trunk that led to the dwellings at the top of the tree. In some trees platforms circled the top just beneath the large branches; wood and vine made bridges suspended from one tree to the next providing high pathways through the forest.

Various types of animals moved through the city either by walking or flying. Some looking like life size stuffed animals you would give to children and others looking like real life animals altered to walk or stand upright. Some were dressed in makeshift clothes as humans would and others wore various types and amounts of armor.

Along with these altered animals were beings that appeared to be human at first glance but were definitely not. They were beautiful males and females with pointed ears, slender figures, and wings reminiscent of butterflies and dragonflies.

Their skin color ran the range of an extensive rainbow. There were skin tones of brown, green, blue, red, black, white, purple, orange, turquoise, gray, yellow, and more. And each and every one of them had a soft glow to their bodies.

One of these beautiful beings, a female, flew through the dark forest, her delicate wings fluttering, nearly invisible in their rapid movements, as she weaved around trees, over and under hanging vines, as she made her way to her destination. She had long jet black hair and light blush red skin, deep red eyes, and transparent red wings.

Soon she was angling her path upward as she came upon an unimaginably large tree. She spotted a platform and easily landed on it with her bare feet, her wings fluttering before they came to a standstill.

She walked forward, making her way through the rounded pathways that had been expertly carved through the tree, until she stepped into a large open space. There were open circles along the walls in varying sizes spaced appropriately apart acting as natural windows.

Soft white, blue, and green orbs of light floated here and there throughout the space. Along the sides of the cavern like space, lounging on leaf-like chairs, vine hammocks, and blankets of grass were other beings glowing softly just as she was.

At the far side of the space from her, lying on a raised lounge made of wood, vines, and moss, glowing brighter than the rest was the being she had come to see.

Her wings fluttered rapidly and lifted her across the space and set her down closer to the one she sought. As her wings stilled she delicately knelt with both knees on the floor and sat back on the heels of her feet as she bowed her head.

"You summoned me my Queen." She said softly, her musical voice drifting around the silent room.

"Yes." The revealed Queen replied, her voice just as musical and lilting. "Report on what we know so far of the Sailor Scouts and the man fighting alongside them."

"Yes my Queen." The female said as she lifted her head. "There are nine sailor scouts. One for each planet in this solar system, not counting the Earth itself, and the moon that orbits the Earth. The man that fights alongside them is known as Tuxedo Mask." She began.

"They appear to be stationed solely in the city of Tokyo in Japan since they have not appeared to stop our warriors around the world, and they have the ability to know when we attack in the city."

"So far they are able to handle all the soldiers we've sent at them even with the elevated power level of the soldiers we are using so far, so they possess a measure of power. They are good at using teamwork and protecting each other, and they are good at organizing themselves to deal with multiple attackers and attacks in separate locations." The female continued.

"It appears that of all the fighters Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are the only ones with the power capabilities to eliminate our warriors without the aid of the other scouts. Beyond that, the time portals appear to be working on Sailor Moon, but she has some way to return to this time. However, it isn't a full proof way since she isn't returning right away." She finished quietly.

The Queen nodded slowly as she listened. It confirmed what had been reported on previous occasions. She had no idea the Sailor Scouts would be as powerful as they were since she had never seen them fight in the times she had seen them.

I thought we would only be dealing with four scouts since that's all I saw. Besides Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask the other scouts were a surprise. She admitted to herself.

However, despite the Sailor Scouts apparent power and numbers she was still satisfied that they were nowhere near as powerful as her generals. Still, they had managed against the power level of every soldier they had sent at them. She wanted to see if they could handle a stronger soldier before she really moved ahead with their plans.

"Send stronger soldiers next, and monitor how the Sailor Scouts perform against them." She ordered. "And keep an eye on Tuxedo Mask during this time. I wish to know how he handles our soldiers, and especially Sailor Moon's disappearance." She added.

"I want Sailor Moon out of the way!" The Queen stated firmly. "She will be sent to her past one more time, and hope that she will ruin her future or cease to exist. If that doesn't work then we will send her to another time altogether."

"What time will that be?" The female asked.

"I will consider it and make a final decision if it is necessary." The Queen answered. "You are in charge of organizing the next attack Shea."

"It will be done my Queen." The revealed Shea said as she bowed her head.


Serena hurried toward Darien's car as she came out of Amy's apartment building, and quickly got in as it had gotten colder out. Lita had opted to spend the night instead of going home. She had wanted to stay as well, but she couldn't with her memory dream situation.

"How did it go with Amy's mother?" Darien asked as he pulled out into the street.

"It went very well." Serena answered. "Amy's mom was very shocked and surprised but once she got pass that and listened to our story she had a ton of questions."

"I'm glad it went well. The last thing I wanted to hear about is a similar reaction to what your father had and is still having." He replied.

"Me too." She agreed. "I even explained my parent's reaction and her mother was very surprised to hear how my father reacted."

Darien nodded, not having anything to say about her father.

"So how was your time with Rita and Andrew?" Serena asked curiously.

"It went great. We had a lot of fun." Darien said with a smile.

"I'm happy to hear that." She replied.

"Oh, did everything go okay with Molly and Melvin?" He asked.

"It did. They talked and cleared things up between them, so hopefully their relationship will be stronger now." She explained.

"I'm happy for them." Darien said with a nod.

"So tomorrow's your last day of vacation. What do you want to do?" Serena asked.

"Spend it with you of course." He said as he turned the car left.

They passed suggestions back and forth as they moved ever closer to her house and eventually made a decision. They were going to have a relaxing enjoyable time.

"So we'll start later in the day." Darien confirmed as he pulled to a stop outside his fiancée's house.

"Yeah." Serena said with a nod as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

"Alright. I'll pick you up around late afternoon, and I'll call when I'm on my way." He said as he looked over to her.

"I'll be ready." She said as she nodded and then sighed. "Well, goodnight love, and drive safe."

"I will." He assured her. "Goodnight, and try to rest after you wake from the memory you'll inevitably have." He added and Serena sighed at the reminder.

"I will." She promised before she opened the door and got out. "Bye." She said quietly.

"Bye." He returned before she closed the door and stepped back. She waved and watched him wave in return before he drove off.

Serena walked up to her front door and used her key to enter. She moved further in and saw her mom in the living room watching TV.

"Hi mom." She greeted her, gaining her attention. "I'll be right back; I just want to change." She added and her mother nodded.

She quickly went up to her room and changed into blue plaid pajama pants and a loose long sleeve white shirt before she headed back down stairs. She walked into the living room and made herself comfortable on the couch next to her mother.

"Where's dad?" She asked since she wasn't keen on seeing him.

"He's working late." Her mother answered. "I saw the sudden weather change last night. Did that have anything to do with why you didn't come home?" She asked a few moments later, and watched her daughter nod.

"I was sent to the past again, and I made it back the same way I did before." Serena said as she looked away from the Tokyo World News on the TV. "Trista monitored for the appearance of the time portals and had apparently sensed it but we had been separated from each other. The others had come running in my direction to try and warn me, but I couldn't hear them from the distance they were at and the enemy's attacks blasting behind me."

"I was running, trying to avoid the blasts shooting up from the ground and the next thing I knew I was stepping on air and falling into the portal. I didn't even see it." She explained.

"How did Darien handle it?" Her mother asked.

"He did better than the last time, but he still didn't appreciate our separation." Serena replied.

"I can imagine he didn't." Her mother said with a nod. "How did you handle it?" She asked.

"I didn't like the separation either." Serena admitted. "It was still painful to be around a Darien that didn't love me even though I expected that from his younger self."

"I understand." Her mother said before she decided to change the subject. "How was your day?"

"I spent half the day with Molly and Melvin, and they're doing good now that they've talked and cleared the air. Then I spent the evening with Amy and Lita to help tell Amy's mom our secret." Serena answered.

"How did it go?" Her mother asked curiously.

"It went very well. She was shocked and surprised, but she had a lot of questions. I told her that you knew, so if you two want to talk about it you can. I also told her about dad's reaction, and she was particularly surprised with it." She explained and her mother sighed.

"I'm sure your father just needs time to come to terms with your other life." She said.

"That's fine. He can take all the time he needs. I don't care anymore." Serena said. "Dad's made sweeping accusations, decisions, and conclusions that I'm not going to tolerate. I don't have the time to deal with him and his reactions. I have too many other things to worry about and focus on."

"You can't mean that." Her mother said with a frown.

"I absolutely mean it. I don't need the stress he's bringing down on me, and..." Serena began but trailed off as she looked to the TV, having heard something about animals that caught her attention for some reason.

"Good evening." The woman said. "I'm Marcy Feekuya reporting from Tokyo World News studio on WXIZ. This evening we are reporting on a twofold story, one of which has veterinarians and wildlife experts around the world worried."

"Animals of all shapes and sizes, domestic and wild, land and water, are disappearing from various places around the world. Family pets, therapy animals, zoo inhabitants, and animals from wildlife preserves are all coming up missing. The culprit or culprits have no discrimination." She continued.

"Serena?" Her mother said her name questioningly, and Serena put her hand on her mother's arm to quiet her as she listened to the reporter.

"As I mentioned before the disappearances are happening all around the world from major well known cities in the United States such as New York, San Francisco, Washington; to cities throughout the United Kingdom, Africa, Canada, South America, and Asia; including right here in Tokyo." Marcy continued.

"This brings us to the other half of our news tonight. Attacks from strange creatures seem to precede the disappearances. Buildings, ships, and cars have been destroyed, and people have been injured and killed in these attacks. To the frustration of the authorities the culprits are never seen, and leave no trace that they have ever been there, which is why it has taken so long to connect these events."

As Serena watched a zoologist come on screen to speak she suddenly began to connect dots she hoped weren't there and make conclusions that she very much hoped were wrong considering the far reaching and long lasting consequences if they were.

She made a slight gesture in the air and her communicator dropped into her hand. She pressed the blue symbol for Mercury and waited.

"Amy here." She answered after only a few moments.

"Hey. I'm watching a news report right now about animals going missing around the world. I want you to look into it." Serena said seriously.

"You think it's connected to our enemy?" Amy replied, easily catching on.

"I'm not sure, but I think it might. It's all types of animals from domestic and wild to endangered. From wildlife preserves to zoos. There were attacks in the general area, and any security personnel were found dead." She informed her.

"That's troubling." Amy said. "I'll look into it right away and let you know what I find."

"Thanks. Bye." Serena said.

"Bye." Amy replied and she put her communicator away.

"Do you really think this enemy your fighting has something to do with those disappearances?" Her mother asked. Once she realized how seriously her daughter was watching the news she had paid attention, and had also listened to her conversation with her friend.

Seeing her daughter's behavior and hearing her talk was another look into her secret life. She wished her husband could see their daughter now. All he seemed to catch were the bad things and what he heard on the news. Then he let his imagination run wild with all the things that could go wrong.

"I don't know, but it can't be a coincidence that we're fighting animal creatures and animals suddenly start disappearing around the world." Serena said. "And it doesn't help that we're still unaware of who our enemy exactly is and what they're capable of."

And that was something else that suddenly worried her. Who the enemy was behind the animal monsters they were sending. Darien had mentioned it before. The monsters were getting more powerful every time they fought them, and the real enemy was sure to be even more powerful.

Serena worried that soon they might not be able to handle them; that the animal monsters would be more powerful than them. Luna and Artemis were no longer giving them power ups. It was left up to them to strengthen themselves, but she worried they wouldn't be able to do it in time if they could at all.

Especially my Darien. He didn't have much time to train, and soon the enemy would start interfering with his work. It's a miracle they haven't already, but I know from past experience they're just getting started. She thought warily.

"What are you thinking?" Her mother asked, and Serena frowned.

Should I tell her? She wondered. I don't want her getting worried and upset. I don't need the stress right now; not with the way my father is acting, the enemy attacks, being sent to the past, and the ever present memories. Especially those memories.

Memories I'll have to deal with tonight since Darien isn't here. She reminded herself reluctantly.

"You can tell me." Her mother said encouragingly.

"Can I really? Will you get worried and upset if I do?" Serena asked. "I really don't need the stress if you can't handle the information."

"While I can't promise not to worry I definitely won't get upset." Her mother assured her. "I'm finding I do better when I have information instead of guessing what's happening."

"Okay." Serena said with a nod. "I'm worried about the animal monsters we're fighting getting more powerful every time they attack. The enemy sending them is bound to be more powerful, and I'm worried what we'll do if we're not strong enough to fight them."

"How did you all increase your powers before?" Her mother asked.

"At first Luna and Artemis gave us new transformation items, then it was like we evolved over time with training. I'm not sure we're training enough to get the power up we might need in the future. It's something I'm going to have to talk to the girls about." Serena explained.

"I'm sure you all will find a way to get stronger. You obviously became stronger through the years, so there's no reason you won't be able to now. It'll only take time and might happen differently than you're used to." Her mother said encouragingly.

"You're right. It'll just take time." She said with a nod. Though I'm not sure we actually have time.

Her mother looked back to the TV before looking back to Serena with a sigh.

"Do you really not care about what your father thinks anymore?" She asked.

"Yes." Serena said with a frown. "I'm done dealing with his reactions. Like I said before I don't need the stress of dealing with them, and I don't want to be distracted by them. Being distracted can cause me to lose focus when I'm dealing with the enemy and I definitely don't need that."

Her mother looked at her sadly. She could tell by her tone of voice that her daughter was completely serious. She was giving up on her father. She didn't like it, but she could understand it. The last thing she wanted was her daughter stressed and distracted to the point that she got injured or worse when dealing with her enemy.

She sighed. "That's your decision to make, but I'm still going to try and work on him and get him to see reason." She said and Serena shrugged.

"Good luck with that." She said as she glanced back to the TV.

Just as Serena opened her mouth to say something they heard a car outside. They both recognized the sound, and she knew her father had arrived home.

"Well, goodnight." She said as she got to her feet and began to leave the living room.

"Don't you want to wish your father a goodnight?" Her mother asked, and she paused.

"No. I have no wish to speak to him or see him." Serena said seriously, and her mother sighed.

"Alright. Goodnight." She said.

Serena calmly walked up the stairs and to her room, reaching her door just in time to hear the front door open. She closed her door and sighed.

She turned off the light and climbed into her bed and closed her eyes as her body relaxed. She wasn't particularly sleepy yet, and in no hurry to fall into a memory, so she let her mind wander.

She felt the softness of her bed and her covers slowly warming, and her mind went to her earlier thoughts of living with Darien.

It would be nice to go to sleep next to him, in his arms, every night, and wake up to him every morning. She considered. Making breakfast and dinner together. Talking and relaxing together. I wouldn't have to deal with my father anymore, and being with Darien every night would mean not having to deal with my memories. She thought, though she hoped the memory dreams wouldn't last indefinitely.

She just wanted to be able to spend more time with him, and not have to schedule a date to do it. She was old enough and they were comfortable with each other. She had spent enough nights at his apartment for them to be used to sleeping in the same bed. They had seen each other in all states of undress and shared physical intimacy so there would be no hiccups in that instance.

I think I'm ready for that, and I really want to live with him before whatever happens to create Crystal Tokyo. She thought slowly, and slipped off to sleep without realizing, and into yet another memory of her past.


Serena stood in front of her closet in the afternoon, towel wrapped around her from her shower, and considered what to wear for her date.

She was having trouble deciding since she was tired. She had woken from a memory dream before the middle of the night had arrived and she had been awake ever since. She didn't like it, but she supposed it could have been worse. The enemy could have attacked in the middle of the night and she could have ended up in the past again.

She shook her head slightly and sighed as her eyes flitted through her hanging clothes. Then she spotted something she hadn't worn in a very long time. She pulled it out and hummed thoughtfully before she nodded.

I hope it still fits. She thought as she lay it on her bed before she went about putting on her underwear before she tried on her outfit. She made a pleased sound as it fit her without a problem; a little snugger then she remembered but that was fine. She wanted to look a little sexy for her date.

She pulled out the shoes she wanted to wear then grabbed her purse, the same white one she used the day before, and filled it with some money, made sure her keys were in it, and her ID. Then she undid her hair from her usual style, brushed it out, and redid it so it was fresh.

When she finished she began to put away her things and tidy up the slight mess she made as she got ready. As she did that Darien called and let her know that he was on his way and would call again when he arrived.

When she finished tidying up her room she went downstairs and found her mother in the kitchen.

"You're looking nice." Her mother said as she looked her way. "Going somewhere?" She asked.

"Yes. I'm going on a date with Darien, and I plan on staying with him tonight but I might be back." Serena said.

"Do you really need to stay with him tonight?" Her mother asked a little sadly.

"Yes. This is his last day of vacation. He'll be back at the hospital tomorrow morning." She answered.

Serena stopped herself before she could say that she had already stayed away from him last night. Her mother didn't need to hear that since it was none of her business, but it made her once again think that she should speak to Darien about them moving in together.

"I understand." Her mother said with a sigh. "So, what do you two have planned or do you not know?" She asked, changing the subject.

"I do know, and we're going to have a relaxing enjoyable time." She answered and explained where they were going and that they would go find somewhere to eat during that time.

"That sounds like fun. I hope you really do have an enjoyable time." Her mother said.

"I hope so too." Serena said, and was about to say more when her phone rang.

"Hello?" She answered after she pulled it out.

"I'm outside." She heard Darien say.

"Okay. I'll be right out." She replied.

"See you then." She heard him say before she put her phone away. "Bye mom. I'll see you either tonight or in the morning."

Her mother nodded and she waved as she headed out the kitchen door.


Darien put his phone away after he spoke to Serena and got out of his car to wait for her. As he leaned against his door he watched as the front door to her house open and out she walked.

His eyes slowly moved over her from head to toe and back. She wore a short just above the knee sleeveless chesogam dress that was light blue with silver lining, and large silver lotus flowers decorating the surface with small slits on the sides halfway up her thighs.

Silver sandals with small thick heels were strapped to her delicate feet and her hair was up in its usual style but that didn't change the fact that she was beautiful, and he couldn't help being charmed.

More than charmed. He wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss her senseless. The dress fit her so snugly that he couldn't help staring at the curves it brought out.

Beautiful, just beautiful. He thought but even though she didn't look it he could sense that his girl was tired. He wondered how long she had been awake.

"Hello beautiful. You look great." He said as he stood up straight.

"Thanks." Serena said with a smile before she looked him over. He was wearing dark gray slacks, a slightly fitted white V-neck shirt, and a dark navy blue blazer. His black hair was slightly messy and the entire affect made him look sexy.

She had seen the way he looked her over, and had high hopes that her idea for the night would work.

"My prince is looking good." She said as she stared at him.

"I'm glad you approve." He said with a smirk as he turned in a circle to give her a better look.

"Oh." Serena breathed out quietly, her eye widening as she saw that the fit of his pants allowed her to see the shape of his butt. Her approval of his outfit went up, nearly skyrocketing, just like that.

Darien then opened the car door and helped her in before walking around to get in himself.

"How was your evening?" He asked as he started the car.

"It was okay." She said as they put their seatbelts on. "I talked to my mom. I let her know what happened with me going on another trip to the past since she had noticed the change in weather and guessed correctly that you were the cause." She said and explained about the news report she had seen on TV and the connections she had made and how she had asked Amy to look into it further.

Darien frowned gravely as he began to drive. It hadn't occurred to him that their enemy would be operating worldwide. Only the Negaverse had done that before and even then they had eventually focused on Tokyo when it became clear that all the scouts were there, and as a result the silver crystal they were looking for.

"I don't like the sound of that. We can't be everywhere, and this enemy is taking advantage of that." Darien said. "How in the world do we keep the planet safe when we're ruling in the future?" He wondered as he recalled their only sighting of Crystal Tokyo.

"Yeah. We should've asked Rini, but she probably wouldn't have answered and that's if she even knew the answers." Serena said. "She was older than she looked but not mentally old enough to be let in on those important facts."

"True." Darien agreed, knowing that Rini was just a child when they met her, and last they saw her she was just entering her teens. "In any case I'll look into it as well. Maybe a visual of the places will help." He added, and she nodded.

"That's a good idea." She said and then sighed. "Me and mom also talked a little about my dad." She said.

