A/N: This is my Second Fic, its going to be an more of an action/romance story compared to my first one. I feel like there aren't a lot of good Anko X Naruto stories and since its one of my Favorite pairings I decided I should just write one, personally I think this pairing has a lot of Story possibilities.

They one thing that bothers me is when people do pairings like this but leave naruto being like 11 years old WTF. If you haven't noticed I have a habit of randomly capitalizing things, just ignore it if it bothers you. Anyway reviews and advice are welcomed and Enjoi

Chapter 1 : Know What I'm Doing




Three shadows raced through the city, jumping from rooftop to rooftop in perfect unison taking a carefully planned route. They appeared to almost glide over Konoha, moving with such incredible speed and grace as the moon shone brightly over adding to the illusion that they were ghost rather than shinobi.

A fourth shadow was slightly ahead of the others leading the group on there current mission, this shadow suddenly stopped crouching low and raising a hand before making several signs to the others. They made a perimeter formation instantaneously.

The leader then took two fingers and pointed down into a nearby ally, instantly one of the remaining shadows broke formation and dived, head first towards the target as if it was skydiving.

Within mid-air the shadow made a single hand sign, smoke erupted revealing the shadow had multiplied into 4 all rocketing towards the same location.

The shadows landed in an odd formation but encircled an unaware target that look shocked that he had not only been found but was already surrounded without warning.

Each shadow had already had a kunai out and readily aimed at the targets heart, a sinister smiled creep on the face of the dark figure as he observed his prey.

The shadow facing the target suddenly got out of his fighting stance," Found you Kakashi-Sensei !" a voice beamed proudly.

"Ha looks like you did, good job Naruto!", Kakashi said still looking surprised that he was defeated so easily.

"Hey brat who told you, you could charge in without my permission" a voice retorted as 3 more shadows jumped into the ally. Naruto who had now released his shadow clones and was standing with his hands resting on the back of his head without showing any real concern to the voice,

" Well I figured it would have been a better idea to use a formation considering the target has ANBU trained and standard attacks would be useless".

"That's not the point Kakashi was caught off guard from above there is no reason to assume we would have been discovered before cornering him",

the woman responded again with the irritation clear in her voice. "You were just being an impatient idiot and for that I should make you do the exercise over again !", she continued raising her voice and practically yelling right into his face.

" That's not fair, Anko-sensei I completed the exercise fair and square you can't fail me just because you feel like it", Naruto yelled back at her resorting to a rather childish tone.

"I can do whatever I want brat, this is my team and I don't want some idiot pulling bullshit stunts like that on real missions" Anko was now only 2 inches from Naruto's face but she was yelling at him like he was across the city.

" Well, we'll just see what Baa-chan has to say about that", Naruto said with a smirk on his face knowing that remark would send Anko over the edge. " Oh you think Tsunade is going to save your sorry ass, well lets just see if there is going to be enough of it left when I'm done with you",

with this Anko reached down pulling out 4 kunai. One between each finger and raised her hand back aiming at Naruto's face. Naruto's eyes grew wide " Ahh hey wait Anko-sensei hold on I was just kidding I was kidding--" Naruto yelled as he narrowly dodged a kunai that would have castrated him,

"—Come on Anko-Sensei !! you're suppose to be the adult here how is that matur-", his word was cut short as a kunai whizzed past his face too fast for him to properly dodge.

Blood trickled down his cheek and then a look of dread appeared on his face, realizing how serious she was on killing him. He looked up as she reached in for more knives, Shit ! This woman is crazy, if I stay here any longer I won't be going home in one piece.

Naruto jumped over the group as another kunai flew barely missing him, he landed on the roof and took off at full speed sprinting for his life. "You little shit Im not done with you yet", Anko said taking off after him.

Kakashi just sighed, he knew it wasn't a wise idea to put Naruto on Anko's Black Op team. He was ecstatic when he heard from Tsunade that they wanted to promote him to Black Ops but later he wondered how Naruto's personality would clash with his superiors.

Of course he would listen to orders but he would also question them even if he knew he shouldn't and he still was a little bit impulsive and defiantly stubborn. Not only that but he knew that Anko was the worst of the Team Captains.