Darien made a noncommittal sound.

"I told her I didn't care what he thought about me anymore, whether it was my scout life or who I choose to spend my time with. I explained that I was done dealing with his reactions, and that I didn't need the stress or the distraction." She said as she looked at him.

"She said she would still continue to work on getting him to see reason, but I just don't care anymore. He'll eventually figure out that I'm not a child anymore and he can't try and run my life and make decisions for me like I'm one." She explained. "I just don't have the time or the energy to wait around for that to happen." She added and he nodded.

"I understand perfectly and I completely agree. Your energy can be put to better use, and you really don't need the stress or distraction." Darien said. "The last thing I want is to give our enemy an advantage because our focus is elsewhere."

"That was my thought as well." Serena said with a nod as she looked out the window. "But enough of that! How do you feel about a double date with Molly and Melvin?" She asked and Darien raised his eyebrows and glanced her way.

"Why are you bringing it up?" He asked curiously.

"It's something we talked about once Molly and Melvin cleared things up between them." She answered. "Since we're going to be telling our friends our secret we need to spend time with them. We've already spent some time with Andrew and Rita, so I figure it's Molly and Melvin's turn."

"True." Darien said with a nod. "I'm fine with it, so we just need to figure out when."

"We had guessed Thursday or Friday to be a good time." She said. "We're obviously on a date right now and since today was the last day of your vacation it was out. Molly and Melvin will be busy moving in together in the next few days, and I told them we wouldn't be free Wednesday because of the dinner." She explained and Darien nodded.

"One of those days will do; obviously after my shift at the hospital is done." He said. "Thursday or Friday is fine with me, so we just need to pick one that fits everyone's schedule. I'll leave the arrangements up to you."

"That's fine. I just hope we don't have to reschedule because of an attack. I don't know how I would explain that, and it certainly wouldn't be the right time to tell our secret as an explanation." Serena said and Darien nodded.

"We should think of something to say just in case I get sent through time and end up gone longer than usual. In that case I'm not going to be the one giving the explanation; it'll be left up to you so we should prepare." She said after a few quiet moments, and he grimaced.

"You're right. We should definitely think of something, and hope it isn't necessary." He said.

They slipped into silence for the remainder of the ride thinking of what they could say to Molly and Melvin if they had to cancel their date or if Serena was gone for an undetermined amount of time.

Darien eventually parked in a parking space on a street and they got out of the car. He locked the doors and pocketed his keys, and they walked hand in hand along the sidewalk before turning a corner. There was a view of a large manicured lawn and a large sign that read Botanical Gardens. In the distance was a large building that looked like a greenhouse mansion.

"Wow." Serena said as her eyes took in the sight. She had known where they were going but she had never been there before. It was beautiful and she couldn't wait to see what was inside the glass building.

When they reached the entrance they walked through and entered the conservatory, and found the air pleasantly warm and fragrant. They took in the signs and maps and then followed a path with other scattered guests to a large section of flowers.

The path lead to flowers and plants native to Tokyo then the next section featured plants and flowers native to Japan. From there it moved on to large sections of plants and flowers of different colors from around the world, exotic looking trees, and a few ponds.

They eventually came to a section that had a little bridge over a small pond that even had fish inside. Serena moved ahead of Darien and he watched her pause with her back to him in the middle of the bridge and look over the rail.

He pulled out his cell phone and took a picture, catching her silhouette bathed in the sunlight streaming through the glass ceiling and her long streams of hair glowing in the light.

Serena turned and noticed what he was doing and she posed for him, placing a hand on the railing and wrapping her arm lightly across her stomach as she smiled softly. He took the picture and walked forward to join her on the bridge. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her lightly.

"Beautiful." He said. She smiled and caressed his face without a word, just letting him feel her happiness and pleasure as it flowed through their link.

They continued on, looking at the flowers and plants, only making occasional comments. Darien didn't mind the silence. It wasn't uncomfortable. They had never had the problem of experiencing uncomfortable silences in their relationship. Even before they became a couple they always had something to say to each other.

Still, after a while he decided to bring up something he had wanted to talk to her about since his visit with Andrew and Rita.

"There's something I want to talk to you about; actually two somethings since we have the time and privacy right now." Darien said quietly, and Serena nodded and gave him her attention.

"Now that you're done with high school have you thought about what you want to do? Do you want to continue your education or work or maybe try both?" He asked.

"Molly and Melvin brought that up as well." Serena said with a sigh. "I really don't know. I'm not the university type, and I'm worried that if I try to go to school fighting the enemy will get in the way and make me miss classes and I'd end up failing. Besides, I have no idea what I would study even if I did go."

"I've also considered working. I thought I might be able to find a part time job that I'd like, but I worry about enemy attacks interfering there as well." She explained. "I know I can't put off my decision indefinitely, especially since we don't know how long we'll be dealing with this enemy, but I'm not sure what to do."

"I can understand that. I had to worry about the same thing when I was in school, and I actually experienced missing classes, so I know the attacks can interfere and disrupt things." Darien said as they walked.

"I had to study harder and get notes from classmates I was friendly with. Sometimes I didn't have time to get notes from them or there was no one in my class that I was friendly with." He added.

"I can also understand your concern if you got a job. It's something I worry about now. I've already been late a few times for my shift at the hospital, and I worry what will happen if I have to miss shifts altogether. I'm also concerned I'll have to leave during my shift. I might be able to get away with it once if I can make up a good excuse, but if it becomes a regular thing then I could lose my job." He explained.

"That could happen if I get a job as well." Serena said with a grimace. "I've wondered about that happening to you. I hate that your position at the hospital can, will, be at risk because of our enemy. You worked so hard to get where you are. I imagine if you get let go it'll be hard to get a position at another hospital when they learn why you were let go. They might not think you're serious about being a doctor anymore."

"That's a very real possibility." Darien said with a nod and then sighed. "It's a risk I'll have to take. I'm not going to ignore our enemy and not be there to fight with you and protect you because I'm worried about losing my job. I love being a doctor but you're more important than a job."

"Oh Darien." She said sadly, upset that the job he loved and worked so hard for was in jeopardy because of their enemy and his need to protect her. "You don't need to be there all the time. The girls will protect me."

"They're not enough." He said as he shook his head. "We've already seen that. We've already had to split our numbers to deal with multiple attacks, and with this enemy targeting you and sending you through time portals I'm not willing to risk it."

"I hate that even with me there it isn't enough to keep you safe! I can't be at the hospital healing people and saving lives when my only family is out fighting and in danger. If anything happens to you my job will be pointless." He explained.

Serena hugged his arm and made an unhappy sound.

"Don't worry. It's my decision, the best decision, and there's always the possibility that some solution will come in time; even if it happens after I lose my position." He reassured her, and Serena nodded.

"Well, things are a bit different when you're working part time. Depending on the job you can pick your days and hours, so that can help some in working around the fights. As for school, well, have you considered going to a college instead of a university?"

"No. I was just thinking of school as a whole and not the different options." Serena answered.

"Going to a college would be less pressure as it isn't as long as a four year university and you can space things out to your liking, going as a part time student instead of full time, but there's still the problem of missing classes." He explained and hummed thoughtfully as they walked.

"You can always try taking online classes." He suggested. "That's even less pressure since you wouldn't have to worry about going to an actual building for classes and could go at your own pace. Although realistically there are probably problems with that, but I don't know what they are since I never looked into it seriously." He explained and she nodded.

"I can already see one." She said and he looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "I would be lazy and not want to do the work. I don't think I'm any good with school, but I do need the structure of a class setting if I'm going to continue my schooling."

"You're not bad at school. It's just you were young and didn't put all your effort in it, and then you got older and had pressure on you to do well, especially since you were going to school with all your friends. It had to be hard to be with them and see how they were doing, and not compare your progress with theirs knowing they knew you would be Queen one day." Darien replied.

Serena nodded, feeling grateful that he understood and sent it strongly through their link.

"That's exactly my problem. A lot of the time all I can think about is that I'm not doing well enough, and they know it and will think I'm not smart enough to be Queen let alone a princess. And that's not even contained to my intelligence. I worry I don't act the part, and that I'm not cultured or classy enough." She explained, and Darien shook his head.

"I understand but as far as I'm concerned your worry is groundless. You are all of those things to me, and I don't think the others are concerned." He said. "You've been to your past; seen and spoken to your younger self. Couldn't you tell the difference? Didn't you see how much you've grown?"

I did. He thought. He saw it as the years passed and he had seen it sharply when she had gone to the past and he had seen both her and her younger self together.

Beyond looking older she had been quiet, calm, poised, and articulate. She had no problem explaining things concisely to his younger self, and in a way that he would completely understand and all without giving away too much information. His love was smarter than she knew.

Serena thought about it and realized he was right. She had grown and matured greatly over the years. It had been clear in the way she held herself compared to her younger self. She was calm as opposed to jittery. She was quiet as opposed to loud.

"Yes. I can definitely see the difference, but I still don't think I'm smart enough or Queen material." She said quietly.

"I think you, my love, just need some confidence, and then you'll see what I see." He said.

Serena hummed thoughtfully and was quiet as they continued to walk around and admire the flora. Darien could sense that she was thinking about what they had discussed so he kept his silence and left her to it.

They eventually finished seeing all there was to see in the building, and made their way out behind the building. They were greeted with a perfectly cut lawn leading into a maze of medium high hedges. Topiaries were scattered around in the shapes of flowers, animals, and trees. It was a beautiful sight.

Darien led Serena into the maze and they worked their way through; seeing colorful flowers along their path and the murmured voices of others moving through the maze.

"You're right." Serena suddenly said. "I'm going to start looking at colleges in the area, and see what's available to study; see what interests me. I think going to school without all my friends will give me the confidence I lack."

"While I'm looking into that I'm also going to start searching for a part time job. That way I can start saving up some money for whatever I'm going to need." She added, and Darien nodded.

"I'll help as much as I can." He said.

"You don't have to." She said. "You're going back to work tomorrow, and we still have our training to worry about."

"I can still keep my eyes open for any jobs you might like, and I can look up different colleges as long as I have free time and internet access." He replied

"Okay. Thanks." She said softly, knowing he was going to be looking and using his free time to do it regardless of what she said. She was just going to have to do the bulk before he could let it interfere in his busy schedule. After all, she was the one with all the free time.

They enjoyed the rest of their time at the gardens before they left and went to eat at a casual restaurant. As they enjoyed their meal they talked about different things Serena might be interested in learning in school. Darien let her know that there was a wide variety of things she might not even consider until she saw it listed.

They also talked of the upcoming honor dinner and if there were any last minute details she needed to know. They discussed if they had what they were going to wear, what time he would be picking her up, how long the dinner would last, and what they could expect to see and do there.

Once they finished eating the couple took a quick drive out to the Palette Town Ferris Wheel. It was the tallest either had ever seen, but neither of them had a problem with heights so they looked forward to the ride.

When they arrived Darien parked and they made their way to the wheel and joined the line for those wishing to ride. It was turning dark out so the wheel was already lit and flashing with colorful lights ranging along the rainbow. Even the passenger gondolas themselves were each a different color.

As they waited they talked of little things and took pictures with their phones of the wheel, each other, and together; creating visual memories for them to look back on and remind themselves of that day.

Finally it was their turn and an orange gondola stopped in front of them. As it was obvious they were a couple they thankfully got the gondola to themselves. They sat off to the side of the door and Darien put his arm around Serena as she leaned against him, and leaned his head on hers as the wheel began to move.

"There's something else I wanted to talk to you about." Darien said when the voices quieted as they got further from the line of people.

Serena hummed and lightly stroked his leg as she gazed out the window.

"You did say two things earlier and only mentioned one." She said softly, and he nodded against her.

"Andrew and Rita live together now." He said.

"Really?" She said in surprise.

"Yeah. I noticed when I got to Andrew's place and saw the evidence. I asked about it and they said they've been living together for almost half a year. They say they were just ready for the move, and are enjoying it so far." He explained.

"It got me thinking about how nice that must be, to live with the one they love. To wake up and go to sleep with them every day. To come home and know that you won't be alone. It sounded great." He added, and Serena hummed in agreement.

"And Molly and Melvin are moving in together in the next few days. It seems all our paired friends are moving in together." She said thoughtfully.

"Move in with me." Darien said after a long moment of silence.

Serena blinked and turned her head to look at him, watching as he lifted his head and returned her look.

"I'm serious. I want you to live with me. I don't want to have to take you to your parents' house at the end of a night or have to take you back in the morning. I don't want you to have to let your parents know you're staying the night with me. I want to be able to hold you all night; I want my only family with me." He said, and she nodded.

"I've been thinking about that recently, and I want those things as well. I want to be able to come home to you; to talk and relax without worrying about how much time is passing until I have to leave; to not have to schedule a date to spend time with you. I want us to have that before whatever happens to make Crystal Tokyo." She said and Darien nodded in total agreement.

"I want that. I really want to live with you. I feel ready." Serena said, and he nodded again.

"I'm more than ready. I'm tired of living alone, and tired of having to take you back to your parents' house when I want you to stay with me." Darien said.

"There are other things adding to the enticement of us living together." She admitted. "Like being away from my dad and his attitude, not having to explain myself to my parents when I don't come home for the night for whatever reason, and getting relief from the memories."

"I can't blame you. I'd want to get away from that as well." He said.

"So it's decided. We're moving in together." Serena said and Darien grinned.

"Yes." He agreed happily. "Now we just have to figure out when."

"I'm also going to have to figure out when to tell my parents or rather my mom. My dad probably won't figure it out until I'm gone unless mom says something." She said.

"We can move you in at any time, so you should just focus on researching colleges in the area and job hunting. Worry about telling your mother about our decision once those things are figured out." Darien said.

Serena nodded and relaxed back against him and resumed stroking his thigh. It would be good if she could tell her mother that she had a part time job and was either looking into or had plans to continue going to school when she informed her that she was moving in with Darien.

It would show her mother how serious she was about living with Darien as well as that despite being a scout and fighting she was still living her life and wouldn't be stopped because of the enemy.

She also decided that she needed to get started on her search for a job and her research of nearby colleges sooner rather than later. Now that the decision had been made she didn't want to wait long before moving in.

Darien was thinking along the same lines as his princess as he looked out at the view as they moved higher and higher toward the top of the ferris wheel. Now that it was decided and she had agreed to live with him he wanted it to happen as soon as possible.

He needed to rearrange his closet to make room for her clothes. Some of her clothes were already there but that was for when she spent the night unexpectedly. Now she would need room for all her clothes.

I should probably buy a large dresser to compensate for our combined wardrobe. He considered thoughtfully. He knew he had the space for one in his bedroom.

He also needed to speak to his landlord about adding her name to the lease on his apartment, so her extended presence wouldn't be questioned or cause any problems. He didn't think he had any nosy neighbors that would cause trouble, but he thought it was better safe than sorry. He didn't want his princess to move in only for them to be evicted because someone decided to question her extended presence.

The couple sat in silence, riding the wheel as it stopped occasionally to let people on and off, thinking over the decision they had just made and the details and coming decisions that went along with it.

When they reached the top of the wheel they came out of their thoughts and took a picture of the view and of themselves, separately and together. The wheel continued on until they reached the bottom, and they got off and walked away hand in hand toward his car.

"It's still a bit early and I don't want the night to end just yet, so why don't we go back to your place?" Serena suggested.

Darien shot her a look, already suspecting what was going through her mind, but chose to ignore it.

"You mean our place." He corrected, and she smiled and nodded.

"We should go back to our place." She said with a light laugh.

They reached the car and got in and headed toward Darien's apartment building. When they arrived he parked in the underground parking garage, and they got on the elevator to head up to his floor.

As Serena watched the numbers go up she suddenly felt Darien pull her back against his chest. She sighed in pleasure, pleased that he was initiating contact first. She knew he was suspicious of why she wanted to go back to his place, so she hadn't wanted to touch him first. She really did think it was too early for her to go home. She wanted to spend time with him, especially with the reminder that that night was the last hours of his off time, but she also wanted some intimate time with him.

She already knew what she wanted to do, but she had no idea how she was going to get to it. She couldn't put too much thought into it or he would sense her emotions and feelings when they inevitably shifted with her thoughts.

When they reached his floor they got off the elevator, Darien put his arm around her shoulders, and they walked down the hallway to his apartment. They went inside and took off their shoes and she took off her purse and left it on the side table.

Serena walked into the living room instead of going to his bedroom like she wanted. She knew he would resist and say that was too much temptation and just asking for something to happen. So instead she sat on the couch and crossed her legs, the action revealing the majority of her legs with the splits in her dress.

"Do you want anything to drink?" Darien asked as he took off his blazer and tossed it on a side chair.

"No." She declined, so he sat next to her on the couch and couldn't help eyeing her long legs.

Serena noticed and used it to her advantage. She shifted in her seat and stretched her legs across his lap. She smiled when he automatically put his hand on one leg, and shot him an innocent look when he brought his eyes up to her face.

"I don't believe that look for a minute! What have you planned?" He asked outright, and she laughed.

Why not tell him? He might surprise me. She decided.

"I obviously experienced a memory last night, and thought instead of just describing it to you I can show you exactly what I saw." Serena said, and his eyes widened.

"You're going to use your crystal?" He asked, and she nodded.

"I did something similar for my parents and brother, so I know it'll work." She assured him.

"Alright. I'm willing to see it." Darien said as he nodded. He knew that no matter how she described it there would be details she couldn't tell him. Not because she wasn't willing to, but because she couldn't see everything while she was experiencing the memories.

Serena easily summoned her silver crystal and focused on projecting the memory she had experienced the previous night in all of its steamy detail.

Darien watched as his apartment disappeared around them and was replaced by a large bedroom. The floor was marble in rectangular tiles of light and dark brown with thin swirls that made it look like shiny wood flooring at first glance. Creamy white walls surrounded them with large arch windows with dark green curtains hanging to the sides to reveal the glass.

Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mercury were there sitting and standing around, but his eyes immediately went to Serenity who was sitting at a vanity table looking in a mirror.

Her hair was loose from its usual twin buns in a style that was completely different from what she usually wore. Half of it was pulled up and back into a braided bun, and the rest was in six braids that trailed down her back and looped back up and pinned so the ends disappeared beneath the bun.

She put on a royal blue and silver mask that framed her eyes and covered her upper face including the crescent moon on her brow. She stood then and he saw that she was wearing a royal blue silk strap dress with a single layer of matching chiffon over it that draped over her body in a way that showed her figure nicely.

It had a drape back and chiffon strips trailing from the straps at her shoulders down the back of her dress, and her chest was framed in a fitted bodice with a slight V dip. Silver high heel strap shoes wrapped her feet.

Darien blinked and then looked around and spotted Serena dressed and looking exactly as Serenity, down to the last detail, leaning against a side wall watching everything. He looked to his Serena at his side, to the Serena against the wall, and back to his Serena.

"I wanted you to see exactly what I saw, and that includes my presence in the memory." She said when she noticed what caught his attention.

He nodded and stroked her leg as he looked back to the scene around them.

Serenity smoothed her hands over the front of her dress, smoothing out any wrinkles, and looked at her face once more in the mirror before turning to her guardians and friends.

"How do I look?" She asked as she twirled around. She was excited to be wearing a different dress then her royal gown and a completely different hair style. She was hoping she wouldn't be recognized right away if at all.

"You look great!" Sailor Jupiter said with a grin.

"Yes. You look amazing." Sailor Mercury replied with a gentle smile.

"Looking good." Sailor Mars said. "I doubt you will be recognized."

"Prince Endymion will not know what hit him." Sailor Venus announced.

Serenity grinned. That was exactly what she was hoping for. She wanted her Endymion to be completely surprised and astounded by her appearance. She hoped to have the same reaction when she saw him as well.

She thanked the girls and they all hugged her and wished her a good time before they left, making their way to the ballroom to take their positions. The only one remaining was Jupiter.

Serenity took one more look in the mirror and adjusted her skirts once more before the two young women left the room. Jupiter talked to her, keeping her calm, as she guided her to the ballroom.

"See you inside. I hope you have a good time." The scout of thunder said.

"Thank you." Serenity said and watched as she darted into the room. She knew they were all going in ahead of her to give her the best chance of going unrecognized.

There were some people standing in the hallway with her. Most weren't paying attention but some were and had recognized Jupiter, since it was her home, and therefore recognized her but they appeared to be keeping the knowledge to themselves.

She was thankful for that. She wanted to spend the night in relative anonymity. A rarity for her.

Serenity took a breath and moved forward, stepping pass the great wooden elaborate double doors, and into the large ballroom. She smiled at the sight of everyone in various colored suits and dresses and the array of simple to elaborate masks. Masks that covered the entire face, the upper face, and some that just framed the eyes.

She moved forward into the masquerade ball and took in the ballrooms design and decor.

The floor was a dark glossy cherry wood and the walls were a creamy white. There were a scattering of large arch windows framed in dark wood. Dark green and silver curtains hung as part of the room's decoration on the walls between windows. On the ceiling were four large crystal chandeliers bringing light to the room.

A balcony wrapped around the top of the room with a set of stairs on two sides of the room leading up to the structure. It had glossy dark wooden beams and railings, and curtains in silver, white, and different shades of green decorated it.

Beneath the balcony were round tables with food and drinks spread out. At the far end of the room two large glass arch double doors opened beneath the balcony and led to a garden. Green, white, red, and pink flowers were spread around the room offering pleasant fragrances and offering a softness to the room to counter all the dark wood.

Serenity walked further in and was approached by a young man in a dark green suit and a silver mask that framed his eyes. He had short dark brown hair and eyes. He asked her to dance and she accepted with a smile.

She spent the next half hour twirling around the dance floor changing partners as the music changed and enjoying herself. She spotted each of her Guardian Scouts at the edges of the ballroom but paid them no mind. The only thing putting a damper on her good mood was that she had yet to encounter her prince. She had seen one of his generals so she knew he was there somewhere.

When the song ended she curtsied as her partner bowed and allowed him to guide her off the dance floor. She thanked him and excused herself. She walked over to a table where a person was handling the drinks, and noted that they were masked as well, and grabbed herself a bubbly drink.

She walked to the closest set of stairs and walked up them to the balcony and casually made her way along, gracefully moving around people laughing and talking, looking down at the dance floor to the people dancing, and sipping her drink as she took in the environment.

She reached the last window on the side of the balcony she was walking on and stopped there to gaze out at the view sipping her drink and listening to the music.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone rounding the corner of the balcony and moving in her direction. She mentally checked her location and was satisfied that they would be able to get pass her without bumping into her, so she focused her gaze out the window and payed the person no more mind.

A man in black calmly moved along the back of the balcony toward the beautiful woman in royal blue with the long golden hair. He had spotted her not long after she had entered the ballroom and decided to stay back and watch her.

He wanted her to enjoy herself before he approached her because he knew once he did he wouldn't let anyone come between them for the remainder of the evening.

Now it appeared she was finished dancing or at least taking a break, and he decided now was the best time to approach her. So he rounded the corner, swerved around a laughing couple, and stepped toward her still form.

"Are you having a good time?" He asked as he stood across from her next to the window.

Serenity looked over at the deep voice that addressed her and smiled softly as she recognized the messy black hair, the tall build, and the deep blue eyes. She took in what he was wearing with a subtle glance. Black dress pants and Victorian tailcoat jacket, black dress shirt, gold and black swirl vest and a matching tie. On his feet were black shoes, and framing his eyes was a gold mask.

"I am. Although I missed your presence." She answered as she looked back out the window.

"I am here now, and I intend to occupy your time for the rest of the evening." He said and watched her cheeks flush red before she took a sip of her drink. He stepped closer and shifted until he stood behind her.

"What are you drinking?" He asked softly.

"Would you like to try it and find out?" Serenity asked as she lifted her cup slightly.

He stepped closer to her and wrapped an arm around her waist and gently grabbed her drink with his free hand. He took a sip and hummed with pleasure at the taste. He had drank something different earlier and thought this one tasted better. It had a slightly sweet taste to it that went well with the bubbly feeling of the liquid.

"I like it." He said as he handed it back. "I will get one as well."

"Hurry back." She said, and he kissed her cheek.

"I will." He promised before he released her and walked away.

Endymion quickly made his way along the balcony, down the stairs, and got himself the same beverage as his Serenity. He took a sip to make sure, even though the color was right, and nodded in satisfaction before he returned to the balcony. He moved along weaving around people and walked up behind his princess.

"I am back." He said as he wrapped his arm around her waist once again and showed her his slightly full drink.

"Welcome back." Serenity said as she tilted her head to the side and looked up to him. He swooped his head down and gently kissed her soft lips and pulled back with a smile.

"I saw one of your generals, Zoycite, earlier." She said as she looked back out the window. "Are the others here as well?"

"Yes. They are around the room somewhere. I am not trying to pay attention to where they are. I only want them to keep their distance." Endymion replied.

"I know exactly what you mean." She said with a sigh. "All of my Scouts are here and I had glimpses of them around the room, but I am not interested in keeping tabs on them."

The couple made small talk, discussing the different outfits around them, until they finished their drinks. They then decided it was time they danced together.

They made their way along the balcony, down the stairs, and deposited their cups on a table before they moved onto the dance floor. Endymion held Serenity close and they began to twirl around the dance floor, the masked prince guiding his masked princess around other dancing pairs.

They smiled and laughed as they danced around for nearly two hours, only pausing to eat snacks and drink before getting right back to it. When the song ended Endymion guided Serenity out through the glass double doors beneath the balcony to take some air in the garden and cool down.

Serenity smiled as she looked out at the garden. She could see that it was much larger now that she was outside looking at it. In front of her was a short set of wide stairs leading down to a gray path that snaked off in three directions. One to the left, the right, and straight ahead.

The one straight ahead extended far back until it reached a pair of tall hedge walls. Along the edges of the path were colorful flowers with breaks every dozen feet. Paths with tiny hedges at knee length lining the edges spiraled in large circles and swirls that connected so one could get back to the main path. Outside of the spiraling path were large sections of flowers arranged in different shapes that caught the eye.

"This is beautiful." She said as she gazed at the view in front of them.

"Yes." Endymion agreed. "Would you like to take a walk among the paths?"

"Yes. I wish to explore beyond the large hedge wall as well, as I am curious to know what lies there." Serenity answered.

"I am curious as well. We will go and see after our stroll among the swirling paths." He said as he offered her his arm.

Serenity accepted without hesitation and he guided his princess down the stairs and toward one of the swirling paths. They took in the flowers, noting the unique colors of some and pleasing fragrances, as they walked occasionally passing others enjoying the garden path.

As they walked Endymion glanced around repeatedly, noting that some of both of their guardians were visible and subtly following them. They were going to have to back away when they passed those tall hedges or he and Serenity were going to have to lose them in whatever area was back there.

He very much wanted some private time with his princess and take a closer look at her dress and hair. Especially her hair. He had never seen it in a style besides the two buns and long streams.

And the dress! It was beautiful, bold, and sexy. He wanted a closer uninterrupted look, and had no wish to wait until the ball was over in the early morning.

Serenity smiled at a passing couple and looked forward and noticed her prince was guiding her out of the current spiral they were strolling along and toward the tall hedges.

"Are we going to explore now?" She asked and he smiled.

"Yes. Hopefully we will not be interrupted." Endymion answered.

Serenity hummed and looked around and almost instantly spotted Venus and Mercury. They were at a fair distance but still within view. She hummed again, this time thoughtfully, as she continued to look around and spotted three of his generals slowly following them.

"We may have company." She said quietly, and Endymion nodded.

"I think so as well, but I hope we can lose them in whatever lay beyond the hedges." He said, and she looked back toward the tall hedges.

"We should hope it is something distracting with many places to get lost in." She said.

They reached the hedges and saw that they were fifteen feet tall and hid whatever was inside very well. Beyond the break in the hedges was another hedge just as tall and grass paths leading left and right.

They looked at each other briefly before moving toward the left. Once they were hidden by the hedge they increased their pace so their guardians wouldn't catch up and see where they were going.

The couple saw a corner where the hedge path continued and they rounded that corner to find another path with colorful flowers growing out of the top walls of the hedges.

As they walked and came across other corners and paths they realized it was a maze and one with hideaways. Benches of stone, wood, and iron, mirrors both small and large, day beds, and pillows of varying sizes were scattered along paths and in dead ends and sections of resting.

They eventually found a hidden section that looked like it was for resting and they immediately moved inside and hid the entrance again.

They looked around and saw two large mirrors in gold frames leaning against two different hedge walls, pillows scattered in the four corners and a day bed in the center of the space. Looking up they saw that creating a makeshift ceiling was a white round tent held up by four thick tall wooden stakes.

"This is great." Serenity said quietly.

"Yes." Endymion agreed before he guided her to the closest mirror and stood her in front of it. It was large enough to show her from head to toe, and he wrapped his arms around her waist and let his eyes drift over the image of her figure.

"Do you like my dress?" She asked.

"I do. It is beautiful and sexy and the color makes you stand out." He answered.

He dropped his eyes from her mirror image and down to her figure in his arms. He took in the dress draped snugly around her body, showing her figure in a way her royal gown never did, and the v-dip in the bodice that showed a bit more of her chest then her royal gown normally did.

He released a shuttered sigh. "I love the way it looks on you." He said, and kissed her neck before he released her and stepped back to get a better look at her hair.

He took in the top part of her hair pulled back into one braided bun, and touched the long looped braids hanging down her back.

"I like your hair as well. It is different, but I still like it." He added, though he silently mourned that he would not be able to run his fingers through her hair.

He watched her look at herself in the mirror and turn this way and that way, and that's when he noticed her shoes. He knelt down and she turned and lifted the end of her dress as she realized his intent, and he took in the silver strap high heels. Those were also different then what she usually wore, and it added to her whole look.

"What am I going to do with you?" He said as he stood, still looking her over. She looked so good that he was almost speechless.

Serenity laughed softly. "We have this area to ourselves. I am sure you can think of something." She replied.

"You are right." Endymion said before he stepped forward and grasped the back of her neck and kissed her.

He felt her step closer and lean against him as he deepened the kiss. He placed his hand on her waist and slid it around her back, and pulled her flush up against him and held her to him.

His hand was not still for long however. He slid the appendage down and caressed her bottom before grasping a cheek through her gown. She moaned lightly and pressed herself further against him as she moved her arms up and back around his neck.

His tongue danced with hers before he pulled back and brushed his lips along her cheek and down to her neck. He kissed and suckled on the soft skin for a few long moments before he broke her hold on him and moved off to her side.

Endymion took in her profile, showing off her curves, and decided he wanted to feel them through more than an embrace. He reached out and caressed her chest, stroking over and around each breast, as he looked at her face. Looking at her through a mask, seeing her beautiful eyes framed by a bright mask, and touching her soft chest fueled his desire to an extreme.

Serenity blinked up at him with soft eyes and sighed through her parted lips as she felt him move behind her. His heat bathed her back as his hands covered her chest and squeezed. She moaned quietly as she leaned her head back on his shoulder enjoying the pleasure his actions were causing her to feel. She reached back and stroked her hands up and down his thighs wanting to touch him and feel him beneath her fingers.

"Endy. I want more." She told him in a breathy voice.

Her prince responded by kissing her neck and moving back around in front of her before he covered her mouth with his in a passionate kiss.

He began to guide her back and Serenity stepped back easily, trusting him to not let her fall, and jumped slightly at the shock of cool slightly prickly leaves against her upper back.

Darien watched the memory closely, paying attention to the actual memory and the Serena inside the memory in equal turns, as they followed the events.

He was surprised and yet not surprised at the elaborate ballroom and the atmosphere of the place. It was clear from the color scheme throughout the hallways and different rooms that they were on Jupiter. It was his understanding that his Serena had yet to experience one of their memories on that planet, but it's possible she hadn't gotten around to telling him yet.

He watched Serenity dancing with various males and wasn't at all surprised to feel himself becoming jealous. Here he was, nothing but a bystander to the memory, his Serena right there at his side, and getting jealous because her past self was dancing with strange men. He couldn't help it though.

It didn't matter if it was the past. He still thought of Serenity as his, and he didn't like seeing her enjoying herself in the arms of other men.

He looked away and looked for his past self since he knew he was there somewhere. It didn't take long for them to come together in the memories.

He spotted dream Serena off to the side by one of the tables of drinks, and saw that she appeared to be watching Serenity closely. He moved his gaze and eventually landed on a tall man wearing black and gold, and he appeared to be watching Serenity as well but he wasn't sure.

Darien turned his attention back to Serenity and followed her with his eyes as she danced with man after man. Finally she seemed to grow tired of the dancing and moved up to the balcony where they and dream Serena followed.

He noticed after a glance around that the man in black and gold followed as well. With a closer look he could see his hair and body structure and was now positive that it was his past self.

He watched as Endymion finally approached Serenity and their entire encounter, from talking on the balcony to dancing on the dance floor and outside to their walk in the garden. Dream Serena was right there for it all, staying at a slight distance, but following along and watching everything.

The couple eventually made their way into the back portion of the garden and found themselves an area that was slightly hidden, which they made even more hidden in a bid to not be found by their guardians and have some privacy.

As he watched the pair and the dream Serena Darien found himself turned on at the sight of what was essentially two Serena's extremely aroused. They looked almost like identical twins, one engaged in activity with Endymion and the other half reclined on the day bed watching them.

How are they going to do anything without ruining their clothes? He wondered as he continued to idly stroke his Serena's leg.

He looked to his Serena, wondering if she would tell him if he asked, and saw her watching the scene with hooded eyes with the light of her crystal bathing her face softly.

Darien decided not to ask and instead be surprised, so he turned his attention back to the memory.

Serenity gripped Endymion's upper arms for a moment then slid her hands up and stroked the bit of skin of his neck that his shirt didn't cover. She moved them up and gently cradled his face as their tongues moved together in an intimate dance.

She felt his hands resting on her hips and decided she wanted him to be able to have more ease of movement, so she moved her hands down and slid her fingers inside his tux jacket and began to slip it off his shoulders.

Endymion caught the jacket in his hands before it could fall to the ground, and continued their kiss for a moment more before he pulled back. He planted another kiss on her moist lips before he stepped back and moved away from her and toward the day bed.

He tossed his jacket onto the pillows at the head of the bed and returned to his princess. His lips sought out hers and continued their kiss as his hands found her waist.

Serenity hummed in pleasure at his actions and rested her hands on his chest before she slid her hands down over his stomach and to the waist band of his pants.

Endymion pulled his lips away but kept his face close as he glanced down at his princess' busy fingers. "Impatient are we not?" He commented huskily.

"I want you. Right here; right now." She replied as she loosened his pants until they hung loosely on his hips.

He chuckled and knelt down, dragging his hands down over her dress, and slipped his hands beneath the bottom of her dress and up her legs. His fingers brushed her panties and he curled them around the elastic band and pulled, sliding the material down her legs.

Serenity lifted her dress, baring her ankles, and carefully stepped out of her panties one foot at a time. She released the fabric of her dress as her prince stood, and watched as he folded her panties and blushed as he slipped them in his pocket.

He smirked as he saw her blush. "A token of your affection." He said and watched her blush darken.

"Where is my token?" She asked boldly as she watched him push his pants and underwear down his legs.

"I am about to give it to you." Endymion replied as he stroked himself unashamedly.

Serenity watched his hand moving back and forth against his length and lightly bit her bottom lip as she raised her dress to get it out of the way. He moved close to her and suddenly hiked up her right leg to his hip. She gasped and wrapped her right arm around his neck to help keep her balance as she continued to hold her dress with her left hand.

Her breath hitched as she felt the tip of his length slide against her moist womanhood, and she shuttered as he continued speaking.

"You will carry my token around inside you, and will be reminded it is there when you feel it sliding down your thighs. You will be reminded that you are mine." He breathed into her ear before he captured her lips in an open mouthed kiss as he slipped his length inside her, thrusting the entire way until he was fully sheathed inside her heated core.

Serenity moaned into his mouth, pleasure already filling her, as he began to thrust in and out of her in a steady pace. Their tongues slid together and around each other's mouth before she broke the kiss. She leaned her face against his as she panted breathily as her pleasure built.

The leg she was standing on began to grow weak as her pleasure continued to grow, and she felt his hand on her hip slid around so his arm was supporting her weight as he continued to thrust into her.

Her breath quickened and she tightened her arm around him and suddenly his mouth was covering hers, catching her pleasure filled cry before it could give away their hidden location. Her eyes rolled and closed as his thrusts continued, heightening her release as she quivered around him.

Endymion released his loves mouth to allow her to breathe once her body began to relax, but continued his thrusting although at a slower pace.

He glanced off to their side and his eyes landed on the mirror, and decided in that moment that it was next. He slowly lowered her leg and when he was sure she was stable in her heels he stepped back slipping from her warm snug womanhood.

"Grip the edges." He instructed her quietly after he guided her to stand before the mirror.

She did so without a word and he positioned her so she was leaning closely to the reflected surface as he pulled her dress up.

Once her bare bottom was revealed he draped the fabric of her dress over his arm as he settled a hand on her hip and guided his length back inside her moist womanhood. He gripped the other side of her hip with his free hand and began to pound into her in a rapid fire of movement.

Serenity bit her lip as she watched her prince close his eyes in pleasure. She was slightly excited by the mirror reflecting their actions back at her. All she could see was her flushed face staring back at her and Endymion moving behind her occasionally licking his lips.

She moaned and panted at the feel of him moving rapidly inside her, his skin slapping against hers, and looked over her reflection. Her eyes flickered over her red cheeks that spread to pink down her neck drawing her eyes to her breasts. They peeked out ever so slightly from the v-top of her dress at her angle and the sight made her wonder.

'Is this the view my prince always sees whenever he looks down at me?' She wondered as she stared at her reflection. 'Does it excite him?' She asked herself.

She stared at her breasts as she panted, trying to imagine what he would feel. They looked soft and were a light pink from her spreading blush. From her angle they looked almost like they were about to pop out and completely reveal themselves.

She thought he would want to touch them, grab them, especially as that was exactly what she wanted to do in that moment. She moaned and brought a hand to her chest to caress herself through the silk fabric of her dress.

Endymion opened his eyes and found his eyes instantly drawn to the image of his princess caressing her breasts. He groaned as his arousal skyrocketed at the view, and paused long enough to step closer to her before he began to thrust slower yet harder.

He watched her jerk sharply and drop her head with a sharp cry that cut off just as quickly as it started before she lifted her head again to continue watching the reflection in the mirror. She jerked with his every thrust, her inner walls beginning to quiver at his harder motions.

He grunted as he felt his own release finally approaching, and quickened his pace to try and bring hers along as well. Suddenly she brought her hand back to clumsily grasp at the edge of the mirror as her eyes closed, and listened as she moaned and shuddered as she clung to the mirror.

He gritted his teeth and moved his hips hard and fast, riding out her release, as his own began to wash over him. He moaned deeply and shuddered himself as his hands tightened around her hips, his hips jerking hard as he released himself inside her.

He panted for breath and listened as she did the same as his legs trembled from the force of his release. He leaned over her and grasped the mirror with one hand as he kissed the side of her neck.

"Next time a mirror is involved you will not be wearing anything." Endymion promised, and his princess moaned as her eyes closed. "Have you had enough or do you want more?"

"More." Serenity moaned.

Endymion nodded and kissed her neck again before he pulled out of her and stepped away.

"If you want me then come and get me." He said as he carefully moved back and toward the daybed as quick as his pants would allow. When he reached the bed he collapsed back on it and began stroking himself as he watched his princess.

Serenity straightened slowly and followed Endymion's progress with her eyes until he reached the daybed. She turned and began to walk toward him, watching him stroke himself, and feeling his token sliding down the inside of her thighs bringing his words back to her mind.

Once she stood before him she watched his hand move up and down his length, sliding slowly and occasionally rubbing the tip. He made eye contact with her before he reached down with his free hand and fondled his balls.

She panted slightly and shifted on her feet before she began to raise her dress up her legs, wanting to feel him inside her instead of watching him touch himself. Once the end reached her waist she stepped forward and raised her knee to the bed at his side before she swung her other leg over his lap and straddled him. She scooted up more before she eased down and took his length into her with a sigh.