She was infamous for not really getting along with anyone and she had a "nasty habit" as Tsunade put it of cutting people when they annoyed her. It was a disaster waiting to happen especially since Naruto joked around too much and overall had a nonchalant attitude towards everything.

In Tsunade's words it would "straighten him out a little", but Kakashi had his doubts, if anything Anko would just try to kill him constantly, he's just lucky he is good at running.

He turned around and started to walk towards the Hokage tower, after all he still had to report the success of the exercise to Tsunade, beside Naruto would be fine. He had become one of the strongest shinobi's Kakahi has ever known, and he would be lying if he said that Naruto had not surpassed him in many ways.

He was really proud of him though, over the years he had watch Naruto push himself further and further until now at 18 he was far ahead of anyone in his age group and most jonin in the village at that.

At this rate he'll be Hokage by 21, not because Tsunade needs to retire but because he will be Strongest Shiobi this village has ever produced. Kakashi smiled as he entered Hokage Tower, things have really changed since I first met him.

Else where a ninja wearing the standard Black Ops uniform, a black sleeveless shirt with matching pants and a grey armor plate vest with matching shin protectors and gauntlets was running for his life.

Behind him a was a very pissed off Anko who despite the regulations still had on her overcoat which seem to move wildly as she descended on Naruto from above releasing a wave of soaring Kunai upon him.

Ahhg where the hell did she come from ? I thought I lost her already, He thought as he ducked under the cloud of knives and rolled off the building he was currently on.

Landing on his feet he spun his head around trying to determine where his predator would strike from next. He watched as Anko was now standing on the roof calmly looking down at him, the moon was behind her and her overcoat was ruffling in the wind.

" Truce?" Naruto asked grinning at her hoping she would decide to show mercy. She jumped down a few feet in front of him and walked over to him. Not truly trusting her Naruto backed up a little wanting to keep his distance,

she saw that he had carelessly backed up into a secluded ally and jumped at him pinning him against the wall. Her face was inches away from his again and she seemed to be deep in thought.

She slowly leaned in, Naruto closed his eyes expecting to be bitten as it wouldn't be the first time it had happened. Much to Naruto's surprised he felt a wet tongue brush against his cheek were she had previously cut him.

He opened his eyes as she finished, her eyes looked into his and he swear he saw a sultry grin appear on her face as she eyed him. " Fine brat, but test me again and I'll put you in the hospital without hesitation", she said letting go of him and walking away casually.

Naruto sighed in relief as he watched her walk away but she suddenly stopped.

" we should do some one on one training so we can improve our teamwork, plus I know very little about your talents and fighting style, I doubt the profile they gave me is up to date" She said tilting her back towards him.

"Yeah sure, where should I meet you", Naruto replied pretty eager to get back to work and refine his skills.

"Don't worry I'll find you when I need to", a smile returned to her lips and with that she jumped over the roof and disappeared. Naruto walked out of the ally looking at the full moon in the sky,

well today has been interesting, I think im starting to grown on Anko-sensei she only threatened me once today. He smiled at his progress and headed home to his apartment.

Tsunade had been reviewing Kakashi's report, apparently last night had went better then she expected. She had purposely put Naruto on Anko's squad because she knew Anko would push him much harder than anyone else.

That and she enjoyed torturing him and this was defiantly payback for him peeping in on her, she sighed, to thinkJiraiya had actually succeeded in corrupting him was depressing but she was sure he didn't, well at least not completely.

She knew he wasn't actually peeping on her and in reality had let Jiraiya con him into thinking Sakura was there but still he should know better that to trust that pervert. There was a small part of her that actually wished he was trying to watch her,

although she knew he was only teasing she didn't want him to see her as an old woman but instead a young and very attractive one. It was stupid but she wished she could seduce him just so he would have to admit she was young and beautiful but that's for another story. ( which I will be writing later haha hah aha) She smiled as she put down the report, "things really are going to get interesting around here" she said looking back at the city.

Today he would be an official ANBU Black Ops soldier, she smiled as she finished by stamping the paperwork on her desk. Anko had already stopped by bright and early which was very unusual for her but she said she wanted to pick up Naruto's official equipment and bring it to him.