Endymion raised his hips to push himself in her as she moved downward. He helped her move the fabric of her dress behind her and groaned and lifted his hips as she rolled her hips against him.

He rested his hands on her hips as she leaned over and brought her lips to his. As they kissed he began to thrust up into her, his hips rolling up and down, as their tongues twirled in and out of each other's mouth.

Even in this situation he knew his princess was shy about being the one doing all the action. Her passionate side only pushed pass her shyness when he drove her to it in one way or another. For now her hips remained motionless but that would change soon enough. He had told her to come get him, and that included taking her pleasure from him.

Serenity steadied herself with her forearm on the bed and caressed her loves face with her free hand as she enjoyed the feel of him moving within her. She spread her knees slightly to increase the pleasurable sensation before he suddenly stopped. She pulled back questioningly and he smirk.

"If you want more take it." He said. Serenity frowned and looked away in uncertainty before he gently turned her face back to him.

"Do not be shy. Do not think at all; simply feel. You have done this before. This time is no different. All you have to do is focus completely on me." He said quietly.

Serenity nodded and brought her lips back to his in a shy kiss before she tilted her mouth over his and slipped her tongue pass his lips. She grabbed one of his hands from her hip and boldly moved it under the fabric of her dress and placed it on her bottom.

He squeezed and she moaned softly before she slowly began to rock her hips, moving back and forth on his length. She liked the feel of the combination so she moved his other hand to her bare bottom as well. She couldn't have his hands on her breasts since that might show on her dress so this would have to do.

She eventually broke the kiss and lowered herself a little more over him as she rolled her hips, grinding against him before she continued her slow rocking. She pressed her cheek to his, breathing quiet moans into his ear and planting soft kisses to his cheek.

Much to her satisfaction her prince's hands didn't cease caressing and squeezing her bottom, which only added to her increasing pleasure, but she wished so much that she wasn't wearing a dress and that he wasn't wearing his suit. It would give her such freedom of movement.

She felt Endymion pulse inside her and his body tensed slightly beneath her as he moaned lowly. She knew from experience that it meant he was close to his release and needed more, but it was clear he was determined to remain as still as he could. At least for as long as he could.

Serenity sat up and leaned her hands on the bed above his shoulders and began to move her hips a little faster, lifting them up and down on his length and rolling them like a wave at sea every once in a while, her breathing picking up as her movements heightened her pleasure.

She slowed to a stop and ground her hips against him as she clenched her inner walls around his hardness inside her. She listened as he groaned and bucked his hips against her. She repeated the motion a few more times before she began to lift her hips up and down again.

Immediately she picked up her speed, feeling his body grow tenser, as he continued to buck his hips. She knew he would orgasm before her, but she didn't care. She knew by the time her release came he would be experiencing another orgasm.

As she predicted within moments he groaned deeply, his back arching, his hips bucking rapidly as his orgasm took him over.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out loudly as the feel of his essence filling her increased her arousal. She closed her eyes and groaned as she rocked her hips into his bucking ones, wishing more and more that she wasn't wearing a dress. She wanted to rip it off and feel his hands all over her, but she had to be satisfied with what she could get.

Endymion relaxed with a deep sigh as he panted for air feeling boneless as his orgasm high began to fade. He was even sure he might have blacked out for a moment. It would seem the combination of being outdoors with his princess in control excited him extremely.

He opened his eyes, not remembering closing them, and saw his love leaning over him with her eyes closed still moving her hips. It felt good and his body was already reacting despite his recent orgasm.

His hands twitched as if to remind him that they were wrapped around her bottom and he squeezed hard causing her to moan through her parted lips. She rolled her hips and ground against him before continuing to rock against him. He placed a hand on the bed and sat up slightly and brought his lips to hers, unable to resist the temptation.

Serenity moaned into Endymion's mouth as she wrapped an arm around his neck. She clenched her inner walls around him and rocked her hips faster. Their tongues swirled and slid together as their lips met again and again, and she moaned again as she felt him lift his hips, thrusting up into her as she moved against him.

He lifted his hips again and again until he was bucking against her. She broke the kiss and pressed her face against his, panting as she wrapped her other arm around his neck, hugging him as she panted, her hips moving furiously as her pleasure built higher and higher.

Together they moved furiously, his hips thrust up and her hips rocking and grinding against his, until they both began to tense and tried to move even faster.

Serenity stiffened and gasped loudly before her body shuddered violently in her orgasm, her prince following with a low groan as his hips jerked in his own release.

The memory ended, fading to nothing as Darien's apartment was revealed to their sight. Everything was still in place, nothing had changed, but the pair sitting on the couch was different.

Serena watched the glow of her crystal fade until it was dormant, and she put it away and turned her attention to her fiancé.

Darien swallowed thickly as he stared in front of him, the memory burned into his memory, and continued to stroke his loves leg. Watching the memory was just like when he was experiencing the memory with Serena, only different because he was watching and not feeling the emotions of his past self.

And he couldn't deny that it had turned him on just as experiencing the memories had. It was like watching porn, or their own homemade videos. He was so aroused watching Serenity and the positions they used.

He had been watching intensely, but he hadn't missed the moment dream Serena had suddenly disappeared. He thought that had been when she was pulled into Serenity, when they had gone at it against the hedge wall.

He looked to Serena and saw her already watching him.

"Is there another reason you wanted to show me the memory?" He asked, and she nodded slowly.

"I wanted to recreate what I saw and experienced for you. I hoped it would help you understand how I'm almost always constantly feeling." She answered.

"Like I'm feeling now. You know how I'm feeling. I'm aroused. I want your hands on me; I want you. I don't want to have to wait until you happen to be around when I wake up from a memory to feel your touch." She explained.

Darien looked down at her legs in his lap as his hand caressed her thigh. He understood where his girl was coming from. They had already mentioned needing to reevaluate their promise with what the memories were doing to her. They just never got around to it with the enemy distracting them.

He knew it was hard for her. It was the same for him, but more so for her with the constant onslaught of memories. He could also admit he wanted to make out with her and touch her when the mood struck. He just worried that they would get carried away, and get pregnant long before they were ready.

And he knew getting carried away was exactly what Serena wanted. She wanted sex. Plain and simple. When it came right down to it that's what she was after. He knew it was a combination of the memories, and her trying to get more out of their relationship.

He held in a sigh. He wanted more too, and knew they really did have to sit down and have a serious talk about their promise. For now he would try to give them what they both wanted without getting too carried away.

Darien leaned over and kissed Serena as he slid his hand up her thigh, beneath her dress and beneath her thigh toward her bottom. He slipped his free arm around her back and leaned more of his weight against her as he held her to him.

His fingers teased her bottom cheek as he touched the cloth material of her panties. Their tongues slid sensually together and he felt her arms finally slide around his shoulders and comb her fingers through his hair.

Serena rolled her hips until she was practically lying on her side and pressed against Darien. She moaned in pleasure as he took advantage of her move and slipped his hand over her bottom and squeezed the cheek. She gasped into his mouth as she felt him slip his hand between her thighs and touch her through her panties.

Darien's fingertips touched the heated cloth between his loves thighs, but as long as his fingers were the action was uncomfortable. He moved his hand back to her bottom and squeezed the firm flesh.

He wanted to be more comfortable and half leaning on the couch as they were was far from comfortable. So he sat up, pulling her with him, and pulled his hand from beneath her dress and put it on the back of her neck.

Serena shifted onto her knees without breaking the kiss, using the back of the couch to steady herself, and straddled his lap, hiking her dress up slightly so it didn't hinder her movements. She wrapped her arms around his neck, resting them on the back of the couch, as she ran her fingers through his hair and held the back of his head.

Before she could scoot closer to him she felt one arm wrap around her back and his other hand slip between them and beneath her short dress and stroke her through her panties. Before long her hips were moving with his fingers and she broke the kiss and pressed her cheek against his as she moaned and panted slightly.

He pressed his fingers against her harder and she groaned and held him tighter, wanting more of his touch, to feel more of the pleasurable sensations he was creating inside her.

Darien slid the hand on her back up and unzipped her dress. Serena sat back before she stood and slipped out of the dress. It dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it and picked it up before she tossed it on a side chair, leaving her standing before him in nothing but her underwear.

She leaned over and slid her hands up his thighs and moved one hand over to rub the hard arousal concealed by his pants. He watched her, enjoying the view of her breasts caged in her bra, before he closed his eyes with a groan and leaned his head back and enjoyed her touch.

Serena stopped and stood straight and watched his eyes open slowly. She turned, keeping her eyes on his, and sat her bottom on his hardness. She wiggled to make sure she had his attention before she leaned back against him, resting her head on his shoulder, and brushed her lips against his cheek as she swirled her hips against him.

He turned his head and caught her lips in a slow kiss as his hands came up and covered her bra covered breasts. He squeezed and caressed the soft orbs as her hands covered his. After a while his hands slid down her stomach and rested on her thighs. She kissed him once more before she stood up and grabbed his hand as she turned to him. She tugged until he stood and began to lead him back to his bedroom.

She released his hand and walked in front of him and Darien couldn't help watching her. Seeing her hips sway as she walked, knowing she wasn't doing it on purpose, and her long hair trailing behind her excited him all the more.

She looked enticing in every sense of the word. He had seen her in her underwear before since they had seen each other in various states of undress as they got dressed, but this was different. She had never stood in front of him in her underwear and just let him see her, never walked around like she was.

As they entered his room he pulled his shirt off and let it drop to the floor as he watched her walk over to what had long been dubbed her side of the bed. She paused there with her back to him and reached back and unclasped her bra. He moved toward her as she pulled it off and dropped it to the floor, and watched as she climbed onto the bed.

Before she could crawl to the center he grabbed her hips, stopping her as she knelt with her back to him, and moved his hands to slide over her stomach before moving up and over her bare breasts. He stepped closer and pressed his chest against her back, and kissed up and down the side of her neck as her fingers buried themselves in his hair.

Serena's free hand came up and covered his hand on her breast and squeezed. She moaned at the sensation and moaned again as he began to rock his hips against her, pressing his hardness against her bottom.

She was so happy this was happening. Her prince was touching her and showing her affection, and all without her having to convince him to do it. He had listened to her and taken the initiative.

She had no illusions that they would be going as far as she would like since their promise was still in the way, but she was positive she would be getting the relief she so very much wanted. They still needed to talk about their promise and rearrange its perimeters, and soon, but for now she was getting what she wanted and needed and that was fine by her.

Still, at the rate they were going she was sure she was definitely going to be staying the night.

Darien gave his princess' breasts a last squeeze before he let go and stepped back from her. He gently pushed her foreword and she fell onto her hands. He watched as she wiggled her bottom enticingly and he caressed it before he watched her stretch out on her stomach before she rolled over onto her back.

He decided to get things moving along since he really wanted her and needed some kind of relief. Add to that the intense arousal he was sensing from her and he felt like he was going to burst.

Serena watched her prince reach down and unbutton and unzip his pants before he pushed them down to reveal his boxers. He freed himself of his pants, and his socks in the process, and kicked them aside before he knelt on the bed and crawled up her body.

She grabbed his face and pulled his head down until his lips met hers. As their tongues met she felt him lower his body on top of hers, and she parted her legs to make room for him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and moaned softly as he ground his hardness against her center.

She loved it. Loved the feel of his firm chest against hers, the feel of his hands sliding up and down her sides and thighs, and the feel of his weight between her thighs. The sensations his grinding hips produced made her feel so hot, so good.

She stretched her legs and rubbed them against his, sliding the bottom of her feet and toes against his legs, feeling the muscles hidden beneath his skin. She loved the strength in his legs. Loved the strength in his arms, and firmness of his chest.

Darien rolled them to the side until his Serena lay on top of him, curious about what she would do in the position. The only difference to start with was that she moved her arms to the sides of his head and began to rock her hips against his.

He moaned deeply at the feel of her heat moving against his length even with the barrier of their underwear between them. He smoothed his hands up and down her back and slid them down to cover her bottom.

He caressed and squeezed the firm yet soft flesh and felt her pull her lips away and moan as she ground her hips against his, pressing her heated center against his hard length. A groan escaped his throat and he lifted his hips, wanting to feel the friction and heat more firmly against him, wanting to feel the pressure of her pressing down on him.

Serena sat up and placed her hands on her loves chest as she rocked against him, and felt his hands move from her hips up her stomach to cover her breasts. She moaned at the feel of his long warm fingers squeezing her. She loved the feel, the feel of his strength and warmth surrounding her breasts and pressing against her flesh made her feel hot and intense arousal.

She sat up fully and covered his hands with hers, wanting to keep his hands there for the foreseeable future, as she continued to move her hips, her lips parted as she breathed quickly.

Darien freed his hands and pulled her down for a kiss before he rolled them until his girl was on her back. He indulged in her lips and the feel of her tongue against his before he kissed down her neck.

He moved down her body and latched his lips around one breast and swirled his tongue around the soft flesh and hard nipple as his hand covered her other breast. After a few moments he switched breasts to make sure they both got the equal attention of his mouth.

He then moved further down her body, kissing along her skin, and began to ease her panties off intent on taking their actions further. He knelt on the side of the bed and watched as she moved her legs back, pulling her feet from the cloth.

He dropped the panties on the floor and slid his hands up her smooth legs and shifted his hand between her thighs and stroked her. He watched as her eyes closed and she lightly grasped at the cover beneath her as she parted her legs. He licked his lips and moved his fingers along her womanhood, watching as his fingers grew moist the longer he stroked her.

Darien used his free hand to push her leg to the side, spreading her open for him to see further before repeating the action on her other leg. The sight of her reddish pink moist womanhood and the sounds of her pleasure stoked the fire burning in him, building his desire for her higher and higher.

Serena moaned in pleasure at the action. She recalled her thoughts on the action after she had experienced it through Serenity multiple times in one memory, and found it to be very right. The action increased her pleasure, and she did find it very arousing. She had experienced something similar with Darien, but not to this extent. Her legs hadn't been spread so widely before, and she knew they weren't even spread as far as she could take.

Does that mean there's more pleasure to be had if my legs were spread wider? She couldn't help wondering. She thought back on the steamy memory, and decided instantly that yes there was more pleasure to be had, and she couldn't wait for it.

She moaned as she felt him slip a finger inside her, and lifted her hips as he thrust it in and out before he withdrew it completely and stroked her womanhood. Much to her satisfaction he repeated the action twice more before he slipped his finger back inside her.

He thrust back and forth before finding that spot inside her they had discovered before. He tapped the sensitive spot, and she cried out, her hips lifting silently asking for more. He thankfully continued to hit that spot, building up her pleasure, before he suddenly stopped.

Serena opened her eyes as she licked her dry lips, and watched as he got off the bed.

Darien pushed his boxers off and stroked himself as he crawled on top of his love, and slid his length against her moist womanhood, determined to bring them pleasure without losing control and breaking their promise.

He watched himself sliding and rubbing against her, and saw as she tried to spread her legs further. He grabbed the back of one knee and held her leg as far open as it would go and listened as she moaned lustily and lifted her hip slightly.

It felt so good, moving against her so intimately. The friction and moist warmth was addicting, and he was slightly surprised to find that he liked to watch himself moving against her, whether it was his fingers or his manhood.

He supposed that was why Endymion had wanted Serenity in front of the mirror. Watching their actions was a huge turn on. It was yet another reminder of the effect the memories were having on his Princess. If he could be effected from just the viewing of one memory then she had it worse since she actually experienced them as if she was part of the memory.

Darien paused his movements then released her leg and covered her body with his, bringing his lips to hers as he began to thrust against her. He moved his hands beneath her and wrapped his fingers around her shoulders as his length slid and pressed against her, between the flower of her womanhood, as he moved his hips against her.

After a short while they rolled and Serena straddled him and spread her legs, her flowering womanhood spread around him as she slowly rubbed herself back and forth against his hard length, pleasure sparking through her as her bud of nerves rubbed against him. She pressed her hands against his chest and ground against him, coating him further in her essence as her body produced more, preparing to ease the way for his hopeful entrance.

And she wanted that entrance. The more she rubbed against him, the more her desire built, the more she wanted to feel him inside her. She wanted to know what it would feel like to feel his hard length inside her, what his moving inside her would feel like, how it would feel to experience him releasing inside her.

Serena closed her eyes as she remembered the last memory she had experienced, and had recently viewed all over again.

"You will carry my token around inside you, and will be reminded it is there when you feel it sliding down your thighs. You will be reminded that you are mine." He breathed into her ear before he captured her lips in an open mouthed kiss as he slipped his length inside her thrusting the entire way until he was fully sheathed inside her heated core.

She moaned as she recalled being inside her past self and feeling Endymion's length thrust inside her in one movement. The feel of her inner walls clinging and molding around his hardness.

Once her bare bottom was revealed he draped the fabric of her dress over his arm as he settled a hand on her hip and guided his length back inside her moist womanhood. He gripped the other side of her hip with his free hand and began to pound into her in a rapid fire of movement.

She curled her fingers against Darien's chest digging her nails into his skin slightly as she moved her hips a little faster as her breath quickened at the remembrance.

As she predicted within moments he groaned deeply, his back arching, his hips bucking rapidly as his orgasm took him over. She bit her lip to keep from crying out loudly as the feel of his essence filling her increased her arousal.

Serena whimpered lightly as she recalled the feel of his hardness moving inside her, his heated essence covering her insides, and clenched her inner walls as her arousal increased, wishing his hardness was there to feel her clenching.

She opened her eyes and took in the sight of her guy panting with his eyes closed and his hands moving along her thighs and hips.

I need more, and I'm going to get more! She thought as her tongue moistened her lips.

She continued her movements, pausing to grind against him with a lustful moan, before she continued to move her hips back and forth. She focused on her movements and the feel of his length. She felt him against her entrance again and again, and waited until she felt the tip of him move there before she pressed down harder and began to take him inside her.

Darien's breath hitched before he groaned deeply at the feel of hot tight moist pressure around him, and then his eyes snapped open and he gasped in realization.

"Serena! No!" He said as he gripped her hips to try and stop her.

Serena ignored him and continued to try and move her hips to take more of him in, but he tightened his grip.

"No." He said again. "We can't do this! It's too much; we'll break our promise!"

"I don't care! I want you; I want you right now! I want to feel you inside me, moving hard and fast until I can't remember my own name! Any of them!" Serena cried out.

"Oh Serena." Darien said in a tone of sad regret, but groaned as he felt her suddenly clench around the small bit of him that she managed to take inside her. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth at the feel of her inner walls tightening around him, and struggled to remember why he couldn't have more of that feeling.

He bucked his hips with a moan wanting to feel more of her hot snug inner walls, wanting to be surrounded by them, but then he realized what he was doing and stopped himself from moving.

"No." He said yet again, and tightened his grip on her hips before he lifted her, freeing his length and let her sit on his thighs.

Serena struggled and tried to move back toward where she wanted to be, but his hands held her fast.

"No! Please, please! I need you; I need to feel you inside me!" She said urgently, and Darien grimaced.

"Please don't beg me." He pleaded. "I hate to hear you begging me."

"I wouldn't have to if you would just give me what I want." She replied.

"I can't. We can't go there. We would break our promise, and we haven't had that discussion yet. The last thing I want is for us to regret our actions once the moment is over." Darien said.

Serena went still as she listened to his words and looked at him sadly. She didn't want to regret what they would do, she wanted to enjoy it, but if she got pregnant at this point then it would cause them all kinds of problems.

Getting pregnant now would mean she couldn't fight their enemy, leaving the girls and Darien to fight without her when they needed every fighter at this point. Then there was the strong possibility that Darien could lose his job, and that income would be gone. Beyond that, getting pregnant when she was about to move in with him was the last thing she needed. She didn't want her parents to think that was why she was moving in with him.

But I want him! I need relief only he can give me! She thought in frustration. She balled her hands into fists against his chest and closed her eyes with a frustrated sound.

"There's no need for us to stop." Darien said soothingly. "We just can't go as far as we want. I think we were doing fine before, I was definitely enjoying myself, and I see no reason we can't get back to that. Do you want to try that? Can you?"