Tsunade had found this odd since she thought Anko was rather annoyed with Naruto's presence in general but the more Tsunade thought about it, the most it seemed like Anko was rather pleased with the arrangement.

The only thing left was for Naruto to receive the tattoo that symbolized his commitment to the group. Anko said she would do the honor personally, Tsunade cant remember ever seeing Anko look so excited in her life, but she agreed after all they should be trying to get to know each other better.

Naruto was enjoying a rather quiet morning, he had woke up took a shower and was eating an unhealthy breakfast of ramen when Kakashi stopped by. "Well hey there Naruto" he heard as turned towards his open window. Kakashi was now letting himself through with a package of some sort in his hands.

"I just came by to congratulate you for making it through all the entrance exams and I have a present for you" he said in his usual monotone voice. "Aw thanks Kakahi-sensei", Naruto said getting exciting at the mention of presents.

" So what did you get me ?" he said barely able to hide his excitement. " Here you go Naruto" Kakashi said handing him the wrapped package.

Naruto unwrapped it as fast as he could then stood in awe once he realized what he was no holding in his hands.

"It was my ninjato(a ninja sword ), I want you to have it seeing as it was good luck for me and helped me in a lot of missions.

They only gave these to the original rank S jonin when the Black Ops program was still young, they don't give these out anymore." Kakashi said calmly.

Naruto sat in his chair carefully examining the razor sharp weapon. "Wow thanks Kakashi-sensei it would be an honor to have your Ninjato" Kakashi smiled through his mask,

" You really have grown up over the years Naruto and I just want to let you know that I'm proud of you". With that said Kakashi headed towards the window in which he had entered from. " I hope you have a good first day and I'll see you later, I have some reports to give to Tsunade-sama" Kakashi leaning into the window waving before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

I can't wait for a mission, everything about the Black Ops is so cool, Naruto thought still looking proudly at his new weapon. He put it up and finished his ramen, he was anxious to put it to use but he had to wait for Anko for there training session.

He finished and grabbed the sword, preparing to look for her because he was impatient and wanted to get right to business.

He had been wandering around Konoha but he didn't really know where to look, he had stopped by Tsunades office but she said she had no clue where Anko was. Where the hell could she possible be, Naruto thought getting irritated.

He had looked everywhere and had yet to find a single clue to what she would be doing right now. As he walked down the market district he picked up something in his peripheral vision, something had reflected the sun light and was moving quickly towards him.

He ducked dodging a kunai that would have struck him directly in the ear from his right side. He look right only to catch a glimpse of a shadow but what he saw wasn't enough for him to even identify the size of the target or the direction it took off in.

He rotated his head looking at the Kunai now in the wall of a eel stand, there was a note of some sort attached to it.

He pulled it out of the wall and scanned the note: You have 10 min to reach the forest on the south-west side of the village, it would be in your best interest to leave through the west gate and follow the river down to a secret training spot. If You don't make it there in time you forfeit your training and equipment so move it.

Naruto stared at the note, They couldn't be serious that's way to far but it looks like I don't have a choice, He crumpled up the note and with a new determination took off at incredible speed becoming a blur as he shot off like a bullet towards the west game.

I'm almost out of time, I have 3 minutes left tops, Naruto thought as he raced through the forest noticing that he has never been to this particular part of Konoha.

It reminded him of the Forest of Death, the Foliage was dense and there seemed to be a lot of wild life roaming around. Not only that but there were traps everywhere, from trip wire to poison gas bombs. Where ever he was going, was suppose to be a secret.

As he approached a large clearing near a lake he heard a voice call to him, "You can stop now, this spot is good enough". He Spun around in mid-air pull 3 kunai in each hand ready to attack anything that moved until he could identify the voice.

As if the assailant was waiting for this 6 kunai flew from a distant try at him, Naruto flicked his wrists sending his own attack. His kunai hit the opposing ones in mid-air causing them to fly wildly out of his way as he landed and grabbed the sheath of the sword that Kakashi had just given him entering a fighting stance.

Everything remained quiet for a few more seconds then unexpectedly 3 large snakes ripped through the surrounding bushes and closed in on him to strike within a second.

Naruto remained clam waiting for the snakes to be within 2 feet of him, then he attacked. In one swift motion he drew his weapon slicing the first snake in the process, shifted his weight and sidestepped the second snake bringing his sword down through its back, and instantly spun around cutting the thirds horizontally through its mouth as it jumped out to bite him,

it had been no more than 6 inches from his neck. As the last reptile had dropped in a nasty mess on the floor he looked in the direction the snakes originated from.

"Bravo" A female voice said as Anko stepped out of the shadows finally revealing herself. " I honestly didn't think you would get here so quickly, I gave you an impossible deadline hoping I would be able to ambush you farther back but you made it this far before I was ready.

There was no way you would have made it to the spot the note mentioned, besides theres nothing there" She sighed before she continued, " Oh well we might as well get things moving along, I hope you're prepared for a full day of training".

Naruto finally re-sheathed his sword, " Anko-sensei why do you to be so cruel" he said dropping down on the soft grass panting heavily. Anko gave him an irritated look, " Well its not my fault you're tired, no on told you to go all out and not conserve your energy that was your own stupid idea"

She walked over to him giving him a look that would scare most drill instructors shitless. "Now get up we have work to do, Im not here because I want to babysit some stupid knuckleheaded brat" She turned around and retrieved a box hidden in the hollow of a nearby tree.

Naruto had now caught his breath and had returned to his new carefree attitude that Anko had blamed Kakashi for.

Over the past years after the defeat of the Akatsuki Kakashi had personally spent day and night working with Naruto training him in many different kinds of jutsus and helping him master both his wind and water type chakra.

It was only natural that some of Kakashi would rub off on Naruto especially when you think that he had been his team captain for all those years, the only reason it didn't happen earlier was because Kakashi had wasted time personally training Sasuke and spent minimal time with Naruto.

Now Kakashi was like an older brother to Naruto, and unfortunately for Anko, Naruto had developed a complete nonchalant attitude when on missions sometimes looking if he was going to fall asleep unless there was constant action or something to occupy him.

And when it came to procedures or anything with regulations Naruto just went straight to auto-pilot, listening to what had to be endured but his mind would wander to ways of making things more interesting which resulted in Anko getting pissed and trying to kill him.

"listen up brat you aren't going to be pulling any stunts this time, you're going to behave and do exactly what I say. Do I make myself clear." Anko said dropping the box right in front of him.

He nodded in an absentminded way but snapped to attention upon noticing the box, " Hey Anko-Sensei what's in the Box ?" He said jumping to his feat with his head already all over the box.

"Cut that out" Anko said kicking him away from it, " I didn't give you permission to look inside it yet. Now listen carefully and do follow directions for once." She sat on the box now as if to ensure she would have Naruto's undivided attention for once.

"Are you ready to move on or do I need to wait for you to grow up and act like an adult" she said giving him a cold glare."

" Alright, Alright relax Anko-Sensei I'm listening so what are we going to do first" Naruto said now genuinely interesting in what the day would hold.

"Well im glad you asked, are you ready to start ?" Anko said with a mischievous grin on her face. Naruto gulped, He knew that smile very well by now and it meant she was going to do something vey unpleasant to him.

Why the hell is she so happy, that look can only mean I'm going to get tortured again, aww man why did Baa-chan have to give me such a bitchy team captain.

He slowly nodded although he knew he wasn't going to like what was ahead. "Good, now strip.." She said in a commanding voice. "Huh ?" was all she got in response to her order. "You heard me, strip !" She beckoned back with her same grin returning. Why does everything have to be so confusing with women, Naruto complained to himself not understanding the odd order he received from his captain.

With a slight hesitation Naruto stood up and unzipped his orange and black jacket then took off his black shirt that he wore under the jacket. He eyed Anko suspiciously, waiting for her true motives to arise but she just continued to sit on the box watching him intensively.

" Keep going, I didn't tell you to stop" she said. Naruto unwillingly unbuttoned his pants and took them off.