Serena sighed heavily and shifted against him. "I want to and I can, but I can't promise to behave myself. You just have that effect on me, and we did watch that memory earlier."

"True." He said as he chuckled lightly. "I'll just have to take control from here on out. That way we should be okay for the rest of the night."

Serena nodded and looked down at his length before she stroked it with her finger. Darien's hips bucked at the sensation. Although it was slight it was friction against his hard length that increased his desire for his woman.

He reached out with his hands and pulled her face down to his to claim her lips. As their tongues moved slowly together he moved his hands and arms around her and pulled her to him so she was stretched out on top of him.

He rolled her beneath him and shifted so his length was once again pressed against her womanhood. She was still heated and wet and he immediately began to move his hips, rubbing and grinding against her to work their arousal back up to where they were. It was easy since their desire hadn't had long enough to fade, and they quickly experienced their release.

As soon as they caught their breath they went right back to seeking more pleasure, and spent a good portion of the night giving and receiving pleasure before finally going to sleep.


The beginning of the week had gone by well enough for Serena. She had spent the time dealing with her past memories, the emotions they made her feel as well as the thoughts that came along, and researching different colleges in the area.

So far, after looking through dozens of colleges, she had learned a lot about the differences between colleges and universities. Universities were usually four years while colleges were usually two years. Once a student finished the two years, if they completed all the courses with acceptable grades, they got a degree and were eligible to transfer into a university and earn a higher degree.

She had also learned the differences between the tuition, and had grimaced and winced a number of times at the prices; especially once she started figuring out the breakdown in tuition in terms of price for each year, semester, and credit.

It had caused her to begin to worry about what she would do if her parents refused to pay for her college when they learned she was moving in with Darien. She definitely needed to find a job and start saving or find some other solution.

Despite that worry she had found a few that were to her liking, and that were close to Darien's apartment and the places she normally spent time at or shopped at.

She decided she wanted to go to a school that also catered to foreign students studying abroad. It would give her the opportunity to meet people from around the world and learn about other cultures. She figured if she was to be Queen one day that was something she needed to be aware of.

Aside from that she was also considering continuing her foreign language studies. She had taken English but she didn't really like it since she wasn't good at it. She thought maybe now that she was older and better focused she might do better. If not then maybe a different language would work better for her.

Beyond that she still didn't know what exactly she wanted to study, but she had looked through the courses each college offered and saw that Darien was right. They did offer a large variety that she hadn't thought of.

She saw that the general education would keep her on her toes, but she knew she still needed a central focus. So far she was interested in the arts; paintings, sculptures, music, photography, painting, writing, computer animation, sculpting, and drawing.

Serena also wanted to go to a campus that had smaller sized classes. Her research told of classes filled with up to a hundred students or more, and she thought that was ridiculous. She could understand it was because a lot of people lived in Japan, and that didn't count those coming from abroad, but she knew she wouldn't learn as well with so many students.

Beyond that she wanted to try and make friends, and with so many people in a classroom she didn't think that would be a part of anyone's goal.

Now she just needed to narrow those schools she liked down to one, and then visit the campus just to be sure and get a feel for the area.

Aside from all that she had also spent time shopping for the perfect shoes to go along with the dress she was going to wear to the honor dinner with Darien just in case the pair she ordered didn't arrive in time. Luckily they did arrive on time and managed to be undamaged as well, which was what she really needed.

The honor dinner had been set for Wednesday and that day had finally arrived.

It was early afternoon and Serena expected Mina to arrive any minute. She had called yesterday and asked if they could meet up. Serena had agreed and knew they were finally going to have that talk Mina had been wanting to have.

So she invited Mina over that day to help her get ready for the event she was going to. At least what little help she would need. She didn't need any help at all, but since Mina needed to talk to her she would let her help with what she could while they did.

Serena was currently lying on her bed wearing a pair of light blue jeans, and a fitted red t-shirt with a white baseball on it. She wanted to be well rested for the evening. She was tired from being woken early from a memory, and she had been without Darien's aid for two nights now so she was doing the only resting she could without actually sleeping.

As she lay there she drifted in her thoughts wondering how the night would go.

I'm sure it will be fun. She thought. I'll get the chance to see Darien's colleagues, and they in turn will get to see me and know that he's not single. We'll get to dance and celebrate whatever honor he'll receive. I can't wait!

Her thoughts then drifted to Mina and her visit. She wondered what she could want to discuss so badly. It couldn't be about their enemy or she would have done so long before then. It had to be important, whatever it was, because it had been weeks and she still wanted to talk about it.

Maybe she met a guy and wants my opinion. She considered thoughtfully. She hadn't heard any mention of a guy but it was possible. She was distracted nearly all the time with her memory dream issue.

Maybe it's about me. The thought suddenly slipped into her mind. Maybe Mina's worried about me. Could she have picked up on my exhaustion and avoidance of gathering with all the girls? Serena groaned and hoped that wasn't the case. She didn't know what she would say to that.

Thankfully she was saved from further thought on the subject by the doorbell ringing. She rolled to her feet and hurried out of her room and down the stairs. Her mom came out of the kitchen, but she waved her back in.

"I got it. It's just Mina coming to help me get ready for tonight." She said, and her mom nodded and disappeared back into the kitchen.

She moved toward the door and opened it to reveal Mina. She was dressed in a pair of dark blue yoga pants and a red oversized t-shirt with a cute white cat on the chest.

"Hey. Come on in." She said as she opened the door wider.

Mina stepped forward and removed her shoes as Serena closed the door. They then made their way upstairs and into her room where she closed the door.

"Make yourself at home." Serena said as she collapsed on her bed.

"Are you okay?" Mina asked as she sat at the end of the bed.

"I'm fine. I just didn't get much sleep last night." She said with a sigh.

Mina nodded and looked away nervously. She had certainly had trouble sleeping last night herself with all the intense feelings flooding her from her princess. She had tossed and turned, feeling tired, frustrated, aroused, and concerned, and bit her lip to keep herself from making any noises that would alert Luna and Artemis.

Could that be the reason Serena's keeping Luna from going home? She wondered idly, but that would mean whatever was going on could possibly be seen. Maybe she had Darien visiting her during the night? But she knew whatever was going on with Serena Darien wasn't always present.

Mina held in a sigh and decided to get things started the way she had planned. She looked back to Serena who had her eyes closed and appeared to be sleeping.

"I'm thinking about telling my parents about me being Venus. Well, more my father than my mother." She said.

Serena opened her eyes and blinked. That option hadn't even occurred to her when she was thinking of what Mina could possibly want to talk about.

"If you do then you'll be the last of us to tell." She said as she sat up slightly. "Amy told her mom a few nights ago with me and Lita helping her."

"How did it go?" Mina asked as her eyes widened a little.

"It went well, very well. Mrs. Anderson was of course shocked and surprised, but once that passed and she heard our tale from start to finish she was accepting and asked a lot of questions." Serena replied.

"That's good. That means everyone's families have accepted our secret without a problem." Mina said, but Serena sighed and shook her head.

"My mom and brother have taken it well, but I regret telling my dad." She said. "So if you feel more comfortable only telling your father then that's what you should do. You don't want to come to regret like I do." She explained.

"What?!" Mina breathed in shock. "Why do you regret telling him?" She asked with a frown.

"He's having a hard time accepting me being a scout and being in danger. I would've been able to deal with that, but he's focusing on Darien and blaming him for anything that happens to me when there's an attack, whether it's injury or being sent to another time." Serena explained.

"He's accusing him of not doing enough to protect me, belittling his reaction to our separation, and dismissing the effects of his power as if he was incapable of wielding something that could affect the weather or the planet." She said.

"Beyond that he's been accusing me of spending more time with Darien then with my family since they learned my secret. He said it was as if I thought it was fine to do so since they know my secret now. That it was like I was choosing him over them."

"It doesn't seem to occur to him that I would be doing the same thing even if they hadn't learned my secret. I haven't been doing anything different then I normally would. It's just that now he knows that when I'm not home I'm more than likely either at Darien's place, training, or fighting our enemy." She continued.

"And on top of that he isn't making an effort to take an interest in that side of my life. My mom is always asking questions, wanting to understand and know rather than remain ignorant. And my brother asks questions when he wants to know something specific, but he isn't asking much else and I assume it's because he's asking Hotaru instead. My dad's just seeing all the bad, letting his imagination run wild, and reacting to the mix." She finished.

Mina's eyes were wide with shock and disbelief at what she had just heard.

"Is he blaming the Scouts for not protecting you well enough?" She asked in concern. She knew it grated on her that they couldn't keep her from being sent through those time portals.

"He isn't, and that's something I mentioned when I confronted him about his attitude and behavior." Serena said. "He seems to have forgotten that I have eight scouts charged with my protection, or he's ignoring that fact, and is singling out Darien."

Mina shook her head in disbelief. "Did you really confront him?" She asked, and Serena nodded.

"Yes." She answered then explained what happened that day from his ignoring their presence to accusing and insulting Darien, and finally to her telling him off and letting him know that she no longer cared what he thought and regretted telling him her secret. She even explained about his behavior before that when he tried to tell her she couldn't be a scout, that it was too dangerous.

"I can't believe it." Mina said. She had thought her father would be protective, but she hadn't thought he would react that way.

"I don't know exactly how my mom would react, but I don't think it will be the way your dad did. I'm more concerned about her not caring about it." She said. "She's materialistic and selfish. If she's concerned at all it will be about the image I bring to the family; the prestige of being a scout. She'd be thinking of fame and how she could use me to better her living situation."

"What!?" Serena said in surprised confusion, her eyes wide.

"My mom wanted a better life when she married my dad. She wanted him to have a much better job than he has." Mina explained. "She wanted him to make more money so she could buy everything she wanted, and live in a larger house and not have to do anything. I have the distinct feeling that if my mom had her way I would've been raised by nannies."

"I had no idea." Serena said softly.

"It's not something I talk about. It influence my life a lot." Mina said quietly. "I used to think the same way; wanting more money so I could buy the things I wanted and live in a better house, and then Artemis found me and I became a scout. That changed me a lot and showed me what was really important. It also helped me see my mom for what she really is. A self-centered failed gold digger."

Serena made a shocked sound and shook her head at what she was learning about Mina's mother. She must be highly greedy because Serena could clearly see that her family was doing well and wasn't struggling.

Her mother obviously wanted thousands and millions of dollars and mansions to live in. She'd only seen people like that on TV, and was fortunate not to come across anyone like that in her life so far.

"You know your mom best, so if you think it would be better for her not to know then you definitely shouldn't tell her. You can tell your dad in privacy; you can even invite him to my house or any of our friends' houses to tell him." Serena said, and Mina nodded.

"I think that will be best." She said and Serena nodded in return.

"I'll be glad to help; we all will if you want. It's up to you how you want to do it, and who you want to be there for it." She said.

"Thanks. I'd like your help. I'll have to think of exactly how I want to do it so I'll know who else I want to be there." Mina said and Serena nodded.

"Now that you've firmly decided that you're going to tell your dad you shouldn't take too long to actually do it. Just like I told the others there's always a chance that you can get hurt, and it's best he learn from you instead of through one of us because you physically can't tell him." She said and Mina nodded.

"I'll spend this evening thinking about it more." She said and then looked around. "Do you have everything ready?" She asked, not yet ready to talk about the real reason for wanting to talk. She didn't see anything dressy out in the open.

"I do. My shoes are in the box on the floor by the closet, and my cloak is hanging in the closet. I'm going to make my dress with my crystal, and my jewelry is on my vanity." Serena said. "I'm not doing my hair any differently and my makeup will be light. I'm going for a simple yet elegant look."

"You don't really need any help do you?" Mina asked.

"No, but you can help me redo my hair so it's neat, and help me with my makeup. I already showered so I'm just waiting for the right time to start getting ready." She explained.

Mina nodded and sighed. She had no reason to put off the conversation any longer and they clearly had the time.

"Well if that's the case then I think it's time to talk to you about what I've been wanting to discuss with you for weeks now." She said.

Serena's eyes widened and she sat up all the way. She had thought they had already done that. That the talk about telling her parents that she was a scout was what Mina wanted to talk about. Apparently she had been wrong. Now she was wondering all over again what was so important that after weeks she still wanted to talk even though it wasn't scout business.

"Okay. I'm all ears." She said as she nodded, and Mina nodded in return.

"I've been sensing things from you." She began but stopped and looked away before she sighed and looked back to her. "I've been sensing intense feelings of lust and passion from you for many weeks now, usually during the night."

"It started about a week before you told your family your secret. I assumed during that week that you and Darien were being intimate but I wasn't sure. Then it happened when I knew you two weren't together, and it would confuse me. It surprised me when it even happened the entire time you were unconscious and healing." Mina said with a slight shake of her head.

"The feelings began to get stronger; lust and arousal were my constant companions. Exhaustion as well. It was keeping me from sleeping right so I was always tired, and it was making me really wish I had a boyfriend." She explained with a sigh.

"I don't know why I'm sensing your feelings. I think my powers are growing since I haven't sensed anything like it before, but I'm not sure since I'm not getting anyone else's passionate feelings." She guessed.

"Beyond that I'm concerned. I don't know what's going on since it started so suddenly and doesn't appear to be stopping. That on top of your changed behavior has me worried." Mina finished.

Serena stared in wide eyed shock. This was the absolute last thing she had expected her friend to say. She thought if she said anything in that general area she would say something about her behavior and not spending as much time with the girls.

But this, this was something completely different. What was she supposed to say?! She couldn't actually tell her what was going on. It had taken Darien hunting her down and actually witnessing her in the middle of the memory dreams for her to tell him what was going on.

Maybe I can let her believe me and Darien are sleeping together like she assumed in the beginning. She considered. But then there were times when I wasn't with him and she knows that.

Then Serena looked to Mina, really looked at her, and saw all the signs she had seen on her own face before she stopped looking into mirrors. Well some of the signs. Mina was only experiencing the emotions, and not seeing what she was seeing.

She looked tired, droopy, and a bit frustrated. And she hadn't seen Mina dressed so casually outside of her home before, which meant she probably didn't have the energy to put in more effort.

Serena knew the feeling.

It was obvious from her appearance and words that Mina had been experiencing her emotions since the memory dreams started and she couldn't stop it. Serena couldn't just leave her without an explanation, and she didn't want her concerned either.

Serena stood and began to pace as she thought of telling Mina what was going on. If she did maybe she would help keep Luna away, and it would ease her mind so she wouldn't worry.

But it was embarrassing and private! She was more concerned about her privacy though. This issue was between her and Darien, and was none of Mina's business. She very much wished her powers weren't allowing her to experience her emotions.

Mina watched Serena pace around her room and wondered what she was thinking. She clearly knew what was going on with herself since she didn't seem confused or surprised. She watched her stop and sigh heavily before she turned to her and shot her a look so serious she might have been facing one of their enemies.

"It is very much none of your business, but I will tell you because you are unfortunately experiencing my emotions, and are clearly worried about me." Serena said firmly and clearly.

"I want you to swear to me right here and now on your honor as the scout and princess of Venus that you will not breathe a word to anyone or anything about what you're about to hear or I will not say a word and leave you to your frustration and concern." She continued in the same tone.

Mina breathed in a shocked breath as her eyes widened. Her princess was clearly very serious about this. She swore easily since she had no reason or desire to talk about what she had been experiencing or what she would learn. She just wanted to know what was going on before it drove her mad.

"When you began sensing my feelings it was then that I began having strange dreams. I quickly realized that they weren't dreams at all, but memories of my past." Serena explained.

"Memories." Mina repeated as Serena plopped down on her bed and nodded.

"I've been experiencing Serenity and Endymion being intimate every time I sleep or I'm unconscious for any reason, but the way I'm experiencing them is like I'm a viewer dropped into the scene. I stand off to the side watching it all and feeling everything Serenity feels, and hearing every thought that passes through her mind." She explained.

"You feel everything?" Mina asked, frowning a little in confusion.

"Everything." Serena confirmed. "Endymion will kiss Serenity and it feels like he's kissing me. I can literally feel his lips pressed against mine and feel his hands moving along my body." She clarified but didn't explain further. Mina didn't need to know that she was pulled into Serenity and it was like she was the one Endymion was with or that she ended up with marks on her body when she woke.

She went on to explain how she was locked into the memory until it finished. At first she was embarrassed to be seeing them even if it was her own memories, and she tried to leave the area. She would go out doors that were open and jump out of open windows, but always found herself back where she started as if she had never left.

"I eventually got used to it and would simply move off to the side and watch and listen." Serena said with a shrug. "I can't remember how many I've remembered so far, but they're always different and don't come in the order they had happened in. I didn't experience our first time together until weeks after the first memory I saw."

"Wow." Was all Mina could say. She hadn't thought this would be what she learned. She thought at least some of the time it had been Serena and Darien being intimate, but now she knew that it was memories that was the issue.

"Are the memories why you stopped spending time with us?" She asked.

"Yes. I was always tired." Serena said. "You have to understand, when I experience the memories I'm not getting any rest, so I wake up feeling like I haven't been to sleep at all. I can't go back to sleep to try and rest because that would only lead to another memory."

"It got to the point where I thought sleep was pointless since I wasn't getting any rest, so I stayed up as long as possible until I passed out. It effected my appetite as well and made it so I wasn't hungry, so I was eating less and less." She explained.

"Hanging out with you guys would've made you all aware that something was wrong, and I couldn't actually explain what was happening. Beyond that the memories were affecting my thoughts to the point that all I could think about was Endymion and Darien." She finished.

"Does Darien know?" Mina asked.

"He didn't at first. I didn't want to worry him, and really how was I going to explain it to him? I was avoiding him just as much as I was avoiding you guys. I knew he would immediately know something was off with me, and I was afraid of what I would do when I saw him." Serena said.

"He eventually caught up to me and demanded an explanation. When I explained he was surprised, but we eventually came up with the solution of him using his crystal to block the memories while I slept so I could get some real sleep. It's obviously a temporary solution since he can't be with me every night." She explained.

"Do you know why the memories started, and when they'll end?" Mina asked.

"I don't know why they started, or why it's only me and not both me and Darien getting them, and I have no idea when they'll stop. They can't go on indefinitely since I'll eventually run out of memories, but there seems to be no end to them." Serena said.

It also doesn't help that I don't remember how long we were together. Whether it was weeks or months. I don't think it was years. She thought. They hadn't been that lucky to have that much time before the end came.

"I'm sorry you're going through this." Mina said quietly. And she really was. She could see how some might say that it wasn't bad, but she herself was only dealing with emotions, emotions that weren't hers, and she had been long since tired of it. She couldn't imagine experiencing her past memories in that way.

"Thanks." Serena said with a strained smile. "It's not entirely bad. I get to learn things about myself and I now know we respond the same as our past selves did. I'm just glad I'm not experiencing all of my past memories that way."

"I can understand why." Mina said with a nod, which Serena returned.

"I'm sorry you're stuck feeling my emotions. I wish you didn't have to go through that." She said.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. You can't help it." Mina said. "I suspect my powers are growing, and I think I might be sensing and feeling your emotions because we have a strong connection. It's probably only a matter of time before I can sense and feel everyone around me."

"If that's the case then you should invest some time in meditating and trying to put up some kind of mental barrier now instead of when you have a flood of emotions to deal with." Serena said. "And if that's not possible then at least try to meditate and get a feel for how to control it. It's your power after all. Even if you can't turn it off you can control it and not let it control you."

"Good idea. I'll try it the first chance I get." Mina said.

The two lapsed into silence for a while, lost in their thoughts about the conversations they had just had, before one of them spoke up.

"So, when are you going to start getting ready?" Mina asked.

"I still have a couple of hours before I need to start, so we can find something to entertain ourselves with before doing my hair and makeup." Serena replied.

Mina nodded and tried to think of something they could do, but then it occurred to her that she could start meditating and trying to figure out how to deal with her power now.

But no. That would require Serena to feel those passionate emotions she had been feeling all these weeks, which would make Darien sense them and probably make him think she's asleep. Neither one of them needs that stress tonight. She thought. Besides that, Serena has to deal with these emotions enough without deliberately trying to feel them to help me. She thought as she tried to think of something else.

"Are you excited for tonight?" She eventually asked and watched her friend and princess smile softly.