Anko sat there resting her chin in her left palm eyeing Naruto as he was now just standing in his boxers. She had to admit she found him very attractive even though she tried her hardest to hide it, and seeing him almost naked wasn't doing anything to help the situation.

He had defiantly grown into a real man, he had a strong muscular body, wide shoulders, and the cutest face Anko had ever seen, she personally found his whiskers adorable. She then got up and walked over to his side and began making hand signs.

"Hey wha-what Anko-sensei why do I have to fight naked that's not fair I--", "Shut up brat, Im doing something important right now" she said closing her eyes as she continued.

Then she placed her palm on his shoulder and he felt a slight burning sensation. "There now your official", she exclaimed as she finished his tattoo. "What are you talking about ? What'd you do ?" Naruto said trying to see what his Captain had been doing.

"It's the mark of Black Ops, all member are require to have the symbol tattooed on them. It's the final mark that proves you have survived all the test and proven yourself as worthy to join our elite group" She said walking back towards the box.

She opened it and handed it to Naruto, " Here put these on, its your real uniform since we took back the training one you had on last night". Naruto looked into the box

Neatly folded in the box was a new uniform and a porcelain mask which was the signature of the black ops. Naruto quickly suited up wanting to enjoy his new status, he finally put on his gauntlets and adjusted his ninjato on his back.

He reached down into the box grabbing the mask, ironically enough the animal on his mask was a fox.

Mist rained around Naruto as he laned on the water on all fours, he looked up to see that Anko was several meters in front of him panting heavily. She had almost got him but her explosive tag wasn't strong enough,

of course she used the second strongest seal causing a huge explosion nearly 20 meters in diameter. The lake that they were fighting on absorbed most of the impact, causing the water to fly everywhere misting down on them.

Damn she's really giving this her all, Naruto started making hand signs and he looked at Anko " Water Dragon Jutsu !" he yelled with a fierce determination. The water around him began to bumble and rise as it took form into a dragon and stuck out at Anko.

She jumped back narrowly dodging the attack and began to retaliate with a counter attack when she felt a presence behind her. She quickly spun around just in to see Naruto about to strike her with his blade. She raised a Kunai to block the blow, but she was weak and out of breath.

She could feel herself breaking under the pressure of his blade as he continued to force the sword down against her knfie, she couldn't win a battle of force, she sighed " I forfeit, you win". Naruto drew back his blade and relaxed.

"But Anko-sensei the fight was just starting to get interesting", he frowned and began to walk back towards the solid ground.

Anko followed him trying to hide her exhaustion, I had no clue that brat had stamina like that, its so unreal he's barely fazed. That whole exhaustion act he pulled earlier was a rouse to trick me into dropping my guard.

She took a seat under a try stilling breathing heavily and trying to think how she could possible outlast someone like Naruto. She looked over to see that he had used a summon scroll to get several bowls of ramen and began eating.

I can't beat him with jutsu or weapons so I'm going to have to try something more conventional. Maybe taijutsu and I could surprise him with some genjutsu. She looked over at him again, there was a pile of empty bowls in front of him now and he begun to stretch preparing for another round.

Ok lets do this, She thought as she took off her overcoat and cracked her knuckles, this time he wouldn't have such an easy time.

The Taijutsu sparring had gone in Anko's favor at first, she landed blow after blow but she could tell she wasn't causing any real damage. Then as if he had been sleeping the entire first half of the match,

Naruto starting fighting back only a few kicks at first that Anko could tell he slowed down for her benefit, only pissing her off more. She attacked him more viciously but to no avail, as Naruto causally blocked every blow.

He had taken off his mask for this part of the fight now, not wanting it to get damaged. Anko looked at this face which expressed a level of calmness that was unsettling to her.

"Naruto you better start giving this your all or Im going to start aiming a lot lower if that's means anything to you", she managed to get out between blows.

She could make out a faint smiled on his face and then suddenly he started moving faster than he was before and countered every move Anko made.

Fuck ! Since when was he ever been this damn fast, She thought as he had managed to suppress her into the forest. As she continued to fall back under his barrage of attacks she felt her back bump into a tree.