"I am. I'm so very proud of Darien, and I'm glad he's being given such an honor. He's so hard working and generous, and he's actually going to be publicly recognized for it." Serena said. "I'm just glad it's happening now instead of later, because it's more than possible that his job will be at stake with having to fight our enemy."

Mina made a sympathetic sound and nodded. She knew that was true and was glad they didn't have to worry about school anymore or at least not right then. And she thought Darien was lucky to not have his position at the hospital already impacted.

"I'm nervous too." Serena admitted. "I'll be meeting his colleagues and possibly his bosses. I met two of his colleagues before when I had met him at the hospital for a visit, and they were surprised to see me. I knew they were surprised that I was real. They hadn't believed Darien when he told them about me, so I think I'll see a lot of those reactions tonight."

"That's part of why I'm making my dress. I want to look my best. I've been thinking about what my dress would look like almost since the day he told me about the honor dinner, but it wasn't until a few days later that I realized I'd be meeting all the people he worked with." She explained before she closed her eyes.

"I want them to see me and know that Darien wasn't lying and pretending to have someone. I want them to know that his life isn't all about work. That while he's very good at what he does he has someone outside the hospital who loves him and holds his attention." She added.

"Well we can tinker with your makeup to get it just the way you want it. How good do you want it to look?" Mina asked.

"I want it to look fit for a Queen." Serena said as she opened her eyes, her cerulean orbs slightly flashing white with her power.

For the next couple of hours the two worked on Serena's makeup until they found just the right look for what she wanted. Then Mina redid her hair, releasing it from her usual style and brushing it out before putting it back up in her customary buns.

"I should go." Mina said when it got close to the time for Serena to start getting ready.

Serena nodded and they left her room and walked down stairs and to the door.

"Good luck, and have a good night." Mina said as she stepped out the front door.

"Thanks. Don't forget to try meditating!" Serena reminded her.

"I won't." She replied before she began to head home.

Serena closed the door and headed back upstairs and returned to her room, and got her shoes from the box they had been secured in. They were clear high heel glass slippers, and she had already used her silver crystal to make sure they wouldn't crack or break. She then removed her cloak from her closet. It was a snow white floor length hooded velvet cloak; something she was excited to wear.

She took both items downstairs and placed them in her mother's care in the living room and returned to her room. She took out the jewelry she was going to wear, and began to do her makeup in the look Mina had helped her find.

She then removed her clothes and stood in nothing but her panties, and summoned her crystal and began to construct her dress.


Darien pulled his car up outside his princess' family home and parked before cutting the engine off. He got out and pocketed his keys before he buttoned and straightened his tuxedo jacket.

He then walked confidently up to the front door and rang the doorbell. After a few moments the door opened and he was unfortunately greeted by his loves father. The man stared at him as if he wanted to know why he was there.

Darien lifted an eyebrow, silently questioning if the man was going to let him in, and received a dirty look before he opened the door wider and walked away without a word. He narrowed his eyes at Mr. Tsukino's rudeness, and stepped inside before he quietly closed the door behind him.

"Hello Darien." Mrs. Tsukino said kindly as she walked out of the living room. "I'll let Serena know you're here."

"Thank you." He said with a nod, and waited in the hallway as she moved up the stairs. A few moments later he spotted her as she came back down.

"She'll be right down." Mrs. Tsukino said.

"Thank you." He said before she walked into the living room.

Darien leaned against the wall near the stairs but out of view of the living room, uninterested in allowing Mr. Tsukino to stare at him or see any reaction he had. He wanted to enjoy every moment of this evening without the man's attitude clouding it.

He closed his eyes and focused on the link between him and his princess. She was tired, excited, a little anxious, but mostly calm. He was curious and a bit anxious himself; anxious to see her, but he was mostly feeling calm as well.

He couldn't wait to see her. She had refused to even tell him what she was going to wear, but he knew she would be beautiful no matter what she wore.

Just as he finished the thought he sensed her moving closer to him and he opened his eyes as he looked up toward the top of the stairs, and his eyes widened and his lips parted slightly in surprised awe.

Serena looked away from her bedroom door after she answered her mother. Her prince was here, which meant it was time.

She put her crystal away and smoothed her hands over her dress. She moved over to her mirror and smiled in satisfaction; pleased with how her dress turned out. She calmly put on her earrings and necklace, and stared in the mirror at herself.

She focused briefly and watched as her royal insignia appeared and glowed softly on her forehead, and soft thick wings appeared in the mirror over her shoulders. She stretched them out and folded them against her back before she turned and walked toward her door.

She stepped out of her room and closed the door quietly before she moved down the hallway and stood at the top of the stairs. She looked down and her eyes immediately landed on her prince.

He wore a black tuxedo similar to the one he wore when fighting as Tuxedo Mask in terms of color. A full black two button blazer tuxedo jacket, crisp white shirt, black slacks, a black bow tie, and black shiny shoes. Her eyes shifted back up and she saw that his hair was neat, but still had that slightly messy effect that she loved.

Suddenly she sensed his surprise and awe and saw it clearly on his face a moment later. She smiled softly, feeling her cheeks flush, pleased that her appearance had the effect she had hoped for; at least when it came to him. And his reaction was the most important.

Darien blinked but couldn't stop staring, didn't want to stop staring, as he took in the sight of the woman he loved.

She stood in an exquisite strapless dress that looked like a modern cross between the gown she wore as a princess and the one they had seen she would wear as queen. Floor length white silk stretched down her body draped to enhance her curves. The bodice was decorated in tiny silver and gold crystals that trailed slightly down her chest and stomach like water droplets.

Her long hair was up in its usual style, the thick golden streams standing out against the white silk and somehow emphasizing the golden crystals decorating her chest, gold earrings dangled from her ears, and a delicate gold necklace with a small crescent moon pendant graced her neck, the pendant resting against her skin just above her bosom.

A softly glowing golden crescent moon stood out on her forehead drawing his eyes, and beautiful white feathery wings stood slightly extended from her back looking like she would take flight at any moment.

Darien sighed lightly as she began to move down the stairs, her figure gliding elegantly, her hips swaying ever so slightly. She stepped off the last stair onto the floor and he stepped forward, ignoring the sudden audience of her parents as he heard them both gasp, and raked his eyes over her face. A very light blush painted her cheeks and her lips shone a glossy pink.

"My Serenity. You look stunning." He said. She only needs a crown and my Queen would be standing before me.

The pink on Serena's cheeks deepened to red and she dropped her eyes.

"Thank you." She said softly before she lifted her hands to smooth her palms over his chest. She briefly stroked the handkerchief in his breast pocket, and looked back up to his eyes.

"My dear Endymion. You look devastatingly handsome." She said with a pleased sigh.

Darien gently stroked her soft wings, his eyes easily picking up on her shiver in reaction.

"Does that mean I meet your approval?" He asked.

"Of course." Serena replied instantly. "It is a good thing I am accompanying you this night or some woman would try to steal you away from me."

"They would probably try, but they would never succeed. My heart belongs to only one woman." He said securely.

Behind them their disregarded audience was watching and having different reactions.

Mrs. Tsukino sighed silently at the romantic scene taking place, and Mr. Tsukino frowned unhappily at the sight. It was obvious that the couple was acting differently; they were acting royal. It was in the way they moved, the way they looked at each other, and the tone of their voices.

It was also obvious that they weren't doing it on purpose. It was completely natural, and something they didn't appear to be aware of.

Mrs. Tsukino's eyes were taking in everything, from the couple's appearance to their quiet interaction, adding it all to the information she was gathering of her daughter's secret life.

Serena had told her about the honor dinner and she had informed her husband, but her daughter had refused to tell her or show her what she was going to wear. Seeing it now showed her just how beautiful and grown her daughter was, and emphasized her royal heritage.

The dress she wore as a princess was beautiful but youthful. This dress showed what she imagined her daughter would look like as a queen. Even those stunning wings added to the effect. She couldn't believe her daughter could give herself wings.

Are they separate from the ones she wears as a scout or are they connected? She wondered curiously.

Then there was Darien. He had looked royal from the moment she saw him standing in the hallway. She couldn't explain why. She didn't think it was the tuxedo, although he looked very handsome in it, and he hadn't said much so that couldn't have been it.

She gazed at the couple as she tried to determine what it was, and finally thought it was likely from the way he held himself and the look in his eyes. Confidence, self-assurance, composure. All three words fit him well.

She glanced to her daughter, and decided that they fit her as well.

They make such a lovely pair. I so enjoy seeing this side of them. She thought happily.

Mr. Tsukino could easily admit that his daughter was beautiful. The dress brought out all her best features and made him realize just how much she had grown over the years.

The crescent moon on her forehead and the wings protruding from her back added to her beauty but also reinforced the fact that his little girl was different. She was the reincarnation of royalty from a time where there was life on the Moon.

It wasn't just the soul of the Moon princess that she carried that made her a reincarnation; it was the soul, memories, and apparently the DNA. That meant she was more than a reincarnation. She actually was the princess reborn; the only difference was her experiences from life after she was reborn.

He believed it. There was no way he couldn't believe with all the evidence before him. It didn't help that the young man she was engaged to was also more than a reincarnation. At least he assumed he was since he didn't talk to the man. He was reborn royalty of the Earth, and they had had a relationship in the past.

That man was why he was unhappy with what he was seeing. His daughter was focused on him so singularly that it reinforced his feeling that she was choosing him over her family. She was spending so much time with him. Too much time.

It seemed to him she was spending more and more time with him since she had revealed her secret to them. It was as if she thought it was okay to ditch her family for a guy. He had taught her better than that, but he just couldn't seem to get her to see that.

Serena's eyes softened at her loves words. She knew realistically that there were likely to be women there who would be attracted to him and try to make a move on him the moment they parted, but she didn't worry because she knew her man and knew that, just as he had said, his heart belonged to her alone.

She slid her hands up over his shoulders to the back of his neck and pulled him down as she lifted up on her toes and brought her lips to his. It was a chaste kiss that quickly and purposefully turned sensual as feelings of love and appreciation flowed both ways through their link.

Not even the audience of the elder Tsukino's stopped them from expressing their love. They had nothing to be ashamed of, and it would only reinforce the seriousness of their relationship.

They broke their kiss and Serena allowed her royal insignia and wings to disappear.

"Come my love. I only need my shoes and cloak, and I will be ready to leave." She said, and he nodded regally.

"I hate to see your wings go." Darien said as they loosened their hold on each other.

"I will bring them back out after the dinner." She said as she caressed his face.

"I look forward to it." He said as his eyes flashed gold in anticipation.

She smiled and they turned toward her parents.

"Where are my things?" Serena asked her mother, and the older woman gestured toward a side chair in the living room.

Darien guided her forward into the room, his hand resting on the small of her back, and held her steady as she stepped into her shoes. He blinked down at them and sucked in a quiet surprised breath as he realized they were clear glass high heel slippers.

Serena sensed his surprise and lifted the hem of her dress a bit higher and stretched her leg.

"Do you like them?" She asked.

He bent over slightly and lightly touched her ankle as he gazed at the shoes. They were very nice and for some reason turned him on. Maybe it was the fact that they were glass and allowed him to see her delicate feet framed so beautifully or perhaps it was how they made her legs look. Whatever it was it had ignited his libido and set heat flowing through his body.

Serena watched his movements curiously and sensed as his surprise faded into arousal. She smiled at the unexpected reaction and lowered her leg and released her dress as he straightened.

She looked up at him and watched him blink slowly at her. He didn't say a word, but he didn't have to. His hooded eyes and the arousal she sensed spoke for themselves.

Darien moved behind her and grabbed the cloak that was draped over the back of the chair and gently placed it on her shoulders and moved in front of her and secured it at her neck. He straightened and arranged it so it completely hid her arms and her dress.

"Are you ready?" He asked as he lifted his eyes to her face.

Serena nodded, having everything she needed. She carried no purse, but her cell phone and keys were in her subspace pocket; safe, secure, and ready when she needed them.

They moved toward the door, Darien's hand once again on the small of Serena's back as he guided her.

"Goodnight." Serena said to her mother, ignoring her father.

"Goodnight." Darien added as he stood just behind his woman.

"Have a good night, and congratulations Darien." Mrs. Tsukino said.

"Thank you." He replied before they turned and left the house.

The couple walked to his car in the warm night air, and Darien unlocked and opened the door for Serena. Once she was inside he closed the door and walked around to the driver's side. He unbuttoned his blazer as he opened the door, and slipped inside and closed the door.

They silently put their seatbelts on and he started the car and pulled away from the curb and into the street. They drove in silence for a while, Darien's arousal cooling, before Serena spoke.

"Are you nervous?" She asked even though she sensed no such thing.

"No." Darien answered calmly. "I don't know exactly what to expect, but I think it will be fine. I'm mostly curious. I can't wait to see how my colleagues react to meeting you, and I wonder what they'll think of you. I'm positive they'll like you."

"I'm looking forward to meeting the people you work with. I hope they like me." Serena said.

Darien smiled at her gently before he returned his gaze to the road.

The rest of the ride was spent in comfortable silence and before long they were pulling up in front of a fancy well-lit hotel. There were two other cars in front of them that were going through a valet service, so the guests obviously wouldn't have to worry about looking for parking.

Once it was their turn they unbuckled their seatbelts and Darien cut the engine and got out and buttoned his blazer. He handed his keys to the valet and received a ticket, which he pocketed, before he opened the door for Serena.

She stepped out and grasped his offered hand and stood up. He closed the door and guided her toward the building. They entered as the doorman held the door open for them and they stepped onto gray and brown marble flooring.

Darien guided her through the hotel lobby and toward a set of double doors leading to a large hallway. They walked down the hall and came to a corner. When they turned it there was an open door on the left with a woman standing there with a sign for coat checks.

He helped Serena out of her cloak, undoing the clasp at her neck and slipping it off her shoulders. As he moved toward the woman, incidentally revealing Serena, she gasped.

"You look beautiful. I love your dress." The woman said.

"Thank you." Serena said.

The woman took the cloak and gave him a ticket in return, so they could identify which was hers, not that they wouldn't be able to tell, as well as prove that it was hers.

The couple continued down the hall and in the center on the right was another set of open double doors. They could hear instrumental music playing and when they entered they saw that it was a large ballroom.

The room was painted white, lit with numerous chandeliers and had dark blue, brown, and cream carpeting. In the center of the room was a dance floor made of large light gray marble tiles, and spaced around the dance floor were numerous round tables that could seat six people.

The tables were covered in long white table clothes, white and yellow flower center pieces sat on top, and white plates and napkins were placed in front of each chair. The chairs had round backs and were covered in cream slipcovers that draped around the legs.

At the back center of the room was a stage with a DJ off to the side and a microphone standing tall in the center. They could see people dressed formally walking around, standing, sitting, talking, and dancing. A few nicely dressed men walking around taking pictures.

Serena and Darien walked further into the room and people immediately began to notice them. Their presence commanded attention as they moved gracefully over the carpeted floor unconsciously moving like the royals they were.

Serena's elegant dress and long hair drew everyone's eye, and had everyone surprised and awed at how beautiful she was. And everyone couldn't help seeing how well the couple looked together. They easily complemented each other with their light and dark looks.

One couple eventually broke away from a group that appeared to have been talking and it seemed to make everyone look away and start chattering, and yet it didn't stop them from glancing over at the couple.

The woman wore a red floor length strap dress with a modest V-neck line, and the man wore a black tux with a red handkerchief that complimented the woman's dress.

Serena recognize the female of the couple as Kelly, the doctor she had met outside the hospital when she met Darien for a morning kiss, and guessed that the man at her side was her date.

"Hello." Darien greeted Kelly. "You remember my fiancée Serena."

"I do." She answered. "It's good to see you again. This is my husband Daniel." She said as she gestured slightly to the man next to her, and they all greeted each other.

"I absolutely love your dress and your hair style, both are so unique." Kelly said to Serena.

"Thank you. Your dress is so vibrant and looks very nice on you." Serena complemented in return.

"Do you know where we're seated?" Darien asked.

"Yes, and we're actually sitting at the same table." Kelly said as she pointed out one of the table's right next to the dance floor, and he nodded slightly.

"If you'll excuse us. I want to introduce Serena around." He said. The married couple nodded and they all said they would see each other later before the engaged couple walked off.

Serena was then introduced to many people as they moved about the room; all of them were doctors, nurses, and paramedics. Pediatricians, surgeons, psychologists, and therapists.

Soon Serena felt like the names were running together. She was calm and doing well meeting and greeting people, she had never had a problem doing that, but there were so many names that she feared she wouldn't be able to remember them all long enough to get through the evening.

Danny, Susan, Victor, Andre, Madison, Jake, Kristen, Robert, Shanon, Edward, Jason, Samuel, Harry, Jessie, Corey, Landon, Lamier, Lance, Brandon, Vicky. So many names and those were only the ones they had gotten too.

Beyond her concern about the many names Serena had her earlier suspicions proven correct. Everyone Darien introduced her to was surprised that she actually existed; that she wasn't just a name he made up to make everyone think he really had a fiancée.

They asked her all kinds of questions. How old she was, how she got her hair so long, what did she do for a living, how long had she and Darien been together, where did she get her dress, and on and on.

She calmly answered as honestly as she could, only omitting details when she couldn't tell the truth rather than lie outright. It was easy enough and she didn't have a problem with the questions. She even admitted that she enjoyed the way Darien smiled proudly at her as she spoke to his coworkers.

She was pleased that he kept physical contact with her the entire time. Either their arms were linked or he had his hand on her back, sometimes still, sometimes rubbing gently.

"Would you like to dance?" Darien asked once he had introduced her to everyone he wanted her to meet.

"Yes." Serena agreed readily, and he excused them from the trio they had been talking to and escorted her to the dance floor.

Once near the middle of the smooth marble floor hands clasped and rested comfortably on each other's body Darien began to lead Serena around the dance floor, expertly moving around other couples as they danced in silence.

The scene and action was very familiar to the royal couple despite having only danced with each other once in their current life time, and only during a time where they had only known each other as Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon.

The familiarity came from their past in the Silver Millennium. They had attended many balls together, both normal and masquerade balls, and been very good dancers so they had no problem making their way around couples while barely gazing away from each other's face.

"Can I have the next dance?" Victor, one of Darien's coworkers, asked once the song ended.

Darien raised an eyebrow in silent question as he gazed down at her, wanting to know if she was interested. Serena smiled softly, knowing that he would never just step aside just because someone came along and wanted to dance, or worse, cut in in the middle of their dance. They were no longer in the past where their status as royalty required them to accept the offer.

Serena nodded to Darien before she turned to Victor. "I would like that." She answered, and Darien told her where she could find him when she finished and moved away.

Serena then allowed Victor to begin leading her through a dance, asking him about how Darien was when he was at the hospital to make conversation.

They had an enjoyable conversation through the dance and when it was over there was another one of Darien's coworkers wanting to dance with her. She had no problem with that so she agreed easily.

She danced for nearly half an hour, moving around the dance floor with one partner and switching to the next when a song ended, talking and becoming better acquainted.

The song drifted to a close and just as her current partner was about to escort her back to her fiancé yet another man approached. This one was one she hadn't been introduced to, but she considered that he could have been a new arrival so she didn't worry.

"Hello. I'm Issac. I heard about you when I arrived, and I just had to come introduce myself." He said.

"I'm Serena. It's nice to meet you." She said kindly.

"Can I have the next dance?" Issac asked.

"Sure." She agreed before she turned to her last partner. "Thank you for a wonderful dance, and for remaining with me during our introduction."

"It was no problem. I hope you enjoy yourself." The man said with a smile before he moved away and off the dance floor.

Serena then began to move around the dance floor with Issac. He wasn't a very good dancer, his movements were a bit jerky as if he had to think about where he was going, but he wasn't bad enough to embarrass them.

"So I heard you're Shields' fiancée." Issac said suddenly.

Serena blinked and held back a frown. None of Darien's coworkers had addressed him by his last name, and she didn't like that this one did. She acknowledged the red flag for what it was, but continued to dance with the man as she sensed no danger.

"Yes. I am Darien's fiancée. Are you one of his coworkers?" She asked. She figured it was more than possible for them not to be coworkers since there were a lot of people there, and her prince had only introduced her to a select few. The few was a lot but there were still many more people there then he had introduced her to.

"Yes. We're coworkers, but we don't work close together." He answered. "In fact, we don't really get along very much." He added with a slight laugh. "I honestly just wanted to meet you for myself to see if what I heard was true; that Shields had actually brought the fiancée he had often spoke about, but who no one had ever met let alone seen before."

Serena nodded regally. "Well, here I am. I really do exist regardless of no one having seen or met me prior to this night." She said. She didn't feel the need to mention the doctor and nurse she had met.

The two danced in silence for a few minutes, Serena gazing over his shoulder and staring at the other dancers so as to not have to look at his face, before he suddenly spoke.

"You know, I don't think you're actually Shields' fiancée. I don't believe you at all. I think Shields just made up the idea of being engaged to make himself look better to the higher ups in the hospital." Issac said, and Serena frowned ever so slightly.

"How can you think such a thing when I'm right here dancing with you?" She asked.

"I honestly think you're an escort." He said, and Serena gasped in shocked outrage.

"Shields obviously paid you handsomely, and in advance judging by your attire, to act the part and look pretty on his arm." He continued as his eyes raked over her. "Possibly to do more than just look pretty." He added with a leer, the hand on her back sliding lower.

Serena stopped moving, pulled her hands from him as she stepped back, and slapped him across the face. Even in her upset she was careful to moderate the force behind the blow so as to not break his neck. She turned and weaved through the dancing pairs on the marble dance floor before she ran from the ballroom.

She entered the hallway and saw the woman who checked in her cloak and turned and ran in the opposite direction. She turned the corner and saw a set of stairs. She ran up them and pushed open the closest door and made her way into an empty room that looked to be holding chairs out of the way.

She moved deeper into the dark room and sat on one. She knew what the man said wasn't true, but his words still hurt.

There were two things in life she was insecure about. Not being good enough to be royal, and not being good enough for Darien. The latter had eased up over the years, but sometimes something would come to her mind or someone would say something and bring those feelings rushing forward.

Darien laughed as he listened to his colleague's conversation, but blinked as shocked outrage flooded his link with his princess. He immediately turned his head to look for her. He had been monitoring her through their link ever since they had parted, and had searched her out with his eyes to find her dancing every few minutes, and she had been fine and enjoying herself.

Now something had happened and his princess was highly upset. His eyes flickered around the dance floor and he saw her move away from a man he worked with but who he didn't particularly like.

"Excuse me." He said quickly and moved after her, weaving through people milling around and talking, keeping his eyes on her, and watched as she ran from the room.

His mood instantly darkened. His princess should never be forced to run from a room unless it had something to do with their enemy, and he knew the current situation, whatever it was, was far from it.

He finally reached the hallway and looked both ways. He turned away from the woman at the end of the hall, and ran in the only other direction there was. He came up on a set of stairs and climbed them two at a time until he reached the top.

The first door in the hall was open so he looked in and easily spotted his princess in her white dress despite the darkness. He walked toward her, sensing her anger and hurt, and not liking it one bit.

"My Serenity." He said as he knelt down in front of her, and covered her clasped hands with his. "What happened?" He asked quietly, and listened, wiping away the few tears that escaped her eyes, as she explained what happened with his coworker Issac.

"I know what he said was all lies, but it still hurt to hear it." Serena said.

"Why? Since you knew he was lying why did it effect you so much?" Darien asked.

"Because it's something I'm insecure about. I've gotten better with it as time passes, but sometimes it still sneaks up on me." She confessed, and Darien frowned, not understanding; confusion flowing down their link toward her.

"We got together when I was fourteen. You were four years older than me, and I was afraid I was too young for you. That you would think I was immature and childish, and just a brainless little girl trailing after you." Serena explained.

Darien made an understanding yet unhappy sound. He was understandably angry with his idiot coworker, especially since he had brought out this old fear in his princess, but he pushed it aside to comfort her.

"Ignore what he said to you. He's just a jealous coworker; even after all my time at the hospital I still don't know why exactly the man is jealous of me. Anyway, what he says doesn't matter." He said then sighed heavily.

He had suspected from her behavior that she had felt that way when they first got together and for quite a while after, but he thought it had faded away as the years passed. And she had never put it into words before.

"I never saw you as immature or childish or brainless. I always saw a happy, cheerful, fun girl. A beautiful girl who wasn't afraid to speak her mind, befriend the lonely and outcast, and who wasn't afraid to eat." Darien said honestly.

"I thought those things even before we got together when our only interaction was teasing and arguments. And of course once our secrets came out I added to that list. I added that you were strong, brave, caring, smart, and elegant. The only thing time has changed is to refine and enhance those qualities about you." He continued.

"You are my Serena, my Serenity, my fiancée, my princess, my future queen, and I love you. I love everything about you. Don't let the words of others or your fear cloud that. We are together. I am yours, have always been yours, and will continue to be yours for eternity." He said emphatically.

Serena smiled a smile full of love and gratefulness for the man in front of her. He was right. They were together and belonged to each other. She would remember that every time her fear tried to come out.

She nodded, too full of emotion to say anything, but knowing he could feel what she couldn't express in words.

"Good." Darien said as he nodded in return. "Stay with me the rest of the night. We'll dance and pretend that we're back in the Silver Millennium dancing at one of those balls that we only enjoyed because we knew we would get to see each other."

Serena nodded. "I would love that." She said.

Darien grinned and stood up and pulled her up with him. He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her, showing her just how much he loved her. She sighed as he pulled back and without another word he linked her arm with his and began to guide her from the dark room.

They returned to the ballroom and he guided her to the dance floor, ignoring the people watching them, his focus on his love. He brought her close and began to guide her gracefully in a dance around couples to the music.

Darien's eyes moved over her face and he was happy to see that there was no trace of her earlier distress. Even the feelings flowing through their link were soft and mellow instead of the earlier chaotic turbulence.

They were in the middle of their second dance when the music cut and it was announced that dinner would be served soon and to begin taking their seats. The music came back on and Serena and Darien began to move toward their table along with the rest of the dancers.

He pulled out her chair, having covertly looked around and made sure her back would be to Issac so she wouldn't have to see him as she dined, and pushed it in as she sat like the gentleman he was.

He took his seat at her side and they began to make easy conversation with Kelly and her husband Daniel who were already seated at the table. The last two seats at their table were filled when another coworker and their date arrived. They included them in the conversation since it would be rude to leave them out.

Not long after that the food arrived and they began to eat as they talked. They told Serena different stories of Darien interacting with patients, and about times where things were slow and they had decided to try and cheer up the patients who were having a particularly difficult time.

Serena laughed and smiled and enjoyed hearing it all. It let her know that even though her love worked so hard during his shifts he still took time to enjoy himself and bring joy to the people he helped.

She told them how she decided to continue her education but didn't know what exactly she wanted to study. She hoped that once she was there on campus and taking classes that she would have a better idea or at least get some idea. She also informed them that she was looking for a part time job, deciding she would work and go to school at the same time.

They all started giving suggestions on different jobs and describing ones they had heard of, some in the hospital. She decided quickly that she didn't want to work at the same hospital if she did take a part time job in that field. She didn't want to be a distraction for Darien, and didn't want there to be any bias because of their relationship.

As they continued to talk and finish off their dinner people began to return to the dance floor as they finished eating and began moving to the slow rhythmic music.

They continued to talk seriously about colleges, universities, and jobs until the music slowly tapered off.

"Everyone please take your seats. The award presentation will begin in a few minutes." A female voice suddenly sounded.

Once everyone was seated and all eyes were on the stage the woman that spoke earlier began to give a short speech on why they were there.

"Thank you all for attending this evening." She began. "We are all here to celebrate and honor a select few of our employees for their excellent and outstanding work performance and contributions to the hospital. Please show your appreciation for those being honored."

Everyone clapped and soon she began to call names. When the person came forward they were presented with a clear award in the shape of a pyramid mounted on a small black square of something.

Serena clapped politely for everyone and then her prince's name was called. She smiled and clapped harder. He looked to her with a smile and she kissed him.

"Go on." She told him.

Darien walked up and accepted the award and bowed his head modestly yet regally in acceptance of the clapping praise of the gathering. He looked out over the audience and immediately looked toward his Serenity. She was smiling brightly, her eyes trained on him, and he grinned as she blew him a kiss.

It's just like my Serena to sit there looking elegant and regal, only to break form by blowing me a kiss. He thought.

He chuckled and looked back to the woman, who worked in the administration, and shook her hand thankfully before he returned to his table and sat next to his love. He kissed her and handed her the award.

Serena held the somewhat heavy award and got a closer look at it. It was a clear 3D square based pyramid made out of some type of glass mounted on a small square of black and gray marble.

On the pyramid, centered in black cursive lettering, it read:

presented to Dr. Darien Shields,
one so young and talented,
in honor of his dedicated work ethic and generous donations to the medical field.

She smiled as she read the inscription, so very proud of her prince and pleased that he was being honored. As she placed the award on the table between them she wondered where he would place it.

Probably his bedroom or more likely in the living room where guests can see it. She thought.

They watched and clapped as a few more people were called up and honored with an award before the woman presenting the awards spoke to the gathering.

"Thank you all for coming. I hope everyone enjoyed the evening. I wish you all a goodnight." She said.

Darien helped Serena up from her seat, grabbed his award and led her around, having a little conversation with his colleagues and saying their goodbyes and pleasure to meet yous, then he lead her from the ballroom.

They stopped at the coat check and presented their ticket for her cloak. She held the award as he placed the cloak over her shoulders and secured it, then took her arm since she said she was fine holding his award, and led her through the halls of the hotel and outside.

They waited in line, in companionable silence, for their turn with the valet, and presented his ticket to the valet. A few minutes later his car pulled up and he stepped forward and opened the passenger door for his princess. Once she was secure he closed the door and walked around to the driver's door and got in. Once he had his seatbelt on he drove off into the night.

"Where do you want to go?" Darien asked after a few minutes.

"Back to your place." Serena said immediately, and he smiled.

"Our place." He corrected, and she laughed lightly.

"Our place." She repeated then sighed. "I had a good time, despite the incident with your jealous coworker, and I'm glad that you brought me."

"I wouldn't have brought anyone else. I wanted them to meet you and know that I'm happily taken." He said.

"I did enjoy meeting everyone and I think they were all nice for the most part. I definitely enjoyed the dancing as it reminded me of the past." Serena said.

"Me too." Darien agreed. "Maybe we should go dancing more often. I haven't heard of that kind of dancing outside of private dinner balls, but we might be able to find something."

"If nothing else we can take ballroom dancing lessons, and get the experience that way. We can even learn some new dances while we're at it." She said.

"That sounds like fun." He said thoughtfully as he turned a corner.

They spent the rest of the drive trying to figure out where and when they could take up the activity.


When they arrived at the apartment they slipped out of their shoes, Darien placed his award on the kitchen table, and they both walked back to his bedroom and turned on the lights. He took Serena's cloak off and went to hang it up, and she began to take off her earrings.

Darien walked out of the closet without his jacket, undoing his bow tie, in time to see her removing her necklace. He could clearly see that her dress had no way for her to get out of it, and he knew she was just going to return it to the crystal it had come from. He didn't want that. He liked the dress; he wanted her to keep it, wear it again, pull it out and look at it and remember this night.

He walked up to her as he undid the top buttons of his shirt and wrapped his arms around her.

"I want you to keep this dress." He told her quietly. "You look stunning in it and I want to see you in it again, and I want it around to remind us of this night."

"Very well." Serena said before she tapped into her silver crystal, and created a zipper on the back of her dress.

Darien noticed the soft glow and he stepped back slightly and moved a hand to rest on her hip and the other around to unzip her dress. He slid down her body and knelt down with it, and let her use his shoulder for stability as she stepped out of it.

He stood up, lifting the dress and draped it over his arm as he turned and moved toward the closet. He didn't even look at his princess, not wanting to be distracted before he could hang up her dress properly.

Serena looked over her shoulder to see Darien disappear into his closet and turned back and closed her eyes. She focused and brought out her wings since she had told him she would do just that. She also allowed the crescent moon on her forehead to become visible, knowing he would like it.

Once Darien was happy with how he had hung the gown, satisfied it wouldn't wrinkle, he walked out of the closet and gasped quietly as he stopped short at the sight before him.

His love stood with her back to him, her white wings out and slightly folded, wearing only a pair of white panties that looked like they were some kind of spandex mixed with lace. She looked angelic and sexy all at the same time, and he moved toward her like a moth to flame.

Serena turned slightly as she heard her prince gasp and looked over her shoulder. He stepped up to her side and instantly brushed her soft wings, noting the shiver that raced down her body with a brief golden gaze, before he stepped closer and wrapped his arms around her, slipping under her wings, and enclosed her arms.

"You're beautiful, simply beautiful, and incredibly sexy." Darien told her quietly.

She hummed with a soft smile and turned in his arms and began to undo the rest of the buttons on his shirt.

"This needs to come off." Serena said as she lightly tapped the open half's of his shirt. "You need to get yourself comfortable so you can get to bed and be well rested in the morning."

He kissed her, expressing his feelings with the action, before he stepped away and pulled off his loose bow tie and then his shirt and put them away. As he loosened his pants he watched his princess sit on the side of the bed, adjusting her wings so she was comfortable, and watch him.

Darien stepped into his closet and hung up his pants with his tuxedo jacket and pulled off his socks before he returned to his princess. He saw that she had let her hair down and pulled the covers back so they were ready for them to get in. He turned off the lights and stepped toward her.

He moved in front of her and gazed at her, taking in her bare chest and the wings that seemed to glow slightly in the dark of the room, and smoothed his fingers over her feathers. They were so soft and smooth and warm. He wanted to see them flapping and lifting her off the ground, but that would have to wait for another time.

His eyes dropped to her chest and he wanted to touch her breasts, but he didn't want to start something he couldn't finish.

"Thank you for bringing your wings back out." He said as he lifted his eyes to her face. "If I didn't have to get some sleep I'd spend hours touching them."

"I can bring them out anytime you like." She said with a smile, and he kissed the golden crescent moon on her forehead

"I'll keep that in mind, but for now you should put them away so you can join me in bed." He said.

Serena nodded and allowed her wings and her royal insignia to disappear while he checked his clock to make sure the alarm was on. They both then crawled under the covers, shifting until they were on their preferred sides, and curled up together under the covers.

They both sighed contently as they settled into the soft mattress. They both had long days and were tired and ready for sleep. They shared a goodnight kiss. The kiss was supposed to be brief but it deepened, the action unconscious on both their parts, and they held each other as their tongues slowly danced together.

They stroked their fingers through each other's hair as their lips met again and again, their passion growing and yet their actions slowing in their tired state. They finally pulled away and decided that was enough for the night; they were just too tired for more and they didn't need to get started down that path in any case.

They snuggled close and within minutes they were both asleep; Darien completely forgetting to shield Serena's mind in his exhaustion.

Instrumental music greeted Serena before she even opened her eyes, and when she did she found herself in what looked like a large elaborate room that was being used as a private concert hall.

The walls were a bright white and light willowy curtains in yellow and orange hung around the room. Two large crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling providing light. The look of the room alone made her suspect that the memory was taking place on Venus.

At the front of the room was a white marble looking stage and filling the rest of the room in front of the stage were golden chairs with yellow silk decorating them in an arched half circle that was split to leave room for a walking aisle down the middle.

In the chairs was a gathering of about forty or fifty people making it appear like an intimate high society gathering. On the stage were dancers moving elegantly and gymnastically while a group of musicians played their instruments off to the side of the stage. She found it was kind of like an opera without the singing.

Serena looked down at herself and saw that she was wearing a lavender and white ombré V-neck thick strap evening chiffon dress; halfway down the dress the lavender gradually shifted to white, and white high heel shoes completed the look.

Obviously Serenity was wearing the same thing so she looked for the princess among the gathering as she tapped into her thoughts and memories.

As she spotted her sitting on the front left side of the audience she learned from her thoughts that they were on Venus, confirming her suspicion at the decoration, in the royal palace, and that she was accompanied by two guards, Sailor Venus and Sailor Mercury, though she didn't see them anywhere in the room.

She was currently there to watch a musical and dance performance, but she would be spending a few days as a guest of the royal Venusians. That night was the first.

Endymion was there as well and her eyes flickered around until she spotted his head of dark hair on the right side of the audience in the second row.

Serena focused her eyes on the performance, and as she listened to the music she wondered how the memory would play out.

Serenity clapped along with the rest of the audience as the final note drifted through the room, and watched as the musicians stood with the dancers and bowed and curtsied in appreciation.

The audience was then led out of the room by their host and hostess to another room that was slightly smaller than the performance room but similarly decorated. There was plenty of open space though and around the edges of the room were chairs and couches for the comfort of those wishing to use them. Along with those were tables filled with drinks and snacks.

Everyone began to spread around the room and mingle together, talking and laughing, as they helped themselves to the refreshments that were available. Minutes later the performers entered the room and everyone began to give them another round of applause.

Serenity moved around talking to those she knew and being introduced to some of the dancers and musicians. After the last one she moved away with the excuse of wanting a drink.

She held in a sigh. All she wanted now that the performance was over was to spend some time with Endymion. She caught the occasional glimpse of him as she mingled, but she wanted to talk to him and be in his presence.

Suddenly a firm hand gently grasped her arm and she turned and her eyes brightened at the sight of the man she had just been thinking about. He was wearing a dark blue suit, black shirt and tie, with black shoes.

"Where have you been?" She asked quietly with a soft smile as they began to stroll around the edges of the room.

Endymion pressed his lips together and groaned quietly.

"I was uncomfortably detained by a young lady who is apparently a close cousin of the Queen. In between her flirting she subtly let me know that piece of information, and I knew there was no other way to interpret that but to mean she was suitable and available." He explained.

"I quickly excused myself once the performers came in and slipped away among the applauding occupants to find the only lady I wanted to be with; you." He said.

"Thank you for hurrying to me." Serenity said gratefully then sighed. "Now that I know this piece of information I will be looking at the young lady quite differently every time I see her. I will not be able to help it. It is the only thing I can do since I cannot say you are mine."

Endymion hummed softly as his eyes drifted around the room. He spotted the young lady in question, and it appeared she was looking for someone. He feared it was him.

"Would you like to accompany me on a walk?" He asked.

Serenity nodded easily. 'We will not be missed since the performance is officially over.' She thought lightly.

They used the distraction of the performers mingling among everyone to slip unnoticed from the room once they got close to the door.

"Where are your guardians?" Endymion asked once they were out of the room.

"Mercury and Venus are around. I have not seen them since before the performance began, but I know they are around somewhere." Serenity answered. "What about yours?"

"Malachite and Zoycite are also around. I saw them before we entered the room we recently left, and I am hoping I will not see them again this night." He said.

"Does that mean you have plans for us tonight?" She asked.

"Absolutely." He replied instantly. "Now that we will be in the same place for a few days I intend to spend as much time with you as possible. And that definitely starts tonight."

Endymion began to lead Serenity through the halls and toward the royal guest rooms until they reached his suite of rooms. They passed a few guards that were stationed in the main hallways, but the royal pair ignored them and continued on their way.

When they arrived at the door to his suite of rooms he opened the door and she stepped into the barely lit room that turned out to be his sitting room. He closed the door behind them and she moved a little further into his room taking in the differences between his room and hers.

Endymion took off his jacket and tossed it on a side chair and moved toward his princess, and wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned his chest against her back.

"I have missed you." He said as he pressed his face against her neck. They had seen each other, visited and talked with each other, but it had been months since he was able to hold her in his arms like he currently was and be able to touch her in an intimate way.

"I missed you as well." She said as she covered his hands with hers.

Serenity understood exactly what he meant. They had seen and spoken to each other, but it had been so long since she had felt his touch beyond a brief grasp of her fingers. And now on the evening that they had a chance to rectify that she learned that he'd been approached by another woman who was interested in him.

'She is seeking marriage, likely for his title and the chance to be Queen one day, but I have no doubt that the woman is also attracted to him.' She thought.