He closed in on her grabbing her wrist and holding them against the tree above her head. "Do I win now Anko-Sensei", he said with his infamous fox grin. She stood there pinned against the tree looking at him with discontent.

She hated losing and especially when her opponent was clearly toying with her. Although now that she thought about it she defiantly enjoyed being pinned down like that. She smirked thinking about what else she would like right now.

"Hmm maybe if you come closer I'll think about it", Naruto looked at her puzzled at her response. He let go of her wrist and she seemed to be disappointed by the action. He was about to turn around when he felt her grab him and threw him against the same tree holding down his wrist this time.

" Hold on now, I didn't say the exercise was over Naruto-kun". Huh since when am I 'Naruto-kun', He thought completely bewildered. He only snapped out of his thoughts because he now noticed that Anko's face was dangerously close to his.

He noticed she had on the same smirk she had on earlier that confused him so much. "You can't just turn me on like that and leave, that wouldn't be very nice of you now would it" she whispered to him before her lips crushed his in a rough kiss.

She forced her tongue into his mouth before he had even processed the fact that they were kissing.

What the hell, Naruto thought struggling against Anko's hold on him, but after realizing he couldn't concentrate with her tongue in his mouth so he gave up. He panicked as he realized he was hard, he prayed that Anko hadn't noticed.

He Then felt Anko's hands move around his waist but her right hand continued to go lower as If she had read his mind.. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as Anko grabbed his cock. She finally broke the kiss now looking down at her hand,

" Oh what's this ?", Anko said innocently rubbing his enormous bulge. " Oh does Naruto-kun have the hots for sensei ?!", she teased as he continued to add to the problem.

Naruto closed his eyes trying to fight the blood that was rushing to his penis. " My god its so big" Anko continued as she played with him.

He opened his eyes determined to regain his composure, but as he looked at Anko she unbuttoned his pants and dropped to her knees pulling his pants down with her.

" Do you want me to suck your cock until you cant take it anymore and cum in my mouth?"Anko said while seductively licking her lips as she slide Naruto's boxers down to his ankles. By now he was as hard as granite and he didn't have the willpower to resist her.

He slowly nodded in defeat because he couldn't seem to open hid mouth to speak. Anko smiled as she saw that the he didn't resist, she eyed her prize triumphantly as she slowly let it slide into her mouth.

Naruto shuttered as he felt Anko's take all of him into her warm mouth on her first try. He had gotten lucky a few times over the years and most girls he was with couldn't fit him because of how big he was.

He groaned as he looked down to watch her pleasure him. She pushed her head forward taking him again and then pulling back slowly, she then started to move in and out bobbing slowly on his cock.

She was getting really horny as she deep-throated him so she slowly slid the vest off her shoulders and began to get undressed while she pleased Naruto. She stop for a second letting his cock slip out of her mouth as she pulled her shirt over her head, she wasn't wearing a bra like always so her bare breast bounced out as she got the tight shirt off her.

She lean forward and took Naruto's cock between her large breast and push up and down with his cock snuggled warmly between her tits. Naruto moaned, this was something new to him and he had to admit he was pretty turned on that he was getting a blowjob from his captain.

Anko kept at it but she could tell Naruto was far from cumming, she released his dick from her boob prison and took him in her mouth again tightening her lips around his manhood.

She bobbed back and forth feverously now craving his semen, she reach out and grabbed his thighs with each hand and forced all of him down her throat yet again but this time she held it there as long as she could.

She pulled it out coughing slightly before taking the head of his cock in her mouth and playing with it with her tongue. She slowly took more of him in her mouth sucking greedily with incredible enthusiasm. " Ahhg An-Anko I-I'm gonna--".

Without finishing his sentence he erupted into her mouth, while groaning really loud and letting his head fall back. He felt himself finish and looked back down to Anko. She gave him one more strong suck and pulled her head back smiling. She opened her mouth showing Naruto the huge load he had given her.

She closed her mouth, her eyes still fixated on him as she swallowed his cum with eagerness and smiled at him again, her smirk full of satisfaction.

Naruto watched as she licked her lips with her long tongue before she said anything, " Did you enjoy that Naruto-kun ?". He really didn't know what to say so he just nodded, she stood up now and pulled his shirt over his head.