Serenity didn't like that. She didn't like the thought of another woman approaching him with desire in mind. She was sure it had happened many times before, but this was the first it had happened with her in the same room. She had not even witnessed the encounter, but just hearing about it was enough to make her feel possessive.

"I do not appreciate knowing another woman wants you." She said quietly. "I have no doubt that it has happened before, but this instance I know about. I have seen the woman myself, and know that woman wants to connect her life to yours. I hate that I cannot say you are mine, and to stay away from you."

"I understand the feeling. It is infuriating to watch other men speak to you and know I can do nothing about it. I cannot even be jealous in public without causing suspicion." Endymion said.

"I only want to be able to be with you openly; to be married so we can always be together." Serenity said wearily.

"I want that as well." He agreed. "The only good thing about our situation is the excitement."

"Excitement?" She repeated questioningly.

"Yes. Excitement. All the sneaking around and hiding adds an exciting level of danger and risk to our relationship." He said. "Just like now. You certainly are not supposed to be in my rooms. Anyone can come knocking. My generals could come knocking looking for me; your scouts could come knocking looking for you. Someone else entirely could knock; someone who does not know about us."

"They could skip the knocking altogether and barge in." He whispered in her ear and she gasped.

"They would not!" Serenity said and he laughed.

"Maybe not, but there could be someone in the building that has lost all sense of respect and propriety." He said.

"Look at the walls." He said as he shifted his own eyes to the solid surfaces. "Neither of us are in our own home so we have no idea if these walls are thick enough for us. What if someone hears us? This is definitely risky."

He felt her press back against him, and watched her eyes shifting along the walls, as if she was trying to hide from those would be listeners. He began kissing her neck, deciding to get their night started before they could descend into anymore melancholy talk.

"It is scary." Serenity finally said.

"Perhaps, but you cannot deny it is exciting." Endymion said before he turned her around.

He caressed her face and looked at her dress in the slight lighting that had been left on. It was unique, a color scheme he had never seen before.

"If it distresses you so then let me distract you." He said as he looked back to her and moved his hands to her hips.

"How will you do that?" She asked curiously and he smirked.

"The obvious." He said before he brought his lips to hers.

As he dominated her lips he slowly guided her back until they reached his desk. He broke the kiss and glanced around as he felt her arms move around his neck.

"A window." Endymion said with quiet drama as he looked back to her. "We had better move over since we do not want to chance being seen." He added.

Serenity gasped and he laughed as she began to pull him as she quickly moved to the side of the desk out of view of the window the desk was under.

"Risky is it not?" He said, and chuckled as she huffed then quieted as she pulled him into another kiss.

He leaned into her wrapping an arm around her waist and placed his free hand on the desk to steady himself as she held onto his neck and shoulders.

As her fingers drifted through his hair he moved his hand up and down her back. He felt the zipper holding her dress closed, but decided to leave it alone. He wanted her dress to remain on during their activities.

'Her shoes as well.' He decided in the next moment.

Endymion pressed his hips forward, pressing against hers to let her feel what she was doing to him, to know that he was already ready to feel the moist heat of her body.

"Take your panties off." He told her after he broke the kiss. He stepped back and began to loosen his pants just enough to free himself as he stared at her.

"Right here?" Serenity asked as she looked around.

"Yes. I want you right here on the desk." He answered. "It will be so exciting, thrilling. Just imagine it. It is a surface meant for work, and of course anyone could come knocking at any moment. I only wish it was my personal desk back home."

Serenity bit her lip and glanced to the door in fear and excitement as she pulled up her dress, and reached under and pulled her panties down and off. As she dropped them off to the side she looked at him stroking himself.

"Is that all you wish me to remove?" She asked quietly.

"Yes. I want you to keep everything else on." He said.

Serenity glanced to the door once more, worried someone would come in without knocking, but began to lift the front of her dress anyway as she leaned against the desk.

Endymion watched her, looking on as her legs were revealed, and stepped forward and brought his lips to hers. He rested one hand on her hip and guided his length to her womanhood, rubbing himself against her, before he pushed inside her. He moved his now free hand down over her hip and thigh, and hiked her leg up to his hip as he pushed further inside her.

Serenity felt Endymion break their kiss, their lips only parting enough for them to breathe, and listened as he groaned the further he went inside her. She moved one arm around his neck as she held her dress up with her other hand, and shifted until she was perched slightly on the desk.

She licked her lips, and his because of their closeness, and moaned softly as he pressed his mouth to hers to resume their kiss. She tightened her hand where it rested on his shoulder as she felt him begin to move his hips, his length moving back and forth inside her. She broke the kiss and sighed at the feel of him inside her.

It had been so long she had forgot what it felt like to have him moving inside her. Forgot what it felt like to cling to him, to feel his face pressed against her neck as it currently was, and feel his warm breath bathing her skin.

Endymion moved his hand from her hip back around her back to hold her in place and breathed heavily against her neck.

He had missed the feel of being inside her; the feel of her heat and snug inner walls around him. He had missed the feel of her pressed against him, clinging to him, and the wonderful sounds she made as she expressed her pleasure.

He wanted to hear more of her sounds so he moved his hips faster with longer strokes that reached deep inside her.

Serenity gasped at his change in movement and moaned as she arched her back. Her breasts felt heavy and she could feel her nipples tightening in want of his attention.

It felt so good and she couldn't deny the position and location didn't increase her pleasure. She wasn't even laid out on the desk but perched on the side as if her prince couldn't be bothered or didn't have the patience to complete the move.

Either way she didn't care. It felt too good and she moaned as she released her dress and brought her hand up to run her fingers through his hair before she gripped a fist full as she cried out in pleasure at a particularly hard thrust.

"More! I want more!" She breathed, and cried out as he instantly thrust harder. She moaned and released her grip on his hair to run her fingers through it and rub his head.

She gasped as her body tensed suddenly and moaned as her release washed over her, her head falling back as she arched against him trying to get as close as possible.

Serena was happy when Endymion finally joined Serenity but was surprised to learn of a woman trying to engage herself to him. She agreed with his statement about her telling him of her availability. There was no other reason than to let him know that she was free for him to pursue.

'Though she seems to be the one trying to do the pursuing.' She thought with a raised eyebrow.

She followed along as they made a subtle yet hasty exist and walked along the hallways until they reached Endymion's suite of rooms. Once inside she sat on the couch and watched the couple, listening to their words and Serenity's thoughts.

She understood the pair missing each other, and noticed that it seemed to be a type of pattern with them. Either they would not get to see each other for days or weeks, or they would get to see each other often but it would be in public so they couldn't act like they were as close as they actually were.

'They have a sort of long distance relationship, and not because they live on different planets, although that is a reason.' She thought as she watched them.

A long distance relationship was something she could relate to since she and Darien had gone through it technically twice.

The first time was during the whole ordeal with Galaxia. He had gone to America for school, but unbeknownst to her he had been killed for his Star Seed before he even made it there.

That had been a very rough time for her. She had been missing him fiercely, longing for him, and feeling extremely lonely despite her group of friends. They just hadn't been what and who she needed. Having no word from him at all had her extremely worried.

Then the Starlight's had come along; Seiya had come along, and all her friends thought she was falling for him; who was really a her. They couldn't have been more wrong.

Seiya had been someone who could make her laugh and smile and take her mind off the ever present gnawing worry about Darien, both before and after she had realized who Seiya really was.

She had treated her like all her other friends, no more or less, and no differently. She had fought hard to keep her friendship even when the others disapproved when it was revealed she was a foreign scout, because she was a friend that didn't see her as her princess and therefore feel the need to speak to her a certain way or put on a smile when they were trying to hide their feelings from her so she wouldn't worry.

She admitted that Seiya was attractive, but that hadn't changed the fact that she hadn't wanted her regardless of which form, male or female, she took. She knew she hadn't made that apparent when Seiya had asked her if she wasn't enough when she was raging about how much she missed Darien because of how emotional she had been, but she had later on.

She had never forgotten Darien or the future she would have with him. Rini was a pain at times, but she had still wanted her and couldn't wait to be her mother. That couldn't happen without Darien.

And she had wanted to rule with him. Wanted the chance to do what they hadn't gotten the chance to do in their past.

Serena shook her head with a silent sigh. She hadn't thought of Seiya in a long time. She was a friend but one that she couldn't keep in touch with.

'That's probably a good thing, because I'm very aware that she really liked me.' She thought in the next moment.

She still couldn't believe the girls thought she would just forget Darien and be with Seiya. They were all young but common sense should've told them that regardless of how friendly she was with Seiya she hadn't done anything that would lead them to believe she wanted to be with her.

'And even if by some strange quirk of fate I did return Seiya's feelings I never would have approved of her ditching her princess and her galaxy to be with me.' She thought with a frown.

She shook her head again and decided to push thoughts of Seiya away, and recall the second time Darien had gone off to attend school.

They had talked about it, just as they had the first time, and he had been willing to stay and go to school in the city, but she had told him to go. If he thought the school he wanted to go to overseas was the best to help him achieve his dream then she was all for it.

It would hurt, considering what happened last time, but she knew they both needed it. He needed it for his dream, which she wasn't going to stand in the way of since it had been one that was long in the making and influenced by the tragic events of his childhood, and she needed it to know that she could handle being without him after the whole Galaxia ordeal.

She needed to be reassured that he could leave her and not die, that she would not panic and try to stop him from leaving, and that this time around there would be communication.

Thankfully there had been lots of communication. Plenty of letters and phone calls, and every extended vacation he had from school he came home to spend it with her.

So she understood being in a long distance relationship, but unlike their past selves she and Darien had not begun their intimate relationship so that particular longing had not been an issue.

Serena tuned back into their conversation, realizing she had missed some as she had drifted into her own thoughts, and understood that they were now talking about the excitement and risk of possibly being caught together and especially while they were being intimate.

She scanned through Serenity's thoughts and understood that the subject came about from Serenity recalling the woman from earlier expressing her desire to be with Endymion, and how she couldn't even show her anger and jealousy over it. She had wished they could be together, out in the open, and not have to sneak around anymore.

Serena could understand the excitement involved in what they were doing and how it could enhance their pleasure. She had thought innocently of similar circumstances back when she didn't know her Darien was Tuxedo Mask.

She had imagined them making out and hiding that fact from her fellow scouts since they had still been untrusting of him at the time. It had been a nice secret fantasy that led into more mature ones as their relationship evolved.

Especially now when she was experiencing their intimate past as she was. She had imagined them many times being together as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

She had fantasized about him taking her against a tree in a park. Similar to how they had behaved the day they went ice skating. Him all in his tuxedo and mask, and her in her body suit and short skirt. She'd even thought about them on some high rooftop where they may or may not be seen.

'I need to talk to Darien about these fantasies. He might have some of his own.' Serena considered, but was distracted from her thoughts by the feel of Endymion kissing Serenity.

She focused back on the pair as they moved back toward the nice sized desk beneath the window, their lips locked in a passionate kiss the entire time.

She laughed and shook her head as Endymion pointed out that they should move since there was a possibility they could be seen through the window and Serenity quickly pulling him to move away to the side of the desk.

She agreed with his words that it was risky which made it exciting, and she lifted an eyebrow as it became clear from his words that he wanted her right there on the desk. She thought that in itself was definitely exciting and something she might try to convince Darien to do.

Serena felt a tug suddenly and was soon being pulled into Serenity's body. She gasped at the feel of Endymion rubbing himself against Serenity's womanhood before he pushed inside her.

She could feel her arousal increase as he hiked Serenity's leg up and moved deeper inside her, and even more at the feel of him moving back and forth inside her. Feeling herself perched slightly on the desk and Endymion holding her to him as she clung to him as he moved within her was arousing.

Especially with the door to the room just across the room from them. Endymion was definitely right when he said it was exciting to know that someone could come knocking or burst through the door and see them at any time.

Serena sighed in her mind at the feel of Endymion kissing Serenity, kissing her, which only reminded her that she was attracted to him and was once again wishing it was actually her he was with and not Serenity.

She gasped and moaned along with Serenity at the feel of him moving within her creating the delicious friction that spread pleasure through her body, and cried out more as his movements increased with Serenity's request for more.

Again she gasped and moaned right along with her as her body found release wishing she could cling to Endymion as Serenity was as the pleasure coursed through her like a wave. She moaned lightly as her pleasure gradually began to fade and felt him tighten his hand around Serenity's leg and pick her up, keeping their connection.

Looking through her eyes she saw and felt him turn around and slowly move a short distance before she was lowered slightly and found herself and Serenity seated on the arm of the couch.

Serenity began to unbutton his shirt and Serena watched as Endymion leaned down and brought his lips to hers in a firm kiss. She finished unbuttoning his shirt and pressed her hands to his stomach and slid her hands up his chest as their tongues moved together.

As their tongues slid and twirled around each other Serenity felt Endymion's hand slide around from her back to grasp the back of her knee. He tightened his grip behind both her knees and spread her legs as he started to rock his hips back and forth, slowly sliding his length in and out of her.

She broke their kiss with a moan as she tilted her head back slightly. Her prince proved with that move that he knew her body well. She absolutely loved to have her legs spread since it increased her pleasure.

Serenity slid one hand over his shoulder and wrapped her arm around the back of his neck as she reached slightly to her side and grasped the back of the couch to steady herself on her perch.

It was like he was waiting for her to do just that as he started to move his hips faster, his breath coming quicker before he brought his lips back to hers. She moaned as her arousal began to build all over again with the pleasurable friction his length was creating against her inner walls.

Endymion watched his princess as he thrust harder inside her, making sure to keep his pace at the same speed, giving her the long hard strokes that clearly increased her pleasure as he listened to her cry out softly.

He still wanted to hear more of her voice, more of her sounds of pleasure, so he slowed his pace but kept his thrusts long and hard. She moaned in a sound of pure lust and he watched her slowly begin to lean back, easing herself down until her head and upper back were resting on the seat cushion.

He groaned at the sight of her stretched before him, her back slightly arched and her hips elevated, her legs spread as he held her legs up.

He paused his movements and shifted his hands to grip her hips, allowing her thighs to rest on his forearms, and continued to thrust again, moaning in pleasure as her change in position and his better grip allowed him to reach deeper inside her.

Serenity moaned and panted at the feel of him moving strongly yet slowly inside her. She wanted him to go faster, but the slow pace was building and prolonging her pleasure.

All she could do was grasp at the back of the couch with one hand and the seat cushion with the other. She lifted her legs, bending and spreading them further, as she licked her dry lips and moaned.

She opened her eyes as she felt his hands leave her hips and his arms move away. His hips stopped moving and he stayed deep inside her as he moved his hands beneath her dress and smoothed over her bare stomach and sides.

He leaned over her as he pulled his hands out from her dress and covered her breasts with his hands. She sighed and arched her back, pressing up against him, as she closed her eyes at the feel of him squeezing her.

Endymion groaned suddenly as he felt his princess clenching around him. He knew the action was deliberate, especially as he watched her peek up at him through her lashes before she did it again.

He panted heavily and began to move his hips again, this time in short thrusts, barely moving out of her as he enjoyed the feel of her clenching around him and her breasts beneath his hands. He straightened and moved his hands to rest on her thighs, to keep her legs spread, and lengthened his thrusts, watching himself slide in and out of her and feeling her still clenching around him.

It was an arousing sight, especially when he lifted his eyes to the door across the room and thought of someone knocking. How would he react? Would he immediately stop and pull away from her and focus on concealing her somewhere or would it excite him and spur him on to increase their pleasure and get their release?

He shifted his eyes back to his princess, watching her panting and shifting as if she was unable to remain still, and moaned as his pleasure rose.

Serenity opened her eyes and looked up to her prince to see him watching her and couldn't help the desire that flared through her. Watching him as he watched her, his eyes flickering up and down her body, feeling him moving back and forth inside her, her legs spread for him to see their physical connection.

She moaned at the thoughts floating in her mind and arched her back as she brought her hands to cover her breasts, needing to relieve the aching feeling spreading through them, and wishing her dress wasn't covering them. Suddenly she felt his grip on her thighs tighten and listened to him groan deeply as his thrusts came harder and faster in his release.

Endymion panted as he felt his body relax from the tension of his release and looked down to his princess. His Serenity was still molding and squeezing her breasts as she continued to clench her inner walls around him. Despite just having experienced his release he could feel himself beginning to harden as desire flowed through him all over again.

He leaned over, bracing himself on the seat cushion, and brought his lips to hers in an open mouth kiss. He kissed her repeatedly, his tongue sliding against hers, as he ground his hips against hers.

He felt her hands move from between them and her arms slide around his neck as their lips moved together. He slowly began to move his hips, thrusting into her womanhood in short thrusts as the majority of his length remained within her.

Serenity moaned into Endymion's mouth at the pleasure steadily building inside her. She wanted to wrap her legs around him, but she didn't want to interfere with his movements.

And she was loving his movements; loving the feel of him moving slowly and yet so deeply inside her without leaving her body. She wished it was possible for him to go further inside her. She wanted to be even closer to him, despite the fact that there was no room between them.

Just as her thought finished Endymion gave her one more kiss before he eased an arm beneath her and lifted her back up to sit straight on the arm of the couch before he adjusted his hold on her and picked her up.

He only took a few steps and within moments he was sitting in the middle of the couch and she was straddling his lap. She moaned and pressed her chest against his as her desire to feel him deeper inside her was fulfilled. She slid her face along his until her lips found his and continued to clench her inner walls around his length.

Endymion moved his hands around Serenity's back and held her to him as he relaxed back against the back cushion. He slid one hand up and down her back, toying with the idea of loosening her dress so he could feel her bare breasts, and occasionally lifting his hips to thrust slightly further inside her clenching womanhood.

It was only moments later that he decided he wanted to feel her bare breasts and see them, so he unzipped her dress and pushed the straps off her shoulders.

He broke the kiss and she sat back slightly as she moved her hands to grip his shoulders, and watched as the dress slid down to her waist, the straps resting around her elbows. He brought his hands forward and covered the warm orbs and gently squeezed them and listened to her soft moan in response.

Serenity braced herself and slowly began to rock her hips, moving herself back and forth on her prince's length, before she brought her hands up to cover his on top of her breasts. She loved the feel of his large heavy hands on her. It made her feel so feminine and of course added to her increasing arousal.

She squeezed his hands, which in turn made him squeeze her breasts, and tilted her head back slightly as she continued to move her hips against him, her inner walls being stroked with each motion she made.

Darien frowned as he heard a sound. He couldn't tell what it was and didn't care enough to open his eyes and really wake up to investigate. He was just too tired. He just wanted to sleep.

As his mind slipped back into dreams some part of him recognized the sound and associated it with his princess needing him, so his body moved on its own, his arm tightening around the soft body against him. The sound came again, a soft moan, and his face moved around until his lips came into contact with a slightly parted pair.

Trapped and immersed in her memory dream Serena unconsciously kissed him back, her body more than eager for whatever he wanted to give her. She grasped at his shoulder with a searching hand as Serenity clung to Endymion in her memory dream. She wanted to cling to Endymion as well so her body did it for her.

As they slowly kissed their legs slid and moved together as they unconsciously tried to move closer to each other.

Serena moved her leg over Darien's and around his hip. The action seemed to trigger his hips movement as he began to press them against hers. She moaned into his mouth and began to push her hips against his heightening the pleasure she was already feeling.

But it wasn't enough. She wanted the relief and pleasure she was experiencing in her dream. She wanted to feel his weight on top of her, feel him moving inside her, and his hands all over her.

Darien's hand moved down her back and grasped his fingers around her bottom and squeezed. He moved his hips harder, wanting to feel her, but wasn't satisfied.

He pressed against her until she was on her back, her arms falling to the bed, as his fingers moved until they curled around her panties and pulled. She lay there almost passively as he moved his lips to kiss along her neck and pulled the cloth until it was around her thighs near her knees.

Immediately his hips were moving against hers again trying to feel her heat now that it had been freed. He groaned as he suddenly felt intense heat and moister, and found her lips again as he rubbed himself against her.

Serena lifted her hips as her arms moved around his shoulders and her fingers ran through his hair. She tried to spread her legs but they were trapped no matter how much she tried. All she could do was lift her hips; so she did, and moaned as she felt him press against her, pushing inside her.