She pressed her body against his and began kissing him frantically, she slowly moved down to his neck and bite him. Naruto winced in pain as he felt her rather sharp teeth sink into his flesh, she retracted and licked the blood that came from the wound.

She continued to lay kisses on his neck and down his chest. Naruto was now cupping and playing with her breast. He was confused to why she had just bite him, but now he was having too much fun to care.

He pinched her nipples as hard as he could, and heard her scream his name in a mix of pleasure and pain. He lowered his head and took her nipple into his mouth and began to suck gentle, she could feel his hard-on coming back.

He felt something grab the back of his head as Anko pulled his head up by his hair. He looked at her and she tackled him forcing him to lay in the tall grass with her straddling him.

She got up and pulled off her own pants and then returned to her position She hovered over him slight as she grabbed his cock and slowly eased herself down on him.

"Ohhhh FUCK!", she screamed as she pushed herself down tpm Naruto's manhood. She placed a her hands on Naruto's thighs trying to brace herself but she hadn't been with anyone nearly as big as him,

she closed her eyes and tired to take him slowly going in inch by inch. Her head hung low as she moaned and tried to hold back screaming out at loud again.

She finally felt him pushing deeper into her than she thought possible as her vagina swallowed his huge erection.

She was breathing heavily again with sweat covering her brow. She moved her hands over her stomach and slowly raised herself up, as he slide out of her she was caught by surprised as he thrusted up back into her.

Her eyes widen as she screamed out, " Oh my God, Naruto-kun your so Fucking big". But Naruto didn't stop he bucked back into her as she tried to raise herself off of him.

She soon found a rhythm and she continued to ride him, occasionally pinching her own nipples as she rode him. Anko was trying to hide her pleasure but It had become too much.

"C-c-cumming", She managed to get out as she raised her head back and opened her mouth as much as she could as she started screaming at the top of her lungs.

She felt like she was nearly going to black out, her eyes were closed and she began to grind herself against him riding out her orgasm to its fullest. She Was going crazy as she threw her head around as her body convulsed and her back arched sharply.

She regained control of her body again and let herself collapse on Naruto. She was exhausted, she hadn't cum so hard in her entire life, she raised her head slowly looking into Narutos eyes. She could feel that he was still hard inside of her, she forced herself to move and got off of him.

She stood for a second and then laid down in the grass, she saw naruto get up and crawl towards her. He got to her feet and spread her legs, she looked up at him not really knowing if she could handle another orgasm.

He scooted closer to her placing her legs on his shoulders and pushed himself inside of her, she closed her eyes moaning much louder than either of them thought humanly possible.

Anko was grabbing the grass around her as she felt another orgasm coming while Naruto pounded himself into her, she looked at Naruto, who had for started to show fatigue for the first time since their training had started.

She closed her eyes and began to grind her hips against him, she desperately wanted to get him off too. His thrust had become harder and harder as he pushed the entire length of his cock deep into her now. She could feel herself about to cum again,

she closed her eyes as she began to convulse uncontrollably screaming his name the entire time. Naruto has stop thrusting as he felt, Anko's inner walls tighten with amazing pressure as she came, her juices dripping down his cock.

He pushed himself in and exploded mid-thrust. He groan loudly as she felt himself empty into Anko who was rolling around as if she was possessed and bucking into him wildly at this point.

He pulled out of her, with her juices now dripping down his thighs. Anko had finally come to her senses and sat up, " God that was fucking amazing", she said and began to look for her things.

She stood up now putting on her clothes and gathering her gear. Naruto decided to do the same, not really knowing what to do now.

Once he finished he walked towards her. She looked at him with an expression of admiration, without saying a word she walked up to him and kissed him passionately. She back up slowly with something clearly on her mind, " Naruto-kun I … ah… I-" she turned away.

"whats wrong Anko-sensei ?" Naruto asked quizzically. "Its nothings, lets go back" She said avoiding eye contact with him. The sun was setting and after a long day and they were both tired, Anko moved closer to Naruto as the started walking back , she had to use all her strength to fight her desire to hug Naruto fiercely as they walked back to Konoha

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